Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Understanding baggage policy guidelines and regulations allow travelers to prepare for the trip better. You can choose the type of baggage to carry, get a hold of the applicable charges, and more. Hawaiian airlines baggage policy is a comprehensive guide including all the necessary details.

Here is a rundown of Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy.

What is the Hawaiian Air Checked Bag Policy?

Hawaiian Airlines permits travelers to carry their luggage as checked baggage on the flight following the given guidelines –

Hawaiian air Checked Bag Policy
  • Valid ticket – Passengers must present a valid ticket for transportation on Hawaiian Airlines, codeshare, or for interline transportation, and one or more partner carriers.
  • Same flight – Fliers can carry the baggage only on the flight it has been scheduled for.
    • Flights cannot be switched.
  • Name and Phone Number – Every checked baggage item must include name and contact details.
    • An identification label can be provided at the airport for free.
  • Weight and size dimensions – Hawaiian airlines checked baggage size must be within the linear dimensions of 157 cm or 62 cm or the maximum weight must be 50 pounds or 22.5 kg.
  • Inspection – The items must be presented in front of the airline authorities for inspection by the government.
    • Please do so to avoid baggage refusal at the airport.
  • Baggage Suitability – The baggage must be suitable for transportation. The airline will not accept luggage under the following circumstances –
    • The government prohibits the itemsNot safe to carry in an aircraft compartmentCan damage or injure or pose a safety hazard to other passengers, airport, or equipment due to packaging, contents, nature, or characteristics
    • Not adequately packaged to handle ordinary catering by airline staff
  • Valid Destination – The baggage will not be permitted to travel to the destination if it fits the given description –
    • Traveling to a non-ticketed travel point.
    • Traveling beyond the stopover point or if they are no stopover beyond the designated final destination
    • Beyond the point to reclaim the baggage or any of its portions.
    • Beyond the point up for which the charges are paid, etc.
  • Exemptions – Hawaiian Airlines allow GOV/MIL Fare Travel, International Travel, First Class Passengers, and Pualani Gold/Premier Club/Corporate Members can carry 2 bags free.
    • Pualani Platinum members can carry 3 bags free.

What are the applicable Hawaiian airlines baggage fees for checked baggage?

Hawaiian airlines checked baggage fee depends on the destination and the route on which the baggage is traveling. Add to that –

hawaiian airlines baggage fees
Travel pointsThe First bag fee per piece (Each way)Second bag fee per piece (Each way)  Third and each additional followed item fee per piece (Each way)  
Within the state of Hawaii or Neighbour Islands25 USD35 USD50 USD
For all domestic routes not within Hawaii or North America30 USD40 USD100 USD
International First ClassFreeFree150 USD

NOTE – Connect the airline for the latest checked luggage charges.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy for Carry on luggage?

You can carry items on the aircraft by abiding by the following terms and conditions of the Hawaiian airlines carry on baggage policy-

  • Number allowed – You can carry one carry on baggage item and one personal item on all Hawaiian-operated flights.
  • Hawaiian Airlines carry on luggage size and weight dimensions – Do not exceed 9L x 14W x 22H or linear dimensions – 45 inches or 114 cms
    • Weight is limited to 25 pounds or 11 kg.
  • Personal Items – The personal items must be small enough to fit safely under the seat.
    • Items may include a small backpack, laptop computer, purse, or a briefcase

What are the Hawaiian Airlines baggage rules for Cargo Reservations and the charges?

Hawaiian Airlines allows Air Cargo facility for established shippers to ship boxes to designated locations. Add to that –

  • It is mandatory to apply as a certified shipper with the airline via the Shipper form.
  • The feature is limited to companies and certified shippers.
    • For personal queries, contact the airline.
  • There are three shipping options available – General, Priority, and JetExpress

What are the Hawaiian Airlines Cargo travel charges?

The charges differ based on the service routes and type of commodities. Here is an overview of the applicable charges –

Type of flightsGeneral – Fast (Within 48 hours)Priority –  Faster (Depends on flight)JetExpress – Fastest (Next flight)
Interisland35 USD50 USD60 USD
Continental US65 USD85 USD120 USD
Hawaiian airlines international baggage allowance125 USD200 USD 

Specific commodity charges – Special commodities have an assigned code and the charges differ. Special commodities include –

Live, tropical fish
Non cremated Human remains
Live or dead seafood and fish
Printed materials
All kinds of freight, except live animals within Hawaiian pet policy and human remains
Fruits and/or vegetables

What are Hawaiian airlines overweight baggage fees and oversize baggage fees?

