United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

The United Airlines Seat Selection Policy has been made for directing the passengers to be comfortably seated on planes. Easily understandable as a policy, the service enables you to pick a seat type. The policy can also come in use when a passenger has been assigned a seat but wishes to be placed elsewhere. As you read through it, you can understand the conditions to be kept in mind while reserving or changing seats.

Airline Seating PolicyTypes of Seats Available Under United Airlines Seating Policy

United provides satisfactory flight journeys by offering different categories of seats. Both entrepreneurs and civilians can find them suitable to their budget under the United Airlines plane seating policy. These seats offer distinct benefits ranging from price advantages to improved amenities. The location and merits of the various kinds of United seats are elaborated below:

  • Basic Economy: According to the United Airlines seating policy (Basic Economy), the seats are located near the rear end of the flight. They can also be provided in the middle of the airplane in case of preferred seating. The legroom offered by the Basic Economy seats is standard without any extra room. They are allocated to the passengers before boarding and upgrades are not facilitated like the change of the seat position. Therefore, they are the cheapest seat type fares.
  • Economy: An improved derivative of Basic Economy seats is the United Airlines Economy seats. This cabin can give the passengers the option to select their desired seats at the time of reservation of the flight. Benefits like customization and refundable tickets can be enjoyed by the passengers. Comparatively better meal services can be an added advantage of these seats.
  • Premium Economy: The seats are equipped with superior services while still maintaining affordable prices. They are mainly concentrated in the front of the flight near the Economy cabin. Additional legroom and spacious allocation is the main reason for their popularity. The United Premium Economy seat passengers can be allowed upgrades and selections. Thus, they can be the perfect choice for travelers wanting to enjoy various seat amenities at reasonable costs.
  • United First: First class seats characterize a wide variety of benefits. Situated mainly at the front of the aircraft, they facilitate luxurious travel. They provide sizable legroom with sufficient space to stretch and relax. Also referred to as Business class seats, they are reclining with a 6-inch bed. Passengers of First-Class United Airlines Seating can leisurely rest on the journey. Complimentary food, cuisines, and beverages can be availed of by the passengers.

Important: Two other types of United airplane seats, “United Premium Plus” and “United Polaris” can be available mainly on international flights. They also offer the advantage of extra legroom.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Pick Your Seat on United Airlines?

Travelers flying with United can select the seat they prefer like the aisle or middle seat. A quick visit to the main page of the airline’s website can allow you to select your seats. My Trips has to be visited. Then you can put in your details to go ahead with the selection.

The following explains how to select seats on United Airlines and the important steps in the process:

Note: Passengers can also initiate United Airlines seat selection during the check-in period at the airport.

  • To open the official site of United Airlines, key in the link “www.united.com”.
  • You can find the “My Trips” tab located in the dialogue box on the home page. You can click on it.
  • A prompt to fill in your details can appear on your screen. Complete this step by providing the details regarding:
    • “Confirmation Number”
    • “Last Name”
  • Next, click on “Search” or “Find Your Travel Credits” to facilitate the United Airlines reservation seat selection process.
  • The flight booked by you will now appear on your screen. Tap on the “Continue to Choose Seats” button.
  • From the displayed United Airlines seat selection map, you can look for the available seats which are not marked by grey. Pick the ones that best fit your requirements.
  • Finish up the process by verifying your details.

Note: United Airlines fee for seat selection is not charged under the policy. Hence, travelers need not incur any cost for picking the position of their seats.

Sometimes you may be unable to find a spot due to no availability. You can try booking another flight, when the travel plan is flexible. Via the United Airlines low fare calendar , you can book again and get seats on the best flight.

Airline Seating PolicyCan You Change Seats on United Airlines?

Travelers can change their seating position after the reservation of the flights on United. There is no seat change fee for Premium and Economy Plus cabins while traveling to certain locations. However, United Basic Economy seat selection and change may cost a little to the passengers as this is the most restrictive cabin.

You can switch the position of your seats by following the given steps:

  • First, visit “www.united.com”.
  • Scroll a little further to find the section “My Trips” on the home page.
  • Upon clicking on this tab, the customers can be asked to provide information concerning “Confirmation Number” and “Last Name”. The provision of these details can result in the redirection of the page to the customer’s reserved flight.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the information entered. In case they have been booked with wrong information such as a misspelled name, kindly utilize the United Airlines change name on ticket option to do the needful.

Note: The confirmation number can sometimes be referred to as the “Record Locator” by the airline.

  • Now, you can make changes in the United Airlines Seating assignment. Select a new seat that you want to switch the position with.
  • Confirm the change in your seat by following the on-screen directions.

Alternate Method:

Travelers can also change the position of their seats at the time of check-in. This can be done in two methods:

  • At the airport during boarding
  • By United Airlines online check-in seat selection

To switch seats at the check-in, passengers might have to connect with the airport authorities. For this, you can visit the Help Centre at the airport, provide the necessary details, and change your seats.

For the online check-in seat change, you can visit the “Check-in” section on the home page of the operator’s site. Give the reservation number and the name of the passenger and continue by clicking on the Search option. Follow the same process mentioned above to avail of the option to switch your seats. This can be helpful to travelers wanting to change their seats on short notice.

Note: Under the United Airlines seat assignment policy, the option to change seats by the “MileagePlus” number can also be available. The users of this feature need to check-in at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

United Airlines seating policy is simple and accessible to various customers. This airline makes it easier for the customers to select and change seats by not charging an extra fee. Thus, it has emerged as one of the most widely preferred airline companies. Passengers can choose to fly with United owing to the wide range of benefits enjoyed.

Airline Seating PolicyUnited Airlines Seating FAQs

1. Is United Airlines blocking middle seats?

United is flying at full capacity. This is being done while keeping to the aviation authority’s regulations. Therefore, the middle seats may not be blocked. You may now reserve them as needed.

2. How do I choose my seat on United Airlines?

You can choose your seat on www.united.com. This is the main site that can offer help for the purpose. The United app is another option to choose from. Or, you may do so by contacting a travel agent. If you book your seat through an offline channel, then you may be charged service fees in addition to other expenses.

3. How to change seats on United Airlines?

You can move to the website of this carrier. The page should display “My Trips”. You can check the options it carries to find a suitable one for changing your seat. You may need your details for initiating the changes. Ensure to receive the confirmation at the end.

4. How to book seats on United Airlines?

It is simple to reserve your seat on United Airlines. You can visit the official website or download the mobile app. You have to go through the flight options. While you reserve one, you can also specify where you would like to sit

5. How much is seat selection on United Airlines?

In most instances, there is no need to pay a fee for seat selection with United Airlines. However, if you select a preferred seat, then you may be asked to pay an additional fee of up to USD 10. This is in addition to any other applicable charges.

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