Qatar Airways Manage Booking

To cater to the needs of its customers, this state-governed flag carrier has made it easier to manage reservations. The Qatar Airways manage booking policy helps travelers customize their existing bookings. Upgrades, schedule changes, modifications to itineraries, etc., can be made.

Are there Rules to Manage Tickets on Qatar Airways?

For managing their reservations, customers of this airline can go through the major rules and regulations of this policy:

  • Eligible passengers (specific fare type) can modify:
    • Reservation date 
    • Time
  • The following flight upgrades are possible:
    • Upgrading the cabin class
    • Adjusting the fare class
  • Edit the Privilege Club number via the option of Manage My Trip on Qatar Airways.
  • Fliers can add or change their seat assignments.
  • It is possible to purchase excess/additional baggage.
  • You can revoke flights and make refund requests.
  • Additional service requests include:
    • Assistance for differently-abled passengers
    • Special meals
    • Make hotel reservations
    • Rent a car
    • Reserve the lounge access pass
    • Arrange for meet & assist service (Doha)
    • Qatar Airways manage booking meals

Can I Cancel My Qatar Airways Flight?

The flight cancellation policy of Qatar Airways is available in various circumstances. Travelers can refer to the points given below for an overview:

  • Tickets bought from the official website and office can be reversed.
  • All flight reversals have to be done 3/three prior to the flight taking off.
  • Visit the Qatar Airways Manage Booking section to revoke confirmed tickets.
  • The above option is valid for purchases made through:
    • Official site
    • Regional ticket office
    • Operator’s contact center
  • Reservations made through third parties can be revoked by:
    • Connecting with the same travel agent or third-party representative
    • Calling the airline’s agent for help
  • To rebook a new flight, the passenger may choose the same ticket type.
  • Based on the fare regulations, a revocation fee is assessed.
  • A no-show penalty is sometimes applied.
  • However, the traveler will be charged the higher of the two fees.

How do I cancel a Qatar Airways Flight Online?

Travelers can use the Qatar Airways Manage Booking online tool to revoke their flights. It can be used by:

  • Visiting the official website
  • Using the carrier’s mobile app

For both methods, the following instructions are helpful in revoking flights successfully:

  • On the main page of the website, click on the “My Trips” box. 
  • Then add the following details to retrieve the booking:
    • “Booking Reference” (6-digit alphanumeric number or e-ticket is a 13-digit number)
    • Passenger’s “Last Name”
  • Hit “Retrieve Booking”.
  • After retrieving it, read the eligibility terms for revoking the ticket.
  • Look for the “Cancel Flight” option to proceed with the reversal. 
  • The instructions on the webpage will be helpful.
  • Make the payment of any applied charges to reverse the booking.

You should be notified about the revocation via the email provided at the time of booking.

What are the Terms for Qatar Airways Additional Baggage?

At the time of reservation, the baggage policy of Qatar Airways permits additions. This is subject to these terms:

  • Free bags are available based on the fare type.
  • Additionally, Qatar Airways manage booking baggage allowance option is given. 
  • Two concepts apply to excess bags, that are:
    • Additional weight 
    • Extra pieces
  • Each passenger is permitted a total of 5 items or 100 kg at a time.
  • After making a purchase, the following will be available:
    • One piece
    • Bundles of 5 kg (11.02 lbs)
  • You can buy excess luggage 6/six hours before the flight departs. 
  • Buy extra bags online as they cost more at the airport.
  • All extra bags purchased on the website are subject to the following:
    • Forfeited if the initial reservation is modified
    • Remains non-refundable

Via the Manage Booking Qatar Airways feature, you can add extra luggage to a booking online.

How to Manage Booking in Qatar Airways for Additional Baggage?

Add extra bags through the smartphone app or website six hours before the flight departs using these steps:

  • Navigate to the manage booking webpage from the “My Trips” section.
  • Retrieve the reservation by adding the:
    • “Booking Reference” 
    • And, your “Last Name”
  • Press the button to retrieve your flight.
  • Look for the section to add/purchase additional bags. 
  • Pay the applied extra baggage fee.
  • Complete the remaining process following the on-page instructions.

Qatar Airways Manage Booking Seat Selection

Seats are assigned for free to passengers at the time of check-in. However, they have the chance on Qatar Airways to manage booking seats.

