Turkish Flight Change Policy

After making a verified reservation, a traveler may occasionally want to make modifications to their flight arrangements, such as changing the date, time, route, seat, or name. Turkish Airlines change flight policy offers several benefits to passengers.

Refer to the Turkish Airlines flight change policy discussed below –

What are the rules to consider before requesting a Turkish Airlines change flight?

The Airline allows passengers to make the desirable changes in the flights related to dates and route changes if they comply with the Turkish Airlines flight change rules –

  • Passengers are not permitted to make changes at least 1 hour prior to scheduled departure.
  • If the cost of your new airplane ticket is higher, you must pay the difference in currency and taxes as well as the remaining amount.
  • Passengers can receive a credit voucher if the changed flight charges are less than the original flight booked.
    • The credit vouchers can be redeemed up to 265 days from the date of the new ticket issued by the airline.
  • No flight change fee is applicable within the risk-free period of up to 24 hours of booking the reservation.
  • The flight change guidelines apply to Turkish airlines and AnadoluJet-operated codeshare flights.
  • Changes in the cabin class and fare class (For example – Changing from Economy to Business class) are only applicable up till the flight departure.
    • Keep note that fare differences between the cabin classes, taxes, and duties will apply.
    • No deductions are allowed for such changes.
    • Fare-type changes for Ercan flights do not cater to promotion classes and codeshare flights.

What are the restrictions to the Turkish Airlines change flight policy?

Following restrictions are imposed by the airline regarding Flight change policy. Keep the following rules in mind –

  • Flight changes are not available after the flight.
  • Passengers cannot request flight change after check in is completed.
  • Turkish Airlines does not allow changing domestic and TRNC-Ercan flights into international flights.
  • Turkish Airlines does not entertain flight changes for tickets booked under the Turkish Airline pet policy.

Do Turkish Airlines allow flight changes within 24 hours of purchase?

As per Turkish Airlines flight change policy, passengers are entitled to make changes for free within 24 hours from the date of purchase, provided –

  • One ticket reservation must not include more than eight passengers.
  • It includes flights operating to and from Canada and the United States.
  • The bookings must only include flights operated by Turkish Airlines and partner flights like Anadolu jet flights.
  • The flight departure date must be scheduled at least 7 days or more after the day of booking reservation.
  • The bookings must not include promotional fares, reward point tickets, or discounted tickets on special offers.
  • The passengers can reissue the ticket by canceling the original ticket or request flight change for no change fee within 24 hours of booking.

What is the Turkish Airlines same-day flight change policy?

Turkish airline’s same-day policy is convenient for passengers who could not request flight change within the risk-free grace period or as per the flight schedule. Keep note that –

  • Same-day flight changes are applicable if the flight departure is scheduled between 1 and 12 hours of the flight time.
  • Same-day flight change policy is available when the tickets are booked via first-party platforms like the website, mobile app, or airport counter.
  • Penalty charges may apply for such flight changes. It costs between 13 USD and 27 USD.
  • Fare differences are non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

How to request Turkish Airlines Change Flights?

Flight change methods offer convenience. Passengers can request flight changes using the below-mentioned methods –

How to request a Turkish airline flight change via the official website?

Turkish Airlines official website includes options like Turkish Airlines Manage Booking, Flight status, and more to ensure passengers can request the necessary online flight changes in time. Follow these steps for flight change –

  • Head to the official website for Turkish Airlines change flight online.
  • From the home page, choose the option – Check in/Manage Booking.
Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Tab
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Turkish.
  • Enter the ticket reservation code or the allotted Ticket number with the passenger’s surname.
Turkish Airlines Manage Booking online section
This screenshot is clicked using the official Turkish’s website.
  • Verify the details, click the “Arrow” to get access to the flight details.
  • Select the desirable flight segments and choose “Flight change”.
  • Choose the desirable flight change choices like a new date, change flight time Turkish Airlines, or route for the journey.
  • Verify the new flight details and submit the details.
  • Pay the applicable flight change fee, fare differences, taxes, etc., and complete the request.
  • The airline will process the flight change request and the new ticket booking is delivered over the email or registered phone number.

