Spirit Flight Change Policy

The Spirit flight change policy is a beneficial feature that helps you initiate all the possible adjustments. Schedule-related modifications can be made with ease through the provisions of the feature. In sync with Spirit Airlines policy, special fares such as Flight Flex are also available.

These help to ensure that passengers can fly as and when they wish to. Thus, the policy largely aims at letting the passengers customize their travel plans even after ticket reservations have been made.

Terms and Conditions to Change Flights on Spirit

With the feature Spirit Airlines change flights, you can create modifications like switching to a better class on the aircraft. When it is not possible to fly on the earlier planned date, you can adjust it. Assuming that you are not satisfied with the time or route of the flight, you can use the feature to do the needful.

Likewise, you can ensure certain changes. This is done in accordance with the terms of the flight change policy. These terms and conditions account for the time, date, flight availability, and other such factors.

  • 60 days prior to the departure, you have the option of using the Spirit flight change policy.
  • Making free changes is possible when they are initiated sixty days before the flight is set to leave.
  • 1 hour before the flight leaves is usually the point after which you may not be able to make modifications.
  • When a flight is altered early, the chances of getting a complete refund can increase.
  • You can change to a flight that is more expensive than the current one. The difference in prices will have to be borne by you, as is guided by the policy.
  • This policy features Spirit Airlines change date adjustments. It is easier to switch to a flight that is later than the booked one. Presuming that you want to board an earlier one, please make the adjustment as soon as possible.

Spirit Airlines 24-Hours or Same Day Flight Change

The airline is of the view that sometimes flyers may witness immediate issues or circumstances after making reservations. When this happens in a period of twenty-four hours from the time of booking, they may not be liable to pay a fee for creating alterations. Hence, the Spirit change flight same-day or 24-hour policy can serve you convenience when used on a timely basis.

Quick Note: In accordance with the 24-hour adjustment policy, some travelers may wish to join the airline’s standby list. In order to do so, they can pay a sum of $99.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy for COVID-19

In the coronavirus pandemic, several air operators have introduced some relaxations. Flight change is one of these. When the scenario is extremely unlikely, operators like Delta can also support such changes. The Spirit Airlines flight change policy COVID-19 guidelines allow this flexibility along with some waivers. The waivers can help in waiving any associated fees. 

Remember: The said waivers may not be applicable when you choose a high-fare flight. The difference will have to be provided by you.

How to Change My Flight on Spirit?

Spirit flight change works through numerous methods depending on your convenience and requirements. At times, the requirement can involve changes on an urgent basis. This is probably when you do not have enough days left before your flight is to depart. It will be more convenient to change your flight on Spirit online. The offline methods work best when you need in-detail guidance. Hence, a representative will guide you or do the modification on your behalf.

Method 1: Flight Change via Spirit Airlines website

A feasible way to exercise the Spirit change flight option is by heading to the carrier’s main site. It has dedicated a particular tab using which you can see all your bookings. The tab, known as My Trips, will then assist you to manage every booking as per your requirements.

The tab requires you to follow a set of guidelines to accomplish changes in your booking. The same is mentioned below:

  • Run the Spirit airlines website.
  • Find the tab that mentions “My Trips”.
  • In the available spaces, you need to provide your name and the other information asked. 

Based on the additional policies of the airline, the information should be accurately added. Later, on realizing that it is mismatching, please put in use the Spirit change name on ticket feature. 

  • After this, kindly locate the flight that has to be managed.
  • Make changes to the said flight. 
  • Confirm and save these new Spirit flight changes. 

Prior to confirming the changes, if at all, you are asked to submit any charges, then please do so. Should you not wish to submit them, then you can review your decision.

Method 2: Initiate Spirit Flight Change by Chatting

The airline headquartered in Florida has come up with a unique option to let a passenger change his or her reservation. This option consists of chatting with the airline. A notable thing about the option is that you can decide what language you wish to initiate the procedure in. Afterward, you can express your concern to change Spirit flights. The airline will make the instructions available on the display.

