British Airways Pet Policy

For some people, their pets are an integral part of their family. British Airways understands this beautiful fact. Hence, they have one of the best animal policies so that you do not have to leave your pooch behind. The British Airways pet policy treats all animals like VIP members. However, it has some rules and regulations. So, read it properly before booking a spot.

Understanding the Main Terms of the Pet Policy

As a prominent air operator in the country, British Airways offers the best ways to transport animals within and outside the country in the safest manner possible. Passengers can transport their dogs or cats on the flights of the airline.

Read the following to know how you can transport your pets:

From the United Kingdom: 

  • Passengers who want to travel outside the country but they have their furry friends with them can choose this carrier. 
  • The airline shares a close association with Pet Air UK. 
  • Owned and managed by qualified and experienced vet surgeons, it has offered safe and secure animal transportation since 2004. Thus, you can follow their rules. 

To the United Kingdom: 

  • To take your pet to this country, the airline works closely with its sister company – IAG Cargo. 
  • Being in this industry for more than a decade, they know how to transport animals without hurting their comfort and safety. 
  • But, there are different rules for British Airways’ policy for pet cargo. You should read everything to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Regarding cargo, the latest rules can be known after contacting the airline.

Note: The policy offers different methods so that you can transport your animal from one place to another without much hassle.

Transport Animals in Scandinavia Flights (Sun Air)

British Airways has a close association with several airline companies. When it comes to Sun Air, it is a franchise partner that is offering flight services within Europe under British Airways. Even though traveling with pets on the flights of this partner airline is possible, you will need to follow certain rules:

  • Only one animal will be allowed on 1 flight at one time.
  • It should be placed securely in a leak-proof cage or bag.
  • The kennel must be as per the British Airways pet travel policy. 
  • Its maximum dimensions should be 20 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
  • The maximum combined weight of the carrier and pet must be up to 6 kg.
  • All the necessary health documents and animal passports will be needed at the time of or before departure.
  • The owner will need to take responsibility for his animal and its safety and health.

Remember: You need to book a spot for your animal at least 72 hours prior to the expected departure. For details or to book tickets, you can call on +45 75 33 16 11. 

Useful Details About Pets’ Container

You must have known the alternate options for animal transportation offered by this carrier. Now, you should understand the guidelines for containers given in the British Airways animals/pets policy. Below are discussed some important points: 

British Airways Pet in carrier
  • Cats departing from the United States of America and Canada will need the 200 series kennels. 
  • Its maximum dimensions should be 68 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 48 cm (H).
  • For other countries, the airline will accept 100 series carriers.
  • All snub-nosed cats and dogs should be kept in a container that is 10% bigger than the normal size.
  • The carrier should be strong enough to provide your pet with an extra layer of safety while moving.
  • You should choose a carrier that is ventilated on all 4 sides.
  • The door of the kennel should be closed properly. You should check multiple times to make sure that it will not open while transporting and handling.
  • As per pet policy of British Airways, the container should be spacious enough so that the paws and nose of the animal fit perfectly.
  • The carrier should not occupy a lot of space on the floor.
  • Containers should have easy accessibility to water pots from the outside.

Note: Some airlines sell a specific type of container so that their passengers can buy it online. Hence, you should ask this operator if they have something to offer.

Know the Pet Travel Scheme of British Airways

To enter the United Kingdom, your dog should fulfill the requirements mentioned in the Pet Travel Scheme. This scheme is designed and offered by the DEFRA – the UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. 

As per the rules, you will only be able to travel with dogs and cats between certain countries without serving a quarantine period.

Along with the terms of British Airways for pets on flights, nation-specific rules must be followed. To know the same, you are advised to check with the relevant consulate or embassy.

Travel with Your Trained Service Animals on British Airways

The airline only allows fully-trained dogs as service animals. No travel fee will be levied by it on such animals. To travel in the cabin with a service dog, booking should be done individually. The airline does not offer an online booking option.

Note: This carrier does not recognize emotional support or under-training dogs as service animals. 

