Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

In case fliers want to make modifications to their bookings, the Qatar Airways flight change policy comes in handy. They have the opportunity to alter the flight details and customize the trip as the situation demands. From dates to cabin upgrades, most changes are possible. 

What Are the Rules of Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy?

To facilitate the users’ opportunity to make adjustments to their existing bookings, the following rules play a crucial role:

  • This Qatar change flight facility is available for reservations made:
    • Through the website
    • On the mobile app
    • By calling an airline representative
  • Only when the fare rule permits modification, alterations are applicable.
  • Special fares (discounted fares) are not eligible for modifications.
  • The “My trips” section of the website or mobile application allows for all the adjustments.
  • There is a change fee per passenger for each transaction.
  • To modify any segment of the trip due to “Force Majeure”:
    • Connect with the operator the earliest.
    • You can be transported to a stopover/destination without a flight change fee.
  • In the event of a no-show, only one fee (which is higher) will be assessed:
    • Change penalty, or
    • No-show charges
  • Reservations can be altered due to:
    • Upgrades/downgrades made voluntarily (between cabins)
    • Upselling and down selling of inventory (within the same cabin)
  • Such upgrades/downgrades are charged fare differences based on the origin.
  • This Qatar Airlines change flight option isn’t possible for 1 segment of the itinerary.
  • If voluntary cabin upgrades happen within 3 hours prior to take-off, no-show penalties:
    • Will not be charged.
    • Be applied for modification made after departure as indicated on the e-ticket.

What types of Flight Changes Available on Qatar Airways?

The several options for modifying a reservation include:

  • The chance for changing the flight date, as well as the time, is given.
  • Such changes are even included in the “Student Club” program.
  • Travelers can even modify/upgrade the cabin class.
  • It is possible to alter the fare class of the existing booking.
  • Other types of corrections and modifications includes name correction on Qatar Airways.

Note: Be sure to change Qatar Airways flight details three hours before departure.

What Are the Other Available Modifications for Award Tickets?

Privilege Club members can make the following adjustments to their Award reservations:

  • Route modifications are permitted when the region remains the same:
    • Unused tickets
    • Partially-utilized tickets
  • You cannot alter the origin for one-way trips.
  • However, if the region stays the same, you can modify 1/one destination.
  • In the event of a round booking, the passenger can:
    • Modify the turnaround but the region remains the same.
    • The origin cannot be altered.
  • When partner airlines are involved, sector modifications are not permitted.

Are There 24 Hours Flight Changes for Qatar Airways?

The operator has not set any specific rules on Qatar Airways for changing flights within 24 hours of booking. Although some passengers have the option to hold their reservation for twenty-four hours without payment. 

To hold the reservation and make modifications, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The flight’s origin must be the United States.
  • This operator can hold the booking for free during this time frame.
  • The departure date must be more than 7/seven days from booking.
  • To extend this period to 72 hours, the passenger can pay a small fee.

What is Qatar Airways Same-Day Flight Change?

Despite the lack of specific guidelines from the operator to support same-day alterations for reservations, there are some other provisions. 

  • Passengers can make modifications to their bookings up to three hours before take-off. 
  • All fare types and Privilege Club members are allowed to adjust their reservations. 
  • These members can do so up to three hours prior to departure.
  • To avoid paying a no-show fee, the passengers must adhere to the deadline.
  • According to the terms of the fare while booking, Qatar Airways flight change fees apply.
  • The traveler will be charged the difference in fare if there is one due to modification.

What is Qatar Airways COVID Flight Change Policy?

Flight schedules may be subject to disruptions due to COVID-19. However, currently, the airline doesn’t offer major guidelines for the same. Travelers can check the website or connect over the phone to learn more about any available provisions.

How Do You Change Qatar Airways Flights?

Numerous options are available to passengers for altering their reservations and flight information. They can contact a travel agent, use social media to connect, prefer the app or website, call, or go to a regional sales office.

Method 1: Using the Website

Bookings that have already been confirmed may be modified using the official website unless specified in the terms and conditions of the fare. 

Perform the steps below to initiate the Qatar Airways change flight method:

  • Visit the carrier’s official website.
  • Click on the “My Trips” option on the home page.
  • To get the booking, enter the following information:
    • 13-digit e-ticket number, or
    • 6-digit alphanumeric booking number (PNR) 
    • Passenger’s last name
  • Choose the preferred action under the “Manage Flight” menu:
    • Change flight
    • Adjust flight date
  • To finish the modification, pay all the applicable charges.

Method 2: Via Mobile Application

The “Manage Booking” option is available on the airline’s smartphone app. The user must install the application on the device to get started:

  • Complete the initial app setup on your device. 
  • The traveler can manage the flight details and make changes.
  • The process will follow a similar format to the website.

Method 3: Using the Contact Number

Any modifications to the reservations apply to all passengers, especially when changing group bookings on the call. 

