Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

For certain international routes, including those to the United States, Turkish Airlines baggage policy bases its luggage limit on a piece system, whereas for others it bases it on a weight basis.

Here’s everything you need to know about the baggage size, dimensions, overweight baggage rules, and more when you fly with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The permitted amount of Turkish Airlines checked baggage allowance would be – 

  1. The piece system used for international flights operates with the following checked luggage allowances:
  • Turkish Airlines baggage weight must be within 50lb/23kg per bag. Passengers are allowed to carry 2 bags in Economy Class.
  • two bags each weighing 70 pounds/32 kilograms  for business class flights.
  • 1 luggage plus 1 folding stroller or pushchair for infant travelers under 2 years old (50 lb/23 kg).
  1. The permitted amount of checked luggage for international flights using a weight system is:
  • 44lb/20kg while flying economy (no restriction on the number of pieces).
  • 66lb/30kg for business class tickets (no restriction on the number of pieces).
  • 1 bag (22 lb/10 kg) for children under the age of 2 years and 1 pushchair or stroller that collapses.

Checked baggage limit for domestic flight – Below is the overview of the checked baggage limit and size for all class of service – 

Journey ClassLimit on Baggage WeightLimit on Baggage Size
Business Class30 kg 158 cm/62 in
Economy Class23 kg 158 cm/62 in
Extrafly44 lb/20 kg158 cm/62 in
Ecofly33 lb/ 15 kg158 cm/62 in
Primefly55 lb/25 kg158 cm/62 in
Promotional Deal33 lb/15 kg158 cm/62 in

Turkish Airline Baggage Limit for International Flights – Turkish Airlines’ baggage regulations state that there are two systems used for international flights:

  • system of weight
  • system of pieces

According to Turkish Airlines’ luggage regulations for international flights using the weight concept, the Business Class members can carry up to 66 pounds, and Economy Class passengers can carry up to 44 pounds as indicated below.

International Baggage Allowance— Weight System Flights on Turkish Airlines

Class of ServiceLimit on Baggage PieceLimit on Baggage Weight
Business ClassNo Limit66 lb/30 kg
Economy ClassNo Limit44 lb/20 kg
All ClassesNo Limit22 lb/10 kg  + 1 collapsible stroller (≤ 115cm)
  1. Special benefits are available to Miles & Smiles members of Turkish Airlines. After achieving Elite or Elite Plus status, they are permitted to bring along more luggage.
  • Members of Classic Plus can carry an extra 22lb/10kg.
  • Elite Extra members are permitted to carry an additional 44lb/20kg. One additional bag is allowed on the routes where the piece system applies.
  • Elite Plus members are allowed to carry an additional 55lb/25kg or one more bag on routes that use the piece system.
  1. Turkish Airlines baggage dimensions must not exceed 158cm or 62 linear inches.

For details on luggage restrictions, go to the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking section or dial 

Restricted Baggage and Allowance – As per Turkish airlines baggage rules, here everything you need to know about the luggage restriction

  • Your checked baggage must be properly packaged if it contains any liquids or semi-solids that could leak, spill, or be contaminated.
  • In order to contain both the liquid and a protection, the liquid item that will be carried needs to be packaged in a vacuum, sealed, locked, or sticky bag.
  • Any objects, such as cardboard or tin boxes, sacks, plastic bags, or containers, that pose a danger of leakage, spilling, or contamination are not permitted as free baggage or cabin luggage.
  • A maximum of 5 liters of liquid can be transported in your checked luggage, and each container must be sealed in a maximum of 1-liter portions.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Considerations

Turkish Airlines Baggage Rules states – 

  • Online excess baggage sales are available from 355 days to two hours before departure.
  • Up to 10 checked baggage may be ordered online with the following restrictions:
Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Considerations
  • Turkish airlines baggage weight must be within 50 lb (23 kg) in total.
  • A bag’s total size (L + W + H) cannot be greater than 158cm/62in.
  • The combined weight of the 10 bags cannot be more than 506 lbs/230 kg.
  • As per the current luggage regulations, there will be a charge for extra baggage.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Fees (Extra Baggage) – Turkish Airlines’ free baggage allowance is capped at 50lb/23kg. The Turkish Airlines extra baggage fee for international flights is 80 USD for each article. In addition – 

For the first two additional bags and three or more additional bags, the Turkish Airlines extra baggage price varies from USD 160 to 290 per bag.

Turkish Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Your carry-on/cabin luggage allowance is determined by your class of travel, under Turkish Airlines baggage policy. Your free baggage allowance for up to two items is shown in the chart below. Additionally, you are permitted to carry one personal item up to 4 pounds (see the second table).

Turkish Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance
Journey ClassAllowance (parts) Maximum WeightMaximum Size
Business Class217.6lb/8kg55 x 40 x 23 cm 
Economy class117.6lb/8kg55 x 40 x 23 cm 
  0-2 years117.6lb/8kg55 x 40 x 23 cm 

Permitted Personal Items on Board

You may also bring any of the following goods at no additional charge in addition to your cabin baggage allowance. Below mentioned is the Turkish Airlines baggage size for each article

    Type of Personal Item  Maximum Size
Camera40 x 30 x 15 cm 
Laptop/Tablet40 x 30 x 15 cm 
Handbag 40 x 30 x 15 cm
Full-size stroller40 x 40 cm 15.7 cm
Light stroller70 x 30 cm 27.5 cm
Umbrella (not pointed)90cm
Diaper bagFree Size

Turkish Airlines Baggage fees

Below is the overview of the baggage fee, as mentioned under the Turkish Airlines baggage policy. The fee varies with the travel route, such as –

Travel RouteFirst Bag(in USD)Second Bag (in USD)Third Bag (in USD)Fourth Bag (in USD)Fifth Bag (in USD)
Flight within Turkey3040150200250
Middle East (Except Dubai, and Qatar)Free3040150200
The Indian SubcontinentFree40150200250
Southeast AsiaFree3040150200
USA and CanadaFreeFree3040250
QatarFree40150200Not permitted
CaribbeanFreeFree150200Not permitted
South American regionFreeFree150200Not permitted
Trans Atlantic regionFreeFree200200Not permitted
Trans Pacific regionFreeFree200200Not permitted

Lost or Delayed Baggage

According to Turkish Airlines lost baggage policy, you must contact the Misplaced & Found Office at the destination airport to report lodestination airportst luggage if it has been delayed. You will receive a 10-character reference number (5 letters and 5 digits) after submitting your complaint or report, which you may use in any subsequent contact to trace your luggage.

If a report hasn’t been sent to you by the time you’ve left the airport, you can submit an online application for Turkish airlines baggage tracking and notice of luggage disruptions.

Call Turkish Airlines baggage claim phone number to track the lost luggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage is allowed on Turkish airlines?

If you’re traveling to the United States on a route that employs the piece concept, Turkish Airlines allows two checked baggage.

What is the baggage allowance for Turkish airlines international flights?

Passengers may split their allotted weight between many items of baggage at locations that employ the weight concept. Up to 44 pounds can be brought on board in economy class and up to 66 pounds in business class.

Can I take 2 pieces of baggage on Turkish Airlines?

Yes. If you’re traveling to the United States on a route that employs the piece concept, Turkish Airlines allows two checked baggage.

How many bags are allowed on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers are allowed to bring one personal item inside the cabin with them that can fit beneath the seat in front.

How many checked bags are free with Turkish Airlines?

Passengers are permitted to bring one free carry-on bag and one personal item bag.

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