Lufthansa Baggage Policy

Lufthansa’s baggage policy is rather rigorous and states that you can only bring one large bag and one smaller personal item on board. They claim that your primary luggage must fit in the sizer and be able to fit conveniently in the overhead bin.

Here is all the information you need to know before traveling with Lufthansa Airlines regarding luggage size, dimensions, overweight baggage policies, and more.

What is the Carry on Baggage Allowance with Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa baggage allowance allows its passengers in first and business classes with two carry-ons. All carry-on bags must meet the following specifications and fit in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you:

  • Passengers in economy class and premium economy are allowed one carry-on.
  • Small cats and dogs can be carried on board under Lufthansa pet travel service.
  • Outside clothing and assistive equipment are not considered personal possessions.
  • The maximum size allowed for carry-on luggage is 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (length x width x height).
  • Lufthansa baggage weight allowed for carry-on luggage is 8 kg (18 lb) at maximum.
Economy Class1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kilograms
Premium Economy Class1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kilograms
Business Class2 pieces of carry-on luggage, each weighing up to 8 kilograms
First Class2 pieces of carry-on luggage, each weighing up to 8 kilograms

What Additional Items can be Taken Into Cabin Free of Cost?

These additional items are allowed for free while traveling, under Lufthansa baggage policy as they might be necessary to carry:

  • Additional little pieces of luggage, not to exceed x=30 cm, y=40 cm, z=10 cm, such as a purse or laptop bag.
  • A​​ child seat, a folding pushchair, or a baby carry cot, per child.
  • Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and other orthopedic devices.

What is the Checked Baggage Allowance for Lufthansa Flights?

Lufthansa checked baggage size allowance on all international flights is mentioned below:

Economy Class1 bag up to 23 kg
Premium Economy Class2 bags up to 23 kg
Business Class2 bags up to 32 kg
First Class3 bags up to 32 kg

What Items are Not to be Carried in Checked Baggage?

The following goods are restricted under Lufthansa baggage policy for safety reasons:

Caustic materials, such as acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries
Containers with gas, for example, irritant gasses, self-defense sprays
Containers with flammable liquids, such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleaning agents
Petrol-operated equipment and tools that already contain minimal amounts of petrol (e.g. for test purposes)
Camping stoves, gas cylinders, filled scuba tanks
Explosives, fireworks, flares
Electroshock weapons, e.g. stun guns (tasers)
Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances, such as mercury, bacteria and virus cultures
Heat-generating objects
Oxygen generators, liquid oxygen
Materials that are easily ignited, such as strike-anywhere matches
Battery-powered means of transportation (e.g. e-scooters, hoverboards, mini-Segways, Solowheels, electric bicycles).
Oxidising substances, such as bleaching powder and peroxides
Substances that emit flammable gases upon contact with water
Security bags or briefcases with lithium batteries or pyrotechnic devices
Radioactive materials and items
Strongly magnetic materials
Dry ice in excess of 2.5 kg

NOTE: This restriction does not apply to wheelchairs or other mobility aids powered by lithium batteries plus these are restricted in the cabin as well.

What Baggage Comes Under Excess Baggage Category?

There are specific rules and conditions that need to be followed in regard to Lufthansa baggage size. Your baggage comes in the ’excess baggage’ category when:

Economy and Premium Economy ClassMore than 23 kg (up to a maximum of 32 kg)More than 158 cm and maximum of 292 cm (L+B+H)Yes
Business and First Class 158 cm and up to 292 cm (L+B+H)Yes

What are the Excess baggage Carry-on Regulations?

These are the regulations that must be followed if you have excess baggage:

  • You are allowed to carry extra baggage with you by paying a certain amount.
  • Before checking your luggage at the airport, make sure it is labeled with your name and a cell phone number on both the inside and the exterior.
  • At the Lufthansa flight check-in desk, you can get complimentary bag tags and/or stickers for your checked baggage goods.
  • More than 32 kg of luggage will not be allowed as carry-on items.
  • They are transportable by air freight.

What are the Conditions for Sports baggage and Special Baggage?

On Lufthansa flights, it is simple to bring your sporting goods. Any additional sports luggage beyond the free baggage allowance will be charged a fixed fee according to Lufthansa baggage policy.

Only a little amount of storage space is offered for sporting goods. In consideration of this, it is advised to register your desired sporting goods as soon as feasible.

You can register via:

  • Your travel agency
  • Through their website

Things to keep in mind while registering:

  • Only 24 hours before departure you can register.
  • When making a reservation, please be sure to provide your booking code.
  • If you need to make a flat rate payment, kindly do so at the Lufthansa Service desk in the airport.
  • Sports equipment can be included in your free baggage allowance if the quantity and weight do not exceed the limits for your travel class. (The Economy Light fare is an exception to this rule.)

