Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Many travelers tend to change their flights after their initial booking. This can be due to various reasons. These can be due to sudden emergencies at home. Or, due to business meetings, one has to make certain flight modifications. To facilitate such changes, Lufthansa Airlines has given a specific flight change policy.

This Lufthansa flight change policy enables travelers to perform different kinds of changes to their tickets. Hence, it is beneficial to have a clear idea about this policy. This can help you to plan your travel efficiently. 

Terms Of The Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

When you are flying with this airline, you will have to obey the conditions given by the officials. These rules relate to your flight changes and date modifications. You will only be permitted to make alterations to your ticket on the condition that you adhere to these terms set by the carrier. 

Moreover, you can avoid the hassle by following these rules and regulations. Given below are the main Lufthansa flight change rules: 

  • The tickets booked with this carrier without the involvement of third parties will be eligible for direct changes. Otherwise, you will be required to consult your travel agent to make flight amendments. 
  • You can make the date and time changes to your reserved flight only. This will be considered as rescheduling your flight. 
  • Name changes to your tickets can be made only in case of errors made in spelling or last names. The detailed information regarding name change is given under the Lufthansa name change policy
  • Changes in your flight can only be permitted before checking in at the airport. 
  • Transferring tickets to another passenger is subject to limitations set by the carrier. Therefore, you will only be allowed to change the reservation under your name only. Hence, your ticket cannot be transferred to any other passenger on this operator.
  • Passengers will have to pay a certain fee for accessing the Lufthansa change flight feature. This fee depends on the time you made the request. 
  • Modifications can also be made to Award tickets and reservations booked with Miles. The fees charged for these tickets can be different. 
  • Changing a flight on the exact day of its departure comes under same-day changes. The eligibility for same-day changes can differ based on your fare. 

Note: For more doubts regarding the Lufthansa change flight policy, you can visit the official site of the carrier. You can directly connect with the airline agents as well through the toll-free number given on the site. 

24 Hours Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

This airline has a specific 24-hour policy made for easy flight changes done by the visitors. According to this policy, passengers can change their flights within 24 hours of booking the reservation. These 24-hour changes can only be made on flights whose departure is at least a week later from the date of the change.

You will not be required to pay any Lufthansa flight change fee when you make modifications within this given time frame. However, payment for the fare difference will have to be paid by the passenger. 

The 24 hours is generally known as the risk-free period. During this period, passengers can make any kind of changes to their flights without incurring any fees. Further, you can also cancel your flights without having to pay additional charges to the air company.

Hence, you can use the risk-free period to your benefit and make the necessary alterations for free. 

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change Policy

Same-day changes refer to the modifications that are made on the exact day of the flight’s departure. The Lufthansa same day change policy comes in handy when you need to make any last-minute modifications. It is especially convenient in case of alterations resulting from emergencies. 

The following conditions apply if you wish to modify your flight on the same day as its take-off: 

  • Same-day amendments should be made at least an hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. Anything later than this, you will have to either cancel your reservation or follow the no-show policy. 
  • In case you want to change to a different flight, its itinerary and arrival destination should remain the same as the original flight. 
  • Modifications on the same day will not be allowed when you have already completed the check-in procedure. This included both online and offline check-ins. 
  • Same day flight change fee Lufthansa will have to be paid by the flier. This fee mostly includes the fare difference. You will be informed of the exact charges when you request an amendment. 
  • The option to modify your flight on the same day of the departure may not be available in case of long-haul reservations that include connecting flights. You can check your eligibility by connecting with the airline directly. 
  • You can access this option online or by contacting the customer care service. 

Tip: In case of any changes at the last minute, it is best to call the airline authorities rather than using the Lufthansa change reservation online option. A direct call to the airline will help you to process your request faster and more efficiently. 

How To Change Lufthansa Flight Date?

There are different methods by which you can change the flight’s date, time, or destination under the Lufthansa change flight policy. These methods can be categorized as conventional and modern. Nevertheless, all of these options operate with the same efficiency and are also equally easy to use by the flyers. 

The different ways to modify your reservation under the are as follows: 

  • The first method is the change Lufthansa flight online option. 
  • The second method is the offline option which includes calling the customer care center. 

The online option is regarded as the modern method which is more suitable for tech-savvy users. The offline option, known as the traditional method, suits the passengers who are not fully accustomed to using the internet. Therefore, this airline has given different options that cater to the different needs of the passengers. 

Method 1: Lufthansa Change Flight Date Online

When you want to make a change to Lufthansa flight online, you can do so for both short and long-haul destinations. It is convenient to use by the passengers and enables them to process their changes quickly. Hence, it is time-efficient as well. Under this feature, you will have to visit the official site of the carrier and navigate to the “My Bookings” section. 