How to request a Turkish airline flight change via the mobile app?

Turkish Airlines mobile app allows passengers to complete the flight change request following the steps given below –

Turkish airlines flight change App
This screenshot is from Turkish Airlines website and is authentic.
  • Choose the “Manage Flights” option on the main page of the app to access the available flights.
  • Choose the desired flight segments and choose “Flight change”.
  • Enter the new details like the desirable date, Turkish Airlines change flight time, and route. Verify the details and submit any documents, if applicable.
  • Submit the flight change request and pay the required flight change fee.
  • You may have to pay the required penalty fee, fare differences, and other applicable charges.
  • Turkish Airlines will process the flight change request and submit the new flight details at the registered email or phone number.

How to request Turkish Airlines change flights over the phone?

Passengers can request to change flight ticket Turkish Airlines over the phone by following the steps given below –

  • Head to the Turkish Airlines official website for Turkish airline change flight.
Turkish airlines help and contact support
This snapshot was obtained from the authorized web page of Turkish Airlines.
  • Choose “Help” from the main menu and select “Get in Touch”.
Turkish airlines help support services for flight change
The source of this screenshot is the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • You can choose the call center’s contact details based on the desired locations.
  • Once you choose your desired location, choose the contact numbers and share the change flight request.
  • The call executives can assist the passengers to get desired outcomes by contacting Turkish Airlines change flight phone number.
LocationContact Centre Contact Number
Australia+61 1 800750849
Canada+1 800 874 88 75
France+33 1 579 79 849
Germany+49 69 86 799 849
Hong Kong (SAR of China)+85230711256
Russia8 800 700 61 61
The United Arab Emirates+971 8000 3570 43 43
The United Kingdom+44 0844 800 66 66
Or +44 0203 991 1993
The United States of America+1-800-874 8875

Note – Head to the official website to get contact details for other locations/ countries in the world.

How to request a change flight Turkish Airlines at the airport?

Passengers can request the change Turkish Airlines flight at the airport up to 3 hours before the departure for international flights and 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights. Follow the steps below –

  • Head to the nearest airport ticket counter and request a Flight change.
  • Provide the ticket confirmation code or the ticket reference number, the flight details, and the last name of the passenger to initiate the flight change request.
  • Provide travel documents like a Health declaration form, government-issued ID, and other relevant documents to process the request.
  • The airline will process the flight change request for an applicable fee.
  • Pay the flight change fee based on the route, direction, and destination.
  • The airline will complete the flight change request and re-issue a new ticket.
  • Once you receive the new ticket, request a Turkish airline check in.
  • Follow the ticket instructions and head to the new boarding pass with the new boarding pass.

Note – Flight changes are not applicable after completing the check in. Passengers may have to revoke the boarding pass issued, make flight changes and conduct check in again.

How to connect with Turkish Airlines via Social Media for Queries like Flight Change?

Passengers can connect with Turkish Airlines via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with a simple, effective direct message. You can also connect with the airline or watch their tutorials and tips on YouTube and TikTok. The response time may vary during working hours.

Reach out to the carrier, Turkish Airlines on the social media platforms mentioned below –

Social Media PlatformProfile Links/ URL

What is the Turkish Airlines flight change fee?

Passengers can request flight change for a Turkish Airlines flight change fee. The overall fee depends on the route and destination, and the fare type chosen by the passenger.

Here is an overview of the Turkish airline flight change fee applicable on all flights –

What is the flight change fee for Flights within Turkey?

If you are flying domestically, refer to the flight change fee mentioned below-

Fare TypeEcoFly (Only for B-Q classes)EcoFly (Only for T-U classes and between)ExtraFlyPrimeFlyBusiness Flexible
Changes made between 1 and 12 hours15 USDNot Permitted13 USDFree23 USD
Departure of flight beyond 12 hours13 USDNot Permitted8 USDFreeFree

What is the applicable flight change fee for Travel From TRNC to Ercan Flights?

Turkish Airlines change flight fee for such flights is discussed below. Keep note that applicable fare differences will apply.

