Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

One of the common errors in the ticket includes minor and major errors in the name. The airline is strict with such segments and provides specific provisions to issue necessary name changes/corrections for Qatar Airways name change policy. Make sure you comply with airline regulations and respect the decorum.

Read the information mentioned below carefully to understand and follow Qatar Airways name change guidelines.

What are the terms and conditions of Qatar Airways Name Change?

Name change Qatar Airways facilitate name changes and name corrections under specific circumstances. The key to understanding the name correction Qatar Airways policy is to understand the guidelines mentioned below –

  • Travel agents/ individuals are forbidden from creating speculative and temporary bookings and issuing name changes later.
  • Qatar Airways change name on ticket guidelines does not allow passengers to issue a name change on the existing PNR.
  • The current PNR number must be canceled whether ticketed/unticketed and a new reservation must be made.
  • If name corrections are required for PNRs issued by travel agencies, they must be held with Trade Portals.
  • Name change/ Qatar name correction is permissible once per passenger.
  • If you are not able to register name change/ correction, create new reservations and PNR for affected travelers.
  • The airline does not permit switching names with other passengers in an attempt to modify the details on the reservation.
  • You can only access the Qatar Airways name change policy before Qatar Airways check-in.

Note: There are restrictions imposed on the name change and correction on tickets with partially flown PNRs.

What are the conditions under which the Qatar Name change is not available?

Here are the circumstances under which Qatar airways change name is not available for travelers for domestic and international travel.

  • A change name Qatar Airways cannot be conducted if the date of birth of the passenger is not verified.
  • If the tickets are used partially (Passengers have begun travel), except in cases for legal name change requests.
  • There is a chance that you might not be eligible for name alteration in case your reservation involves codeshare. The same is the case for interline flights.
  • You cannot perform name changes/corrections on PNRs generated through Privilege Club Profiles.
  • Passengers traveling on two different names/ passports who have purchased two separate tickets i.e. outbound and inbound cannot avail of the name change.
  • Name changes are not possible if itineraries have flight segment/s operated by other airlines.
  • Passengers who have already completed airport entry unless the luggage and passenger can be offloaded.

What are the types of changes/modifications allowed on a ticket with Qatar Airways?

You can change name on Qatar Airways ticket immediately after you realize the error made in it. This can be either before the issuance of the ticket or after. Different rules apply to such instances allowing name changes as required.

To understand these rules more clearly, check the points mentioned below:

Name changes include the complete change in the passenger’s family name/ surname, middle name, first name, or any/ all combinations of all. Add to that-

  • Omitted part of the name like omitting the Qatar Airways middle name is permissible.
  • Changing a first name from a nickname.
  • Changing the name of the passenger to match the travel documents to ensure the same person is traveling.
  • Legal reasons like adoption, Qatar Airways name change marriage, or divorce allows passengers to make the required changes.
  • Such changes can be validated with proof of date of birth in the original and new documents.
  • Official documents, legal certificates, or documents may include a passport, driver’s license, or other official documents issued by local authorities/ Government.

What type of name corrections are allowed by Qatar Airways?

Take a look at the type of name corrections you will be able to issue with Qatar –

Before a ticket is issued

If the ticket has not been issued yet, the following types of changes are permissible-

  • The first name and middle name can be corrected up to three characters in total by a Travel agent or QR.
  • Passenger’s title and space characters are included in the character limit for alteration.
  • Adding, changing, or deleting Date of Birth, PTC (Passenger Type Codes), and infants are not included under Qatar name change.
  • Misspelled names or Qatar Airways spelling mistakes where a letter is spelled incorrectly, transposed, or omitted.
  • For changes of more than three characters, contact QR offices for guidance.
  • Transposed names are not in the right sequence like Johannson/ Scarlett instead of Scarlett/ Johannson.
  • Removing prefixes, i.e., Dr., Mr., and Mrs. also qualify for name correction.

After a ticket is issued

The following changes/ corrections can be administered after the ticket is issued under the change passenger name Qatar Airways –

  • Ensure to get in touch with QR offices for assistance with name corrections, addition, modification, or deletion for infant-ticketed PNRs.
  • The legal certificate is required for legal changes in surname, middle name, title, or all of them once the ticket is issued.

How to request a name change with Qatar Airways?

Passengers can request name changes/ corrections with the Qatar Airways name correction policy via offline and online methods prescribed by Qatar Airways. Choose the method best suited to meet your needs and at your convenience.

Here are The top methods to request a Qatar Airways ticket name change discussed below.

How to request a name change via Qatar Airways Website?

