Avianca Airlines Pet Policy

Many pet owners prefer to bring along their animals on board. Because of this, flying or traveling with pets is now being made possible by many carriers. Similarly, Avianca Airlines also has come up with a separate policy that facilitates easy pet travel. This is known as the Avianca Airlines pet policy. It has been specially designed to determine all conditions as well as regulations related to pet transport. Hence, in case you plan on choosing this airline, you ought to go through this pet policy and understand its guidelines in-depth. 

Terms of the Avianca Airlines Pet Policy

To keep in check the safety of your pets while on board or in cargo, this airline has set certain rules and guidelines. It is mandatory for the fliers to abide by these Avianca pet policy regulations. Any passenger who deviates from these guidelines will not be permitted to carry their pets. 

Therefore, keeping this in view, some of the main conditions of this policy are highlighted below: 

  • This airline enables its fliers to carry their pets both in the cabin and in cargo sections of the aircraft. Additionally, both emotional support and assistance dogs can be brought on the flight as well. 
  • Avianca flying with pets is only facilitated to those passengers who have purchased their tickets through the official sources of the carrier. These can include not only direct but indirect sources too. 
  • Those visitors who wish to fly with their pets onboard must inform the airline at the time of making a reservation. Otherwise, you should make a pet travel request at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight. 
  • Permission to carry animals will not be granted by the carrier when the request is not made in advance. 
  • No animal will be allowed in the cabin of the flights to and from Europe. Similarly, restrictions also do apply on flights to and from London, Curacao, Aruba, and the Galapagos Islands. 
  • Passengers flying in Embraer aircraft cannot fly with their pets. 
  • You can carry dogs, cats, and birds under this Avianca pet travel policy. However, dogs younger than 8 weeks will be rejected by the airline since they are prone to dehydration. 
  • The air carrier has the complete right to prohibit the travel of dangerous, exotic, as well as, restricted breeds of animals. 
  • You will be under the obligation to pay an extra amount of fees when you want to fly with your pets. This pet travel fee varies from checked baggage to cargo luggage. 
  • Service animals, but only dogs, can be carried as well on the flight. 
  • There are other requirements that pet owners require to fulfill like submission of essential documents and medical certificates.

Note: Owing to the changing conditions of air travel, this airline might require to update its policy regularly. You can find all the updates regarding the Avianca pets policy on the official website ““.

Avianca Pet In Cabin Policy

“Pets In-cabin” means that the animals that can be bought on the flight can travel on the flight as a passenger. Only cats, dogs, and small birds will be eligible for this type of traveling. There are several restrictions that are imposed on pets in the cabin. 

Given below are the general guidelines of the Avianca pet policy in cabin: 

General Guidelines: 

  • Aggressive pets which might pose a threat to the other passengers and their fellow animals will not be allowed to travel in the cabin. They can only be transported under cargo or hold luggage. 
  • In-cabin pet service is subjected to space availability. This means that the airline cannot guarantee the transport of your animal as carry-on luggage. 
  • You are required to book your pet travel reservation in advance. You will have to fill out the following form and submit it at the airport counter before flying. 
  • According to the Avianca international pet policy, in-cabin animal transport service is not available on flights to the UK. 
  • Your pet should be properly vaccinated and must meet the safety regulations to be accepted on board. 
  • Even passengers flying with minors can utilize the carry-on pet travel service. 

The following breeds are accepted as in-cabin animals

Neapolitan Mastiff

Dogo Argentino

American Staffordshire Terrier

De Presa Canario


Japanese Tosa


Fila Brasileiro

Pitbull Terrier

Dogue de Bordeaux

Avianca Pet Requirements for In-Cabin Animals:

There are certain weight and size restrictions that need to be followed when traveling with pets in the cabin. These weight restrictions prohibit the overloading of aircraft. Given below are such limitations: 

  • The maximum weight of the dog or cat must not be more than 10 kgs. This weight may include the crate or case of the animal as well. 
  • In the case of birds, the maximum allowed weight is 20 kgs along with the weight of the cage. 
  • The Avianca pet carrier size limit is 20 centimeters. The height of the animal or its cage must not exceed this size. 
  • Only one pet is allowed per passenger. For birds, two cages can be carried by the passenger. However, only 6 cocks will be accepted per visitor. 

