Turkish Airlines Manage Booking

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking section offers convenient changes and add-ons to your flight booking. As a result, customers receive a special deal on Turkish Airlines, which handles ticketing and creates a distinctive flying experience.

Can I Change My Turkish Flight?

You can exchange flights by entering your flight booking reference number, email, or the passenger’s last name. The said request needs to be completed on the airline’s website.

Steps for flight reservation changes: Follow these steps to request flight changes –

  • Visitors must first go to the Turkish website and check in to their accounts if they wish to make modifications to their airline reservations.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ tab.
  • Enter the confirmation code and surname.
  • You can examine your booking after which you can make adjustments.
  • By calling the airline’s registration number, travelers may make same-day adjustments to their reservations and reserve seats.
  • Select the new flights.
  • Pay the required fee to confirm the new changes.

Pro tip – Before making flight changes, refer to all the guidelines on the Turkish Airlines flight change policy page.

Can I request Flight Cancellation on Turkish Airlines Booking?

Customers can submit a cancellation request for completely booked tickets after making a flight reservation online with Turkish Airlines. The airline’s website will take you to the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking page. Follow these steps to request flight cancellation –

  • After navigating to the Manage Booking tab, enter the booking details in the required field.
  • Select the flight that needs to be voided.
  • Check the refund amount eligible for the canceled flight segment.
  • To cancel the flight, hit the ‘Confirm’ button.
  • The confirmation email would be sent to your registered email.

Can I select seats on Turkish Airlines reservation?

At the time of booking or through the Manage Booking area, users can choose a seat. The more options you have at your access, the earlier you choose a seat. A free seat option is provided to passengers –

  • Traveling abroad in luxury and economy plus classes
  • Elite miles&smiles member

You can pay for the following services while choosing your seat. –

  • Emergency escape seats
  • Extra legroom
  • Includes a bassinet

Passengers can request seats at the time of request Turkish airlines check-in.

How can I purchase excess baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines booking?

Passengers have the option to pre-purchase extra luggage through the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking online section.

  • The quickest and least expensive option to buy extra checked bags is at the moment you book your flight.  You can pay an additional fee of up to 40 kg of checked luggage to modify your ticket page when you’ve already made a ticket but wish to add it.
  • For a maximum of 14 kg divided among two products, you can increase your carry-on luggage allowance by 7kg. Both the overhead bin and the space under the seat in front of you must accommodate the carry-on luggage.

Please call airlines 080005 01565 if you have questions regarding a reservation you made with a tour company or other online travel provider. Be careful you comprehend Turkish Airline’s baggage rules before taking a flight.

What are the additional services offered under Turkish Airlines Manage Booking tab?

Passengers can request the following services under Manage Booking tab –


To skip the busiest times at the terminal, register online 48 to 90 minutes before departure.

Additionally, you may download the boarding pass and verify it using a mobile phone. When you check in online, you can select your seats, add baggage, as well make any other special request.

Upgrade Flight

After you purchase your flight ticket, Turkish Airlines Manage Booking tab helps you upgrade your cabin to Premium Class.  To determine selection:

  • To find out if your reservation qualifies for the premium Economy/ Business Class, enter your reservation information on the Manage Turkish Airlines booking page.
  • Check to see if you may use your frequent flyer reward points to upgrade.
  • You can upgrade the flight using miles or reward points once the request is accepted.
  • If your flight upgrade becomes available, you may also sign up for Turkish Airlines’ upgrade notifications to get an email or text message notifying you of the change.

To check whether your flight is eligible for the Business Class upgrade, refer to the Turkish Airlines flight upgrade page.

Reserve a hotel or a rental vehicle

You may combine your existing reservation with a hotel stay and a rental vehicle to create a whole package holiday. You can include:

  • Hotels: Turkish Airlines offers discounts on lodging at more than 120,000 hotels around the world. Get the greatest price on hotels for any range by checking out reviews online on the company’s website.
  • Rental Vehicle: Hertz and Turkish Airlines have joined to offer rental car services, including airport transfers, local travel, and interstate transport, both with and without a driver.

The said services are available through Turkish Airlines manage booking, providing you with a hassle-free journey.

Add Baggage Delay Insurance

Unexpected events can happen anywhere, anytime. After purchasing the airline ticket, you may add your delayed luggage insurance through Turkish Airlines manage my bookings tab.

Depending on your insured amount and the terms of your insurance, the airline provides the best advantages.

Note- That you can only add the delayed luggage insurance up to 24 hours after booking your travel.

Add travel insurance

Visitors may discover new places, cultures, and experiences with confidence when they travel. You may be guaranteed that your booking value will be covered even if an unexpected event occurs. Without incurring exorbitant fees, you can quickly change or terminate your flight.

