Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

The main function of the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy is to facilitate certain types of modifications. Having an accurate and correct name on the ticket is one of the most important requirements when flying. Mismatching or incorrect names can prove to be troublesome. Therefore, in any case of misspellings or errors in your personal information, you will have to change your name. 

This policy aims to guide the customers during corrections in name and other details. Irrespective of the reason for your requirement- marriage, divorce, or adoption, a proper name change procedure is available under this policy. Thus, as a flier of Hawaiian Airlines, you ought to know this policy and other essential guidelines. 

Explaining Hawaiian Airlines Name Change 

Understanding the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy and its aspects is immensely useful. It is a simple policy to help the passengers who want to opt for a name change on their ticket. This change can be in the form of an addition or switch. In this context, the following types of alterations can be allowed on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket: 

  • Changes or additions to the last name 
  • Legal name change 
  • Shifting of first and middle names 

You will have to pursue different options for these types of changes. Considering the nature of your change, the airline determines various plausible methods of requesting a modification. 

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

Sometimes, a passenger may make a mistake in the name while booking a ticket. This mistake may involve making errors in the spelling. This personal detail may include first name, middle name, or even the last name. For the rectification of error in such details, there exists a Hawaiian Airlines name correction policy. With its help, a passenger gets the flexibility to change certain characters of the name. Thus, making the details correct becomes easily possible. 

Conditions for Name Change on Hawaiian Airlines 

Although the airline permits various types of changes and corrections, it still enforces certain regulations that the passengers will have to obey. These conditions are there to help the travelers in the smooth processing of their modifications. Hence, with these simple rules, you will be able to easily change names on Hawaiian Airlines tickets. 

Given below are the main eligibility conditions highlighted by the policy: 

  • All the tickets on which you want to change the name must be purchased directly with this carrier.
  • These tickets must contain 13 digits as their code. 
  • The first three numbers on the ticket should begin with 173. In case your ticket does not start with the number 173, you will have to contact the airline. 
  • You can change your name because of the reasons of marriage, divorce, and adoption. 
  • This policy allows alterations of the middle name depending on the purpose. 
  • Passengers get permission to convert their nickname into full name if they meet the criteria. 

Note: There might be certain exceptions to these conditions. This is depending on the flight itinerary and the travel destination as per the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy

Documents for Submission for Name Change 

To access the Hawaiian Airlines name change on ticket option, it will be important to submit a few important documents. These include certificates and will be useful in serving as proof of your potential modification. They are especially important in the case of marriage and divorce. Even in cases of legal changes in your government name, these documents assume high importance. 

The following are the documents that you will have to submit during name change on Hawaiian: 

  • For changes due to marriage: Marriage Certificate 
  • In case of divorce: Divorce Decree 
  • To shift middle or first names: Your government-issued passport
  • For spelling corrections: Any legal identification document 
  • When making legal name changes: Court Orders 

By submitting the required documents, you will be free from any scrutiny in the future. You will also be able to legalize your name change. This will not only guarantee your safety but also free the airline of any misconduct. 

How to Correct Misspellings on Hawaiian Airlines Tickets?

There may be a chance that you enter the wrong spelling while purchasing your ticket. Otherwise, any minor error in the characters of the name can also result in spelling mistakes. In such instances, it becomes mandatory that you correct your mistakes. You can make the required edits in your name after the process of reservation. 

There are mainly two main methods through which you can complete the Hawaiian Airlines change passenger name procedure in case of misspellings: 

  • By contacting the customer care 
  • By visiting the online site 

Each of these methods facilitates name correction. You can pick the option most suitable to you depending on your convenience. 

Change passenger name on Ticket via Contacting the Customer Care 

For minor errors, you can prefer reaching the reservation desk at the customer care number:

The agent on the line will immediately connect with you once the call goes through. Initially, he/she may ask the reason for calling and you will have to say “Hawaiian Airlines name change”. Then, mention the cause for your change, misspelling, in this case. 

In most instances, the airline does not make it mandatory for you to submit legal documents for simple corrections. However, your current passport or any identification certificate might be necessary to complete the change. Simply, mail the agent these documents or send them through any other means they mention. 

Your modification will soon be complete via the agent. You can confirm your change and ask for a new boarding pass with the correct name. Otherwise, you may download it from the carrier’s official site. 

Note: Modification of only up to 3 characters of the name is considered to be a minor spelling correction as per the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy. Anything more than that will be deemed to be a name change and may require legal documents or court orders. 

Online Name Correction on Hawaiian Airlines 

In order to change the name on Hawaiian Airlines ticket online, you can log in to its official site. By using its Manage Booking option and entering the important details, you will be able to correct your name. At the end, you can pay a fee/charge in case applicable.