Hawaiian Airlines allow travelers to carry their heavy luggage to the designated destination for additional charges. Add to that –

hawaiian airlines baggage limits
  • The additional charges are applicable on bags exceeding 50 pounds or linear dimensions greater than 62 inches and outside linear dimensions of 80 inches or 203 cm.
  • The airline does not permit travelers to carry bags beyond 100 pounds or 45 kg.
  • Separate fee for rechecking bags post-Stopover – Fliers with stopovers must reclaim their baggage at the Stopover point.
    • You may have to pay applicable baggage fees after you recheck your luggage items.
  • Here is a rundown of the applicable oversize and overweight baggage charges on travel –
    • Additional fee for overweight baggage – The overweight baggage fee is as follows –
Travel PointsOverweight baggage fee for weight between 51-70 pounds (23 – 31.5 kg)
Between points within Hawaii35 USD
For Domestic travel not fully within Hawaii50 USD
  • Additional fee for oversize baggage – Consider the following oversize baggage fee –
Travel PointsOversize baggage fee for dimensions above 62 inches, below 80 inches
Between points within Hawaii35 USD
For Domestic travel not fully within Hawaii100 USD

What are the Hawaii airline guidelines for special items?

Hawaii Airlines allow travelers to carry certain special items such as checked luggage or carry on if they follow the established guidelines.

  • The airline permits fragile and perishable goods as special items, not covered in the list if it qualifies the conditions.

Items permitted as Checked baggage – Here are the items you can carry as checked items if they satisfy the terms and conditions –

Type of ItemsDetails
Ammunitions● Must be declared in advance of travel.
● Must abide by government laws at the origin airport and final airport.
● Maximum weight – 11 pounds or 5 kg
● Not more than one ammunition is allowed in a single bag.
● Must be packaged in the original manufacturer packaging, and must be placed to protect against shock, and secure movement.  
● Bulk packaged or loose ammunition in containers, boxes, or bags
● Ammunitions with explosives
● May not be carried in magazines or clips.
Animals (Live)● Service and support animals
● Dogs, cats, and birds
AntlersCan be checked only if –
● Size of aircraft and load conditions allow
● Must be packed in a protective or cool case and skulls must be wrapped to protect tips.
● Maximum allowed dimensions – 120 linear inches
Archery equipmentAllowed for a fee
Baseball equipmentAllowed for a baggage fee
Boogie boards and skimboardsAllowed
Bowling EquipmentAllowed for a fee
Canoe PaddlesAllowed for a fee
Child Restraint Seats, Booster Seats, and Strollers● Only one of the items is allowed for child use for free.
● Opt for the right Hawaiian seat selection by contacting the airline.
Dry ice as checked item● Total allowed amount – 5.5 pounds or 2.5 kg
● Must be declared to the representatives during check in.
● Item must be labeled “Dry ice” or “Carbon dioxide solid”
● The package must allow pressure release during transportation.
FirearmsYou can carry firearms as checked luggage by following the given rules –
● Declare firearms in advance.
● Empty and remove clips and magazines from the firearms.
● Container must be locked with a key and lock combination
Football and Golfing equipmentAllowed for a fee.
Fishing equipmentCan be allowed as standard checked bag items.
● Fishing poles up to 115 inches or 292 cm allowed.
Hockey/ Lacrosse equipment● Allowed as a standard bag for a fee
● Sign a liability release form during check in
● Only one hockey/lacrosse equipment baggage item checked as a standard bag.
Snowboard equipmentAllowed for a standard baggage fee
Surf, Kite, Paddle, and Wakeboards● Boards are part of the free baggage allowance to travel between Australia and USA or New Zealand

NOTE – Head to the official website to find out other items that qualify as special items and additional details that apply.

