Lufthansa Flight Delay Compensation Policy

All flight disruptions are actively sought after by this airline. Therefore, the Lufthansa flight delay compensation policy takes care of the requirements of the impacted passengers. It makes an effort to lessen their discomfort through simple terms, reimbursements, and refunds.

What are the Regulations for Lufthansa Delayed Flights?

This policy includes the following regulations to reduce the chaos caused by any disruption:

  • It provides travelers with timely updates.
  • Passengers are booked on the following available flight, as appropriate.
  • They can expect contingency support such as meals and medical aid.
  • A refund request for delay is accepted in certain circumstances.

For Connecting Flights

On Lufthansa, flight delays causing missed connection trips can be compensated.

  • The policy will be subject to EU Regulation 261/2004 (Article 7).
  • Through a form, you can request reimbursements.

Is there a Tarmac Delay Plan on Lufthansa?

Under the Lufthansa flight delay compensation, an emergency plan offers coverage for disruptions that are caused on the tarmac. The terms of the tarmac delay plan are:

  • It covers international flights’ departure/arrival from U.S. airports experiencing runway delays.
  • This is put into effect for a “Lufthansa” operated plan with 30 or more seats.
  • Planes operated by this airline can only remain on the runway for up to 4/four hours.
  • After that, passengers are asked to disembark.
  • This crisis management strategy for tarmac disruptions is discussed with:
    • The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
    • Airport regulatory staff
    • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
    • Terminal operators

Note: The contingency plan for a delayed flight on the runway can change without notice.

Facilities Outlined by the Contingency Plan

Several facilities are lined up under this emergency plan to serve the affected fliers better.

  • Delay specifics are released after 30 minutes following the original schedule.
  • After that every 30 minutes, information on disembarking the plane is provided.
  • Two hours following the flight’s disruption, food and water are offered.
  • This type of refreshment service is prohibited in the event of:
    • Security-related threats,
    • Safety concerns,
    • Or, the judgment of the pilot-in-command
  • Other facilities that are available for tarmac delays are:
    • Required health care services
    • Operational restrooms

What if Lufthansa Baggage is Delayed?

For Lufthansa delayed baggage, the affected passenger must keep the following things in mind:

  • Head to the designated baggage counter to report the disruption.
  • You will be provided the PIR (reference number) on the registered email ID.
  • In case you didn’t file the report at the airport, do it online at the earliest.
  • The following documents must be securely retained:
    • PIR
    • Luggage tag
    • Boarding pass
  • Delayed bags can be reported online via the website of this air operator.
  • The Lufthansa baggage policy can help you learn other terms.

Is there a Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Compensation Policy?

In accordance with the “Montreal Convention”, this carrier is liable to offer Lufthansa delayed baggage compensation. Under this policy, passengers even have the right to request reimbursement for purchases made as a result of their bags being late.

Compensation Offered

The “Montreal Convention” governs the compensation liability of this operator for bags arriving late. Under this:

  • Special Drawing Rights” are used to calculate compensation amounts.
  • Currently, the highest obligation value is 1,288 SDRs, which is approximately €1,500.
  • This value is subject to variation.

Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Refund

As a part of reimbursement, when the luggage arrives late at the destination, travelers can do the following:

  • They can buy alternative essentials such as:
    • Clothes
    • Swimwear
    • Undergarments
    • Toiletries
  • Maintain the receipts in order to get Lufthansa delayed baggage reimbursement.
  • The highest reimbursement amount for replacement products is around € 1,500.
  • For any new products, the original cost will be refunded after verifying the details.
  • In the event of used items, a reasonable price will be paid.

Reimbursement Limitations

Travelers must limit their costs to a minimum when there is temporary luggage disruption. If the baggage is late on the return trip, then the expenses for substitute items will not be paid.

How to Make the Lufthansa Baggage Delay Compensation Claim?

The steps for submitting the delayed baggage compensation claim are as follows:

  • Visit the operator’s website.
  • Navigate to the end of the page.
  • Locate the “Customer Services” section.

The screenshot is sourced from the official Lufthansa website.

  • Tap on “Feedback”.
  • Next, use “Refund of Expenses in the Event of a Baggage Irregularity”.

This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Lufthansa.

  • On the Lufthansa delayed baggage claim compensation form, enter “PIR Number”.
  • Mark the relevant option under “Which Baggage Irregularity Occurred?”.
  • Select “For Whom Are You Submitting this Request?”.
  • Enter “Flight Details”.
  • Add “Personal Details”.
  • Attach the required “Receipts, Expenses and Other Documents”.
  • Tick off the boxen given below “Terms and Conditions of Use”.
  • Review the form and then hit on “Submit”.

When is Lufthansa Delayed Flight Compensation Offered?