  • Travelers can get the seat assignment at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • Otherwise, they can purchase preferred seats before online checkin at Qatar Airways.
  • Only “Manage Booking” allows purchasing preferred seats on the web.

Note: To purchase a seat, either visit the official website or download the smartphone app.

What is Qatar Airways Flight Change Facility?

Any modification to an existing reservation by the traveler is included under the Qatar Airways flight change policy.

  • This Qatar Airways manage ticket facility is available for confirmed purchases via:
    • The mobile application
    • Airline’s website
    • The regional ticketing office
    • Calling an airline representative
  • For changing flights, you can go to the “My Trips” section on the carrier’s:
    • Official site,
    • Or, the smartphone application
  • Modifications are allowed based on the fare rules.
  • You will have to pay a change fee for each person on the booking.
  • The precise charge also depends on when the request is made.
  • This fee is displayed at the end of the procedure.

How to use Qatar Airways Manage Booking to Change Flights?

Eligible fares that are confirmed can be altered on the website as well as on the mobile app through these steps. 

  • On the homepage of the airline’s site, select “My Trips”.
  • Fill out the following data to obtain the reservation:
    • “Booking Reference” number
    • The “Last Name”
  • Guests may be redirected to the Qatar Airways Manage My Booking webpage.
  • From the “Manage Flight” menu, hit on “Change Flight”.
  • Make a payment of any applied penalties.
  • Finally, you should receive an email confirming the modification.

Can I Claim a Refund for Qatar Airways Flight Delay/Schedule Change?

Sometimes, the airline may cancel/modify your reservation without prior notice. The following are a few scenarios in which the carrier delays/cancels reservations:

  • For security reasons 
  • Severe air conditions (bad weather/air traffic control)
  • Government restrictions
  • COVID-19 travel protocol
  • Other “Act of God” scenarios

There might be schedule changes that are communicated to the traveler.

  • Such changes occur at least a day before scheduled departure.
  • Passengers can accept the revised schedule or ask for rebooking.
  • For rebooking, visit the tool- Qatar Airways Manage My Reservation.
  • Such flights can be revoked and refunds can be issued.
  • There might be changes in airport operations.
  • Travelers may face a downgrade in the service.

Note: Usually, passengers are notified about such modifications. They must provide the correct contact details (phone number and email address).

Situations Eligible for Managed Booking Refunds/Re-Routing

For the following unfortunate circumstances, passengers may be eligible for a refund or rerouting service:

  • Flight revocation by the airline
  • Missing a flight on the itinerary due to the:
    • Disruptions
    • Schedule changes caused by the carrier
  • The inability of the operator to provide the confirmed seat

Note: The carrier will not be liable to offer other services after providing a refund.

How to Claim a Refund via Qatar Airways Manage Booking Service?

To manage tickets on Qatar Airways, a refund can be requested via “My Trips”. Essentially, the tickets should be purchased through the official website, at the ticket office, or via the airline’s contact center. 

  • Retrieve the reservation by adding:
    • “Booking Reference”
    • Traveler’s “Last Name”
  • Select the disrupted flight for which you want a refund.
  • Click on it to revoke.
  • Follow the instructions on the page to apply for a refund.

Note: Install the airline’s smartphone app to access “My Trips” and manage refund claims.

What are the Other Services to Manage for Existing Qatar Airways Bookings?

A reservation can be changed in several ways using Qatar Airways flight manage booking, including:

  • The Privilege Club (frequent flyer program) members can:
    • Manage their bookings
    • Change the frequent flyer number
  • Retrieve the ticket number and:
    • Alter flight time
    • Modify the date of departure
  • Change the cabin class (upgrade).
  • Modify the ticket/fare class on an existing itinerary.

Can I Manage Name Changes on Qatar Airways?

Modifying your personal details is possible with this carrier. Here is an overview of the actions managed under the name change on Qatar Airways feature:

  • The operator doesn’t allow any name changes for existing PNRs.
  • Prior to check-in, such modifications are accepted. 
  • They are permitted only once.
  • Name corrections are for managing:
    • First name,
    • Middle name,
    • Surname,
    • Spelling mistakes in PTC or title
    • Or, missing part of the name
  • Make the alterations before flying any segment of the booking to avoid:
    • Legal issues
    • Or, flight revocations
  • You can call the airline to make changes to your name.

Can I Call Qatar Airways to Manage Bookings?

Confirmed tickets purchased on the official website, ticketing office, or through the contact center can be managed by calling the airline representative. 

