Hawaiian Airlines Check In policy

If you find check in as an overwhelming experience and cannot find boarding zones easily, understanding the Check in policy is crucial for passengers. In this article we have simplified the process for Hawaiian Airlines check-in guidelines. 

Refer to the in-depth details for airline check in time, the process, and boarding zones.

What are the Check in timings allotted by Hawaiian Airlines?

It is recommended to understand the Hawaiian Airlines check in timings to reach the airport on time. Follow the given timeline to check in with Hawaiian Airlines with or without checked items-

What is Web and Mobile Check in and its guidelines?

Hawaiian airlines web check-in is a great option to efficiently request flight check in on flights operated by Hawaiin airlines. 

Check in Time – Hawaiian airlines online check in starts 24 hours before flight departure. However, the passengers can also check in advance on the website portal and pay for possessions in advance. 

The location-based Hawaiian check in timings are as follows – 

Locations Check in Timings 
Between Hawaii and Neighbour Island Up to 30 mins before flight departure
Between Hawaii and North America Up to 45 mins before flight departure
Between Hawaii and International Locations Up to 60 mins before flight departure

Information Required – Keep handy the following details for check in on the website portal – 

  • Ticket booking number or the ticket confirmation code
  • The last name of the passenger 

What are the guidelines for Kiosk/Self Check-in?

The passengers can use the kiosk check-in counters to check at the airport counter.

Hawaiian Airlines check in time: The check-in time remains the same as above.

Information Required – The passengers must keep the following information handy to request Hawaiian flight check in at the kiosk – 

  • Passport and visa 
  • Booking reservation confirmation code 
  • E-ticket number
  • Receipt or print out of the mobile boarding pass
  • HawaiinMiles number 
  • Other specific travel documents

What are the documents required to complete the check-in with Hawaiian Airlines?

Passengers check-in in at the airport with Hawaiian Airlines must keep the following documents handy – 

  • Booking confirmation
  • Passport or government issued photo ID
  • Visa for international travel

After the check-in in completed, the airline issues – 

  • Boarding pass
  • Bag tags, if carrying a checked item.

How to Check in with Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian airlines flight check in choices are diverse and available for passengers based on their preferences and convenience. The check in alternatives aims to reduce wait times. You can find the check in choices mentioned below – 

How to check in with Hawaiian airlines over the website?

The official website makes Hawaiian airlines check in online convenient and feasible for passengers. It is a great choice for passengers who wish to avoid long wait times and process their requests faster. The steps are as follows-

  • Head to the official website and choose “Manage Flights” on the main menu. Check Hawaiin airlines manage bookings to get insights on the facilities offered via managing flights option.
  • Choose the option “Check in”.
Hawaiian Airlines Manage Flights
The authorized website of Hawaiian Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • Enter the “confirmation code”, “ticket number”, or “HawaiianMiles number” to access the flight details.
  • Click on “View my trip” and check in yourself and other companions on the flight.
  • Complete the process by selecting options like Hawaiian air check in baggage allowance and paying the fees, selecting, upgrading, or changing the seat selection for the flight, and choosing meal preferences. 
  • Print the item tags and the boarding pass on the website portal.

How to request Hawaiian Airlines Mobile Check in? 

Hawaiian airlines check in policy promotes passengers to use mobile applications available on android and iOS. Follow the steps as follows-

  • Click on the Review my bookings section and check in yourself and other companions for the flight. 
  • Review and submit the luggage at drop off for Hawaiian airlines check-in and pay the necessary fee for checked bags. 
  • You can also choose other facilities like seat preference, changing, or upgrading the seat, meal preferences, etc. 
  • Complete the process and download the mobile boarding pass. 
  • The mobile app also processes requests like offering real-time notifications for flight time changes and modifications. 
  • In some airports, information related to your possessions claims and gate directions with the facility of airport maps is also available. 

NOTE: The passengers need not download the boarding pass and the changes will be instantly updated in the Hawaiian airlines check in boarding pass.

Does Hawaiian Airlines offer Airport Check in?

