Southwest Flight Change Policy

As a flier of this airline, you can use the Southwest flight change policy when your plans need to be adjusted. It facilitates online and offline modifications. This policy covers various fares and programs. From Wanna Get Away to Business Select, multiple fliers can benefit from the flight modification facility.

What are the Rules for Change Flights on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines flight change rules cover the following:

  • Using this policy, adjustments, and upgrades can be made.
  • One can modify the day, date, time, itinerary, etc.
  • Up to 10 minutes prior to the original trip’s take-off, changes are allowed.
  • Modifications are permitted after checking in on Southwest Airlines.
  • International trips can be adjusted offline.
  • Directly call this airline for changes when your booking has a “Lap Child”.
  • Utilize the primary booking source for modification purposes.
  • You will receive an updated boarding pass.
  • This policy can be used even after security papers have been printed on this airline.
  • Reward tickets can be modified online.

Restrictions Resulting from Rules

You should be mindful of these restrictions prior to changing Southwest flights:

  • For “Upgraded Boarding”:
    • Trips can be adjusted.
    • But this benefit will not be transferred/refunded.
  • In general, group reservations can’t be modified or even exchanged.

How Do You Change Southwest Flight Online?

You can manage bookings on Southwest Airlines by running the website through these steps:

  • Open the “Homepage” of this air operator’s website.
  • Select “Change/Cancel”.
  • Add “Confirmation Number”.
  • Fill in the “First Name”.
  • Then input your “Last Name”.
  • Click on “Change Flight”.
  • Opt for “Search”.
  • Choose a suitable trip and reserve it.
  • If cost differences are involved on Southwest to change flights online, kindly submit them.

Note: Using similar steps, the “Southwest Airlines” app on Android/iOS can help modify flights.

How to Change a Flight on Southwest Offline?

Depending on the kind of booking, you can call this operator for modifications. Additionally, utilize the kiosk at an airport for adjustments.

Option 1: To Modify the Number of Fliers

You can dial 1 800 435 9792 to modify your trips in the following ways:

  • For a specific portion of fliers
  • Modify or reduce the number of people who are part of a booking
  • Adjustments for only 1 flier in a booking

Option 2: On-Call Modifications

Southwest has several phone numbers, suitable for varying locations. When you need to change your reservation, you can get in touch with this carrier through these numbers.

Note: The Southwest Airlines change flight phone numbers added here are toll-free.

LocationContact Number (General)Phone Number (Spanish)
The United States1-800-435-97921-800-826-6667
Grand Cayman1-844-670-79141-844-670-7990
Costa Rica0-800-012-19160-800-012-1917
Dominican Republic1-800-751-90391-800-751-9038

In case you have a Rapid Rewards reservation, use 1-800-445-5764 for flight adjustments.

Option 3: From an Airport Kiosk

At the airport from where your flight will be departing, you can locate the kiosk. Using this, you can make upgrades or adjustments.

  • This method serves most domestic fliers for modifications before take-off.
  • Only for the following, the use of this option is limited:
    • Rapid Rewards trips
    • Bookings that involve the Companion Pass
    • Group bookings having the same itineraries
    • International reservations

Can Southwest Change Flights?

In some instances, this airline can indeed modify flights. The reasons for this can be as follows:

  • Flight operations can be irregular.
  • Aircraft-related difficulties can arise.
  • The weather might make it difficult to fly.
  • There can be threats to the safety of human lives.
  • Other internal/external reasons can cause involuntary schedule modifications.

Notifications for Modifications

When Southwest Airlines change flights, it informs the travelers. Through the following, one can understand how and when notifications are given:

  • Once this operator is certain about schedule modifications, within 30 minutes, it can notify.
  • This is confirmed for up to 48 hours when your flight’s departure has more than 7 days.
  • Through the following mediums, you can receive notifications:
    • Text
    • Email
    • Screens for status display
    • Or, voice mediums

What to do When Southwest Changed My Flight?

This airline can email/call its travelers to inform them about their new itineraries.

  • For a confirmed booking, further procedure will automatically take place.
  • Otherwise, the following options are provided for manual execution.

For Affected Travelers

Given that this carrier modifies the schedule, it may affect your plans. Then it gives these options:

  • You can choose to modify bookings:
    • Adjust the time or date of your trip.
    • Do so within 14 days, starting from the initial date of flying.
  • One can opt for Southwest flight cancellations. Afterward:
    • Or, receive credits for buying tickets in the future.
    • Apply for your Southwest schedule change refund.

When the Itinerary is International:

Provided that your international booking is modified against your wish:

  • Connect with this operator at 1 900 435 9792.
  • Then you can further adjust your booking as per your preferences.
  • This airline’s terms will apply while making any adjustments.

Do You Need to Pay Southwest Change Flight Fees?

You are not required to pay charges for modifying your reservations whether domestic or international. But differences in the costs of new bookings are needed.