The table below highlights the contact numbers for some countries:

CountryQatar Airways Manage Booking Contact Numbers
Turkey+90 2129004613
Hungary+36 1 755 5025
New Zealand+64 9 8866229
South Korea82 70 7488 5074
Kuwait+965 22059250
Argentina+1 877 777 2827
Indonesia(007) 8030160210(001) 8030160210
Germany+49 6917 4899 14
Poland+48 224894858
India+91 95129 72827
Hong Kong (China)+852 3002 2730
Finland+358 923 191 110
Malaysia+60 392125457
Canada+1 888 366 5666
Japan+81 345101960

You can get the following done by connecting with an on-call agent:

  • Reach out to the agent to learn about the Manage My Trips Qatar Airways tool. 
  • The airline representative can even answer queries regarding:
    • Flight modifications
    • Payments of penalties
    • Baggage allowance
    • Pet policy

Note: For calling IDs to other areas, go to the “Help” webpage on the carrier’s official site.

To sum it up, the manage booking feature of Qatar Airways is very helpful. Quick reservation modifications, additions, and service purchases are available. Moreover, regulations for refunds, charges, and revocations are given with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

I have an EMD for future travel, how can I use it?

Visit the regional airline office to buy a new ticket using a travel coupon.

Can I earn the same amount of Avios or other frequent flyer Avios if I change my booking?

Avios/mileage is dependent on the type of fare/cabin class. Check the “Avios Earning Chart” on the website to learn the amount.

What can I do under Manage Booking?

Travelers can cancel tickets, get a refund, purchase extra bags and opt for Qatar Airways manage booking change seat option.

How can I change my booking online?

If the reservation is changeable, then users can access “Manage Booking” and make adjustments.

How many times can I change my booking?

The fare terms and conditions specify the maximum number of modifications that are permitted.

How do I cancel my booking?

Check “My Trips” on Qatar’s website to revoke a booking.

Can I change my booking after it is confirmed?

Yes, confirmed tickets are allowed for alterations or modifications.

Which bookings are eligible for a changes online?

Reservations made through the official website, at the ticket office, or via the airline’s contact center, are eligible for online changes.

If I change the flight traveling dates, do I need to change my car or insurance booking?

Yes, you will have to change car and insurance bookings if the original reservation is modified.

Which forms of payment are accepted for changing my booking?

Payment options vary by country. Hence, check the option on the official website before buying tickets.

Can I upgrade my booking to a higher cabin class?

Yes, the Qatar Airways manage booking upgrade facility helps you modify your reservation to a higher cabin class.

Can I change an on hold booking before paying for it?

No, bookings on hold aren’t eligible for modifications until the payment is made and the tickets are confirmed.

Can I make changes on my booking even if I miss my flight?

No-show/missed flights are revoked. Therefore, changes may not be allowed.

Can I change my booking on the mobile site or applications?

Yes, retrieve the booking with Qatar Airways manage booking by ticket number/PNR and last name to make modifications on the site/app.

If I have a problem changing my booking, whom should I contact?

Navigate to the “Help” webpage on the website and search for the phone number to connect with the contact center.

If I change my booking to a lower fare class, will I get a refund of the fare difference?

The traveler receives a credit voucher for future reservations for the difference in fare after deducting any necessary fees.

Can I change the booking only for selected passengers?

Use the Qatar Airways manage booking phone number of your region to make modifications for one passenger.

Do I need to pay for changing my booking?

You must pay the applicable fee to make modifications if it is stated in the terms and conditions of your fare type.

How far in advance can I change my booking?

Once the reservation is ticketed, modifications can be made up to 3 hours before flight departure.

Can I change a Qatar Airways flight to another airline flight?

No, flight changes are available for aircraft operated by this carrier.

How can I request a refund for a ticket purchased at a local office after it has been changed online?

For such situations, the traveler can retrieve his/her reservation on “Manage Booking” and request a refund.

Can I request a refund to a booking I’ve already made changes to?

Requests for refunds are based on the terms of the new fare after modifying the original booking.

What will happen to my meal and seat request if I change my booking?

Travelers will need to make new requests for the seat and meal for the modified reservation.

Can I put my changes on hold?

No, alterations/modifications cannot be put on hold.

Is the amount shown in the available flights calendar, the fare difference or the total fare?

The price indicated on the available flight calendar is the total fare amount.

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