Swiss Air Manage Booking

Swiss airlines offer a luxurious and convenient travel experience to passengers. The airline offers Swiss Air Manage Booking services online with many features like changing flight date or time, flight booking, name change or correction on the flight ticket, booking food menu, rental services, online check-in, and more. It saves time and makes the booking process simpler.

You can enjoy all the features via the “Book and Manage tab” on the airline’s official website. Here is every detail that you may need to unlock all the features with Manage Booking.

How to change flight booking on the Swiss Air Manage Booking tab?

Swiss Air Manage booking ensures that passengers can exercise full control of their flight booking and details. It permits passengers to make flight dates and flight types via online booking.

NOTE: Make sure that the changes to origin, destination, or name changes are not permitted online and the passengers must contact the airline offline or over the phone for such changes.

To change a flight booking on the Swiss Air Booking Tab, follow the given steps-

  • Head to the official website of Swiss Air and click on “Book and Manage”.
  • The tab showcases a wide number of available options for passengers. Choose “Manage My Bookings”.
  • The airline has two ways to authenticate the person’s identity- “Airline ID credentials” or using “Lookup Single itinerary” with the help of “Booking code” or the “ticket number” and the name of the passenger.
  • Once you enter the correct details, a new window will open.
  • Choose the desired flight from the given options and choose the option “Edit Bookings”.
  • Make the desired Swiss airlines change flight requests in the flight- Select a new date and time.
  • The airline allows travelers to review the changes made and approve the new flight schedule.
  • Pay the applicable fare differences and any applicable Swiss flight manage booking changes.
  • Once the airline confirms the changes, the passengers receive the new confirmed flight booking on their registered email address.

How to Manage Booking for flights booked with Miles and More with Swiss Air?

Miles & More is an awards program dedicated to frequent flyers. The points are applicable whenever a traveler flies, eats, or shops with Swiss air. It also provides exclusive benefits and attractive offers that can be exchanged for flight awards, discounts, and attractive offers from associated and partner airlines.

The airline allows the passengers to make flight booking reservations and/ or upgrade the flight to business class or first class. Follow these steps to book a flight with miles via Swiss Air manage booking-

  • You will find the “Miles and More” button on the official website homepage i.e.
  • Register” or “login” the login details for Miles and More at the official website.
  • The airline also allows the passengers with various benefits like earning mile rewards on each transaction at the airport, on trips, etc.
  • You can also save your preference, and settings and have a full glimpse of the bookings on display.
  • Once the flight authorizes the details, it displays the available flight options with origin and destination, time, date, etc.
  • Choose the desired flight available on the Booking screen.
  • You can also choose the number of miles you wish to redeem or spend for the flight.
  • Confirm the desired flight and complete the transaction securely.
  • The details of the booked flight are sent to the registered email and phone number of the passenger.

How to request flight cancellation on a Swiss Air Flight reservation?

The passengers who wish to apply for a Swiss Air flight cancellation and receive the right reimbursement or refund accordingly can apply for it online via the “Book and Manage tab”.

Follow the steps given below to make the required flight cancellation with the Swiss air booking-

  • Navigate through the website and you will find “Book and Manage” on the main menu.
  • Click on “Manage my Booking” and log in via “booking code” or “ticket name” or your “airline ID”.
  • The passengers who have booked the ticket via a travel agent, can also check the flight details and recommend cancellation via the website. However, it is recommended that the passengers contact the travel agent for the same for efficient redressal.
  • Once you log in with your details, a new tab will open. Choose the desired flight you wish to cancel.
  • Confirm the flight details, and enter the reason for cancellation, if applicable.
  • The passengers may receive a full refund for the unused portion of the ticket or travel points for future travel.

NOTE: Swiss air offers a 24-hour cancellation policy. Thus, the passengers are liable for a full refund if they cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.

How to check the flight status for a Swiss Air flight ticket?

Swiss Air Manage Booking has a dedicated tab on the official website of Swiss Air to get access to the flight details and status associated with the airline.

Here are the steps that you must follow to get access to the Flight Status-

  • On the official website, i.e., scroll through the web page to find the option “Flight Status”.
  • Click on the “Plus sign”. Enter the details like “airline code”, “flight number”, and the “date of the scheduled departure” of the flight.
  • Click on “Find” to get access to all the flight-related information like departure ties, delays, airport boarding gates, terminals, etc.
  • You can also get access to the timetable and flight status via flight route and airport.
  • Enter the origin, departure location, and date to search for flight status via route.
  • You can also enter the departure or arrival airport, date of departure, and time of the flight to get access to the detailed description of the flight and its status.

Can I Purchase and Manage the Preferred Seat on Swiss Air?

Swiss Air is dedicated to offering the best facilities for its passengers. Such facilities include adding a window seat, more legroom, group seat booking, or booking the best seats for an extra price.

Guidelines- Here are some key details related to the booking of preferred seats on Swiss Air-

  • Preferred seats can be reserved on flights operated by SWISS and Edelweiss flights.
  • Passengers with Miles and More points can enjoy complimentary offers on Swiss-related flights.
  • There are various seat preferences available for the passengers.
  • The airline offers complimentary seats next to one another at the time of check-in if you are traveling with a child between ages 2 and 12 years of age or a passenger with special needs. Make sure to check the Swiss Air unaccompanied minor policy for details on child travel.

What are the Preferred Seats Available with Swiss Air?