  • Find the “Contact Us” page on Spirit’s website.
  • On the page, tap on “Let’s Chat”.
  • In the pop-up, initially, choose your language.
  • You will be asked whether you are using the chat service to cancel your booking. Tap on “No”.
  • After this, you will be provided with various options. Find and hit “Change or Cancel Flight”.
  • Next, you have to press “Change My Flight”.
  • Information regarding Spirit Airlines change reservation charges will be displayed. Go through it and confirm whether you still want to change it. If yes, then please choose the following:
    • “Yes, change it”
  • Hereafter, you will receive further instructions. Implement them and modify your booking as you like.

Method 3: Connect with Spirit on Social Media

Spirit Airlines is available on several social media platforms. While it uses its profiles to keep the passengers informed about various things, it also lets them change their flights.

The Spirit flight change policy guides that you can directly share a message with the air operator. Ensure that you include relevant details such as the dates of your flight. This will enable the operator to know whether or not the changes are possible.

In addition to these details, see to it that your request sounds clear for quick assistance on the part of Spirit.

The following are the platforms on which you can find the profiles of the operator:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Tip: Getting the changes done at the earliest is attainable when you connect with Spirit on a platform on which it is the most active.

Method 4: Modify Bookings on Spirit through WhatsApp & Text

Knowing that WhatsApp is an application commonly used by the public, Spirit utilizes it to help customers alter their reservations. To make use of this Spirit Airlines change flight option, you can connect with it via the phone number.

You can directly write that you wish to modify your bookings. You will be asked for certain other details in the process. Give all of these to the carrier. Soon, the changes should get initiated.

Other than connecting with Spirit via WhatsApp, you can send it a text message. For this, you can use 48763. Simply share what you need help with and then make a request for modifying your reservation.

Followed by this, you will have to execute the directions provided on the text message to help the airline complete your request.

Remember: The Spirit Airlines flight change phone numbers can work when you have directly made reservations with it. In case a third party or agent is involved in the booking process, connecting on these numbers for changes may not be of any help.

Method 5: Guest Service Agency to Change Spirit Flights

At Spirit Airlines’ local airports, you can find the availability of Guest Service Agent. This is an individual representing the airline. She or he can assist you in your queries inclusive of changing your reservations.

Thus, when you want to change flights on Spirit, this is the person to approach. Keep in mind that prior to approaching the agent, you have all the necessary information required for the changes.

Along with this, also be prepared with a new flight’s details in case you wish to modify the booking in a larger way.

Spirit Airlines Change Fees

Features like changing flights ensure some convenience and comfort. For the airline, however, certain difficulties can arise when the modifications have to be adjusted and confirmed. Therefore, charging a Spirit change fee is considered important based on the nature of these difficulties.

The fee can start from $25 onward and go up to $110. The exact amount is certain as per the change, the medium of introducing it, etc.

  • Some of you may have made reservations on 5th April 2021 or after this date. In this case, a fee will be applicable for the changes you make. For reservations before the said date, there are no fees for any changes.
  • Presuming that you adjust your reservation online, a fee of nearly $90 will be asked for, in case applicable.
  • Offline changes can be done at the airport, via calling/texting, etc., In case you are needed to deposit a change fee, it can account for around $100. 
  • For the flyers of Award Tickets, Spirit may apply a cost equivalent to $110.
  • Changes in relation to one-way trips can be made, given that you pay $25.
  • Round-trip flyers can be charged $40 for a change.
Days Left Before DepartureSpirit Change Fees ($)
7 to 5949
3 to 679
0 to 299

Some of you may have made advance bookings. These may observe the availability of 60 or more days before the day to depart arrives. This will give you the benefit of free changes.

Remember: Spirit Airlines change fees may increase or decrease. This will depend on the carrier. To be sure of the exact charges, please get in touch with its service team.

Spirit Flight Changes for Free with Flight Flex

Flight Flex is a fare option but more like a useful feature of Spirit Airlines. It aims to secure you against modification fees. Investing in it is worthwhile as at an additional cost of $35 or so, you get the benefit of free adjustments.

Hence, it can be said that this Spirit flight change ticketing feature is made keeping in mind those passengers who may often have the need to make adjustments.

As a part of it, you can create a modification to a trip’s itinerary. For free, this is allowed one time. This modification needs to be added online. Also, you need to do so twenty-four hours before your flight is to depart.

