Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Airlines is a leading German airline with a strong international network. If you need to cancel your flight, Lufthansa’s cancellation policy offers flexibility that provides options for refunds or future travel credit. Please note that the specific terms of the policy may vary based on the fare type and booking conditions.

What are the rules to consider before canceling the Lufthansa Airlines Reservation?

Here are some generalLufthansa flight cancellation rules to consider:

  • Cancellation policy: Check Lufthansa’s cancellation policy to see if there are any fees or restrictions on canceling your reservation.
  • Deadline: Passengers need to cancel the flight at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Timing: If you cancel your reservation close to the departure date, you may incur higher fees or be unable to receive a refund.
  • Cancellation fees: Review Lufthansa cancellation policy to determine if there are any fees associated with canceling your ticket. Lufthansa air ticket cancellation charges may vary based on the ticket type, time of cancellation, and destination.
  • Ticket type: The terms and conditions for canceling a ticket may vary based on the type of ticket purchased (e.g., economy, business, first class, etc.).
  • Destination: Some destinations may have different cancellation policies, so be sure to check if your destination has any specific rules.
  • Refund policy: Check if you are eligible for a Lufthansa flight refund and what the process is for obtaining one. Some tickets may not be eligible for a refund.
  • Booking source: If you made your reservation through a travel agency or online booking site, be sure to check their cancellation policies as well.
  • Travel insurance: If you purchased travel insurance, check to see if your policy covers cancellations and what the terms are.
  • Advance notice: It is important to note that cancellations made close to the departure date may incur higher fees or result in a partial refund.
  • Check-in: No flight cancellation permitted after completing the Lufthansa flight check-in.

Does Lufthansa allow flight cancellation within 24 hours?

Lufthansa cancel within 24-hour policy generally allows you to cancel or change your booking within 24 hours of purchase, without incurring any additional fees or charges, provided that the booking was made one week or more prior to the departure date.

Lufthansa flight ticket cancellation policy may be subject to certain restrictions and exclusions, such as certain fare classes or promotional fares, such as:

  • The flight must originate to and from the United States and Canada.
  • Must not be a promotional, discounted or award fare.
  • The itinerary includes no more than 9 passengers.
  • No Lufthansa flight cancellation fee may incur if the scheduled departure date is booked at least 168 hours in advance.

Please note – Passengers can request changes for free within 24 hours of booking under Lufthansa flight change policy.

How to request flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines reservation?

To cancel a flight with Lufthansa, you can follow these methods –

Method 1: Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Online

To request a flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Lufthansa account on the airline’s official website.
  • Find your flight reservation in the ‘My Bookings’ section.
  • Select the “Cancel Flight” option.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the cancellation.
  • Review and confirm the cancellation policy and any applicable fees.

Note – My Bookings tab is equivalent to Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking section.

Method 2: Over the phone

To request a flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines reservation through customer service, you can follow these steps:

  • Call Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service – You can reach Lufthansa customer service by dialing the number for your country. The customer service phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 can be found on the Lufthansa website.
  • Provide your reservation details – When you are connected with a customer service representative, provide your reservation details such as your name, booking number, flight details and the reason for cancellation.
  • Request the cancellation – Inform the customer service representative that you would like to cancel your flight reservation and request the process to be initiated.
  • Confirm the cancellation fee – The customer service representative will inform you of any cancellation fee or penalties that may apply. If you agree to the fees, the representative will process the Lufthansa flight cancellation.
  • Obtain a confirmation number – After the cancellation is processed, you will receive a confirmation number and email confirming the cancellation.

Method 3: Lufthansa chat assistant

To request a flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines through chat assistance, follow these steps:

  • Look for the “Chat Assistance” option and initiate a chat with a customer service representative.
  • Provide the representative with your reservation details, such as your name, booking number, and flight information.
  • Request a cancellation of your flight and follow the representative’s instructions to complete the process.

Method 4: At the airport

To request a flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines at the airport, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Lufthansa Airlines ticket counter or customer service desk.
  • Inform the representative of your intention to cancel the flight.
  • Provide your flight details and reservation information to the representative.
  • Follow the representative’s instructions for the cancellation process, which may include paying any applicable fees.
  • Obtain confirmation of the Lufthansa refund from the representative.

Method 5: Through Social Media

To request flight cancellation on Lufthansa Airlines reservation through social media, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Lufthansa Airlines social media account on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Send a direct message to the account with your request to cancel your flight reservation.
  • Make sure to include your booking reference number and other relevant details such as your name and flight details.
  • Wait for a response from the Lufthansa Airlines customer service team.
  • They will assist you with the Lufthansa cancellation policy and provide further instructions.

Here are the following social media handles you can refer to –

Social Media PlatformLinks

What is Lufthansa airlines refund policy?

When it comes to applying for a refund for your Lufthansa airlines flight ticket, the following conditions will apply –

  • As per Lufthansa’s refund policy, The flight cancellation refund would be applied to the unused amount of the ticket.
  • The refund will be given to either the traveler listed on the ticket or the person who made the reservation payment.
  • If the flight does not operate within two weeks of the intended departure time, a refund from Lufthansa would be available.
  • The refund value is equal to the fare paid minus the 200 USD cancellation costs imposed by Lufthansa.
  • If a request for a refund for a canceled Lufthansa flight is made more than six months after the booking’s validity has expired, the airline will not grant the request.
  • The Lufthansa flight contact number for canceled flights should be used to request any refunds for voluntary cancellations.
  • Lufthansa processed the refund in the original method of payment in 7-10 business days.
  • As per Lufthansa ticket cancellation refund policy, for non-refundable fares, the airline issues a travel credit for the unused portion of the airfare which remains valid for 7-10 business days.

