Qatar Airways Pet Policy

This carrier has specific rules to manage the transit when travelers are accompanied by their pets. Qatar Airways pet policy is well known for its amenities and provisions. It even includes the cost and restrictions imposed on the transit of some animals.

What are the Qatar Airways Rules for Pets?

To avoid chaos and uncertainty, the carrier has strict regulations for animal transportation. The basic terms for flying with pets include:

  • Requests must be made no less than 48 hours prior to the plane’s takeoff.
  • From most nations, these animals may be transported as excess/additional luggage:
    • Domesticated cats/dogs
    • Birds
  • Furry beings that measure or weigh over the standard limits are shipped as cargo.
  • When connecting to a flight of this airline from another carrier:
    • Animals won’t be eligible for the checked baggage provision.
    • They can be transported under Qatar Airways pet cargo service.
  • The rules for flying to different countries vary depending on local laws.
  • It includes the entry/exit nations as well as the transit country.
  • This airline acts in accordance with the “IATA Live Animals Regulations”.

Is there a Qatar Airways Pet in Cabin Policy?

A pet-in-cabin policy is available with this operator. Its conditions include:

  • Passengers can carry service animals in the cabin.
  • Birds like falcons can be carried.

The table below has the number of permissible pets on Qatar Airwaysper passenger on board:

Animal in CabinPermitted Number
Falcon1 per traveler
Service dogUp to 2 per passenger

Rules to Transport Falcon in Qatar Airways Economy Class Cabin

Falcons are allowed to travel on board. They can also be transported as checked baggage. The following rules apply:

  • Those who wish to board with their falcon must pay additional/extra baggage fees.
  • Specific laws of the local government also apply to the entry of the bird.
  • Falcon transits are not allowed on board for flights from/to Tunis.
  • As per the Qatar Airways pet policy, modifications can be done for free.
  • You may remove the transit and get a refund or use the value for future bookings.

Can Service Animals Travel in Cabins on Qatar Airways?

The carrier allows you to travel with service animals on select routes in sync with the following:

  • 48 hours prior to your departure, the airline must be informed about the animal.
  • They can travel on board for flights operated by this carrier.
  • Moreover, some countries allow bringing more than 1/one dog on board.
  • For flights to such nations, 2/two service dogs will be allowed per passenger.
  • There are no weight limitations for pets in cabin on Qatar Airways.
  • Some age restrictions may occur when traveling to a particular location.
  • When the dog cannot fit in the designated seat, you will be offered another spot.
  • It is based on the availability of seats on the plane.

Check-in Rules for Service Dogs

The flier must complete the Qatar airport check-in process 1 hour before the regular cutoff. Online check-in is also available.

At this time, you will have to produce evidence for the following:

  • Show proof that the animal accompanying you is a service dog (fully trained).
  • It must be at least 4/months months old, proven by providing:
    • Identification document
    • Other written papers/tags
  • When traveling with pets on Qatar Airways, present the required certificates:
    • From the animal’s veterinarian
    • Record of recent vaccinations

Rules to Manage the Service Dog

This operator has set regulations under which the animal is to be handled on board.

  • It must fit on the lap of the owner or in the space given to rest feet. 
  • The dog must be restrained in some way, such as with a leash or harness, while:
    • In the cabin
    • During transport at “Hamad International Airport”
  • It must have access to clean food as well as water.
  • This must be provided by the owner.
  • As per Qatar Airways rules for pets in this category, use a safety harness during:
    • Take-offDeboarding
    • As indicated by the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign

How Much Does Qatar Airways Pet in Cabin Cost?

Passengers can be charged a transportation fee to get permission to fly with their service animal or falcon on board.

Travel Fee for Service Dogs

They are allowed free of cost on flights operated by this carrier only to/from:

  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Europe
  • Georgia
  • Norway

Note: For other routes, service animals are transported in the checked luggage hold for free.