It is significant for you to realize that a need for second-time adjustments may arise. As the holder of a Flex ticket, you have the flexibility to do so. This is in accordance with the condition that $90/$100 will have to be paid for online/offline changes as the Spirit change fee. 

Remember: Flight Flex is included in the non-refundable ticketing options. Possibly, when the change you want to make is not feasible as per the airline, you may not receive the complete amount of fare back in the form of a refund.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Refund Policy

As you change a booking with Spirit, you can find it possible to claim a complete refund. The main condition for this is that the changes should be observed during the first 24 hours from the time of reservation. Additionally, the departure of this flight should be after, at least, 7 days. As you satisfy both conditions, the airline can process the complete amount of the refund.

Aside from these conditions for Spirit flight change refund claim, you need to abide by certain guidelines. These can comprise the following:

  • Refunds may not be available for certain visitors. Interestingly, they will be given Reservation Credits. They are provided for the balance left after the fee for changes has been deducted. The credits remain usable for bookings in the future.
  • However early you may apply for a refund, the airline will require a definite duration to process the request. Usually, this is a duration of 20 working days. 
  • The amount of refund is credited in the original form of the ticket fare’s deposit.

Tip: Before you claim a refund as per the terms of the Spirit flight change policy, please see whether or not it is being done within 24-hours of your booking. If not, then ascertain that you own a refundable or non-refundable ticket. For refundable tickets, getting the claims settled will be easier after the said duration has been crossed.

Spirit Change Flight Policy

As the provider of the flight service, Spirit has the right to take some actions. These can account for changing the flight schedule as well. Thus, the date, time, route, locations, etc., can be adjusted by the airline itself when it considers the change to be important.

Mainly, in line with passenger, crew, and aircraft security, such an action is taken. Based on the guidelines of the change flight Spirit Airlines policy, this action is confirmed. 

Provisions Available When Spirit Airlines Change Flights

The guidelines of the change flight policy of Spirit unfold that passengers can encounter some inconvenience when the schedule is modified. Therefore, a few provisions are available to minimize the effect of the same. In sync with one of these is the benefit of flight rebooking. Thus, you can change Spirit flights in the form of rebooking a better alternative.

In some conditions though, rebooking may lead to greater difficulties for travelers. Then the airline introduces another benefit. This lets you avail of a compensated amount or facility. Knowing that you are dissatisfied with the compensation, you can ask for the amount you have paid for the ticket. 

Remember: It depends on the traveler to decide which provision to use under the Spirit Airline change flight policy.

Spirit airlines flight change Fee

Spirit is of the opinion that when it creates modifications in flight schedules, the plans of travelers can be affected. Charging a fee in the scenario may disrupt their experience with the airline and also result in financial losses.

Therefore, it is less likely that you will be charged a Spirit change flight fee. Thus, you can rebook a suitable flight without paying extra charges for the changes introduced by the carrier. Even then, when the same has to be assured, you can get in touch with the operator. It will help resolve your query. 

In Brief

Sometimes, you may adjust your reservation. At other times, Spirit change flights for genuine or serious reasons. Regardless of both situations, the flight change policy hopes to serve you. With the flexibility to modify your plans in numerous ways, it is more pleasing to travel with an airline like this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change my flight Spirit online?

You can consider using the website of Spirit for online flight changes. Given that you are signed in to your account, kindly enter “My Trips”. Various kinds of Spirit flight changes can be made from here. You will also have to pay the charges online as per the change you have made.

How much is the Spirit Airlines change fees?

A traveler may not find fixed fees for every type of adjustment in a reservation. Spirit’s criterion is to determine the charge as per the change, the time of making it, and the kind of trip. For round trips, the charges are around $40. The one-way trip passengers can pay nearly $25. The change fee can be up to $110 as well in some situations.

If Spirit changes my flight can I get a refund?

In instances wherein Spirit change flights, passengers can find certain provisions. Getting a refund is included in one of these. The time period for receiving the amount back is usually around 20 days. For more information regarding the amount or how much of it can be received back, please connect with the carrier.

 Can Spirit Airlines change person on ticket?

Spirit is a professional airline. It aims to work with accuracy in its processes for the ultimate convenience of flyers. It is less likely that the airline will change the name of a person on a ticket. On the off chance, should you wish to transfer the ticket to someone else, then the airline may not account for that.