This airline is liable for Lufthansa flight delay compensation in accordance with the terms outlined in EU Regulation 261/2004:

  • The following reservations are covered by this compensation:
    • Flying in a publicly accessible fare category
    • A confirmed booking on the affected flight
  • It is available for those whose scheduled flight originates in an EU Member State.
  • The traveler’s destination is an EU nation airport via a third country not offering:
    • Any kind of compensation
    • Or, financial assistance

Delay Timeline

According to the following timeline, this regulatory EU law evaluates flight delays:

Distance of the FlightRoute of the FlightDelay Time
Up to 1,500 km or more distanceAt least by 2 hours
1,500 km or more distanceWithin the European nationsMinimum of 3 hours
Between 1,500 km and 3,500 kmMinimum of 3 hours
3,500 km or moreNo less than 4 hours

Provided Services

Distressed passengers are provided with the following services for Lufthansa flight delays tabulated above:

  • Food and beverages are offered in accordance with the waiting duration.
  • These communication facilities can be expected:
    • 2 telecalls
    • Two faxes
    • 2 e-mails
  • In association with other reasons, travelers can get:
    • An accommodation opportunity at a hotel
    • Transportation expenses
  • Due to excessive disruptions, you can try to cancel Lufthansa flight.

How do I Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight on Lufthansa?

When you are eligible for compensation for your disrupted flight, head to the airline’s site to fill out a form. These detailed steps are for your benefit:

  • Click on “Feedback” under the “Customer Services” section.
  • Hit on “Compensation in the Event of Flight Irregularities”.
  • Fill up the given sections of the Lufthansa delayed flight compensation form:
    • “Which Irregularity Occurred on Your Journey?”
    • “For Whom Are You Making this Application for Compensation?”
    • “Which Flight was Affected by the Irregularity?”
    • “How did You Reach Your Destination?”
  • Then fill in the “Personal Details” section.
  • Confirm the “Terms and Conditions of Use” and tap on “Submit”.

Can One Get a Lufthansa Flight Delay Refund?

You are entitled to a ticket price refund in the event of delays longer than five hours.

  • This is available regardless of whether the travel has been finished or not.
  • It is given when the disruption prevents the trip’s intended goal from being achieved.
  • The refund amount is returned within 7 (seven) days.

Note: If applicable, then book a flight back to the first departure location as soon as possible.

How to Claim the Lufthansa Delayed Flight Refund?

You can use the official website to request a refund for delays. In any other case, assistance may be obtained by getting in touch with the calling center.

Method 1: Through the Official Website

The fund amount for Lufthansa delays can be obtained from the official site.

  • Use the “Feedback” button.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the new page.
  • Here, tap on the drop-down arrow next to “Refund Requests”.
  • After being directed to the refund web form, read/follow the instructions.

Method 2: Via the Calling Center

To request a flight delay refund, contact a carrier representative over call. Additionally, for third-party reservations, travelers can seek the guidance of an agent.

The authorized website of Lufthansa is the source of this screenshot.

Here is a tabulated list of some of the countries with their contact information:

CountryContact NumberCountryContact Number
Turkey+90 212 375 59 32Tunisia+21631378149
The United Arab Emirates+971 600595556Spain+34 900031081   +34 910878029
Singapore+65 66709749South Africa+27 0800 00 7491
Portugal+351 800 210 466Romania+40 21 655 0719
Paraguay+54 11 3991 5957Oman80077452
Lebanon+961 1 347007Malaysia+60 3 2053 1898
Israel03-9058049Kenya+254 798 471121   +254 798 471123
Iceland+354 800 7556Greece+30 211 1211712
Czech Republic+420 296 335 612Estonia+372 6868 800
Austria+43 7203800523The United States+1 800 – 645 38 80

Note: Contact details for other nations are available on the air operator’s website.

How to Resolve Lufthansa Flight Delay Compensation Queries?

This airline can be contacted for questions related to the Lufthansa delayed flight compensation claim or refund. It is best to take help from the chat assistant, Elisa.

  • Head to the airline’s site.
  • Locate the “Menu” section.
  • Then, tap on “Help and Contact”.
  • On the new page, the chat box will appear automatically.
  • To begin the chat with “Elisa”, hit “Start Chat”.
  • Select the relevant option related to your concern.
  • Add your booking code/ticket number.
  • Subsequently, this chat assistant will provide you with relevant options.

Moreover, to manage your booking with Lufthansa, here are some other mediums for connecting with this operator:


In all, flight disruptions may have an impact on travelers’ plans. The delay compensation feature promptly tries to pacify affected travelers. They get adequate help to recover their loss. Moreover, this airline tries to return any liable amount at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lufthansa delay compensation form?

This is an online form that helps you make claims when your flight is late.

What is Lufthansa baggage delay compensation claim requirement?

To make a delayed luggage claim, you need to have the PIR number, luggage tag, and boarding pass.

Where is Lufthansa delayed baggage claim compensation form available?

The luggage compensation claim form is available on the operator’s website in the “Feedback” section.

How can I make a Lufthansa claim for delayed flights?

Claim the return amount by filling out the relevant form on the air operator’s website.

Is there a Lufthansa delayed baggage policy?

Yes, there is a policy to regulate delayed bag compensation and reimbursements.

What is the delayed baggage compensation amount?

As per the “Montreal Convention”, up to 1,288 SDRs (approx.  €1,500) can be compensated.

Is reimbursement available for delayed baggage?

For delayed luggage, reimbursement is available for clothing and essential item expenses.

What is the Lufthansa delayed baggage phone number?

Travelers from the USA can call +1 800 – 645 38 80 for baggage queries.

What to do if my connecting flight is delayed?

Call this carrier’s agent to deal with any Lufthansa flight delay missed connection instances.

Can I get a Lufthansa delayed flight refund?

In cases of flight delays of more than 5 hours from the departure, travelers can be eligible for a refund.

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