What are the Rules for the Chargeable Sports Equipment?

Lufthansa baggage policy allows passengers to carry sports equipment under certain conditions like:

  • Lufthansa baggage weight of sports equipment that weighs more than 32 kg cannot be checked as luggage.
  • If it measures more than 315 cm then you cannot check it in as well.
  • These items can, however, be sent through air freight.
  • If your sports equipment weighs more than the permitted weight for free baggage in the applicable travel class, but not more than 32 kg, you will be charged the flat rates for sports equipment.

If the rules for sports equipment listed below do not apply to your sports equipment, you will be charged a flat rate for the carriage of your luggage.


  • Fishing Equipment
  • 1 item of luggage and a fishing rod
  • 1 bag with fishing equipment
  • 2 pieces of luggage maximum
  • Measuring 200 cm in height, breadth, and depth, including packing
  • Driving Gear
  • One piece of luggage has one empty oxygen cylinder.
  • 1 piece of luggage that includes 1 wetsuit, 1 BCD jacket, 1 regulator, 1 lantern, 1 pair of diving goggles, 1 snorkel, 1 set of fins, and (Dangerous Goods Regulations)
  • A maximum of 2 pieces of luggage.
  • Dimensions: 200 cm (height plus breadth plus depth).
  • Short Boards
  • 1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed.
  • Size: 200 cm (length alone)
  • Long Boards
  • 1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed
  • Size: 315 cm (length alone)
  • Cycling
  • 1 ordinary bicycle (no e-bikes or motorized bicycles)
  • 1 kid trailer for bicycles
  • One bicycle
  • 1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed.
  • Dimensions: 280 cm in height, breadth, and depth
  • Tandem
  • One tandem (non-motorized/no e-bike), no more than two seats.
  • 1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed.
  • 350 cm is the total size (height, breadth, and depth).
  • 315 cm is the length of the item.
  • Golfing Equipment
  • 1 golf bag with a set of clubs, balls, and tees
  • shoes for golf, one pair
  •  1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed.
  • Dimensions: 220 cm in height, breadth, and depth
  • Ice Hockey Equipment
  • 1 bag for hockey
  • 1 stick of hockey
  • 1 set of skates
  • 1 set of body armor
  • 1 headgear
  • A Maximum number of bags: 2, maximum size: 200 cm in height, breadth, and depth
  • Winter Sports Equipment
  • 1 piece of luggage and either a snowboard OR a pair of skis
  • 1 piece of luggage with 1 set of ski poles and 1 set of snowboard OR ski boots
  • 1 headgear
  • A maximum of 2 pieces of luggage.
  • Size: 200 cm (length alone)
  • Hand-Glider
  • One piece of luggage contains one set of hang-gliding gear.
  • 1 piece of luggage is the maximum allowed.
  • 350 cm is the total size (height, breadth, and depth).
  • 315 cm is the length of the item.

What are the Compensation Rights for Passengers for Delayed or Damaged Baggage?

Passengers who have faced this issue must keep these pointers in mind so that they do not suffer further:

  • Passengers must disclose damage within 21 days after the delay in order to get reimbursement.
  • After 21 days, submit a compensation claim.
  • To receive reimbursement, keep the payment documentation connected to the last-minute purchase.
  • In most cases, Lufthansa airlines will pay out about USD 1,500 to passengers as compensation for their delayed or missing baggage.

NOTE: Compensation is shared only when damage is recorded and the compensation claim is made within the allotted period as suggested in Lufthansa baggage policy.

What to do in case of Delayed baggage?

You can see from the information provided below on how to file a claim for Lufthansa delayed baggage.

  • Then you’ll be taken to the New Page, where you can select the “Problems with Your Baggage” option.
  • You may now choose “Report Delayed Baggage.”
  • The form appears in front of you once you touch the selection.
  • You must provide your booking reference number and last name in this form.
  • Click the “Submit” button when you have accurately entered the information.
  • The management of the airline receives the form at the end and will try its best to help you.

If you have a vacation planned soon and haven’t yet made travel arrangements, think about using Lufthansa Airlines. Not only are the flights inexpensive, but you’ll also be happy with their baggage policy if you know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lufthansa allow 2 checked bags?

Yes, For Premium Economy Class it is 2 bags up to 23 kg (50 lb) each and 2 bags up to 32 kg (70 lb) each for Business Class.

Does the handbag count as hand luggage Lufthansa?

No, it can be carried as a complimentary with one hand luggage.

Is Lufthansa very strict with baggage?

Yes, the 158 cm check-in baggage dimension limit is strictly enforced by Lufthansa. They won’t accept any bags that are bigger than the allowed size.

Is a backpack considered a personal item on Lufthansa?

As long as a bag doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions of 11.8 x 15.7 x 3.9 inches, Lufthansa will accept it as a personal item.

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