Will Spirit change my flight for free?

Indeed, an airline like this one may charge no Spirit change fees in some instances. Based on its understanding, it lets you make free changes within 24 hours. Also, when you have a Flight Flex ticket, making a change only once will be devoid of any cost. Thus, you can make changes for free, provided that the airline’s guidelines are followed.

Is Spirit allowing flight changes?

Carriers such as Spirit have been allowing flight changes. In the pandemic too, this flexibility has been given to the customers. However, only certain types of changes can be made in sync with the carrier’s terms. The terms of the Spirit flight change policy bring to notice that date, time, route, etc., are some of the allowed adjustments.

Can I change my Spirit flight?

You can change your Spirit flight with ease. Whether you wish to board a new flight or fly on any other route, the airline can give you the flexibility to do so. You will have to intimate the airline up to 1 hour before the departure. Otherwise, longer gaps between departure and the change will be more feasible for the purpose.

Can you change flight dates Spirit?

Spirit Airlines change date is a part of the carrier’s policy. It lets you pick a new date to fly. This date can be an earlier or later one compared to your current booking. When an earlier one has to be boarded, you must inform Spirit on an immediate basis.

Can you change Spirit flights offline?

The flights of Spirits can be introduced to changes. You can do so offline. Visiting the airport is a common way of making these changes. Aside from this option, you can call the carrier. Additionally, you have the option of sending the airline a text message to raise your request.

Can you change Spirit flights on WhatsApp?

Interestingly, one can change flights on WhatsApp. Please use the Spirit Airlines flight change phone number. You can drop a WhatsApp message on it expressing that you want to make some modifications. Add the details of your flight as well as the modifications. Then you can wait for the airline’s response.

Does Spirit charge to change flights?

Spirit can apply charges for flight changes. However, these will depend on when and what change you want to make. Within 24 hours or on the same day as that of the booking, changing your flights will be free of cost. Afterward, you can see the airline asking for a fee.

How to change Spirit flights using social media?

It is simple to change Spirit flights on social media. You have to write your query and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. In your query, please tag the carrier. Then you can look forward to its response. Assuming that the changes are possible, the carrier will share the directions with you.

What is the Spirit Airlines flight change policy?

The Spirit Airlines flight change policy indicates several guidelines. These can assist you in changing your flight in various ways. Whether you wish to make small or major changes, the policy will aim to help you in most instances.

Why Spirit changed my flight without telling me?

Due to serious reasons, Spirit may need to change its flights. This can cause inconvenience to the passengers. The airline aims to notify you as soon as possible. Along with this, it also lets you rebook your trip or receive the money back.

Can I change my return flight on Spirit Airlines?

You can visit the website of this airline. Under “My Trips”, you can locate your return flight. On finding it, you can change its schedule as you wish. As you pay the charge for it, if applied, you will be able to adjust the booking on Spirit Airlines.

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Ruby B. Hall
Ruby B. Hall
1 year ago

We were having plans to fly to US Virgin Islands but for some reasons, we decided going to Akron. Tickets were also available but Spirit change fees was being added. It would have been okay if there was only one person going. But for group booking, please have nominal charges. Those who are in groups should have some advantage of the single ones.

John s. Jennifer
John s. Jennifer
1 year ago

Spirit Airlines flight change policy is nothing but very thoughtfully made. I just wish that the 24 hour window be extended. Sometimes it is not possible to identify changes right after you book. It should stretch up to 72 hours. It will be more budget friendly to customize your booking in that way.

Charles C. Fink
Charles C. Fink
1 year ago

It was almost impossible for me to fly this sunday. Having booked a nonrefundable ticket, didnt want to cancel it either. The change flight option was much of a savior. On spirit airlines to change flights i just had to call the customer service. It didnt even take long on call and I was able to change the date. Very comfortable experience.

Verdie J. Hurt
Verdie J. Hurt
1 year ago

The airline let me manage my flight’s date very easily. I wasn’t feeling well a few days before the departure. I doubted if flying would be good then. I switched the date to a week later. I don’t know what I would have done if not managed the date. The only thing I was not so okay with was the Spirit airlines change date fee. Wasn’t that cheap!