You can connect with the airline over the official website for Qatar Airways change name on account, or modify, alter, and make the changes in the comfort of your home without the hassle of reaching the airport. Follow these given steps –

  • Head to the official website.
  • You will find the option “My Trips” on the main page.
  • Use the Qatar Manage Booking option and enter the “Booking reference number” and the “last name” of the passenger to retrieve booking details for Qatar Airways change passenger name.
    The authorized website of Qatar Airways is the source of this screenshot.
  • Select the flight on whose ticket you want to change the name.
  • Choose the Name change/Name correction option from the tab.
  • Make the necessary changes like first name, middle name, or last name.
  • Supplement the name change request by submitting the required legal documents and other travel documents.
  • Pay the applicable Qatar Airways name correction fee to complete the request.
  • The airline will process the request and send the confirmation via email/sms over the registered mail/phone number.

How to request a name change with Qatar Airways over the phone?

Use the “Help” section on the website to contact the airline staff for Qatar change name on ticket and other concerns like Qatar flight cancellation. Follow these steps –

  • Visit the official website and choose “Help” from the main menu.
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Choose “Name Correction” from the available choices and enter the “booking reference number” and “last name” to issue a name change via this option.
The screenshot is sourced from the official Qatar Airways website.
  • You can also request Qatar airways change ticket name over the phone. Scroll down to find the option “Get in touch from anywhere” to search phone numbers with respective locations.
  • The popular locations and the associated phone numbers are listed below-
LocationsPhone Numbers
United States of America+1 877 777 2827
United Arab Emirates+971 600521473
 The United Kingdom+44 330 912 7415
Canada+1 888 366 5666
South Africa+27 218311039
Russia+7 4951083497
Australia+61 283201015

How to connect with Qatar Airways over Social Media for Name Change?

Qatar Airways is well connected on social media platforms to address crucial concerns like Qatar unaccompanied minor policy, name change, name correction, etc. You may receive a response within 24 hours for the concerned issues.

Here are the social media platforms for the Qatar Airways name change –

Social Media PlatformSocial Media Profile Link/ URL

How to add the passenger’s name to the booking under different circumstances?

It is recommended to enter the full passenger names as they appear on the travel documents and avoid Qatar airways wrong name on ticket. Keep note that –

  • First and last name of the passenger must not exceed 50 characters including title and spaces.
  • The first and last name must only include alphabetical characters from A to Z.
  • Here is a rundown of the tips to add passenger names under different circumstances to change name on flight ticket Qatar Airways –
ConditionsProcedure for Change
No first nameYou can repeat the title in the black for the first name field.
Middle nameEnter the middle name in the name field below the first name.
No last nameEnter/ repeat the title in the first name field and enter the first name in the last name block.
The family name consists of one letterIn such a case, repeat the title in the first name field and enter the first and last names combined in the last name field.
The name is too longEnter as many characters as you can in the first name block and enter the initials of the last name. OR   Contact Trade Support for more guidance.
Name with special charactersOmit the special characters while entering the name. Example – Accents, Apostrophes, or Hyphens
Family name with two namesIf there are two segments within the family name, enter both of them instead of the family name/ last name.
The name includes a suffixEnter the first name, then enter the suffix with it.

Note – Check the official website for more details and examples of these provisions. You can also contact the airline for the same.

What is the Name change fee for Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows passengers to make the required name changes/corrections for a name change fee. In addition to that –

  • The name change fee is collected as an XP Tax on ticket reservations.
  • The passengers are liable to pay applicable fare differences and other service charges.
  • The Qatar Airways name change fee is 67 USD approximately.

Modifying the wrong or incorrect names on tickets is immensely important for secure travel. This is facilitated by the Qatar Airways name change policy. This policy is comprehensive and inclusive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Qatar allow name change for free?

The airline does not mention details for a free name change. Contact the airline for more details.

How much does it cost to change your name in Qatar?

It may cost up to 67 USD for a name change for legal name change/ name corrections on ticket PNR.

How to change name in Qatar Airways privilege club?

Contact the airline and issue a name change request by issuing a new PNR and canceling the earlier PNR for the Qatar Airways privilege club name change.

How to change passenger name on Qatar Airways?

To change the name with Qatar Airways, health to the official website or call over the phone for the required change.

Can I change passenger name Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can request legal name changes, and minor and major corrections on your PNR ticket.

Does your middle name need to be on Qatar Airways tickets?

No, middle names are not compulsory on the ticket. Qatar allows travelers to edit or omit their middle name from the ticket under Qatar airways middle name policy.

How to change name in Qatar Airways profile?

Head to “My trips” on the website, enter the booking reference and last name, then choose the flights and select “Name change”.

How to change your maiden name to Qatar after marriage?

Qatar Airways change name after marriage is possible by providing relevant certificates and documents and issuing changes over the phone or website.

What documents must be submitted to Qatar Airways for name change?

Some of the documents include a marriage certificate, divorce agreement, legal notice, and government documents like Passport and driver’s license.

What type of name corrections are applicable with Qatar Name change policy?

Passengers can correct up to three characters in total in the first and last name, correct inverted names/nicknames, and alter Prefixes.

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