For these, the terms are:

  • On the basis of these, a Southwest Airline flight change fee has to be paid:
    • While modifying, values with “+” mean that the chosen trip is costlier.Likewise, values with “-” indicate that the selected booking is lower in price.
    • “$0” will show that no additional costs apply.
  • Fees are needed when the new trips or updates are costlier.
  • In case the value is lower, the balance will be refunded.
  • Your money will arrive in the mode used to pay for the ticket originally.
  • Or, you can get credits and use them for new reservations later on.
  • Credits received after/on 28th July 2022 are valid until the carrier’s systems get updated.

Terms for Other Costs

You will have to pay fees, pertaining to these:

  • An increase in taxes
  • Changes to fares, decided by the carrier

Can You Change Southwest Flights Multiple Times?

Importantly, you can change Southwest flights as many times as you want to. Fees will not be applicable except for differences in the ticket costs when higher.

Is there a Southwest Change Flight Policy for Wanna Get Away Fares?

For Wanna Get Away fares, a policy to change bookings has been made. Its terms comprise:

  • This fare has 2 types that can be modified:
    • Wanna Get Away
    • Wanna Get Away+
  • In general, trips can be adjusted for free.
  • For plus fares, same-day modifications are allowed too.

What is the Southwest Same Day Flight Change Facility?

Using this facility, you can make modifications to a booking on the same day on which it is scheduled for departure.

  • For seats on new flights, the Southwest same-day flight change guides:
    • There should be an option available on the new desired flight.This flight should leave on the same day as the original one.Your new booking’s itinerary should comprise the cities preferred originally.
    • Otherwise, connect with one “Southwest Gate Agent” for standby options.
  • To modify, use the “Manage Reservations” option after logging in on:
    • This airline’s site
    • Its official app
    • Kiosks
    • Otherwise, by calling this carrier or reaching its agent
  • Online adjustments are allowed for the fliers of these fares:
    • Anytime
    • Business Select
    • Wanna Get Away
    • And, Wanna Get Away Plus
  • Other members belonging to these are eligible for Southwest same day changes:
    • A-List
    • And, A-List members under “Preferred Rapid Rewards”
  • Those with indirect reservations can connect with their agents to use this policy.
  • This benefit is available for corporate reservations.

Using Southwest Companion Pass to Change Flights

A Companion Pass enables one to bring along 1 passenger on a flight without any costs applicable. Those who have this pass are eligible for same-day modifications.

  • To exercise the Southwest change flight CompanionPass benefit, utilize the:
    • Website of this operator
    • Smartphone application
    • Calling facility
    • Southwest Gate Agent
  • Calling Southwest for same-day adjustments is suggested for those under “A-List”.
  • Fare differences will be required.

Choosing Another Companion

Travelers can change their companions, provided that they implement these terms:

  • Not more than 3 times in 1 calendar year, they can make this modification.
  • Prior to doing this, the booking for an existing companion must be revoked.
  • Call this airline for making the desired modification.
  • The entire process can be completed within 21 working days.

What is the Southwest Flight Change Policy for COVID-19?

When the pandemic is ongoing, you may decide to modify your trip’s date, day, time, etc. This Southwest flight change policy for COVID-19 can serve you during those times.

  • You will have the flexibility to make certain modifications.
  • Aside from choosing new itineraries, this benefit will come at no cost.
  • Both refundable and non-refundable tickets can be adjusted.

Is there a Southwest Flight Change Policy for Vacations?

Southwest Vacations is a program with certain advantages. Under the flight change policy, those who book this program can:

  • Adjust reservations after making them.
  • Call on 1-800-243-8372 to get the booking modified.
  • However, savings-related benefits may get withdrawn.

For Queries Regarding Southwest Ticket Change Policy

In relation to this policy, you may have certain doubts. To receive answers to them, you can find this airline active on the following platforms:


To sum up, this airline’s flight modification policy is full of provisions. With the facility of Southwest to change flight for free, it is more convenient to use it. Given the simplicity of rules, fliers can modify their bookings in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I add EarlyBird check-in, will my flight change?

On Southwest, changes to flights with Early Bird can’t take place. Your reservation will be unaffected.

Can Southwest change flight reservations?

On the basis of some events, this airline can modify reservations.

Do I need to pay Southwest flight change fees?

Southwest ticket change fees don’t apply in any case. Hence, you are not required to pay them.

How to change flights on Southwest?

A flier can use the phone number – 1-800-435-9792 (The US) to change flights offline.

Can I change my seat on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, modifications to seats can be made with ease, subject to availability.

Why is Southwest changing flights?

Due to irregularity in operations, the carrier can change the schedule of flights.

Can you change Southwest flights booked with points?

Depending on the kind of fare you have booked, you may be able to change it with points.

Can you change Southwest flights for free?

Changing flights at no cost is one of the advantages of flying with this operator.

Does Southwest charge to change flights?

No charges are required by this airline for changing flights.

How do I change my companion on Southwest Airlines?

By approaching a Southwest Gate Agent, you can change your companion.

How to change Southwest flight dates?

Use “Change/Cancel” available on this airline’s website to modify flight dates.

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