Items permitted as Carry on luggage item- Here is the carry on items that qualify as special luggage items within the hawaiian airlines carry on baggage weight limit-

Type of ItemsDetails
Musical Instruments● One musical instrument is allowed as carry on allowance
● It must be safely stored in the overhead area
● Space must be available upon boarding the flight
Assistive Devices● Allowed for those with disabilities  
● Must fit in the overhead area and space available while boarding the flight
Ancillary items● Pocketbook or handbag
● Small foot rug
● Overcoat, jacket, wrap
● An umbrella
● Walking stick
● A camera
● A pair of binoculars
● Reasonable amount of reading for the flight
● Food including baby food for the flight
Dry ice as carry on● You can carry 5.5 pounds or 2.5 kg worth dry ice.
● It must be properly labeled, packaged, and have space for gas pressure disposal.
Wagons, carts, and other similar goods● Permitted as carry on if they can not be carried as carry on items.
● Check in the items at kiosks or ticket counters.
Child Restraint Seats and Booster Seats● Child Restraint Seats and Booster Seats allowed as carry on, is subject to storage restrictions on the flight.
Strollers● One stroller is allowed only if you are traveling with a child using a stroller
● There must be space in the overhead compartment or in the space below the seat in front of you.
Firearms and Law enforcement officers● Authorized personnel like diplomatic couriers and law enforcement officers can carry firearms, tasers, ammunition, electroshock weapons, etc.
● The person must identify themselves at the Hawaiian airlines check in baggage time.

NOTE – Visit the official website “Carry on baggage allowance” section for more information.

What are the guidelines to carry bicycles on Hawaiian airlines check in baggage?

Non-motorized bikes or racing bicycles with single seats can be allowed as checked items –

  • Maximum weight must not exceed 100 pounds or 45 kg.
  • Bicycles and accessories must be kept in a cardboard bike box or hard-sized container.
  • The sealed box, soft-sided or hard-sided cases cannot exceed 62 inches and less than 115 inches.
  • Here is an overview of the applicable baggage charges to carry bicycles –
Travel PointsCase weight between 51-70 pounds (23 – 31.5 kg)Case weight between 71-100 pounds (32 – 45 kg)
Between points within Hawaii60 USD120 USD
Various points within the USA, not fully within Hawaii150 USD250 USD

How to carry musical instruments on Hawaiian airlines check in baggage as special items?

Musical instruments qualify as standard checked baggage items by abiding by the airline’s terms and conditions. Keep note that –

hawaiian airlines check in baggage time
  • Each musical instrument must be packaged separately.
  • Outside linear dimensions must not exceed 150 inches or 381 cm or aircraft size restrictions.
  • Weight of the instrument must not go beyond 165 pounds or 74.5 kg or aircraft restrictions.
  • Instruments are subject to visual inspection for any previous damage.
  • The musical instruments must be packaged adequately in a bag or designated container to protect them from damage.
  • String instruments must be loosened before transportation.
  • Here is an overview of the additional baggage charges applicable to musical instruments not qualifying standard baggage –

Based on weight – Here are the charges applicable for musical instruments –

Travel PointsCase weight between 51-70 pounds (23 – 31.5 kg)Case weight between 71-165 pounds (32 – 74.5 kg)
Between points within Hawaii35 USD70 USD
For Domestic travel, not fully within Hawaii50 USD200 USD

Based on size – Here are the applicable oversize baggage charges for musical instruments –

Travel PointsOversize baggage fee for dimensions above 62 inches, below outside linear dimensions of 150 inches (381 cm)
Within Hawaii35 USD
For Domestic travel not fully within Hawaii100 USD

What are the items not permitted on Hawaii airlines?

Hawaii Airlines have restricted some items due to potential hazards to other passengers, risk to other baggage or cargo goods, or hampering the quality of other equipment and items on the aircraft. Add to that –

  • Items listed within the following regulations are not permitted-
    • DOT hazardous materials regulations
    • The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
    • Or/and the International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by air
  • Ensure that some items prohibited as checked luggage or carry on luggage may be transported as an Air Cargo.