The step-by-step process of using the Lufthansa flight change online feature is as given below: 

  • Open your browser and go to the official site of the carrier. For this, you have to visit lufthansa official website.
  • On the homepage of this site, you will find four tabs. Among these, you will have to select the “My Bookings” option. 
  • In the drop-down box, enter your “Booking Code”, “First Name” and “Last Name”.
  • You can then submit these details by clicking on the “Find Bookings” button highlighted in yellow. 
  • Your bookings will now be retrieved. Select the flight to which you wish to make changes. 
  • Follow the instructions as appeared on screen and use the Lufthansa change flight option to make modifications to your flight. 
  • Pay the required change fee, if necessary. 
  • You will be getting a confirmation mail to your registered address. Later, you can print your new boarding pass with the new reservation details. 

Note: Changes to all kinds of ticket fares can be made using the change Lufthansa flight online option. Along with modifications, flight cancellations and claims for compensation can be filed online as well. 

Method 2: Offline Lufthansa Change Flight

Some passengers may find it difficult to grasp how to change flight Lufthansa online. In such cases, the offline change feature becomes a viable option. You can simply request a reservation modification by reaching out to the airline’s agents.

  • For this, make a phone call to the given number: 1800 102 5838.

This is the general toll-free Lufthansa change flight phone number of the airline. However, when you wish to find the number that is specific to your region or purpose, you can follow the given steps: 

  • Visit the main website of this operator through the link mentioned above. 
  • Scroll down to the utmost bottom of the homepage. 
  • Here, you need to find the “Customer Services” section. Select the “Help and Contact” option from the list of options given. 
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will find the “Contact Options” heading at the bottom of the page. 
  • Now select the topic for which you wish to contact the airline. Enter the country or region from where you are making a call. 
  • You will now find the contact number specific to your location on the website. You may call this number and request a Lufthansa change flight. 

Upon successfully connecting with the agents, just follow the below-given points: 

  • Inform the customer service agents that you wish to change your reservation. Let them know the reason for this request as well. 
  • You will be asked to give the details of the flight you want to modify. These can consist of the booking number and the ticket code. 
  • Submit your personal information as well like your full name and phone number. 
  • Then, mention to the air representative the changes you want to make whether in the destination or date and time. 
  • When the necessary alterations are made to your booking, you will be required to pay the Lufthansa price to change flight. 
  • At last, you can go over your changes in the confirmation mail you receive. 

Note: Only this offline option of flight change will be available for travel agency bookings. The travel agent should call the airline to make this request. 

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Lufthansa Flight?

When you make changes to your reserved tickets, you will be obliged to pay a fee. This fee can vary depending on the time of your request and the nature of the change. In case you make modifications within the first 24 hours of booking, you can avoid the Lufthansa change fee. 

Travelers who go over this limit will be subject to additional charges as mentioned below.

  • Usually, there will be no fee charged for changes on domestic flights. You can modify your class of service to Premium or Economy fares for free. 
  • The Lufthansa international flight change fee will be nil for First, Business, and Premium fares. About USD 60 can be charged for modifications to the other fares. 
  • To change international destinations, your fee can range anywhere between USD 200 and USD 700. 
  • If you want to change your flight on the exact day as its take-off, payment of the same-day change fee is necessary. This fee usually ranges between USD 75 and USD 150. You will know the exact amount upon contacting the airline. 
  • The charges for Award Tickets vary based on this flight change policy. The charges may depend on the type of your ticket and the points you own. The average same-day change fee for Award fares is USD 150. 

Note: As per the Lufthansa flight change policy, modifications requested at the very last moment might cost higher than the requests made in advance.

Lufthansa Change Fee Waiver Policy

Fee waivers refer to the circumstances in which you will be free from the payment of the flight change fee. Passengers who have to change their flights due to medical reasons can be exempted from the payment of the Lufthansa change fee. Similarly, you can make your changes for free during emergencies. 

The following are some of the other situations when your fee will be waived: 

  • Fliers can make ticket changes for free on those reservations which are originally made with Business or First Class. 
  • The fee waiver under the Lufthansa flight change policy applies to the passengers who have Air Pass tickets. 
  • Award ticket holders on the First and Business Classes can make alterations for free. 
  • The change fee can be waived when you are a member of the frequent flier program of this carrier, Miles and More. 
  • There might be some fee discounts and waivers for the active members of the US military. When flight changes become necessary due to the orders of the military, you can avoid the change fee. 
  • Making your alterations well in advance of the flight’s departure can also save you some amount, especially on changes made during the risk-free period. 

Note: The Lufthansa change fee waiver rules can get updated from time to time. You can refer to the online site of this operator for knowing recent information. 

Latest Updates on the Lufthansa Date Change Policy

The date change policy of this airline has recently been updated. The flight rebooking and change options have been extended. These updates facilitate more flexibility for the passengers in terms of flight date and time change. 

These main upgrades under the Lufthansa flight change policy are as follows: 

  • You will be allowed to change the date on your ticket without any fee on the condition that the departure and the arrival destinations remain the same. 
  • Lufthansa change flight date cost can be minimal when you make your request a few days prior to the flight’s departure. 
  • The regular fares will apply to all the reservations made after June 1, 2022. The benefits given under the Corona waiver will expire from this date. 
  • Date changes to your tickets can be made on the same day of the departure. The charges for such changes can vary. 