Here are the types of seats that the airline offers its passengers-

Type of Preferred SeatCategoryPrice
Standard SeatSWISS European flights
SWISS Intercontinental flights Edelweiss European flights Edelweiss intercontinental flights
15.11 USD per leg
18 USD per leg
15.11 USD per leg
31 USD  per leg
Standard seat  – SWISS Premium EconomySWISS intercontinental flights43 USD per leg
Seats in the preferred zone – SWISS EconomySWISS European flights
SWISS intercontinental flights
21 USD to 27 USD per leg
27 USD to 64 USD per leg
Extra legroom seat – SWISS Economy and Edelweiss EconomySWISS European flights
SWISS intercontinental flights Edelweiss European flights Edelweiss intercontinental flights
32 USD per leg
48 USD to 134 USD per leg
15 USD to 18 USD per leg
107 USD to 124 USD per leg
Economy Max seat – Edelweiss EconomyEdelweiss intercontinental flights160 USD to 214 USD per leg
Privacy Seat – SWISS Business  SWISS intercontinental flights117 USD to 236 USD
Swiss First Seat to/ from Tel Aviv and CairoSWISS flights to/from TLV and CAI322 USD per leg

How to Choose the Seats in Advance?

There are two ways to choose the preferred seats while request Swiss airlines manage booking the reservation on Swiss Air-

  • At the time of Booking- You can book the preferred seat on the official website- under the “Book and Manage tab”.
  • After Booking- If you have already booked a flight, the airline allows the passengers to book the seat later up to 48 hours before flight departure in the personal profile.

Follow the given steps to request Swiss Air seat selection

  • Head to the official website of Swiss Air and choose the “Book and Manage tab”.
  • Select “manage my booking”. Enter the required details to log in via “Airline ID” or “Booking details”.
  • Once you log in, you can find your flight booking details.
  • Choose your “Personal Profile” to see your current seat selection and the available seat selection options.
  • If you have an upgradable ticket or a ticket that allows changes to preferred seats, you can apply for changes at additional costs.
  • In other cases, the airline charges additional charges to opt for preferred seats.

What are the additional services offered under the Swiss Airlines Manage Booking tab?

Swiss Air offers a wide variety of online facilities and services to assist passengers to improve their journey. All these facilities are available at one tap on the website.

Some of such additional services offered by Swiss Air are as follows-

  • Check in- For check-in, keep note that-
    • Passengers can apply for online Swiss flight check in from the main menu. Click on “Check-in/ My Bookings” on the main menu.
    • Enter the “booking code” and the “last name” of the passenger. Find the right booking and follow the on-screen instructions for online check-in. You can also check Swiss Air check in guidelines for more information.
  • Upgrade Flight/ Class- Passengers can upgrade their flight cabin as follows-
    • From the “Book and Manage tab”, the passengers can upgrade their cabin and class for exclusive meals and luxurious benefits.
    • You can apply for an upgrade up to 48 hours before flight departure.
    • You can also upgrade at the time of online check-in from 23 hours before flight departure.
  • Additional Baggage- The passengers can carry additional baggage as follows-
    • To book extra baggage, connect with the Service center and request 2 extra items with a weight of 23 kg per bag. 
    • You can book additional baggage at the time of booking or via your Personal profile.
    • You can book additional baggage up to 2 hours before flight departure.
  • Check-in baggage from home- Check-in baggage is easy at home with Swiss air. Add to that-
    • Click on the “Book and Manage” tab, and choose the option i.e. check-in baggage from home.When you click on the link, you will be connected to a new page.
    • The service works in association with Swiss air and allows passengers to check in from the comfort of their homes via “Book now”.
  • Reserve Hotel or a Rental Vehicle- Book and Manage also eases the travel as follows-
    • Click on “Book and Manage Tab” and choose options like Car rental and Book a hotel.
    • The airlines showcase a wide range of choices to the passengers to choose the hotel or car rental service based on the origin, destination, time, budget, duration of stay, etc. with the passenger.

In Conclusion, the Swiss Air Manage Booking section provides a user-friendly approach for passengers to manage their flight bookings easily. The section offers various services like flight changes, seat selection, and check-in, all at the convenience of the passenger.

The tech-savvy interface and the simple steps make the entire process of managing bookings hassle-free. With the Swiss Air Manage Booking section, passengers can modify their travel plans and personalize their flight experience without any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my flight booking details via a Swiss airline manage my booking?

Log in to the Swiss air official website, and enter booking details to access booking information under the Book and manage tab.

How to check if the ticket is confirmed with Swiss air?

The status of the ticket is visible under the flight’s section on the website or you can contact the airline for more information.

Can I edit my flight details on the Swiss air website?

Yes, you can edit the information under the Book and manage the tab and make changes accordingly.

How to apply for flight change online?

Click “Manage booking”, choose the desired flight, and make desired changes.

How to request a booking code from Swiss air?

The Booking code is available on the digital travel document or at the bottom of the mobile boarding pass.

How to request flight cancellation and get the required compensation from the airline?

Issue the flight cancellation request under the Swiss Manage booking section. The person is liable for a refund if the passenger has canceled the ticket within 24 hours of booking.

Can I book my seat in advance with a Swiss airline?

Yes, you can book seats in advance via the Preferred seat option on the website. The facility is available for a fee.

Can the passengers make flight changes via third-party agents?

The passengers can request flight changes via agents if they have booked through them. It ensures a smooth process for the airline and travelers.

How to contact airline staff for any flight changes or issues?

You can contact the airline staff via live chat or the online contact form available under the “Customer support” tab.

How to apply for a name change on the Swiss air ticket online?

Head to the Manage booking Swiss airlines tab and choose the desired flight and then make the required name changes for a name change fee.

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