Lufthansa Name Change Policy

In case you have made a mistake in your name like typos, spelling errors, added nicknames, etc. during the reservation booking, Lufthansa airlines name change policy is specifically designed to streamline this process.

It offers features like risk free name change, legal name changes, or name corrections for passengers’ convenience without the need to book a new reservation. Here is an in-depth guide on Lufthansa name change.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Lufthansa Name Change Policy?

Lufthansa airlines name change policy allows passengers to make amendments if they follow the guidelines and rules stated by the airline. The terms and conditions for the name change are as follows –

  • Holders of the tickets purchased officially through this carrier will be eligible for any kind of alterations, including name changes and corrections.
  • Lufthansa Airlines does not entertain name change requests on the day of travel/ flight departure.
  • The airline permits one name change per person.
  • The ticket is not transferable. Thus, the passenger cannot give his/ her ticket to another person.
  • All tickets except non-refundable fare type and promo fares are liable for a name change.
  • Passengers enjoy a 24-hour risk-free period, i.e. they can apply for a free name change within 24 hours of booking a reservation.
  • The entirely unused tickets are admissible for a name change request.
  • Passengers are allowed to choose whether to travel with the wrong/ misspelled name on the PNR or request a new ticket.
  • Change passenger name Lufthansa guidelines must carry SSR Doc (Special Service Request) if they wish to travel on the originally issued ticket.
  • Only changes covered under the name change policy are allowed, no other errors are handled by Lufthansa.

What are the Guidelines for Group Bookings Name Change Requests?

Lufthansa name change policy differs for group bookings and the guidelines are as follows –

  • For group bookings, Lufthansa name change requests are allowed before the ticket/ PNR is issued by the airline.
  • Name changes to post ticket confirmation and PNR allotment are liable for a name change fee. Exceptions include legal changes due to marriage, or divorce.
  • No name change fee applies before the ticket PNR is issued.

What documents do I need to claim the Lufthansa Airlines name change?

Here are the documents required to request a name change, especially in instances of name change requests due to marriage, divorce, or adoption-

  • Government-issued documents like Voter Credentials, Passport
  • Legal documents like marriage certificates, Divorce agreements/Certificates, and other travel documents
  • Passport and VISA
  • Name change request fee receipt

Note – It is recommended to connect with the airline representative for other specific documents based on the name change request.

You can issue legal name change requests under the given instances –

  • Legal changes are permitted in cases of adoption, Lufthansa name change marriage request, legal notice, divorce, issue of new passport, gender change, legal government proceedings, etc.
  • Ensure that the legal proceedings/ update happens before the commencement of the journey.
  • Submit necessary proof for name change like a marriage certificate divorce certificate, or decree absolute.
  • Lufthansa Group agency support processes the request and completes the required name change.

What changes are applicable for a misspelled name?

Following Lufthansa name correction on ticket requests are available once per passenger –

  • Correction up to two letters in first, middle, or last name.
  • Correction in cases of inverted names, names in the wrong sequence, or nicknames.

Note – For tickets sold in Brazil and India, contact the Lufthansa group Agency support for name change/ correction requests.

What are the name changes/corrections not permitted under Lufthansa Airlines?

The following name corrections are not applicable under the Lufthansa name change on ticket policy.

  • Corrections of more than two letters in first, middle, or last name. Exceptions include – Nicknames, legal changes, and Inverted names
  • Adding or removing middle names and second family names.
  • Adding/ deleting/ removing/ modifying Titles like Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, Prof. in case of an error.

How to request a name change over the website?

Passengers can connect with Lufthansa Airlines over the website for name change requests as described below –

  • Head to the official website and click “My Bookings” from the available tabs.
  • Enter the details like the “Booking code” and the “last name” of the passenger.
  • Click on “Find Bookings” to access the booked flights. Check Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking for more information.
Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking Section
The screenshot is sourced from the official Lufthansa Airlines website.
  • You will now be redirected to a page to view your reservations. Select your flight and retrieve your booking.
  • Now, you may utilize the “Lufthansa Ticket Name Change” option to edit your name. Name corrections and other modifications of personal information can also be done here.
  • Complete Lufthansa change name on booking requirements like providing required travel documents and supportive documents for legal changes or name corrections.
  • Continue by tapping on the “Save Changes” button.
  • To confirm the new ticket with the correct name, you might have to pay the Lufthansa name change fee.
  • The airline may charge additional charges like fare differences and service charges.
  • Once the airline processes the request, passengers will receive the updated PNR on the registered email or phone number.

Note: For further assistance, you can use the instructions provided by the airline’s site during this process.

How to request a name change at the airport counter?

Another way to connect with the airline to request a Lufthansa passenger name change is to reach out to the airline representative at the airport counter. Follow the steps as follows –

  • Reach the airport timely to reach out for assistance at the airport.
  • Interact with the staff and request Lufthansa change name on ticket.
  • Share the necessary details like the booking reference ID, ticket number, and flight name.
  • Once the representative finds the booking, share the errors in the name like spelling, or request a legal name change.
  • Provide a valid reason for name change like marriage and divorce.
  • Provide the legal documents and travel documents to issue Lufthansa change ticket name request.
  • Pay the applicable Lufthansa airline name change fee with fare differences.

How to connect with Lufthansa Airlines for a name change over the phone?

Passengers can connect with the airline over the phone for name changes or Lufthansa name correction on ticket requests.