The passengers can connect with the airline at the airport counter and complete the Hawaiian air check in process as follows- 

  • Make sure to reach the airport 2-3 hours before the check in.
  • Reach the counter and provide the booking reference number or the booking ID at the counter. 
  • You must offer essential details like travel documents, checked items tags, meal preferences, additional luggage charges if applicable, and special requests like Hawaiin airline pet policy, seat choices, etc. 
  • Submit your possessions at drop off and the airline staff will process the request. 
  • Complete the security and customs requirements and head to the boarding gate.

Does Hawaiian offer Kiosk/ Self Check-in at the airport?

The passengers can complete Hawaiian airlines domestic check in and international check in at the kiosk. Follow the given process to complete check in at the kiosk counters located throughout the airport. – 

  • Check the airport check in times and head to the airport. 
  • Enter flight details like the booking reference number or HawaiianMiles number. 
  • Pick the required services like check-in items, selecting or upgrading the seats, etc. 
  • You can also add additional requests like meal preferences and special assistance for disabled passengers, etc. 
  • Print the belongings tags. 
  • Once the request is processed, print the boarding pass. 
  • Complete check-in, and drop off luggage as per Hawaiian airlines check in at the drop-off counter. 
  • Proceed to the area for security and customs and head to the boarding gate. 

How to connect with Hawaiian Airlines for Check in Over the Phone?

The passengers can also connect with the airline over the phone to get the required solutions for Hawaiian Airlines check in. 

Follow the steps given below to connect with the airline customer executive for Hawaiian airlines check in phone number facility – 

  • Click on “Contact us” and choose the “Call option”.
  • Connect with 1-800-367-5320 for general inquiries.
  • You can also connect with the airline on the additional contact numbers available on the official website.
  • The airline call executive will offer the available choice and will process the request as required.

Is Hawaiian Airlines Live Chat Support available for check in?

The passengers can connect with the staff member via live chat support for any queries and receive quick solutions. You access live chat support as follows- 

  • Click on “Contact us” on the top-right side of the page. 
  • You will see various choices to connect with the airline. Choose “Live chat”. 
  • The chat agents are available 24/7. Keep note that the live chat facility is subject to availability. 
  • Connect with the agents to request a Hawaiian web check in. 
  • They will process the request and complete the check in.

What are Hawaiian Airlines Social Media Platforms for Queries and Help?

Passengers can connect with the airline on the social media platforms to get details on the Hawaiian airlines check-in timings, share feedback, and queries, and receive the best response within 24 hours. The passengers can share queries on the doubts they have regarding their boarding passes as well. 

Here are some of the social media platforms where Hawaiian airlines are active – 

Social Media Platform Links 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HawaiianAirlines
Twitter https://twitter.com/HawaiianAir
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hawaiianairlines/

What are the check-in times required at the airport for Hawaiian Airlines?

The Hawaii airlines check in time may differ from one airport to another. Here are some of the key airports with the respective check in requirements. 

  • North America from and to Hawaii 

Have a look at the Hawaii airlines check in and steps if you are traveling between Hawaii and North America. – 

Check In Steps Involved Conditions
Check- in Check in begins online 24 hours before flight departure. 
Arrival Time Make sure to check in the lobby up to 2 hours 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time. 
Printing Requirements The Passengers must print the item tags at the kiosk using the HawaiianMiles number or the booking confirmation code. 
Drop Off ● Drop off the luggage at the counter for inspection.
NOTE – Inspection for agricultural products is conducted for flights departing from Hawaii.
Cut-Off/ Closing Time ● Online check in closing time – 1 hour before flight departure. 
● The check in process must be completed 45 minutes before the flight leaving time. 
  • Neighbor Island Flights 

Refer to the following check-in timings and follow Hawaiian airlines check in luggage rules when traveling across Neighbour Island. – 

Check In Steps Involved Conditions
Check- in Check in starts 24 hours before flight time. 
Arrival Time Make sure to reach the lobby 1 hour 30 minutes before flight time to complete the process. 
Printing Requirements ● Luggage tags and boarding passes must be printed from the kiosk. 
● You can use the HawaiianMiles number or the booking code to print the requirements. 
Drop Off Drop the belongings at the counter. 
Cut-Off/ Closing Time ● Online check in closes 1 hour before flight time. 
● The check in processes must be completed 30 minutes before the flight departure.
  • International Flights 

