FlyDubai Pet Policy

When you own a pet, traveling with it becomes a priority. Many passengers wish to bring along their pets, especially while flying by air. Pet travel is also a necessary requirement in case the owner has to go for long itineraries. To overcome all these situations, FlyDubai has come up with one solution- its inclusive pet policy. This FlyDubai pet policy enables its fliers to transport their pets conveniently and safely. It also facilitates a smooth journey by ensuring a safe trip for your animal. Further, this policy also takes into account the safety of its fellow passengers. Therefore, it is essential for the traveler to refer to and analyze this policy before booking your trip.

Terms of the FlyDubai Pet Policy

Those visitors who want to access the Flydubai pet travel feature will be under the obligation to follow certain regulations set by the airline. By adhering to these conditions, you will be able to avoid any kind of penalty charged by the carrier. These guidelines also keep in check the safety of the animals during flight travel. Therefore, as a pet owner,  it is your responsibility to meet these conditions for safety purposes. 

In this regard, the following points highlight some of the important regulations of this airline’s pet policy that you ought to follow for your smooth travel. 

  • Pets can be added to all the reservations made through the official sources of this carrier. These can include both online and offline sources of making the booking. 
  • This airline does not accept pets to fly as carry-on or checked baggage. This means that animals cannot be brought on board by the fliers. 
  • The FlyDubai pets policy also imposes certain restrictions on the travel of service animals on board. 
  • When transporting your pets as cargo, you will be required to submit some important medical documents to the carrier. 
  • A certain amount of fees may be charged for pet travel depending on the type of ticket you purchase and the flight itinerary. 
  • In case you want to fly with your pets, you will need to inform the airline at the time of making a reservation. 
  • Along with the airline’s conditions, the pet policy and animal control rules of your respective arrival destination should be followed as well. 
  • Not all types of breeds of animals will be eligible to travel on this airline. Specific prohibitions need to be implemented by the flier for ensuring a hassle-free journey. 
  • Not only size and weight requirements, but you will also have to meet the crate limitations of your pet while transporting them. 

Note: Some updated regulations of the FlyDubai pet transport policy can be found on the official site of this airline. You can also use its official website to clarify your queries regarding various topics. Otherwise, you can also try contacting the customer care service at the airline’s general toll-free number. 

Do FlyDubai Allow Pets In Cabin and Checked Luggage?

This low-cost operator only allows pets to be transported as cargo. This is to ensure that the aircraft does not get too crowded or overloaded by exceeding its weight limit. Also, some passengers may be allergic to pets, hence the FlyDubai pet policy does not accept pets to be carried on the flight. 

However, as per the updated pet policy regulations of this airline, some additions have been made to the in-cabin animal travel practices. In this regard, the following are the updated conditions set by the carrier: 

  • Falcon birds can be carried with the passengers inside the plane on the condition that official permission is obtained by the carrier in advance. Other than this, no other live animal can fly alongside their owner as per the updated FlyDubai pet in cabin policy. 
  • To avail the permission to carry the Falcon, you will have to contact the airline authorities at the time of making a reservation. Give the basic details of your pet, and the agents will inform you about the requirements that need to be fulfilled. 
  • A certain amount of fees may get charged by the carrier depending on your flight itinerary and the arrival destination.

The same is the case for animals carried in checked luggage as per the updated version of the policy. Only Falcons, with valid permission from the airline, will be allowed to be shipped under checked baggage. 

Flying With Service Animals on FlyDubai Airline

Flying with service animals on this carrier is only allowed at certain destinations. These regions generally include the USA and Europe. Also, only seeing eye dogs will be approved as service animals to be carried on the flight. These dogs provide great assistance to blind or visually impaired passengers. However, no fee may be charged for carrying pets FlyDubai under the service animal category. 

Other than this, in case you wish to carry any other guide animal on the flight, you will be required to connect with the airline authorities. 

FlyDubai Pet Cargo Policy

Pet owners can transport animals as cargo to all destinations of FlyDubai Airlines. All live animals including cats, dogs or falcons, or any such pet will be approved by this airline. However, specific weight and size limitations do apply while transporting pets in cargo. Also, passengers who registered their animals under the FlyDubai pets cargo transport must arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. 

The other general conditions of pet cargo travel are described further. 

General Regulations:

  • The pets may or may not be accompanied by the flier while traveling in cargo. 
  • The pet owner is required to attach an emergency number to the pet’s cage. 
  • To ensure the safety of the animal, the optimum temperature at which the pets can be transported must be indicated on the crate or the container. Both the maximum and the minimum optimum temperatures must be mentioned for the utmost safety of the pet. 
  • In order to get approval for your animal to fly in the hold, the FlyDubai pet cargo policy requires passengers to submit a ‘fit to travel certificate. This certificate must be valid and be issued by a licensed veterinarian. 
  • In most cases, pets younger than 6 months might not be accepted by the operator. You will be required to obtain a special permit from the FlyDubai Cargo headquarters to transport such pets on the cargo section of the aircraft. 
  • Along with animals, plants and parts of plants can also be carried on this airline. 

Note: In case you have any questions about these basic guidelines, you can connect with the airline agents via its customer care service number. This customer care contact details can be obtained by visiting the official website

Weight and Size Restrictions Of FlyDubai Cargo Policy

Since the cargo can be loaded only up to a certain weight limit, certain restrictions are put on the weight of the animal carrier. These limitations include both weight and size measurements of the pet. It is mandatory for all passengers to heed these limits given by the FlyDubai pet policy. It is important to note that these limits apply to the kennel as well in which you will keep your pet. Therefore, it includes the weight of both the animal and its cage. 

