Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy

The Cathay Pacific name change policy can help you in a variety of situations where a change or correction is required in the name of a passenger. It could be a simple error or the name of the flier that has been reserved. Similarly, if you are a flier of this airline, you can alter your name after your divorce or marriage. In some circumstances, you might add something to your name, and, in that case, too, you can change your name as per this policy. As an outcome, understanding the policy’s fundamental rules can make it better to amend or fix the incorrect details.

What is the Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy?

Travelers may need to replace or modify the name on the ticket for a variety of reasons. For that, the Cathay Pacific name change policy is intended to meet the demands of various visitors. Under this policy, you can only modify your name for any reason required. Changing the complete name cannot be permitted by the airline. It mainly focuses on name correction. It might be useful for changes brought on following marriage or divorce. 

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy

While traveling with Cathay Pacific Airways, it is important to make sure that your ticket is reserved with the correct name. In case the name is wrongly written, the Cathay Pacific name correction policy allows you to modify your name. You can make corrections to your initial name, surname, as well as your middle name.

Rules of Cathay Pacific Name Change/Correction Policy

Sometimes, passengers want to alter or correct their names on the ticket for some specific reason. For that, the airline has created rules and regulations for their comfort. Here, you can change or correct up to a few characters of your name. At the time of modification, you have to ensure that the characters to be changed should be in the right form.

Further, more points are mentioned to change the name on the ticket below:

  • According to the name change policy, when names are misspelled on the ticket, for that reason only, the ticket can be reprinted. 
  • Full name changes cannot be included in the policy of the airline.
  • The ticket name and the passenger identity must remain the same for the fly-free purpose. This way the passenger can fly hassle-free without any trouble.
  • As per this Cathay Pacific Airways name correction policy, you can add or remove your middle name as well.
  • Sometimes, a passenger wants his or her initial name and last name to be corrected. Even though the spelling is accurate on the ticket, for some reason, he or she wants to correct the name; then, in that case, the passenger can correct his/her name, as per this policy provided by the airline.
  • In some circumstances, the gender may be put wrongly on the ticket. In that event, the airline permits you to alter the gender of the passenger.
  • You can edit minor typo mistakes in your name, according to the Cathay Pacific name change policy.
  • A visitor is eligible to request a legal name change such as a marriage/divorce. 
  • In a divorce or a marriage, you can submit some paperwork to the airlines for your name correction.

How to Change/Correct the Name on Cathay Pacific

For Cathay Pacific change name on ticket, you can find a variety of ways. A traveler can modify his or her name through social media. Further, the airline provides an email service to their passengers. Moreover, you can alter the names of you or your family members by calling the customer care service. Additionally, the airline has a personal website, from which a passenger can solve many issues including a name change.

Method 1: Change or Correct Name via Website

While attempting the option of Cathay Pacific change booking name through the online procedures, at any time, you will be enabled to do so. From this method, a visitor can make a last-minute name alteration. You can modify your name by going to the Cathay Pacific official website. There, you have the option of Manage Booking. From that option, you may find the feature of Find a Booking. In addition to this, a traveler will have to give his or her information regarding the name change. 

  • Open Cathay Pacific’s official website.
  • There, from the drop-down menu, you will have the option of “Manage Booking”. Click on it.
  • On the second page, two choices are visible. First, “Member Sign-In”, and second “Find a Booking” feature.
  • For the modification of the name, you will need to choose the “Find a Booking” option.
  • Here, a passenger will have to provide the name details, such as your “First Name”, “Last Name”, and your “Booking Reference”.
  • After that, below you will have the option of “Find My Booking”. Click on it.
  • Next, you will be directed to the manage booking page where you will see an “Edit” button.
  • There, you can modify your name as per this Cathay Pacific name change policy.
  • After altering, you will have to store the newly modified data. 
  • Thereafter, you will have to pay the fees, if applicable.
  • Once you will clear the fees, the procedure will go further.
  • Lastly, a confirmation code will be sent to you on your mobile number or via mail by the airline.