What Happens When Lufthansa Cancels My Flight Booking?

If Lufthansa cancels your flight booking, you may be eligible for compensation or a full refund, depending on the circumstances.

In case of Lufthansa canceled flight circumstances within the control, such as a mechanical issue or crew unavailability, they are generally required to offer either re-routing or a refund.

If the flight is canceled due to circumstances outside of their control, such as a weather-related cancellation, there may not be a legal obligation to provide compensation.

How much compensation would I be entitled to if Lufthansa cancels my flight?

When a flight for which you have a confirmed reservation is canceled, considerably delayed, or you are refused boarding, you are entitled to –

Flight delay – As per Lufthansa airlines cancellation policy, A delay is considered to have occurred when the scheduled departure time is postponed by-

Flight Delay by HoursTravel distance
At least 4 hoursLonger than 3,500 km
At least 3 hoursBetween 1,500 and 3,500 km
At least 2 hoursLonger than 1500 km

This also include entitled to personal care such as  –

  • Two international phone calls send two emails
  • Meals and refreshments
  • Hotel accommodations and travel expenses

If there are delays of more than five hours, you have the right to a refund of the cost of your ticket within 7 days for the portion of the trip that was not completed or for the portion of the trip that was completed if the delay prevented you from accomplishing the trip’s objectives.

Overbooking – You have the right to a different flight, as well as reimbursement and compensation, which can be given by check, bank transfer, or, with your permission, in the form of a gift card, if you are unwilling or voluntarily denied boarding. In this case, Lufthansa flight cancellation compensation would be

Flight distanceCanceled flight compensation (in USD)
up to 1,500 km268 approx
1,500 and 3,500 km428 approx
more than 3,500 km643 approx

Cancellation – You have the same rights to rerouting, care, refund, and compensation if the flight for which you have a confirmed reservation is canceled.

Additionally, you are not entitled to damages if –

  • You are notified of the cancellation at least 14 days before your trip.
  • Your flight departs no earlier than two hours before the scheduled departure time, and you arrive no later than four hours after the scheduled arrival time after receiving notification of the cancellation between 14 and seven days before departure.
  • If the cancellation is announced to you less than seven days before departure, your departing flight departs no earlier than one hour before the scheduled departure time, and/or your arrival time is no later than two hours after the scheduled departure time.

Note – Passengers must fill out the Lufthansa canceled flight compensation form.

How much is the fee to cancel the Lufthansa flight?

Depending on your travel class, the Lufthansa cancellation fee for flights departing from the United States ranges from USD 300 to 750 per passenger. It is advised to contact the airlines to know the fee for your fare purchased.

In conclusion, Lufthansa Airlines has a flexible and customer-friendly cancellation policy. Passengers can cancel their flights online, by phone, or through a travel agent.

Refunds are available for cancellations made within the specified timeframe and certain restrictions may apply based on the fare type and route. The airline also offers the option to rebook flights for a fee or change to another flight for free in certain circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I find out if my flight with Lufthansa is canceled?

You can check the status of your Lufthansa flight by visiting their website, or by contacting their customer service department either by phone or email.

Can I change my flight with Lufthansa after 24 hours?

Some tickets may be non-refundable, while others may allow for a full or partial refund within 24 hours of booking.

How much does it cost to cancel a Lufthansa flight?

Lufthansa’s fare rules state that cancellations made close to the departure date may incur higher fees, while cancellations made well in advance may be eligible for a refund or a fee waiver.

Does Lufthansa have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, the airline allows cancellations within 24 hours of booking, under certain conditions in compliance with Lufthansa’s cancellation policy.

Can I change my flight with Lufthansa within 24 hours?

Yes. Passengers can cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase provided the scheduled departure date is booked 7 days in advance.

What to do when a flight is canceled by Lufthansa?

Lufthansa may offer to rebook on another flight at no additional cost, subject to availability.

What happens if my Lufthansa flight is canceled?

Passengers may opt for a full refund if they do not wish to travel on another flight. Depending on the reason for the cancellation, passengers may be eligible for compensation.

How long does it take for Lufthansa to refund?

The time it takes for Lufthansa to process a refund takes 7-10 business days.

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight to Lufthansa?

If you have a flexible policy, you may be able to get a full refund. If you have a moderate or strict policy, you may only receive a partial refund or none at all.

How to get a full refund on a flight?

In some cases, airlines may allow for a full refund if the flight is canceled within a certain time frame, while in other cases, the ticket may be non-refundable.

Can I get my money back if I cancel a flight?

The amount of money refunded on the cancellation of a flight ticket depends on several factors, such as the airline’s cancellation policy, the type of ticket purchased, and the time of cancellation.

How much money is refunded on the cancellation of a flight ticket?

If a flight is canceled due to circumstances within the airline’s control, such as overbooking or maintenance issues, the airline is generally obligated to provide a refund.

If your flight is canceled do you get a refund?

If the cancellation is due to circumstances within the airline’s control, such as a scheduling change, you may be entitled to a refund.

Can I cancel my flight after checking in?

Whether you can cancel your flight after checking in depends on the airline’s cancellation policy and the type of ticket you purchased.

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