  • Sign in to your web browser and open the link to the main site of this carrier at “www. hawiianairlines.com”. 
  • On the first page of this site, you will find the tab with the title “Manage Flights”. Click on it. 
  • This will give you a list of four options. From these you will have to select the “My Trips” tab. 
  • You will now be on a new page. Here, the submission of your flight details becomes essential. These details can include information about “Passenger Last Name”, “Confirmation Code”, and “E-ticket Number”. 

Note: If, due to any reason, you are not able to retain your “Ticket Number”, then you can click on the “Forgot Number” option given at the bottom of your screen. 

  • Next, tap on the “View My Trip” option. This will help you to retrieve your booking. 
  • Now, you can select the reservation on which you wish to perform the change. Then use “Hawaiian Airlines Change Passenger Name” to make your modifications. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the alteration. 
  • Pay any change fee, if required, and avail of your new boarding pass with the right name. 

Note: When it is mandatory to submit any documents, you can do so by attaching them to your email. You may also submit them in the online portal when such an option is available. 

Conducting Legal Name Changes on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket 

Legal name changes include altering a major part of your name, inverted names, or middle names. The reason for such a major change can be anything with support legally like marriage, divorce, and adoption. Such modifications mainly consist of edits to the last name like additions or removals. 

As per the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy, you will be under the obligation to match your ticket name to the government name after marriage. Similarly, the last name on your marriage certificate should resonate with the one on the reservation. For this reason, you will perform legal name changes before your flight’s departure. 

How to Make Legal Name Changes?

For these kinds of changes resulting from legal issues, you will have to opt for the offline method. In other words, you will contact the booking number of this carrier to initiate such changes. The booking department of this airline is reachable at the following number: 

Upon dialing this number, you will connect with an official from the booking department. Inform him/her of the reason as to why you would like to modify your information. As per this reason, the official can ask you to submit a document as proof, either a marriage certificate or divorce decree. Provide this certification through email. 

Once the official scrutinizes your certificates, the process to change name on Hawaiian Airlines ticket will initiate. It can take about a couple of hours or a few days for the official to complete your modification. It might also get executed instantaneously. 

Note: Sometimes, your cabin class and the type of seat can influence the time taken to complete the change. This is because passengers in the First Class seats usually enjoy the highest attention from the officials. To avail of such benefits relating to your seating options, you can check the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy

When the change is complete, you might receive a notification. Otherwise, the official might call back to confirm your new ticket. Considering the requirement, pay the name change fee. Get another boarding pass consisting of the correct name. 

Fees Charged for Changing Name on Hawaiian Airlines 

This airline makes it possible for its customers to make modifications at reasonable costs. The Hawaiian Airlines name change fee depends on the source through which you make your booking. 

For tickets that are reserved through the airline’s official website, passengers will have to pay no additional charges for requesting name alterations. If you have bought your ticket through any other third-party website, a fee of around $25 is essential for name changes. 

This fee can sometimes fluctuate. This is depending on the availability of tickets, time of change, and the departure destination. This can help you in saving costs on the initial booking of your ticket. 

Note: Avoiding changes at the last moment can also give you a chance to reduce the name change fee. 

Changing and correcting names become mandatory for secure reservation of tickets. For such provisions, the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy provides inclusive aspects of modification and correction. It makes name alterations simple by extending a variety of options and methods.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy FAQs

1. How to change the name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket?

You can change name on Hawaiian Airlines ticket via two options. These include the online and offline options. For the online option, you may utilize the official site of this carrier. Enter your details in the “My Trips” section and edit your information. For the offline method, you may connect with customer care at their reservation number.

2. What is Hawaiian Airlines Name change policy?

The Hawaiian Airlines name change policy is a simple set of regulations that determines the methods of accessing the name-changing feature. It also mentions the types of changes that are eligible. The essential documents for submission for name modification are determined by this policy as well.

3. Does Hawaiian Airlines allow passenger name change?

Yes, with the Hawaiian Airlines change passenger name feature, you will get to perform such a change on your ticket. You can do so after the initial reservation of your ticket. The carrier’s online site or the customer care number will allow you to do so.

4. How to make a spelling change in name on Hawaiian airlines?

For correcting your spellings, you can associate with the agents of  Hawaiian. Upon contacting them at their reservation number, they will provide you with guidance on how to correct your errors. It might take a while for your modification to reach the final step.

5. Can you change the name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket?

Hawaiian Airlines name change is possible in case of misspellings, minute errors, and inverted names. Additionally, you can alter your information due to marriage, adoption, and divorce. Alterations from nickname to full name are also available under the name change policy.

6. How to correct the name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket?

The method to correct your name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket depends on the nature and type of correction you require. If it happens to be a minor correction, then you can do it through the online site of the carrier. For major modification, you may speak with the airport officials directly.

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