Cost to Fly with Falcons

In this table, the Qatar Airways pet fee for falcons booked to travel in Economy class is highlighted:

From/ToFar EastEuropeAfricaThe Middle East; Indian Sub-continentAustralia; New Zealand; Japan; South KoreaThe AmericasQatar
Far East450 USD450 USD450 USD270 USD630 USDCAD 820 USD 630240 USD
Europe450 USD450 USD450 USD270 USD630 USDCAD 820 USD 630240 USD
Africa450 USD450 USD450 USD270 USD630 USDCAD 820 USD 630240 USD
The Middle East; Indian Sub-continent270 USD270 USD270 USD135 USD450 USDCAD 590 USD 450115 USD
Australia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea630 USD630 USD630 USD450 USD630 USDCAD 820 USD 630440 USD
ISC270 USD270 USD270 USD135 USD450 USDCAD 590 USD 450115 USD
AmericasCAD 820 USD 630CAD 820 USD 630CAD 820 USD 630CAD 590 USD 450CAD 820 USD 630USD 450 CAD 590
Qatar*900 QAR900 QAR900 QAR450 QAR1620 QARQAR 1620 CAD 580

What is the Qatar Airways Pet Travel Policy for Checked Baggage Transportation?

With the exception of falcons and service dogs, other animals are to be checked as baggage.

  • There is no restriction on the number of animals that may fly as checked luggage.
  • However, a maximum of 2 animals are allowed in the same pet container.
  • You will have to complete the check-in process at the airport.

Pet Carrier Requirements

It is quite important to transport your pets on flights in an appropriate container.

  • All pet carriers should have a standard opening for ventilation.
  • The design must be of appropriate standards.
  • It should be sturdy enough to avoid any scope of escape.
  • The owner is supposed to supply adequate liquids and solids in the pet carrier.

Size for Pet Carriers:

Qatar Airways pet transport regulations specify the importance of appropriate container size.

  • The carrier ought to be spacious enough to allow:
    • Natural movement, and
    • Posture of the animal
  • It must be able to move around and rest in a comfortable position.

Feeding Attachment:

The feeding container must be an attachment to the pet carrier. There should be an option to refill it without opening the safety closure.

Transporting Multiple Animals in the Same Container:

For multiple beings to share the same flying container, the Qatar Airways pet policy has the following parameters:

  • Maximum 2 will be allowed in the same carrier if the weight of each adult animal is 14 kg.
  • Over this standard weight limit, the animals must be transported in separate carriers.
  • Maximum 3 animals no older than 6 months may be allowed when:
    • Weighing up to 14 kg each
    • Belonging to the same litter

What are Qatar Airways Pet Fees for Checked Baggage?

To determine the pet travel cost as part of Qatar Airways checked baggage allowance the following factors are taken under consideration:

  • Route
  • Size of your animal
  • The overall dimension/weight

Size of the Animal

Sum of Measurements and Weight



Up to 32 kg

From/To Qatar:

CAD 260

USD 200

Other routes:

CAD 455

USD 350


Between 32 kg and 75 kg

From/To Qatar:

CAD 390

USD 300

Other routes:

CAD 590

USD 450

Note: This Qatar Airways pet price is applicable even for falcons that are supposed to fly as checked luggage.

Which Qatar Airways Pets/Breeds are Restricted?

Due to the following reasons, certain pets on Qatar Airways have been prohibited:

  • Some breeds of these are prone to heat stroke (temperatures above 69.8°F/21°C):
    • Domestic cats
    • Dogs (domesticated)
  • They cannot maintain their normal body temperature.
  • Considering their safety, the airline restricts their transit.