If you are traveling to international locations from Hawaii, here are the instructions to keep in mind for Hawaiian airlines international check in – 

Check In Steps Involved Conditions
Check- in Check in online starts 24 hours in advance of the flight departure. 
Arrival Time Passengers must check in the lobby 3 hours before flight departure. 
Printing Requirements Print belonging tags using a six-digit confirmation code or other valid proof. The printed boarding pass is mandatory. 
Drop Off Drop your possessions at the designated counter. 
Cut-Off/ Closing Time The check-in requirements must be completed an hour before departure. 

What are the Boarding Zones for Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian airline’s boarding process includes reduced gate area restrictions and lower wait times. It is recommended to reach the boarding gate area before boarding time. In addition – 

  • There are two boarding lanes represented by Boarding Lane Signs – Main cabin guests and First/ Business class. 
  • Business Class / First Class remains open through the main cabin boarding to enable Pualani Elite, First Class, and Premier club members. 
  • Boarding Gate Area – The passengers must reach the airport 30 minutes before flight departure. 
    •  The passengers who reach the boarding area later than 30 minutes are likely to be denied boarding and ticketed on the upcoming flights.

Boarding Lanes – Here is the boarding process followed by Hawaiian Airlines for First/ Business Class Lane and Main Cabin Lane. 

  • First/ Business Class Lane- Refer to the table below for information on the First/ Business class boarding lane-
Boarding LanePassengers Permitted
Pre Boarding ClassUnaccompanied minors Passengers requiring help or support
Premium Cabin ClassBusiness class and First-Class passengers
 Zone 1Pualani Platinum Members
 Zone 2Premier Club Members

NOTE – The passengers must check the official website for more information on Zone 1 and Zone 2 allowed passengers.

  • Main Cabin Lane – The passengers must refer to the table below-
Boarding LanePassengers Permitted
Early BoardingFamilies with kids below the age of 2 years (Check Hawaiian unaccompanied minor policy for child travel.) Military personnel on active duty
Zone 3Guests who have purchased comfort seat
Zone 4 & 5Passengers with main cabin seats
Zone 6Passengers with main cabin basic seats

NOTE – Make sure to check the official website for information on Zone 4 and Zone 5 allowed passengers.

This suffices all the details important to a passenger for Hawaiian Airlines check in. Read the aforementioned information and understand the different check in Hawaiian airlines times and deadlines dedicated to North America, Neighbor islands, and International locations.

Consider the travel time and the time to complete security and customs to make an informed decision on the type of check-in ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel check-in with Hawaiian Airlines?

You can cancel check-in on the website under “Manage my Booking”, or via the Hawaiian airlines check-in mobile app via the link on the boarding pass.

Who is eligible for Hawaiian Airlines online check-in?

Passengers flying on domestic, international, and connecting flights handled by Hawaiin airlines are eligible for check-in via airline.

What is the international check-in time for Hawaiian flights?

The passengers must arrive at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

How Do I Get My Hawaiian Airlines Boarding Pass via the mobile app?

The passengers can choose “Review Bookings” and check in themselves and their items in the mobile app to obtain the hawaiian boarding pass.

What Information is Required to Begin the Hawaiian Flight Check-in Request?

A passport, ticket confirmation or booking code, and passenger travel document must be presented at the airport.

Can I Use Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Online When I Have Bags to Check in?

Yes. The passengers can check-in online and check their belongings on the website portal.

How to request Hawaiian Web Check-in If I Bought My Ticket at a Travel Agency?

You can Hawaiian Airlines web check in yourself with the correct credentials provided; you must have a 6-digit booking reference.

How many hours before can I check in at Hawaiian Airlines?

Check-in opens up to 24 hours before flight departure.

Is it mandatory to check in online with Hawaiian Airlines?

No. Passengers can check in via other platforms like the airport counter, kiosk check-in, or mobile application.

How can I check in from the US for a Hawaiian flight?

The passengers can check in from 24 hours before the flight departure up to 2 hours 30 minutes before flight departure.

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