  • Keep information like the booking reference number and the ticket confirmation numbers handy while speaking with the customer agent.
  • The airline agent can assist the passengers with other issues as well like Lufthansa airline unaccompanied minor policy, flight confirmation, cancellation, etc.
  • You can connect with the airline representative on the number given below to address the concern.
Lufthansa Helpline Number
1800 102 5838

Does Lufthansa Airlines offer a Live chat facility for name changes?

Passengers can also contact the airline via Live Chat for name change requests. It is also useful for issues requests like Lufthansa flight cancellations. Follow the steps given below –

  • Visit the official website and click on “Menu”.
  • Click on “Help Contact”. The chat box will automatically open or you will find the “Live chat” icon on the bottom right.
Lufthansa Airlines Live Chat
The authorized website of Lufthansa Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • Type “Name Change” and provide the ticket “reservation code” and “booking reference number”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the correct name to the airline.
  • Submit the name with other details. Pay the Lufthansa flight name change fee and the applicable fare differences, if applicable.
  • You will receive a confirmation over email or SMS once the airline completes the name change request.

How to connect with Lufthansa Airlines over social media platforms?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter enhance the user experience and offer a more engaging manner to connect with the airline staff and share issues like Lufthansa airline manage booking, pet policy, etc.

Here are the social media platforms where you can connect with Lufthansa –

Social Media PlatformsLinks

What is the Lufthansa Name Change Fee?

Passengers can request a name change or correction under the Lufthansa name change policy for a Lufthansa name change fee. Keep note that –

  • Passengers can re-book a new flight within 24 hours of booking the flight with the correct name and other details.
  • The Lufthansa name change fee depends on the route, destination, and the type of booking chosen by the passenger.
  • A name change fee is available on all flights handled by the airline under OS/SN/LH/LX/4Y/WK/EN flights.

Here are the Lufthansa name change charges for passengers’ bookings –

Type of BookingLufthansa Name Change Fee
Individual Bookings25 USD – 200 USD
Group Bookings110 USD approx.

The Lufthansa ticket name change policy makes it easy and effective to change names or correct spelling errors hassle-free. You can use the exclusive facilities, affordable name change fee, user-friendly interface, and wide online platform support to receive assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the name on a Lufthansa flight?

You can change names or apply for name corrections conveniently before the ticket/ PNR is issued.

How to change the name on the airline ticket Lufthansa?

You can connect with the airline over the phone, on the website in the My Bookings section, and at the airport counter.

Is there any cost for the name change on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa allows passengers to change names for free before the ticket is issued. In other cases, the airline may charge 25 USD to 200 USD.

Is a legal document required for a name change on a Lufthansa ticket?

Legal documents like a marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce agreement, and decree absolute are compulsory for legal name change requests with other travel documents.

How long does it take to process a name change on a Lufthansa ticket?

It may take up to 24 hours based on the type of name corrections/ corrections requested by the passengers.

Are there any restrictions on changing the name on a Lufthansa ticket?

Yes, full name changes, corrections of more than 2 characters in the first, middle, or last name, or adding/ removing the middle is not permitted.

Is there an additional fee over the name change fee?

Airlines may charge a name change fee with fare differences and service charges, if applicable under the fare type and cabin class of the passenger.

Are there any restrictions on the type or length of names that can be changed?

Lufthansa does not entertain corrections of more than 2 characters in the name, however, any restriction on the length of the name is not mentioned by the airline.

Can I change my name if I purchased my ticket from a third-party website?

It is recommended to contact the travel agent. Third-party website for name correction in such a case. You can also contact the airline over the phone.

Does Lufthansa require middle name on ticket?

A Lufthansa middle name on a ticket is not compulsory on the ticket if the first and last name is mentioned clearly and accurately on the ticket.

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George Jaworski
George Jaworski
2 years ago

Because of this airline’s stability, it has always been a pleasure to travel. But this time my kid’s name was not correct on the ticket. I had made it correct through the official site. By doing the online measures, I had to pay a Lufthansa ticket name change fee for my child. Charging a fee for kids doesn’t seem so right to me. At least they should be given a free benefit.

Christopher C. Brumfield
Christopher C. Brumfield
2 years ago

The airline has made a policy for the name change. But it was not clear whether it was effective or not. Then, in 2021 in Chicago, my brother had booked a ticket in a hurry. the name on the ticket was incorrect. At that time, he took advantage of Lufthansa airlines name change policy and was able to make the changes. There were some limitations though like limited characters only.

Martin Luther
Martin Luther
2 years ago

As my middle name was wrongly typed. Had to change the lufthansa middle name on ticket. While correcting online the site was asking for so many documents related to the flight. steps were hectic to follow. Still, completed all the measures and submitted the documents. didn’t get any confirmation regarding the changed middle name. I had sent many e-mails to the lufthansa. 

Brumfield Martin
Brumfield Martin
1 year ago

No idea whether the Lufthansa wrong name on ticket will be corrected or not. Later I tried calling the customer care department. But no one was responding. I called the airline on the day of the festival. I think for that reason the airline was not picking up my call but isn’t it 24*7?. 

Dock Haley
Dock Haley
1 year ago

For some reason, my name and my date of birth were incorrect on the plane ticket I had to use the Lufthansa name correction on ticket feature. I corrected my name. But please tell me how to correct my date of birth on the ticket? And will the airline fix the birthdate or not?? Mistakelny added the wrong year.