Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

The easy booking of a place on a flight is facilitated with Turkish Airlines seat selection. This is a policy in operation for both international and domestic trips. Being familiar with it is a requirement for grasping the process to book seats on Turkish flights.

The policy remains applicable for use when you have to introduce changes to the reservation. In addition, by knowing its guidelines, you can find out the fee involved in seat selection.

Categories of Turkish Airline Seats

Turkish Airlines’ seat selection policy is quite simple with two major types of cabins, namely: Economy and Business class. The former class provides seats that are closer to the price range of the general public. Business class options are mostly preferred by entrepreneurs and celebrities due to their relatively higher costs. Both of these cabins offer comfortable seating arrangements with the required amenities.

The following are the two main seat types in Economy cabin:

  • Standard Economy Seats: These seats fall within the usual price range of the larger population of the demography. They can be available on both domestic and international flights. This cabin has seats with a width of about 46 cm. Passengers in this cabin can enjoy entertainment services with the 12-inch multimedia display. The additional benefits of Standard Economy seats include adjustable headrests and charging ports. In-flight food and beverages can also be availed by the passengers. Hence, Economy can be the best cabin offering quality services at considerable prices.
  • Extra Legroom Seats: The other popular seating option for the Economy cabin is the legroom seats. They provide travelers with additional legroom to help them enjoy a comfortable journey. The legroom of about 79 cm can be offered here. These seats can also recline to about 15 cm. Passengers in the middle Turkish Airlines seats can be provided with movable armrests. Additionally, the footrests can be adjusted at the convenience of the flyers. They can be suitable for parents flying with children as they ensure a comfortable journey.

First-class seats can be available in the Business cabin, the details of which are as follows:

  • First-Class Seats: First/Business cabin seats are the most luxurious options. They offer the highest level of comfort to the passengers. Turkish Airlines provides special features to its passengers like massage chairs and wide personal space with a power supply. These Turkish Airlines seats are fully reclining that can transform into a flat best at 193 cm. The food and beverages offered here include a series of fine dining options. Hence, with the utilization of all these quality services, passengers can fly with utmost satisfaction.

Note: Turkish Airlines seat selection fee can be needed as asked by the airline. It can be exempted for the “Elite” and “Elite Plus Members”. Corporate travelers may also not be required to pay any charges for a seat choice.

How to Select My Seat on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers of this carrier can cherish their journey by flying in the seat they prefer. The carrier from Turkey facilitates seat selection on its domestic and international flights. Flyers can pick their seats through the Turkish Airlines online seat selection feature or contact customer care through the toll-free number.

For the online selection procedure, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open your browser and search for “Turkish Airlines Seat Selection”.
  • By clicking on the first link that appears, you can be redirected to the “Seat Options” page of Turkish.
  • Find the option “Choose Your Seat” highlighted in red. Click on this tab.
  • On the “Check-in” page, to review your reservation, you can be asked to provide information concerning “Ticket Number” and “Passenger’s Surname”.
  • Upon providing your details, you will be able to access your reservation.
  • Continue by viewing the Turkish Airlines seat map.
  • After picking the best seats on Turkish Airlines, go on with the payment process.
  • You can make the required payment as per your seat choice.
  • The confirmation can authenticate the reservation of your selected Turkish Airline seats.

Note: You can avail of the Turkish Airlines international seat selection process up to 26 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. For detailed conditions for seat selection, you can visit the main page of the website.

Turkish Airlines Change Seat Selection

A simple process allows travelers to change their seating assignments. Under the Turkish Airlines ticket reservation policy, there are two ways in which the flyers can switch their seats. They can either do so by visiting the help center at the airport or through the official page of the airline’s website.

If you are looking to change your seats online, you can refer to this procedure:

  • Visit the link “www.turkishairlines.com” through your browser.
  • Upon landing on the home page, you can click on the “Manage Booking” tab present in the middle of the page.
  • Now, you may be needed to provide your reservation essentials like:
    • “Reservation Code (PNR)”
    • “Surname of Passenger”
  • Now, following the on-screen instructions, select the option to switch your seats.
  • You can now choose the option you want to assign in place of the reserved one through the Turkish Airlines choose seats online option.
  • Next, pay the change fee, if asked for. Confirm the new seat assignment by saving the changes made.

Note: Turkish Airlines seat selection before check-in, whether offline or online, can be possible by connecting with the Airlines Customer Service. Flyers can also visit the help centers at the airport desk for this.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Under the Turkish Airline seat selection policy, the following condition can be applied. The prices for selection may differ with different seating options. These are also mentioned below:

  • Turkish Airlines Economy seat selection fee for domestic flights can be $3 while for international flights, it can range between $9 and $40.
  • The travelers of Turkish Airlines Legroom seats can be charged $4 on domestic flights. The selection fee in the case of international flights can be about $19. This price may go up to $119 based on the travel destinations.
  • No charges can be imposed for Turkish Airlines Business class seat selection. Passengers can avail of the selection procedure 355 days before the departure.

The major airline company of Turkey can offer superior flying services to customers. The simplicity of the Turkish Airlines seat selection policy proves to be extremely useful to first-time flyers. The assignment of this airline suits the requirements of various types of flyers. Keeping in view their comfort, this carrier also introduced Extra Legroom options. Hence, the carrier can be the top choice for passengers across the world.

Seat Selection FAQS of Turkish Airlines

1. Can you pre-select seats on Turkish Airlines?

The airline’s seat reservation policy allows passengers to pre-reserve and select their seats. The option to do so can be found on the official website of Turkish Airways. You may then follow the simple reservation procedure mentioned on this site.

2. Does Turkish Airlines have extra legroom seats?

A traveler can find a seat with extra legroom on the carrier. Such a seat can be booked 6 hours prior to the leaving time of the flight. Additional space for legroom may not be guaranteed when the seats are randomly assigned.

3. How do I select my best seat on Turkish Airlines?

You can select the best seats on Turkish Airlines online via its official page. Otherwise, you may also contact a travel agency for making the selection on behalf of you. Either way, selection on this carrier is valid only up to 26 hours before the flight’s departure and advance selection charges may apply.

4. When can I select seats on Turkish Airlines?

You are allowed to pick seats from 355 days before the flight to 26 hours prior to departure, as per the Turkish Airlines seat selection policy. This selection can be done at the time of initial booking as well. This flexibility after the purchase of the ticket is allowed at the time of check-in.

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