Since you will have to carry your animals in a crate while bringing them inside the cabin, you will have to adhere to the following crate/cage requirements as well: 

  • Firstly, it is important to note that only Avianca approved pet carrier as per the IATA regulations will be approved by this airline. 
  • The crate should be waterproof and leakproof enough. 
  • It should be made with safe materials and must have enough space for the animal to move. Crates made with fabric should have holes. 
  • In the case of birds, the cage should be constructed with cardboard, cloth, or wood-like hard material. 
  • Dogs and cats must be leashed when they are out of their cage. They must also have collar tags along with labels on the crates. 
  • The airline also requires your animals to be muzzled when it is not inside the crate. 

You can get in touch with the sales office or the customer care center of the airline to secure a spot for your animal in the cabin. It is best to connect with the air authorities at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure to make Avianca pet travel easier. 

Avianca Pet Cargo Policy

Sometimes, your pet and you may have to fly on different dates. It means that you will have to transport your pets on their own without any company. This can be done under the cargo arrangement facilitated by this carrier. Animals traveling as Avianca cargo pets can be collected at the arrival destination. 

The general rules and conditions that apply to cargo animals are described below. 

  • Animals like dogs, cats, and roosters can be shipped in cargo luggage. 
  • Exotic and rare birds will not be accepted by the airline. 
  • Transport of your pet in cargo depends on the availability of space. Pet transport requests made at the last moment may not be approved. 
  • Avianca pet policy cargo can be different for varying countries. This is due to the distinct ‘Animal Reception Center’ rules of the respective countries. 
  • Some regions may only allow pets more than 4 months old to be transported. You will have to check the regulations that apply to your destination. 
  • Submission of medical certificates and vaccination proofs is compulsory in order to bring your pets on the cargo.
  • All animals more than 50 kgs on domestic flights can travel as cargo. 

Avianca Pet Transportation In Hold Luggage

Hold or checked pet travel means that your animals will be transported in the same airline as you but in the hold of the aircraft. You will not be able to directly access your pet throughout your flight. The following are the Avianca pet carrier weight and size restrictions. All the other basic guidelines are similar to that of cargo and cabin transport: 

  • On domestic flights, the weight of your pet cannot be more than 50 kgs. The maximum weight allowed on flights less than 4 hours should be 30 kgs and 20 kgs on flights between 4 to 5 hours. This weight does not include that of the crate or the cage. 
  • Irrespective of the duration of your flight, aircraft A330 and Boeing 787 only accept pets less than 50 kgs. 

Note: Any animal not adhering to these weights and size Avianca pet travel requirements will be transported under cargo luggage. 

When your pet is being transported in the hold, the following carriage restrictions apply: 

  • The cage in which your animal is kept should not be more than 10 kgs. 
  • Food and water bowls can be fixed to the crate. However, they should be empty and clean. Also, there should be two separate bowls for water and food. 
  • Any wheels on the pet container must be locked. The presence of safety latches is also mandatory. 
  • Only the crates made with sturdy materials like plastic, metal, or fiberglass will be approved by the airline. 
  • The Avianca pet policy international requires your pet to be muzzled when it is longer than 35 centimeters unless it is flying in a metal carriage. 
  • The container should not have any part that might hurt the animal. Carriages constructed with welded mesh will be rejected. 
  • In the case of aggressive dogs, the containers should be made with wooden or metal substances having 2 locks. 

Note: As per the Avianca Airlines pet policy, damaged or withered cages cannot be used to transport your animals in hold. 

Avianca Pet Travel Cost

Whether you want to carry your pets in the cabin or transport them as checked luggage, you will have to pay a certain Avianca pet fee. These charges vary according to the size, weight of the animal and the cage, flight itinerary, as well as, arrival destination. 

