Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

Lufthansa understands the importance of comfort and convenience when flying, which is why they offer a range of seating options that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our passengers. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, the Lufthansa seat selection options allow you to customize your travel experience and ensure a comfortable journey.

The airlines have a range of options that offer ample legroom, reclining, and entertainment to help you relax and enjoy your flight. So, sit back, relax, and explore the seat selection options to find the perfect fit for your travel needs with Lufthansa Airlines.

What are the seating options available with Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines offers different seating options depending on the aircraft and cabin class. Here are some of the Lufthansa airlines seat selection options –

  • Economy Class: This is the standard seating option on Lufthansa flights. The seats are designed for comfort with adjustable headrests, legroom, and reclining. Passengers in Economy Class are also provided with a personal entertainment system and a meal service on long-haul flights.
  • Premium Economy Class: This seating option provides more legroom and a wider seat compared to Economy Class. Passengers in Premium Economy Class also receive an upgraded meal service, a personal entertainment system, and an additional baggage allowance.
  • Business Class: Lufthansa Airlines Business Class seat selection offers a fully flat bed and a more spacious seating arrangement compared to Economy and Premium Economy classes. Passengers in Business Class also receive a dedicated check-in, access to Business Class lounges, and upgraded meal service.
  • First Class: This seating option offers the most luxurious experience with private suites that feature a fully flat bed, personal storage, and a personal entertainment system. Passengers in First Class also receive a dedicated check-in, access to First Class lounges, and an exclusive meal service.

It’s important to note that Lufthansa airlines seat reservations may be available on every flight, and some aircraft may not have all of these seating options. Passengers can check the seating options available for their flight when booking their ticket or by checking their booking online.

Advance seat selection in Premium and Economy Class

Lufthansa Airlines offers advanced seat selection for both Economy Class and Premium Economy Class passengers. Here is what you need to know about Lufthansa airlines seat booking for the following class –

Economy Class: Passengers in Economy Class can select their seats in advance for a fee, starting from the time of booking up until 24 hours before departure. In addition –

  • Seat selection can be done online through the Lufthansa website, or through the airline’s mobile app.
  • Lufthansa offers various seating options for Economy Class passengers, such as seats with extra legroom, seats with extra recline, and seats with a better view.
  • These seats are available for an additional fee and can be selected during the booking process or at a later time.

Premium Economy Class: Passengers in Premium Economy Class can select their seats for free, starting from the time of booking up until 48 hours before departure. In addition –

  • Lufthansa Premium Economy seat selection can be done online through the Lufthansa website, or through the airline’s mobile app.
  • Premium Economy Class passengers can choose from a variety of seating options, such as seats with extra legroom, seats with a better view, and seats that are located in a quieter area of the cabin.
  • These seats are also available for an additional fee and can be selected during the booking process or at a later time.

In addition, to advance seat selection, Lufthansa also offers the option to upgrade to a higher class of service, such as Business Class or First Class, for an additional fee. Upgrades can be requested during the booking process or at the airport, subject to availability.

How do I book my seat on a Lufthansa flight?

There are a few ways to select your seat on a Lufthansa flight:

Method 1: During the booking process

When you book your flight on the Lufthansa website or through a travel agent, you will be prompted to select your seat. You can choose from available seats on the interactive seat map.

Here are the steps to request Lufthansa select seats online during the booking process:

  • Go to the Lufthansa website and select your departure and arrival cities, as well as your travel dates and a number of passengers.
  • Choose your flight and enter your personal details and travel preferences, including any special requests such as meals or extra baggage.
  • On the seat selection page, you will be able to see a seat map of the plane and choose your preferred seat. You can choose from standard seats, extra legroom seats, and seats with extra space for families or travelers with disabilities.
  • Once you have selected your seat through Lufthansa online seat selection, you will be asked to confirm your booking and pay for your flight.
  • After completing your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with your flight details, including your seat assignment.

Method 2: After the booking

To choose seats via Lufthansa Manage Booking section, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Lufthansa website and navigate to the “My Booking” section.
  • Enter your booking details, including your booking code, First name and last name, to access your reservation.
  • Select the “Choose Seats” option, which will show you a seat map of the aircraft you’ll be traveling on.
  • Use the seat map to select your preferred seats. You can typically choose between standard seats, seats with extra legroom, or seats in a preferred location on the plane (e.g., near the front).
  • Once you’ve chosen your seats, review your selection and confirm your choice.

If you have any issues selecting seats or have special seating needs, such as requiring an aisle or window seat or needing extra assistance, you can contact Lufthansa customer service for assistance.

Method 3: Online check-in

If you have already booked your flight and have not selected a seat, you can select your seat during the online check-in process. This usually opens 24 hours before your scheduled departure time and closes 1 hour before departure.

To select your seat when requesting Lufthansa flight check-in, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official website and select the “Check-in” option.
  • Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number, first name, and last name to access your flight details.
  • Choose the flight for which you want to select a seat.
  • Lufthansa Airlines will display a seat map of the flight, and you can select your preferred seat from the available options.
  • Once you have chosen your seat, confirm your selection and complete the check-in process.

Method 4: At the airport

If you were unable to select a seat online or through the app, you can select your seat at the airport check-in counter. However, it’s recommended to request Lufthansa airlines seat booking in advance to ensure you get the seat you prefer.