While traveling, your dog should:

  • Have proper behavioral training to behave appropriately in the flight or public area.
  • Be fully trained to perform tasks to guide and assist the ticketed passenger with special medical needs or disabilities.
  • Remain securely harnessed, tethered, or leashed on the flight as well as at the airport.
  • Stay calm and do not show any type of sign of inappropriate behavior. 

Important: According to British Airways’ pet travel policy, you will need to send the training documents. So, keep them ready all the time.

Book a Space for the Service Dog

Currently, you cannot book a spot online. Since the airline may need some additional details about your service dog, you should go to the nearest ticketing office of British Airways. You can also call on these numbers for further assistance:

  • +44 (0) 208 745 7894, 
  • +44 (0) 208 745 789 or 
  • +44 (0) 1293 555580

Note: You can add this dog to your existing booking at least 3 days before the expected travel date.

Rules for Traveling with Emotional Support Animals

The airline is not accepting emotional support animals at the moment on the flights operated by them or their partners. However, they can still travel as normal animals. Moreover, the same rules of the British Airways pet policy will apply. 

Documents Needed to Travel with Pets

You may not need any documents to fly within the country but international travel will require a certain set. Check the following to know how much documentation is needed:

  • Certificates of rabies.
  • Veterinary certificates.
  • Pet passport.
  • Export papers by DEFRA.
  • Important papers by the concerned authorities of the travel destination.
  • Fitness form.
  • Blood test reports.
  • Treatment declarations and certificates.
  • Declaration forms by the pet owner 
  • Excise and custom forms.

Do not forget to check the rules related to the British Airways changing passenger name feature. Documents like flight tickets should have authentic information including your name.

Important: If you fail to provide these documents, then the airline has the right to deny your boarding. So, arrange these papers beforehand.

Important Aspects of this Pet Policy

While traveling with pets on the flights of British Airways, you need to pay attention to a number of things. Right from departure to connecting flights, various things are there to know and follow. Detailed information has been given here:

Departure Process:

  • Online check-in is not available for pets. So, you will need to do it offline at the airport or designated counter.
  • Passengers traveling with a service dog will be allocated seats with more space.
  • Depending on the membership status of the frequent flyer program, they will be allowed to take their service animal in the airport lounges.
  • Before reaching the airport, check the British Airways delay compensation policy and other related rules.
  • In case your flight is not on time and this affects the condition of the animal, you should be aware of your rights.

Arrival Process:

  • For the destinations such as the United Kingdom, clearance checks will be done by the Animal Reception Center officer at the airport.
  • The ‘Pet Travel Scheme Entry Check Passed’ will be given by these officers to clear the entry of your dog. 
  • After this process, an executive of British Airways will help you take it to the relief areas.

Connecting Flights:

  • In accordance with the British Airways pet policy, extra time will be needed for clearance.
  • You will need to wait in the appropriate area to board the connecting flight.

The flexibility of the policy of this airline lets the passengers plan their journey on a happy note. However, every traveler is advised to read and understand the document and its various sections to travel without any stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions by the people about British Airways’ pet policy:

Is a big carrier allowed on British Airways while flying with pets?

Carrier dimensions have been fixed by the airline. Accordingly, you can decide whether a kennel is big or small.

What is British Airways’ cargo service for pets?

This service lets you transport an animal. Its rules are set by the operator and can be found after contacting it.

Does British Airways allow all pets?

To travel on the flight of this airline, you can only bring dogs and cats. But other animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and so on can be transported through the cargo facility.

Does British Airways allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, all animals including service dogs can travel in the cabin.

What are the British Airways pet fees?

These travel fees depend on various factors. It includes travel destinations, breed, size, and type of animal. So, connect with the airline to know the fee as per your travel plans.

What are the rules of British Airways’ pet policy for international routes?

For international routes, you will require a set of documents. It includes health certificates, vaccination details, rabies certificates, a declaration from the vet and owner, and so on.

What are the recommended dimensions for the carrier for British Airways pets shipping?

The suggested dimension of the kennel is a maximum dimension of 68cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 48cm (H).

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