The charges for bringing animals on board, as given by the Avianca pet in cabin policy, are as follows: 

DestinationCharges at the airport Charges at the sales office and travel agencies 
AmericaStarts at USD 150Starts at USD 135
Within Columbia Starts at COP 115.000Starts at COP 75.000
Within Ecuador Starts at USD 70Starts at USD 45
Europa Starts at USD 195Starts at USD 170
From Europa Starts at EUR 175 or GBP 150Starts at EUR 150 or GBP 125

These aforementioned charges are given under the updated Avianca pet policy 2022. They will come into effect on March 15, 2022. 

Tip: When you want to travel with your pets at minimal charges, you can avoid high-season months like December, November, and July. During these months, Avianca traveling with pets can cost about 20 USD extra. 

The charges given by the Avianca Airline pet policy for transporting pets in the hold are as follows: 

DestinationCharges at the airport Charges at the sales office and travel agencies 
AmericaStarts at USD 22Starts at USD 210
Within Columbia Starts at COP 280.000Starts at COP 220.000
Within Ecuador Starts at USD 80Starts at USD 60
Europa Starts at USD 235Starts at USD 215
From Europa Starts at EUR 210 or GBP 175Starts at EUR 190 or GBP 160

The high season months for hold travel include November, December, and January. You can avoid flying in these months to avoid high fees.

Traveling With Service Animals on Avianca Airlines

Passengers with physical and mental disabilities can fly along with their service animals. However, this airline allows only dogs under the category of assistance animals. Emotional support animals and guide dogs can be brought inside the cabin as well. Hence, this airline provides convenience to customers who need the utmost assistance. 

Under the Avianca pets policy, the following are the guidelines that are applicable to service animals: 

  • Only the animals trained adequately to assist disabled persons will be accepted by the airline. 
  • Travelers who wish to fly with their service animals should submit medical proof that they require assistance. This medical proof must not be issued more than a year before your flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • All the documents certifying that the animal is trained, free from diseases, and vaccinated should also be submitted to the airline. 
  • No additional charges will have to be paid for carrying emotional support animals. The same is the case for guide dogs as per the Avianca pets on board regulations. 
  • Informing the airline in advance is necessary to reserve a spot for your service dog. 
  • All the crate requirements are similar to the points mentioned above. 

Note: Travelers who are flying with guide animals should arrive at the departure airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled takeoff. This gives enough time for the airline to scrutinize all the documents and make the necessary arrangements. 

How to Add Pet to the Flight on Avianca Airlines?

It is important for pet owners to reserve a spot for their animals in advance. This is because cargo and in-cabin pet travel are subjected to space availability. Hence, to be able to access the Avianca travel with pets service, you will have to add your animals to the reservation. You can do so at the time of the reservation by contacting the airline. Give the details of your animal and mention the reason for them to bring it on board. Complete the process by paying the required fee. Other general details like arrival and departure destination will have to be mentioned as well while reserving our flight. 

Documents to be Submitted for Avianca Pet Travel

The Avianca Airlines pet policy requires its passengers to provide certain documentation in order to get approval for animals. This medical proof also ensures the safety of your pet and your fellow passengers. Obtaining necessary documents is also one of the most important guidelines to be followed by the airline authorities themselves. 

Here are the essential certificates to be submitted by pet owners: 

  • Health Inspection Certificate 
  • Vaccination proof of the animal 
  • Medical Report as issued by a licensed veterinarian 
  • General details of the animal like the gender, breed, and age. 
  • Animals traveling from the USA should provide a health certificate approved by the USDA-APHIS which is the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. 

All the medical reports should be valid. The expiration of the validity varies from country to country. Hence, the animal protection rules of your arrival destination should also be met to get approval for Avianca Airlines pet travel. 

Restrictions of the Avianca Pet Travel Policy

There are specific restrictions imposed on the Avianca Airline pet carrier policy. These limitations not only include the weight of the animal (as mentioned above) but also the breed prohibitions. Certain breeds of cats and dogs that are considered dangerous or are prone to diseases are not accepted by the airline. However, there are no breed restrictions on service animals. 

Apart from this, the following types of pets may be permitted to travel by this airline: 

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Non-vaccinated animals 
  • Pets younger than 4 months (in some countries)
  • Brachycephalic animals 

The hybrids or crosses of the above-mentioned animals are also not approved by the airline. Other than these general prohibitions, certain countries might have other breed restrictions which become applicable when flying to that destination or to that region. 