Banned Cat Breeds:

The following cat breeds are restricted from flying with this carrier:

  • Shirazi
  • Persian
  • Exotic

Restricted Dogs:

All pug/snub-nosed dogs, as well as the following breeds (including mixes), are not permitted by the Qatar Airways pet travel policy:

Restricted Dog Breeds


French Terrier

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

King Charles Spaniel


Boston Terrier

Valley Terrier

Pug (all breeds)

English/British BullDog


Japanese Chin

French BullDog

Shar Pei


Bichon Frise

Neapolitan Mastiff

Shih Tzu

Greyhound dogs with the exception of pets

(Reservation is available for only 2)

Other Animals Limited by Qatar Airways

The below-given list of animals is not accepted by the pet policy of Qatar Airways for transport:

  • Transporting any type of primate for research
  • Animals that are:
    • Under 12/twelve weeks
    • Weak/fragile
  • These rodents can’t be transited as excess luggage:
    • Rabbits
    • Rats
    • Mice
    • Marmots

What are the Restrictions on Dogs/Animals to Enter Specific Countries?

Laws imposed by local governments exist in several countries. Due to the high risk of canine rabies, some nations have entry restrictions on dogs.

Entry to Canada

Entry of commercial dogs from nations with a high risk of rabies has been prohibited in Canada as of 28 September 2022.

  • Exceptionally, entry will still be allowed for service or personal dogs.
  • However, you must produce all required paperwork.
  • Check the Canadian Government’s official site for additional details.

Entry to the United States

Dogs from specific countries have been temporarily prohibited from entering the US. The limitation is based on CDC guidelines.

  • The prohibited nations include countries where rabies risk is high.
  • Dogs can only enter with the CDC’s prior written consent.
  • The “CDC Dog Import Permit” is important when requesting a dog as:
    • Checked baggage, or
    • Service animal

Note: Visit the CDC website for updated information.

Does Qatar Airways Allow Pets as Cargo?

There are multiple scenarios when Qatar Airways pet shipping is executed through its cargo services.

  • This list of animals includes but is not restricted to being shipped via this service:
    • Amphibians
    • Crustaceans
    • Mammals
    • Fishes
    • Reptiles
    • Invertebrates
    • Rodents
  • When connecting from another carrier to a Qatar-operated flight, animals are transported as cargo.
  • Those weighing and measuring over the given standard limit are sent as cargo:
    • Sum of Measurements: Greater than 300 cm/118 inches
    • Total weight: Over 75 kg

Which Dog Breeds are Allowed for Qatar Airways Pet Cargo?

This table highlights the acceptable list of animals when:

  • Shipped as pet cargo on Qatar Airways, and

Meeting IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations) pet container requirements (82)

Cargo Accepted Breeds

American BullDog

Cane Corso

Dogo Argentino

Bull Terrier

Presa Canario

English Mastiff

American Pit Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Chow Chow

Bull Mastiff (English Mastiff)

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Note: To fly with your companion, bring a veterinarian’s certificate stating that it does not fit into any of the categories discussed above.

Transporting Animals from/to Australia

Only Qatar Airways pets as cargo service is available for animal transit to/from Australia.

  • This is based on the regulation of the nation’s local rules.
  • The transit will be through Melbourne.
  • For more information, Post Entry Quarantine Services can be reached at:
MediumContact Information
On call1800 900 090 (61 3) 8318 6700 (outside Australia)

What is Qatar Airways Pet Cargo Price?

The Qatar Airways pet cargo cost varies greatly with the type of animal in transit, origin, and destination.

Visit the carrier’s local cargo office or give them a call to find out the exact cost. Perform the steps below to find the address and contact details:

Qatar Airways pet cargo-Home Page
Qatar Airways pet cargo-Help Centre

The screenshot above is taken from Qatar Airways Cargo’s official website.

  • Run the “Qatar Airways Cargo” website.
  • Go to the end of the home page.
  • Under the “Help Centre” section, click on “Find a Local Office”.
  • On the new page:
    • Select your region.
    • Then choose a country.
  • Once loaded, the list of local offices will include their addresses and phone numbers.

How to Make Qatar Airways Pet Reservations?

Travelers can fill up the online Qatar Airways pet travel form to request the service no less than 48 hours before the flight departs.