  • Get in touch with the carrier’s representative when:
    • You need to change a single person’s information 
    • Or, you want to have Qatar Airways change return flights.

In the table below, the user can find a few calling IDs suitable for this purpose:

Region/CountryCalling ID
Argentina+1 877 777 2827
Canada+1 888 366 5666
Finland+358 923 191 110
Germany+49 6917 4899 14
Hong Kong (China)+852 3002 2730
Hungary+36 1 755 5025
India+91 95129 72827
Indonesia(001) 8030160210(007) 8030160210
Japan+81 345101960
Kuwait+965 22059250
Malaysia+60 392125457
New Zealand+64 9 8866229
Poland+48 224894858
South Korea82 70 7488 5074
Turkey+90 2129004613

Visit the official website to find out more numbers, and perform the following steps:

  • At the top of the homepage, select the “Help” tab.
  • Go to the bottom of the fresh page. 
  • “Get in Touch from Anywhere” is a box at the bottom.
  • Enter the name of the nation. 
  • Click on “Search” below.
  • The appropriate phone number will show up on the screen.

Method 4: Visiting the Ticket Office

The Qatar Airways flight change option can be availed of at the ticket counter. 

The address of the ticket office can be found by following the steps below:

  • Visit the operator’s website and hit the “Help” box.
  • At the end of the fresh page, you can locate the “Find Us” section.
  • Enter the name of the region/country. 
  • Then click on “Search”.
  • In the end, you will find the address to the regional ticket office.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Keep your ticket and booking reference with you.
  • Carry a valid government ID.
  • Bring the government-issued ID of the traveler you want to make the modification for.
  • Make the adjustments after inquiring about your worries.

Method 5: Through Travel Agency/Agent

For bookings made through a third-party travel agency, the passenger will have to connect with its agent to benefit from the Qatar change flight feature. He/she must describe the need for alterations. Then the agent will provide appropriate help.

Method 6: Settle Queries on Social Media

This operator has official handles on multiple networking websites. Hence, it becomes much easier for the user to ask about their flight modification concerns. 

Social Media PlatformOfficial Handle Links
Qatar Airways Official Social Profiles

What is the Qatar Airways Change Flight Policy?

Travelers whose ticket segments were issued under Qatar Airways’ (QR/157) plate or stock can benefit from this policy.

The following provisions are available for Qatar flight schedule change:

  • Trips can be altered up to 1/one day before the departure date.
  • The initial departure date should have been on or later than October 1, 2022.
  • Reversals and modifications can be included for the above situations.
  • The following modifications can be executed:
    • Alter departure and arrival time
    • Any ticket misconnection
    • Modify the airport
    • Revoke flights
    • Downgrade services
  • Any such schedule changes will be notified by the “Travel Trade Partner”.
    • This agent will also issue your new ticket. 
    • Such facilities are available for bookings made on approved trade portals.
  • When a traveler is notified about the PNR schedule revisions 30 days before departure:
  • Follow the revised segments or request rebooking.
  • Within 30/thirty days of the updates, have the ticket reissued.
  • When the Qatar flight schedule change is updated within 30 days of the departure:
    • Request for rebooking. Or, follow the revised segments
    • Make reservations up to 1/one day before the departure.

Note: If rebooking is a possibility 2/two hours before takeoff, tickets cannot be revoked.

When Should Schedule Adjustments be Made if Purchasing Coupons?

Travelers can learn more about rebooking tickets when they have purchased coupons and the revised schedule affects their trips. 

Original Departure ScheduleRebooking Options
Between October 1st and October 31st, 2022Trips that depart by January 31, 2023, should be rebooked.Avoid flight departure on/after 1st November 2022 to on/before 31 December 2022.
Between 1st and 31st December 2022Rebook your flight that is to depart in 21 days from the initial departure date.
Initial departure on/later 1st January 2023Rebook your flight that is to depart in 21 days from the initial departure date on/after 31st December 2022.

Note: According to the Qatar change flight policy the duration for revised trips should be within 12/twelve months.

What Conditions Apply to Rebooking on Qatar Airways?

Eligible travelers can rebook a trip if their schedule is revised by the operator. The following conditions are applied during such adjustments:

  • In the event of unused tickets, reroute services are available for particular origins.
  • The rebooked flight must be on or after January 1st, 2023.
  • There might be a fee to upgrade cabins.
  • Marriage Segment Control (O&D) segments can be modified or rebooked.
  • For origin, destination, or airport alterations, passengers are not given:
    • Accommodation
    • Surface transportation reimbursement
  • You will be obliged to abide by the travel conditions/limitations.

Note: Visit the airline’s website to get updated information.

Do Qatar Airways Flight Schedule Changes Result in Refunds?

When a Qatar flight schedule change is involved, passengers are offered several options to minimize their loss.