In a Nutshell,

This airline is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. The Avianca Airlines pet policy is known to be inclusive and convenient. It helps pet owners easily carry or transport their pets without hassle. The fee charged is affordable and hence, caters to different types of passengers. Further, this airline provides the opportunity to carry pets both in the cabin and as cargo. The requirements to be fulfilled are also simple and easy to follow. Overall, you can fly with your pets on Avianca Airlines without any trouble or hassle. 

FAQs- Avianca Airlines Pet Policy

Does Avianca allow pets?

Yes, Avianca is a pet-friendly airline that allows its passengers to carry animals onboard. You can bring your pets on the flight as cabin luggage. Otherwise, the option to transport your pets in the hold is also offered by this airline. Larger animals can be shipped as cargo luggage as well. You can select the option most suitable for your needs.

What is the Avianca pet fee for carrying pets in the cabin?

The fee to carry your pets in the cabin differs based on the destination. The charges for buying pet travel services at the airport and via the sales office also vary. For destinations in the US, the fee can start at USD 150, USD 196 for Europa destinations, and USD 70 in regions within Ecuador.

What documents should I submit for carrying pets on Avianca Airlines?

The Avianca pet travel requirements consist of the submission of appropriate medical documents. Pet owners are required to submit a Health Inspection Certificate, Pet’s Medical Report as issued by a licensed veterinarian, and vaccination proof of their dog or cat. Additional documents may also need to be provided in accordance with the respective destination’s animal policy.

How much is the fee to transport pets in the hold on Avianca?

The fee for transporting pets in the hold on this airline is about USD 22 in case of American destinations. It is about USD 80 in regions of Ecuador, USD 235 on flights to Europa, and EUR 210 on flights from Europa. The Avianca pet carrier fee for carrying pets within Columbia can be up to COP 280.000

Are there any restrictions under the Avianca Airlines pet policy?

Under this policy, few breeds of animals cannot be brought on board. These include the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Terrier. Additionally, animals that are not vaccinated will not be accepted as well. Limitations may be imposed on snub-nosed pets. Any animal prone to diseases can be rejected by the air operator as well.

What is the Avianca pet weight limit?

For animals that will be brought inside the cabin, the maximum weight allowed is 10 kgs. The Avianca pet travel weight limit in the case of birds is 20 kgs. For pets in hold luggage, the weight of the animal cannot exceed 50 kgs on domestic flights. When your flight’s duration is less than 4 hours, then the animal weight restriction is 30 kgs.

Does the Avianca pet cargo weight include the cage?

The weight of the crate or the cage is not included when sending pets as cargo. The same is the case for animals in hold luggage. Whereas, when adding the weight of the animal traveling in the cabin, the weight of the cage is taken into account as well. It is important for the passengers to follow the weight limitations.

Are service animals allowed on Avianca Airlines?

Yes, the Avianca pet travel policy facilitates passengers with disabilities to fly with their service animals. However, only dogs are accepted as guide animals or emotional support animals. You will also be required to submit a document certifying that the pet owner requires the assistance of guide animals. No extra fee or additional charges will be charged for the transport of service pets onboard.

Are dogs allowed on Avianca Airlines?

Yes, dogs, cats, and small birds are allowed on Avianca Airlines. However, only certain breeds of dogs will be accepted as per the Avianca pet transport regulations. These breeds include Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, American Staffordshire Terrier, De Presa Canario, Rottweiler, and Japanese Tosa. For more specific details, you can visit the official site of this airline.

Can I fly with my pets for free on Avianca Airlines?

Travelers who wish to fly with their pets or transport them unaccompanied will be obliged to pay a certain fee. Avianca flying with pets cannot be done without the payment of an extra fee. Hence, you cannot travel with your pets for free on this airline unless your animal is a service dog or an emotional support pet.

How to add my pet to Avianca ticket?

Whether you wish to transport your animal under Avianca pet cargo or as carry-on luggage, you will have to add it to your ticket prior to departure. For this, you will be required to contact the airline authorities directly at the time of reservation. Mention all the necessary details and pay the required fee to book a spot for your animal.

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