Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy

To avoid problems during boarding, the name on your passport should match the particulars on your flight ticket. Even when there is a slight difference in one character, your ticket might be canceled. To help travelers avoid such issues, the Austrian Airlines name change policy has been devised. It can help you with modifications, corrections, and additions. Various methods for name change are highlighted as well in this policy. Going through this policy clearly will aid you to complete the name correction process without errors.

Rules of Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy 

This airline allows its passengers to change names only under specific conditions. Should you not adhere to these conditions, then you may be denied using the Austrian Airlines passenger name change feature. One of the most important rules is that this carrier does not allow ticket transfers. This means that the entire name of the passenger cannot be changed. You can only make minor corrections to your personal details without changing it completely. 

Apart from this, the other important rules of name change given under this policy are as follows: 

  • All the reservations made directly with the carrier either through online or offline methods will be qualified for modifications. 
  • You will be allowed to correct only up to 3 characters in your entire name. This includes your first, last, and middle names. 
  • As per the Austrian Airlines name correction policy, you can edit your last name after marriage or divorce. This can be done by submitting a marriage certificate or any other legal document. 
  • Passengers may be required to pay a certain fee for a modification. This is especially true when it is requested after the reservation is confirmed. 
  • All requests for corrections and alterations should be made at least 48 hours before the official departure of your flight. 
  • For changes on tickets booked through third-party agents or travel companies, you will have to follow a specific method. 
  • You will not be given any refunds in case you have canceled the ticket on which your personal details have been changed. 
  • Payments for changes or corrections can only be made in the mode accepted by the carrier. 

Note: Austrian Airlines name correction requests made at the very last minute may be denied. Also, your reservation can be terminated. Hence, it is best to request changes within the allotted time period. 

Methods to Change/Correct Name on Austrian Airlines 

Based on your source of reservation, you will have to follow two different methods to alter your name. When you have booked your ticket directly with the carrier, you can modify your Austrian Airlines misspelled name through the email option. Should you have taken the assistance of travel agencies to make your reservation, then you will have to contact the customer support center. 

Method 1: Via Email for Direct Bookings 

The Austrian Airlines change ticket name option for direct bookings can only be accessed via the email method. This option is convenient to use because it does not involve an elaborate process. This is also the simplest method to modify your particulars. It helps in saving your time by including only a few steps. As a part of this method, you will have to mail to the airline directly regarding your issues. 

The detailed procedure is explained below: 

  • Firstly, open your registered “email” account. 
  • Compose one email to the address “”. 
  • In the subject section, mention “Name Change”. 
  • Then clearly explain your reason for making a name correction request (whether spelling error, last name change, or any other such reason). 
  • Mention your flight details like:
    • PNR number
    • Reference code
    • Ticket number
  • Your details like the full name should also be provided. 
  • Attach a copy of your passport, voter ID, or other identity proofs in case of a misspelled name. For any legal changes, attach your marriage or divorce certificate as well. 
  • After checking your details carefully, send the email. 
  • The airline authorities will soon get back to you and modify your details as per the Austrian Airlines name change policy. 
  • You can then send the required change fee via online payment options or as directed by the carrier. 

Note: Considering that the airline does not reply to your Austrian Airlines change name email request, you can try connecting with the customer care center. 

Method 2: By Contacting Customer Care for Travel Agency Bookings 

No booking made with a travel agency qualifies for an email request for Austrian Airlines passenger name change. However, you will be given the option to easily contact the customer care service and put forward your request. The airline agents will immediately respond to your request and clarify your queries. Moreover, this method proves to be especially useful for legal name changes. 

To connect with the agents, you can dial the following number

  • +43-5-1766-1000 

Once you get in contact with the agents: 

  • Tell them about the agency through which you have made your reservation. 
  • Let them know the errors in your name. 
  • Submit the necessary information asked like the flight ticket number, full name, and reference code. 
  • Once the agents are satisfied with your documents, they will begin to exercise the change name Austrian Airlines option. 
  • You will then have to make the payment of a fee if required by the airline. 
  • A new ticket with a correct PNR and name will now be issued and mailed to your registered address. 
  • Download the ticket and print it later. 

Alternatively, you can ask your travel agent to get in contact with the airline. Either way, your request will be processed. It is important to note that, on indirect bookings, you cannot add or delete your middle title. Also, the Austrian Airlines name change policy does not allow the addition or deletion of titles on these tickets. On indirect bookings, hyphenated surnames can only be modified for legal purposes. Therefore, when your ticket requires any of these changes, you will have to cancel it and make another booking with the correct details. 

Name Change Fee on Austrian Airlines 

In most cases, this airline does charge additional fees for changes to details. But when it is asked for, the Austrian Airlines name change fees can depend on your class, service, or destination. Sometimes, the time of your request can also affect this fee. Along with this, the source of your booking, whether made directly or through other agencies, also has a bearing on the fees. 

Generally, the airline charges about EUR 30 or USD 31 for all passengers including adults, children, and infants. Once paid, this fee will not be refunded by the airline, even upon the cancellation of your ticket. The cancellation fee is not subject to any discounts or offers, hence, the full payment should be made. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I correct my name on the Austrian Airlines tickets?

The Austrian Airlines passenger name change feature allows travelers to correct their details. Corrections can be done on tickets directly booked with the airline as well as on those booked with travel agencies. However, these corrections will only be permitted if they are made at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure.

How to change name on an Austrian Airlines flight ticket?

You can access the Austrian Airlines change name feature either through the email option or by contacting customer care. The former option is available for direct reservations where you will simply have to send an email. For the latter, dial the toll-free number and make your request to the agents.

What is allowed under Austrian Airlines name correction policy?

In sync with this policy, you can edit your name in case of misspellings. Changes to up to just 3 letters in any part of the name can be made. This policy also allows its users to modify their last names in case of marriage or divorce. Any additional legal name changes can further be made.

Are third-party name changes allowed on Austrian Airlines?

You will be eligible to modify your particulars on this airline even when bookings are made through a travel agency. For this, you will have to reach out to the customer support center and make an Austrian Airlines change ticket name request. Submit all the documents asked by the agents accordingly.

What documents are needed for Austrian Airlines misspelled name?

Concerning that you wish to correct your misspelled name, you will have to submit a copy of your passport and Voter ID. For making legal changes, you will have to provide your marriage or divorce certificate. Sometimes, the submission of a birth certificate can also become necessary on Austrian Airlines.

What is the Austrian Airlines name change fee?

As per the Austrian Airlines name correction policy, a fee of about USD 31 or EUR 30 can be charged. This fee is applicable to infants, children, and adults. Please note that it is non-refundable. Additionally, the airline will not provide discounts or offers on the name change charges.

Are name changes allowed on Austrian Airlines?

You can only correct your Austrian Airlines name misspelled or wrong. Complete name changes are not permitted. Passengers will not be allowed to transfer their tickets to others. In this regard, changes to only 3 letters in your name are allowed. Other additions to the last name will further be permitted.

How to change name Austrian Airlines online?

There is no specific online option to change your name on this airline. Nevertheless, you can send an email to it regarding your concerns. Mention your name, ticket number, and the error in this email. Also, attach your passport or voter ID as identity proof. Your name will soon be changed.

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