The airline’s official site can be referred for other changes/upgrades in this policy. 

In Closing, 

The Lufthansa flight change policy takes the different needs of the travelers into account. It is quite efficient in its operation. This policy facilitates same-day modifications as well. Further, it is easily accessible due to the various options available.

Flight changes on this airline are cost-efficient as well due to its minimal charges. Therefore, you can use this policy at your own convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my reserved flight on Lufthansa Airlines?

The Lufthansa change flight feature allows passengers to modify their reservations. Passengers can modify their flight date and time with this policy. Arrival and departure destinations can also be changed. Similarly, alterations to the name on your ticket can also be made on your reserved flights.

Should I pay any charges to change my Lufthansa flight?

No, you will not have to pay any extra charges for making minor modifications to your flight. In case you wish to change the arrival or the departure destinations, you may be required to pay a certain fee. The Lufthansa price to change flight also depends on your time of request and your flight itinerary.

Can I change my return flight date with Lufthansa?

Yes, this airline permits its customers to make changes in the flight dates. You can modify your return flight date by contacting the airline directly. For this, dial the customer service number of the airline at +1800 102 5838 and submit your flight details. Make your request accordingly. Your return flight date will then be changed.

Can you change Lufthansa flights online?

Yes, as a customer with Lufthansa, you can change your flights online. However, this feature will be available for reservations made directly with the airline. In case you have gone through a travel agent to make your booking, you will be required to contact the agent for making any kind of flight modifications.

What is the Lufthansa flight change fee for domestic flights?

Usually, domestic flight passengers can make their changes without paying any flight change fee Lufthansa. Only when you use the offline method, you can be charged with a service fee. However, last-minute changes also can cost you a certain fee. You can contact the airline to know the exact amount of these charges.

How to change flight Lufthansa online?

For online flight changes on Lufthansa Airlines, you will be needed to open the website of the carrier. Go to the “My Bookings” option given on the homepage. Enter all the necessary details here like the passenger’s first and last name. Retrieve your booking and follow the on-screen directions to change your flight.

What are the methods to change Lufthansa flight date?

You can use the offline or the online method to change your flight date. For the former, call the airline and inform the agents about your request. For the Lufthansa change flight date online option, go to the “My Bookings” section on the website and make the necessary modifications to your booking.

How much does it cost to change Lufthansa flight reservation online?

You can change your Business and First Class tickets for free online. On international flights, a fee of about USD 60 can be charged. Your cost will vary as per your flight itinerary and the class of service. However, for online changes, you will be free from paying service charges.

What happens if Lufthansa changed my flight?

The airline will make sure to inform you in advance in case it changes your flight. If you are unable to adhere to the new schedule, you can cancel your reservation. You can also claim a full refund under such circumstances. Otherwise, you can call the airline to ask for some other arrangement that suits your schedule.

How to change Lufthansa flight date offline?

You may connect with the agents by dialing the number 1800 102 5838. When your call goes through, lay out your reason for calling. You will be asked to submit a few details like your name and address. Select the flight which you want to change and submit its details as well. Pay the necessary change fee as asked by the carrier.

What is the Lufthansa ticket change fee from USA?

For flights in and out of the USA, the fee for flight modification depends on the nature of your change. In case of simple alterations like time or name changes, you may be charged little to no amount. However, when you want to change your international destination, the Lufthansa flight change fee can be between USD 200 and 700.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight booked through travel agents?

Yes, reservations made via travel agencies will also be eligible for flight changes. However, they can only be modified offline since the Lufthansa flight change online option is not available on these bookings. Your travel agent will have to call the airline directly and make the necessary request.

What is the Lufthansa change flight phone number?

The general toll-free number of this airline is 1800 102 5838. You can find the specific number assigned to your region by visiting the “Help and Contact” section on the carrier’s website. The agents will inform you how to change your flight and the exact amount of Lufthansa change flight date cost.

Is Lufthansa waiving change fee?

You can avoid paying the Lufthansa change flight penalty by utilizing the fee waiver option of this carrier. Your fee will be waived when you modify your flight within 24 hours of booking. Passengers with Air Pass tickets can also be exempted from this fee. First and Business class ticket holders can make their changes for free as well.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight for free?

You can change your flight for free during the risk-free period. This period refers to the first 24 hours of your booking time. All modifications made during this time will be allowed without charges. Hence, you will be free from the payment of the Lufthansa penalty for date change during this time.

What is the Lufthansa flight change policy?

All the changes to your flight on this airline should be made according to this policy. It gives the various rules and regulations regarding flight modifications. This policy also explains how to change your flight, how much does it cost to change a Lufthansa flight, and what are the different methods available.

How much does Lufthansa charge to change a flight on Business class fares?

In most cases, changes to your Business class tickets can be made for free. The same policy applies to First class tickets. Passengers of both domestic and international flights can enjoy this feature. Further, Award ticket holders can be eligible for free flight changes as well.

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