To select a seat with Lufthansa Airlines at the airport, you can follow these steps:

  • Check-in for your flight: You can check in for your flight at the airport by visiting a Lufthansa check-in counter.
  • Inform the check-in agent: Let the check-in agent know that you would like to select a seat. They will be able to tell you which seats are available and help you choose a seat that suits your preferences.
  • Pay any applicable fees: Lufthansa may charge a fee for seat selection, depending on your fare class and other factors. Be prepared to pay any fees associated with selecting a seat.
  • Obtain your boarding pass: Once you have selected a seat, the check-in agent will issue your boarding pass, which will show your seat assignments.

It’s important to note that some seats may be subject to an additional fee. For example, seats with extra legroom or seats in premium sections may cost more than regular seats. Additionally, some seats may be reserved for passengers with special needs or elite status in the airline’s frequent flier program.

How much is the fee to select a seat on a Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket?

The Lufthansa seat selection price can vary depending on a number of factors such as the route, fare type, cabin class, and frequent flier status.

Economy Class – The following fees apply when making a seat reservation in Economy Class:

Price ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Standard seat13 USD16 USD27 USD32 USD37 USD
Seat in the preferred seating zone18 USD21 USD42 USD48 USD59 USD
Extra Legroom seats27 USD43 USD64 USD80 USD107 USD

Premium Economy – The following Lufthansa seat selection fee are applicable for advanced seat reservations in Premium Economy Class:

Price zoneZone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Standard seat (in USD)324354

These zones comprise of the following airports –

Zone 1European Routes
Zone 2Amman, Tel Aviv, Beyrut, Erbil, Cairo, Ashgabat, and Baku
Zone 3Addis Ababa, Bahrain, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Lagos, Abuja, Riyadh, and Mehrabad
Zone 4Almaty, Atlanta, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Boston, Chicago (all airports), Charlotte, Delhi, Detroit, Luwanda, Chennai, Miami, Male, Nairobi, Newark, New York (JFK), Orlando, Port Harcourt, Philadelphia, Pune, Malabo, Tampa, Astana, Washington (All airport), Montreal, Toronto
Zone 5Beijing (All airport), Bangkok, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Cancun, Denver, Dallas Fort Worth, Hongkong, Houston (Hobby), Pretoria, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mauritius Island, Nagoya, Osaka, Nanjing, Panama City, Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Seattle, Seoul Incheon, san Jose (Costa Rica), San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Shenyang, San Jose (California), Tokyo (Haneda), Qingdao and Vancouver

How can I access to the Lufthansa Airlines seat map?

To view the seat map for Lufthansa flights, you can visit the airline’s official website at and follow these steps:

  • On the homepage, click on the “Flights” tab in the main menu. Select “Book a flight“.
  • Enter your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and the number of passengers, then click “Search“.
  • Choose your desired flight from the list of options.
  • On the flight details page, click on the “View seat map” link to see the seating layout of the aircraft.

In conclusion, Lufthansa offers a range of seat selection options to its passengers, catering to their individual needs and preferences. From standard seats to extra legroom seats, and even premium economy and business class seats, Lufthansa ensures that its passengers can select the seat that best suits their travel requirements.

So, whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Lufthansa’s seat selection options ensure that your journey is a pleasant one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is seat selection free with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa allows passengers to select seats for free during check-in, which typically opens 23 hours before departure.

How do I choose my seat after booking?

Your booking confirmation may include information on how to select your seat, including a link to the airline’s website or instructions on how to call the airline’s customer service.

What is a preferred seat in the Lufthansa economy?

Lufthansa offers several types of seats in its economy class cabin, including standard seats and preferred seats. Preferred seats are located in the front rows of the economy class cabin or in exit rows, and they offer more legroom and extra space to stretch out during the flight.

How can I choose my seat without paying?

When checking in online, most airlines provide a seat map that shows which seats are available. You can use this map to choose a seat that is to your liking, even if it is not a preferred seat, without having to pay an extra fee.

Can you pick your seats on Premium Economy?

Most airlines that offer Premium Economy seating will allow you to choose your seats in advance, either during the booking process or at a later time through their website or mobile app. Some airlines may charge an additional fee for preferred or extra-legroom seats, while others may offer them at no additional cost to Premium Economy passengers.

Is it worth flying Premium Economy on Lufthansa?

More space is the main selling point of premium economy. The rows are further apart, providing many additional inches of legroom, and the seats are on average one to two inches broader than the usual coach seat.

Do Lufthansa Premium Economy seats recline?

The same Premium Economy seat is available on all Lufthansa flights and features a wide touch screen entertainment system with an optional remote control in the armrest, substantial recline, and an adjustable headrest.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Lufthansa?

Yes, Lufthansa charges for the seat selection in Economy Class and Premium Economy. Business and First Class passengers have access to complimentary seat selection.

How much is the seat selection fee at Lufthansa?

The Lufthansa seat selection fee varies with the travel route as mentioned above. To know more, refer to the airline’s customer service.

How do I find my flight seating chart?

Passengers can check the seating chart of their existing reservation through the Manage Booking tab.

Is seat selection refundable?

No. Paid seat selection is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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