Hawaiian Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

The largest carrier in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines has come up with a comprehensive compensation policy. This Hawaiian Airlines flight delay compensation policy helps customers in claiming their remuneration. In case of unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or machinery breakdowns, your flights can sometimes get delayed or canceled.

In such circumstances, you will have to wait long hours. This will cause a change in your plans and can alter the entire course of the journey. Therefore, airlines will be obliged to compensate for your lost time. Hence, a clear understanding of this policy can prove to be immensely beneficial to all passengers. 

Hawaiian Airlines Delay Compensation Policy Rules

For this airline to provide you with the right amount of compensation, it has to follow a detailed protocol. Hence, several rules have been given in the Hawaiian Airlines delay policy. These rules help in determining the most viable method for claiming compensation and the process to obtain it. It also highlights different ways in which the airline provides your remuneration. 

Given below are the main rules and regulations mentioned by this policy: 

  • You will not be entitled to reimbursement when your flight has been delayed due to reasons not controlled by the airline. These include natural disasters, abrupt weather changes, storms, wars, riots, and strikes. 
  • To submit your compensation request, you will have to provide certain receipts like tickets, boarding pass stubs, and expense receipts when possible. 
  • You will be given the Hawaiian Airlines delay compensation, provided that your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more. 
  • The course of your journeys like your flight itinerary, the entire flight distance, and your arrival destination can also affect your compensation. 
  • Should your flight be delayed due to a change in the schedule, then you will be entitled to claim a refund. 
  • Compensatory amenities may not be provided to a passenger at a stopover whose flight has been delayed due to air traffic and weather forecast reports. 
  • Exceptions under the “EU Passengers Rights Policy” apply to the policy of this airline. 

Note: The rules of delayed baggage compensation differ from those of flight delays. A different procedure will be followed in case of delayed or damaged bags. 

Hawaiian Airlines Delayed Baggage Compensation

Quite possibly, you may land on time at your destination airport. However, your bags may arrive late. Sometimes, they may arrive on time but be damaged.

Such instances are not frequent but their possibility cannot be completely denied. Understanding this, Hawaiian Airlines lets you claim recompense for delayed/damaged items. 

These are the rules that apply while you claim Hawaiian Airlines delayed baggage compensation:

  • You need to immediately get to the bag service counter of the carrier. It will be available at the airport where you are present.
  • Ensure that you report within 4 hours of landing.
  • A notice will have to be given to the airline at the said counter.
  • To follow the status of the notice afterward, you must connect with Hawaiian Airlines’ Central Baggage Services Office. These are the details needed to do so:

Note: On any day of the week, you can use the above-shared details between 8.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.

How to Get Hawaiian Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation?

On this airline, you can claim your reimbursement through both online and offline options. You can choose the best method for requesting Hawaiian airlines delay compensation at your convenience. Both of these methods are viable and easy to follow. They suit the competence of different customers all around. Hence, understanding how each of these methods works will help you in making your choice. 

Method 1: Via Writing/Faxing

You can claim your recompense by writing to the airline. This letter can be sent to it either in the form of a traditional email or by fax. This method of requesting the Hawaiian Airlines delayed flight compensation is explained below: 

  • You will have to send a well-structured letter to the official address of this airline, that is: 

Hawaiian Airlines 

Consumer Affairs Office 

PO Box 30008

Honolulu, HI 96820

Otherwise, you can send a fax to the number 808-838-6777.

  • In this letter, mention clearly your flight delay, the reason, and the time for which the trip was held up. 
  • You will then have to mention your “Ticket Number”, “Boarding Pass Stubs” and “Expense Receipts” as given in the Hawaiian Airlines delay policy. 
  • Upon receiving your writing, the carrier will soon get in touch with you and adhere to your requirements. 

Method 2: By Contacting Customer Care

One of the easier options to make any request is to directly get in touch with the customer care agents. This will make the process of making the Hawaiian Airlines flight delay compensation claim more time-efficient. The authorities will provide you with correct guidance on how to make your claim. 

Under this option: 

  • Call the air operator at its toll-free number which is 1-800-367-5320. 
  • Inform the agents about the reason for your call. 
  • Provide the necessary details like passenger information, ticket number, and any additional information asked. 
  • After scrutinizing your details, the authorities will tell you about the compensation you will receive and how. 

Follow the instructions given by them to access your payment. 

What can You Get as Flight Delay Compensation on Hawaiian Airlines?

When there is a delay of more than four hours in your flight, you will be entitled to a variety of compensatory amenities. Not only in terms of cash but certain services can also be found in these amenities. Their sole purpose will be to help you in some way to make up for your loss.