  • Navigate to the official site.
  • Select “Help”.
  • You will be directed to a page with multiple actions.
  • Click on the “Carriage of Pets” box.
  • A drop-down action box will appear, add:
    • “Booking Reference”
    • “Last Name” of the traveler
  • The booking details will be retrieved.
  • Read the instructions on the web form and fill in the details carefully.
  • Attach all the necessary documents.
  • Make any applicable payment and confirm the reservation.

What Are the Documentation Requirements for Qatar Airways Pet Travel?

The Qatar Airways pet travel requirements have specified the need for special documents. These include:

  • Health certifications from veterinarians.
  • Pet identification documents, like passport
  • Recent vaccination record
  • Specific documents mandatory in the entry/exit country

Note: To learn more about customs requirements, see “Visa and Other Requirements” in the “Travel Requirements” section on the carrier’s official site.

Service Dogs Documentation Requirements

To fly with your service dog, carry the following documents:

  • Health documents, and
  • Additional certifications that are mandatory in the destination nation/region
  • For trips over 8 hours to/from the United States, carry a softcopy or hardcopy of:
    • Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation (DOT) Form
    • DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form

Document for Transporting Animal/Pet as Cargo

The paperwork varies with the type of animal in transit, origin, destination, and laws of any local regulatory body. The basic documentation for Qatar Airways pet shipping are:

  • Import/export permits
  • Health certificates
  • Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Applicable CITES permit

Additional Requirements

A fit-to-travel veterinary certificate is required for the following conditions:

  • Animals that are lactating and have young ones
  • Over 6/six weeks pregnant dogs/cats

Fliers should connect with the airline’s agent to have a better understanding of the policy or to clear any doubts:

Find the contact details for your country in this table:

CountryPhone Numbers
Argentina+1 877 777 2827
Hong Kong (China)+852 3002 2730
Finland+358 923 191 110
Canada+1 888 366 5666
Germany+49 6917 4899 14
Hungary+36 1 755 5025
India+91 95129 72827
Indonesia(007) 8030160210,  (001) 8030160210
Japan+81 345101960
Kuwait+965 22059250
New Zealand+64 9 8866229
Poland+48 224894858
South Korea82 70 7488 5074
Malaysia+60 392125457
Turkey+90 2129004613

Tip: You can access additional contacts via the website of this operator.

In short, the rules and regulations of the Qatar Airways pet policy are beneficial for planning trips in advance. To ensure your furry friend has a safe trip, this will help you be aware of the transportation guidelines and restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Qatar Airways allow pets in cabin?

Only falcons and service dogs are allowed to fly in cabins.

Can I travel with a pet?

Passengers can check their domestic dogs, birds, and cats as baggage. Other animals are to be transported as cargo.

How many pets can I travel with as checked baggage?

In general, there are no restrictions on the number of animals flying as checked luggage.

How do I transport pets or livestock?

Most animals can be checked as luggage and others are transported as cargo

Can my service dog travel in the cabin with me?

Yes, service companions are permitted on board to assist differently-abled passengers.

Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?

Other than falcons and service dogs on select routes, other pets/animals are allowed on board.

Are there any health, breed, or age restrictions?

Yes, certain health, breed, age, and other restrictions apply when flying with pets.

What kind of travel container should I have for my pet?

The pet container must have proper ventilation, be sturdy enough to prevent escapes, and be appropriately sized.

How much does it cost to travel with my pet?

Go to the official site of this airline to get the updated travel cost for pets in relation to various factors.

Will Qatar Airways provide food and water for my pet?

Even though it’s the responsibility of the owner, the ground staff at Doha offers liquids and food to the animal.

Will it be possible to access my pet during our transfer in Doha?

No, you may not have access to your companion during the entire trip.

Where can we submit a request for carriage of pets?

Find the request form on the “Help” section of the airline’s website. Complete it carefully to submit it online or as per the rules mentioned on the form.

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