Fare TypeEco FlyExtra FlyPrime FlyBusiness Flexible
Departures less than an hour of flightNo flight changeNo flight changeNo flight changesNo flight change
Between 1 and 12 hours of the flight19 USD13 USDNo penalty for change25 USD
Flight departure of more than 12 hours19 USD8 USDFreeFree

How much does a Turkish airline cost for Flights outside Turkey?

For international flights, the following Turkish airlines change flight date international fee is applicable including the fare differences and applicable service charges or penalty fees.

  • Turkish airline International non-branded Fare type

Here is an overview of the Turkish Airlines change flight date fee international discounted fare types.

Discounted Fare TypeFlight Change Fee (Fare Difference Apply Additionally)
Promotion fareFee applicable based on fare type 
Semi-flexible fareFee applicable
Flexible fareFree
Business Promotions FareFee applicable
Business Semi-Flexible fareFee applicable
Business Flexible fareFee applicable
  • Turkish Airline International Non-branded Fare Type

Passengers must pay the following Turkish airlines international flight change fee for regular fare types –

Regular Fare TypeEconomy ClassEconomy Exceptional ClassBusiness ClassBusiness Class Exceptional
Flight Date/ Route Change FeeEco Fly – Not allowed Extra Fly: 70 USD Prime Fly: FreeEco Fly – Not allowed Extra Fly:  Fee applies Prime Fly: Fee appliesBusiness Fly: 70 USD Business Prime: FreeBusiness Fly: Fee applicable Business Prime: Free

Do Turkish Airlines offer compensation in cases of Flight Disruptions?

Turkish Airlines acknowledges the conditions under which passengers may be denied boarding, have to rebook, or cancel the flight and provides optimum solutions to the travelers.

Flight Delay

In the instances of a flight delay, passengers can request free flight change or route changes under the given time durations –

  • For Domestic flights – Between 2 and 5 hours of the waiting period.
  • For international flights – Between 5 hours and beyond the waiting period.

Misconnection/ Diversion

When a passenger is traveling on multiple flight segments, the connecting flight may be disrupted. In addition to that –

  • The reasons for such changes –  Destination airport change due to compulsory uncertainties and Flight reaching a different departure airport, etc.
  • Free flight change/ route change is applicable starting from 1 hour to beyond 5 hours of the waiting time.

Schedule Change

If the airline fails to conduct the flights as per the schedule or does not stop at the stopover or the final destination due to certain circumstances, free flight change is applicable.

Passengers are entitled to Turkish Airlines flight change compensation as follows-

  • If no ticket portion is used – The amount compensated is equal to the original fare type.
  • If some ticket portion is used – The refund is higher or lower and includes the difference between the distance traveled and original fare.

Turkish Airlines provides multiple options for passengers to make modifications to their flight arrangements. If a passenger would like to know more about the specific regulations and guidelines of Turkish Airlines change flight policy, they can refer to the website at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to change a flight Turkish Airlines?

The airline may charge between 8 USD and 200 USD based on domestic and international flights.

Can I change my flight date Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can request Turkish Airlines change flight date online if tickets are booked via platforms like the website, mobile app, or airport counter.

Can I change my flight route with Turkish Airlines online?

Yes, you can request flight routes via the website. Head to the official website, enter the ticket confirmation number, edit flight details, and pay the flight change fee.

How do I change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

You can request flight changes via online and offline methods – Official website, Mobile app, Airport counters, or over the phone.

Can I reschedule a flight Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can reschedule the flight date, day, route, and time for new flight details for a flight change fee.

How can I change my flight date for free?

Turkish Airlines allow passengers to change their flight for free within 24 hours of booking the flight within the grace period.

How much does it cost to request Turkish airlines change flight internationally?

It can cost up to 70 USD for flight change/ route changes based on the fare type and destination chosen by passengers.

Can I change my return flight date with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, passengers can reschedule or change return flights following the Turkish airline change flight guidelines.

Can I change my ticket destination on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can request flight destination changes if the fare type permits and is subject to availability.

How late can I change my Turkish Airlines flight?

You can request flight changes between 1 hour and 12 hours of the scheduled flight time under the same-day flight change policy.

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