Given below are the main flexibilities the Hawaiian Airlines offers to passengers: 

  • Free Meals: Complimentary meal services which are actually to be received on the flight, will be given to passengers at the airport. These meals will be provided within 24 hours from the interference in the schedule of the flight. 
  • Hotel Services: In accordance with the flight delay compensation Hawaiian Airlines, passengers will be given hotel accommodation. This is when the period of delay is between 10.00 P.M. and 6.00 A.M. These hotel services will only be given no more than 24 hours. Additionally, customers whose permanent residence is in the region of the delay will not be entitled to these services. 
  • Transportation Facilities: Passengers can enjoy free transportation services between the airport and the downtown region in case of delays. In addition, free ground transportation will be provided from the airport and the hotel room of the traveler. 
  • Communication Services: You will be allowed to make a long-distance call via telephone for free. You will also be permitted to send a telegram of about 15 words at no cost. These services are available within the United States. For communication outside the U.S., you can send one message through the internal communication system of Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • Flight Refund: Considering that your delay has been going on for too long, then you can cancel your flight altogether. In these circumstances, you will have the opportunity to claim a refund. It will be provided in accordance with the price of your ticket. You can contact the carrier directly to know the exact amount. 

This airline may also offer you services for your pet, given the scenario. However, to be certain about this, you should get in touch with Hawaiian. It can confirm whether or not aid will be possible for your pet.

Note: Exceptions apply to the above-mentioned Hawaiian Airlines flight delay compensation amenities. These are seen when your flight is delayed due to issues not controllable by the operator. 

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Amount

When your flight has been held up for more than four hours, you can claim monetary compensation. This depends on the distance you are supposed to cover.

The monetary Hawaiian Airlines delay compensation can be provided along with the other amenities. However, several regulations are incorporated while providing this type of reimbursement. 

Given below is the amount compensated according to the flight’s distance: 

Distance to be Covered Compensation Provided per Person 
More than 3500 km Around 600 Euros or 626 USD
Between 1500 and 3500 km Nearly 400 Euros or 417 USD
More than 1500 km Approximately 400 Euros or USD 417 
Less than 1500 km About 250 Euros or USD 261 

Note: You can visit the website of the carrier to know about the latest updates regarding reimbursement. There, you can also get insights relating to Hawaiian Airlines delayed baggage compensation, flexibilities, or other basic information. 

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Claim

You want to claim a refund for your delayed flight. In order to do so, you will first have to cancel your ticket. Then ensure that you have the confirmation of its cancellation. Later, you can use the online method to claim your refund. 

Regarding the online method, you will have to send an email to the air operator. This can be done after signing into its authorized site. This is the most commonly used option since it is immensely convenient to use. Moreover, it is the quickest way to claim your flight delay compensation Hawaiian Airlines. 

While using this option, you will have to log in to your account with the airline. This step-by-step process is explained below: 

  • Open the site of the carrier. Or, you may click on “www.hawaiianairlines.com”.
  • On the top-right corner, you will find a tab titled “Sign-In”. Click on this. 
  • Log in to your account by entering your email and password. 
  • Now, on the main page, click on the “Contact Us” option. It will be given in the upper panel of tabs. 
  • Scroll down on the redirected page to find the email section. 
  • Tap the “Send Us an Email” link highlighted in pink. 
  • You will then be provided with four options. From these select the “Make A Request” option. 
  • A new page will open where you will have to provide your details. Here, select the topic related to Hawaiian Airlines delayed flight compensation. Then you have to enter “Refund” 
  • Add your contact information like your first name and phone number. Give your flight details as well. 
  • Review the information added, especially your name. Any inaccuracies in the same can prevent the quickness of this procedure. Should you face problems later on due to the incorrect detail, you may change name on Hawaiian Airlines ticket.
  • Attach your documents and click on the “Submit” option. Your request will now be sent to the airline.

Note: The carrier will soon get into contact with you and carry out the necessary procedures. 

Bottom Line

This airline provides various facilities to the passengers in case of disruptions in the flight schedule. The Hawaiian Airlines flight delay compensation policy provides both monetary and service flexibilities. It additionally enables fliers to claim their amount through various options. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about delays while flying with this airline. You can be assured of receiving assistance to the possible extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to claim Hawaiian Airlines delay compensation?

You can request your delay compensation either online or offline. For the online method, you will have to submit a letter or an email to the airline. Should you choose the offline option, then you can contact the customer care service of the carrier. Both these methods are convenient and easy to use.

Is Hawaiian Airlines delayed baggage compensation similar to a flight delay?

Baggage and flight delays are different. The rules for flight delay compensation are different from those for delayed luggage. For the latter, you will be provided options like baggage tracking, claim, as well as lost and found. While for the former, you will only get monetary or service compensation.

Can I request Hawaiian delay compensation offline?

You can connect to the airline agents at the toll-free number which is 808-838-6777. Mention your reason for calling. Provide your ticket number. Then give an expense receipt. The agents will soon initiate the process of providing you with the Hawaiian Airlines delayed flight compensation in a few days.

Can I get a refund for the Hawaiian delayed flight?

When you wish to avoid the flight delay compensation Hawaiian Airlines and directly get a refund, you can do so. You will simply have to cancel your reservation. Then send an email to the airline through its site. A refund will be provided to you as per your ticket fare, destination, and flight itinerary.

What is given as Hawaiian delay compensation?

In case of flight delays of more than 4 hours, you can get various compensatory features. These include free meals, free communication, and transportation services. The Hawaiian Airlines delay policy also provides hotel services. Other than this, a refund can be claimed for canceled flights.

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