Method 2: Contacting Customer Service

Some travelers may want to accomplish Cathay pacific change name on ticket via contacting the customer care number. In such a case, you are allowed to call the airline’s officials at any time. Furthermore, it is a trustworthy procedure because the officials personally attend the call. To make a contact, you will need to see the further details, as mentioned below:

  • Open the following link:
  • At the end of the homepage, you will have to find the “Contact us and FAQs” option. Click on it.
  • On the next page, you will get the “Contact us” feature.
  • Now from there, you can have many contact numbers of the airline.
  • Thereafter, you will be asked about your “Country”. There, select your country name.
  • After that, you will have the option of your “City”. Now, choose the name of your city.
  • At last, you will get the various contact numbers.
  • You can call the airline and request a name alteration.
  • The carrier may ask you for some documents regarding Cathay Pacific name change or correction.
  • Once you complete providing the documents, you will have to pay the fees, if any.
  • Further, the carrier will go through the procedure and give you the confirmation code of the given name’s change. 

Method 3: By Social Media

The Cathay Pacific airline may be connected directly via social media for a variety of reasons, such as the modification of name. The airline has provided social media pages on the website by which you can contact it. Hence, you can share your concern and wait for a response from the operator. The response may contain the guidelines for Cathay Pacific change booking name. 

Similarly, you have to follow these below-mentioned instructions to go ahead. 

  • First, you will have to navigate to “”.
  • Next, scroll down the homepage of the website.
  • Social media pages will be seen at the end of the website. 
  • You will have various options of media such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “LinkedIn”, “Instagram”, and “WhatsApp”.
  • Please choose any one from that as per your preference for the Cathay Pacific change name on ticket.
  • Further, you can share your query through the media.
  • You will have to Submit some paperwork for the alteration of the name.
  • Thereafter, pay the cost of modification of name if applicable.
  • Lastly, wait for the response from the airline.

Method 4: Modify Your Name Through the Email Service

Cathay Pacific change passenger name is also done via the email service. With this method, a traveler can express his or her issue properly. You can add the details of the reason for the alteration. If the change needs to be done on an urgent basis, then you can request a quick response. 

  • The initial step of changing your name via mail will include the usage of its official website. 
  • Next, you will have to move down to the website page.
  • Here, you will have the feature of an email address. Click on it.
  • From there, you can connect with the airline.
  • Further, share your query through this procedure.
  • After this, a passenger will have to attach all the needed documents with the mail.
  • Moreover, click on the “Send” button, so that the procedure can go ahead.
  • Now, wait for the feedback.
  • Once the procedure is completed, the airline will send you feedback on the alteration of the name.

Note: Remember that, you will have to mail the airline with your registered email. Also, note that the passenger can change only his/her name under the Cathay Pacific name correction policy.

Cathay Pacific Name Change Fees

The service costs are frequently imposed by the airline. These fees or costs are a part of the name change or correction policy. Depending on a variety of variables, the carrier may charge an additional cost for a modification of the name. There are also some fees associated with name correction. 

The type of alteration, the time of adjustment, and the flying location are all factors in the Cathay Pacific name change fee. According to these factors, the fees charged may be determined.

In Short

For customers who want to change the name of the ticket, the airline offers numerous alternatives. The Cathay Pacific name change or correction policy makes it quicker or simpler to update the name on the flight ticket. Everyone may take advantage of this service. As a result, you can rely on this service whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Cathay Pacific allow change name on tickets?

Yes, Cathay Pacific change name on ticket is allowed. However, full name alteration is not permitted by the airline. You can change your surname in case of marriage or divorce. For that, a passenger has to give the legal documents to the carrier.

2. How much does Cathay Pacific charge for a name change/correction?

Cathay Pacific name change fee depends on some features such as location, nature of flight ticket, type of change, and others. The name change or correction cost varies as per the changes done by the passengers. For the exact fees to be known, you can contact the airline.

3. How to change Cathay Pacific wrong name on ticket?

You can use the airline’s website for correcting Cathay Pacific wrong name on ticket. First, open the website. Select the “Manage Booking” button. To edit the name, choose the “Find a Booking” option. Then, you will have to provide some paperwork. Pay the fees if any. At last, a confirmation will be sent to the passenger’s email ID.

4. How to correct Cathay Pacific misspelled name offline?

According to the policy, Cathay Pacific misspelled name is corrected up to a few letters. A traveler can correct his or her name by calling the customer care number of the airline. Once the carrier will connect on call, you will have to share your query regarding name correction. After that, some documents have to be provided to the carrier. On a final note, wait for the response after you make a request for correcting your name.

5. Is Cathay Pacific middle name required?

On the flight ticket, first name and surname are mandatory. Cathay Pacific middle name is not required on a ticket. However, the easiest way to find out the most recent guidelines of the middle name is that you can contact the airline.

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