Here is the list of some of the prohibited or restricted items on Hawaii Airlines –

Type of ItemsRestricted or Prohibited items
Those interfering with aviation, its equipment, etc.● Powerful magnetized materials
● Swingless golf clubs
Combustible or flammable items● Camping stoves and heating devices
● Compressed canned gasses like Oxygen
● New, cleaned, old, or purged fuel canisters
● Explosives, fireworks, ammunitions, and flares
Powder-actuated cartridgesProhibited
Engine or car partsItems likely to be combustible, flammable, or explosives are restricted
Miscellaneous Prohibited Items● Briefcases and attaché with alarm devices
● Styrofoam containers unless packed inside a box or container
● Spare light bulbs except those energy-efficient and sturdy to not break
● LED decorative lights not allowed unless –
● Properly packaged to prevent breakage
● Not attached to a flammable device or item
● Tires for road or terrain vehicles
● Standard bicycle tires
● Wet ice except if it is in a sealable drink container
Corrosives● Acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries
● Oil-based or water-based paints
● Fermented fish sauces
● Nail polish and remover, except in minute quantities for individual usage
● Specimens in salt water
Toxic gasses or hazardous items● Mercury or oxidizing substances
● Self-defense spray
● Vaccines
● Items that emit toxic gasses or emissions in water contact
Hoverboards● Single or two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters not allowed
Smart bags● Checked bag – Allowed as a checked item if the battery can be taken out.
● Carry on bag – It can also be carried as carry on if the battery can be taken off.

NOTE – You can visit the official website to get the list of other prohibited or restricted items or contact the airline for a comprehensive list of items.

What are the Hawaiian airlines lost baggage policy for delayed, damaged, or lost baggage?

If your baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged, it is recommended to reach out to the Hawaiian Airlines baggage service counters at the airport location. In addition to that-

hawaiian airlines lost baggage policy
  • Submit the preliminary notice to claim the baggage loss/ delay/damage within 4 hours of arrival at the destination airport.
  • The arrival flight date is called the “Claim date”.
  • The hours of operation – 8 AM – 6:30 PM HST, seven days a week
  • Here are the contact details for the airline to connect for Baggage Claim –
Ways to ContactHawaiian Airlines Central Baggage Services Office Contact Details
Phone866-389-6654 (Toll-Free)
MailP.O. Box 30008 Honolulu, HI 96820

What is the compensation offered for lost or damaged baggage with Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines allow passengers to get compensation if the part or whole of the baggage is damaged, lost, or delayed.

Type of BaggageCompensation
Checked BaggageUp to 3,800 USD per ticketed traveler
Wheelchairs and other assistive devicesHawaiian airlines baggage limits for compensation do not apply
Carry on baggageThe airline is not responsible to cater for the loss/ damage to baggage or other items

NOTE – Connect with the airline for more details regarding baggage claims and compensation.

You can use the comprehensive guide mentioned above to get all the crucial details regarding the available types of baggage and applicable charges. You can further connect with Hawaiian Airlines for a variety of other concerns and issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry my guitar on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, you can carry one musical instrument of your choice like a guitar but ensure to keep the strings loosened.

What items are not allowed as carry on baggage on Hawaiian?

Some items not permitted as carry on include the engine or its parts, briefcases, spare light bulbs, corrosives, etc.

What is the weight limit for checked luggage on Hawaiian Airlines?

The maximum allowed Hawaiian airlines checked bag weight is 50 pounds.

Can I carry alcohol on Hawaiian Airlines?

You can carry up to 5 liters of alcohol in checked luggage. You may not carry drinks with alcohol content beyond 24%.

What is the Hawaiian checked baggage fee?

The checked baggage fee may cost up to 150 USD per item based on the number of items a flier checks in.

What is the Hawaiian airlines baggage allowance domestic?

The domestic baggage allowance for checked luggage is 25 USD for 1st item, 35 USD for 2nd, and 50 USD for 3rd item.

What are the Hawaiian oversize luggage dimensions and the applicable fee?

Items exceeding 62 inches in linear measurements qualify as oversized luggage. It may cost up to 100 USD per item.

Where do I have to pay the Hawaiian baggage fee?

You can pay the applicable baggage charges during online or airport check in as the charges are not prepaid.

What are the restricted items on Hawaiian Air?

Some of the restricted items include swing less golf clubs, explosives, fireworks, flares, ammunition, Powder-actuated cartridges, etc.

What are the weight and size dimensions for Hawaiian carry on bags?

Hawaiian airline carry on baggage size must not exceed 25 pounds or linear dimensions of 45 inches.

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