  • Refunds are available for passengers who do not accept the revised schedule.
  • When the operator changes the flight, refunds are available for up to 1/one year.
  • Travelers can claim refunds for unused itineraries.
  • The sum is returned in the same form of payment. 
  • Waivers are available for:
    • Non-refundable tickets
    • Refundable bookings
    • YR/YQ expenses
    • Q/stopover costs
    • Penalties 
  • In determining the refund sum, the carrier will consider:
    • Taxes
    • Unused NUC
    • Charges/Fees
    • Expenses
  • The following charges are non-refundable:
    • Previously-paid rebooking fees
    • Taxes that cannot be refunded and are partially utilized
    • Fees for no-shows
  • Connect with the airline’s agent at the office/contact center for:
    • Partially used itineraries/tickets
    • End-on-end trips
    • Side travel
    • Complex refund circumstances

Are there Any Limitations of the Flight Change Refund Policy?

The specific rules led by Qatar Airways change flight policy for refunds are given below:

  • In the event of no-shows, no waivers are granted.
  • Credit/debit card charges are nonrefundable.
  • Travel Trade Partners will be responsible for updating PNR.
  • The airline contact center or regional ticket office can offer assistance with:
    • Ad-hoc ticketed group
    • PNRs for group bookings
    • Modifications to Passenger Type Code (PTC)
    • Service downgrade
    • RTW tickets
  • Contact the Travel Trade Partners for additional support and service.

What is the Flight Change Fee on Qatar Airways?

For most alterations and modifications of flight details, the Qatar Airways flight change policy charges a fee. 

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy
screenshot taken from the Qatar Airways official website

To determine the charges, understand the following:

  • Such charges are subject to the fare rules indicated at the time of reservation.
  • Passengers may be allowed to alter special fares when they pay a fee.
  • The charges are for each passenger on the reservation.
  • Complete the change 3 hours before departure to avoid no-show fees.
  • The no-show/change fee is charged, when flight check-in is not possible due to:
    • Missing passport or such issues
    • Visa-related complications
  • The exact penalty for modification is based on the time of the request.
  • For most modifications, a fee which is high is applied.

Note: Refund is available for fare difference after the modification fees are deducted.

Are there Change Fees for Award Tickets?

Privilege Club Members can reserve award tickets. Here are a few highlights regarding fees when modifying them:

  • Any modification is subject to fees depending on:
    • Membership tier, and
    • Request time of making alterations
  • Members of the Privilege Club can use their Qcredits to pay the Qatar Airways flight change fee:
    • Gold members, and
    • Platinum members
Change DurationPlatinumGoldSilverBurgundy
Modifications made more than 24 hours before departureSelf: FreeFor Others: $25Self: FreeFor Others: $25$25$25
Alterations made between 3 hours to 24 hours before flight take-offSelf: FreeFor Others: $100Self: FreeFor Others: $100$100$100

When fees are high, you can timely cancel qatar flight reservations and then book new ones.

Self-Offload Charges and Changes

Changes are permitted when you inform the operator about offloading three to two hours before the flight departs. It shouldn’t cause:

Modifications are based on:

  • Rules of the fare you have purchased
  • You will be charged the higher of the following penalties:
    • No-show fee, or
    • $150 USD

There is no fee if the traveler provides proof of the following situations:

  • Any medical condition of the passenger or 
  • Death of a traveler’s relative

Service Cost

Passengers are charged a non-refundable service fee based on the method of modifying their reservations.

Medium and Type of ChangeService Fee 
Modifications through the contact center, ticket office, or at the airport$25
Reissuing tickets at the airport, at the tickling office, or over the phone$15

To summarize, the Qatar Airways flight change policy is helpful in unfortunate situations. In accordance with it, all modifications and adjustments must be completed within the specified time frame to avoid additional penalties.

What is Qatar Airways change flight date price?

The flight date price is available at the time of modifications based on the fare rules. That is when you can identify it.

Can you change flight dates Qatar Airways?

Yes, it is possible to alter the flight date for confirmed tickets with this airline.

What is Qatar Airways change flight contact number?

Dial +1 877 777 2827 to contact the operator from the USA. Others can visit the “Help” tab on the operator’s website for the relevant calling ID.

What to do if Qatar Airways changed my flight time?

You can revoke your flight and claim a refund for some involuntary schedule changes by the operator.

Can I make Qatar Airways flight change within 24 hours?

Users can hold a reservation for a flight that originates from the USA for 24 hours without paying in case it needs to be altered.

Is Qatar Airways change flight destination available same-day?

Passengers may make modifications to their reservations up to three hours before the flight’s departure.

Where to find Qatar Airways manage booking change flight?

You can find the “Manage Booking” page on the “My Trips” tab both on the website and mobile application to modify flight details.

Can you change Qatar flights for a single passenger?

To alter the details of a single passenger on the reservation, call the airline representative.

What is Qatar Airways flight change compensation?

Service compensations (re-routing, meals, and accommodations) are offered due to select reasons for disruption.

What to do if Qatar Airways change flight due to COVID-19?

Connect with the operator’s agent to learn the exact course of action because of COVID-19 alterations.

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