Simply add travel insurance to an itinerary by using the Turkish Airline Manage My Booking section.

Add meals

The airlines provide a selection of special meals that are always available at all times, whether it is for dietary restrictions, allergies, or a teething toddler.

You may utilize Book The Chef service if you’re traveling in a suite, premium cabin class, first class, or business class.

Through the ‘Turkish Airlines Manage flight’ option, passengers may request meals. Up to 24 hours before the time of departure, a food request can be made.

Name Correction

Turkish Airlines offers the best online reservation tools to make managing a trip reservation quick and easy. As a result, if a traveler manages to book a trip but enters the incorrect name, Turkish Airlines will make it simple for them to amend it. Passengers can request the name correction with the airlines, up to 3 characters to their first name, middle name or last name.

According to the change/cancellation regulation, travelers who want to alter a name on a Turkish aircraft must do so within 24 hours.

Follow the simple steps to Change the Name on Turkish flight tickets: –

  1. Go to the official website of Turkish airlines
  2. Next, click on the travelers’ names under the “manage booking” column.
  3. After canceling your scheduled flight, click the “Edit” option and select “Rebooking.”
  4. Fill out the required field with the correct details for the traveler.
  5. Pay the required fee. Passengers may be liable to pay any applicable fare difference.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent with the correct name. The airline will also update the passenger’s PNR with the correct name.

 So, if you need any more help, you may always contact the support desk or visit the Turkish Airlines website.

To know what all apply to make name changes or correction, refer to the Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy.

How to Navigate Turkish Airlines Manage My Booking Tab?

If a customer has previously made a reservation and wishes to make adjustments, they may do so by following the instructions below. You can request any changes to your booking through the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking section. The steps include –

Step 1: Visit the Turkish Airlines website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Manage Booking section.

Step 3: Fill in the 6-digit booking reference and the and the passenger’s last name.

Step 4: Once you have selected your flights choose from one of the following option –

  • Change/cancel flight
  • Request special meal
  • Add excess baggage
  • Correct name
  • Check-in
  • Priority services
  • Seat selection

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 6: Change anything you like, such as adding or removing the itinerary.

Step 7: Pay the required fee to make the changes.

While the Turkish Airlines Website is easy enough to use on its own, users may also utilize Turkish Airlines Manage Booking to change their flights, book hotels, and purchase insurance. The new booking website provides customers with an exciting new way to make reservations while enjoying the full range of services on offer by Turkish Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my ticket date to Turkish Airlines?

Yes. Provided if you purchased non-restricted fares. Passengers can also make changes to the flight for free within 24 hours of purchase.

Do Turkish Airlines have a chat?

Turkish Airlines makes its best to promptly respond to passengers’ questions, however, it does not provide live chat services.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines?

Calling the helpline number will get you connected with a live representative of Turkish Airlines. By login onto Turkish Airlines’ main website, you may also interact with the customer service representatives there.

Can I change the name on my Turkish airline ticket?

Turkish Airlines does not accept name changes or ticket transfers, however, you can make the appropriate changes to your first, middle, and last name on your ticket.

Can you cancel Turkish Airlines flights within 24 hours?

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, no money will be paid if a traveler cancels their flight within 24 hours of the issue date or more than one week before the travel date.

How can I make bookings for Turkish Airlines?

Bookings can be made online at turkishairlines.com, using our smartphone application, at Turkish Airlines sales offices, through approved travel agents, and by calling the call center provided on the page for contact.

How can I check-in online or manage my bookings with Turkish Airlines?

Visit the official website of a Turkish airline and go to the manage booking section to fill in the required details and complete the process of check-in.

When is the time for online check-in with Turkish Airlines?

For flights departing between 24 hours and 90 minutes of the airline’s planned arrival, online check-in is possible.

Do Turkish Airlines refund flight ticket money?

You are eligible for a return policy or a flight change at no additional cost if Turkish Airlines cancels your trip.

Can I change my seat assignments after I have checked in?

No. In this case, passengers have to cancel the check-in, and then request the seat selection.

When can I check in online on a flight with Turkish Airlines?

For international flights with Turkish Airlines, the check-in window shuts 75 minutes before scheduled departure. Passengers can check in online up to 24 hours before their flight if they want to use Turkish Airlines’ web check-in service, which is accessible on the flight’s official website.

Do Turkish Airlines offer web check-in?

Yes, the airline offers the web-check in services. This way passengers can save time and avoid the rush or long queues during peak hours.

If a Turkish airline’s flight status is canceled then what can be done?

Turkish Airlines will offer an alternate method of transportation if your flight is canceled due to inclement weather or for any other reason. Passengers can also claim a refund on the unused portion of the trip.

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