The following table highlights these conditions as given by the IATA regulations. 

Average Size of the KennelMaximum Dimensions Maximum Weight 
Extra Large 101 cm * 68 cm * 76 cm or 40 in * 27 in * 30 in90 kgs or 198 lbs 
Large91 cm * 63 cm * 68 cm or 36 in * 25 in * 27 in 67 kgs or 145 lbs
Intermediate81 cm * 57 cm * 60 cm or 32 in * 23 in * 24 in48 kgs or 106 lbs
Medium 71 cm * 52 cm * 55 cm or 28 in * 20 in * 22 in34 kgs or 75 lbs
Small 60 cm * 40 cm * 40 cm or 24 in * 16 in * 16 in 17 kgs or 37 lbs

The above-given dimensions are in the order of length, width, and height respectively. Pets going over this limit cannot utilize the cargo service feature. 

Crate Requirements of the FlyDubai Cargo Policy

Apart from the general weight and size restrictions of the pet, there are certain other cage requirements that you have to meet. It is due to the safety of your pet inside the carriage. These include factors like material, design, construction, and safety of the kennel. For your animals to enjoy a secure FlyDubai pet transport journey, these regulations will have to be met. 

The following are some of the essential crate requirements as dictated by this airline: 

  • The cage or crate must be big enough to give the animal sufficient space to move, sit, stand and lie down. 
  • Not only width-wise, but the crate should also be spacious height-wise. 
  • Only cages made with materials like metal, wood, or sturdy plastic will be approved by the airline. They should also have metal grated doors. 
  • The cage should be in a good condition. It must not allow the pet to escape from anywhere. All the screws, nuts, and bolts must be in proper working condition. 
  • FlyDubai pets cargo kennels must be leakproof to avoid any issues during the journey. 
  • Any wheels, if present, must be detached before travel. Otherwise, they must be locked. 
  • Good ventilation of the crate is also a requirement for the proper airflow. 
  • Pet containers that are foldable or are modified to have snap-side screws are not acceptable to be carried inside the flight. 
  • In case your cage has an opening door at the top, you cannot carry your pet in it. 

Note: For the transport of falcons which are accepted as the FlyDubai pet in cabin luggage, the same crate requirements might apply. 

Prohibited Animals Under FlyDubai Cargo Transport:

As mentioned earlier, all breed types will not be permitted for cargo travel. There are several restrictions under the FlyDubai pet policy which apply to both cats and dogs. These prohibitions are put into place to make sure that no dangerous or threatening animal is carried. Further, some breeds of dogs may have a higher risk of contracting and transmitting diseases. Keeping this in view, the airline does not allow the following types of dogs to be transported: 

Chinese PugChow Chow
Doberman PinschersDogo Argentino
Shih TzuStaffordshire Bull Terrier
Tibetan SpanielTibetan Mastiff 
American BullyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier Boston Terrier
BullmastiffBull Terrier
Karabash (also known as Kangal)Lhasa Apso
PekingesePit Bull

Mixes or crosses of these animals cannot travel on this airline as well. 

The following breeds of cats will be prohibited for FlyDubai pet transport:

  • Himalayan 
  • Persian Shiraz 
  • Scottish Fold
  • British Shorthair 
  • Burmese ( American Burmese) 
  • Exotic

The reason that the airline denies all these pets is because they might be subjected to breathing problems while traveling. Also, heat strokes are common in the aforementioned breeds.

Along with restrictions on the species of dogs and cats, certain types of animals will also not be allowed to travel as FlyDubai pet cargo. These include:

  • Mice, squirrels, beavers, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other such rodents. 
  • Only live animals can be transported. Sick pets cannot travel. 
  • In case your pet is not weaned, the airline will not approve of it. 
  • Pregnant cats and dogs are prohibited. 
  • Reptiles that are poisonous should not travel. 
  • Your pet cannot fly in the FlyDubai pets cargo if it is under sedation or tranquilization. 
  • Invertebrates and those pets that produce odor will be rejected by this operator. 

Note: All of these rules are applicable irrespective of the passenger’s class of service and ticket fare. 

How to Add a Pet on a FlyDubai Ticket?

For your airline to reserve a spot for your animal, you must make a pet reservation in advance. To do this, contact the airline authorities at the time of making a reservation. Give them the general details of your animal like age, breed, and gender. Then, you will be required to fill out and submit the ‘live animal transportation form’ to ensure that you will comply with the rules of the Flydubai pet policy. Pay the required pet transport fee, as asked by the airline. 

FlyDubai Pet Travel Fee

The fee to transport your pet as cargo depends on some factors like the arrival destination, flight itinerary, and ticket fare. Also, the weight and size of the pet can have an effect on these charges. Hence, before confirming your reservation with the pet, you can contact the airline’s customer care to know the exact amount of the travel fee. You can reach the agents at (+971) 600 54 44 45. You can use this number to solve any queries you have about carrying pets FlyDubai. 

In Conclusion, 

The FlyDubai pet policy helps travelers to transport their pets in cargo without any hassle. All the restrictions and rules are clearly mentioned under this policy. It also makes travel safe by allowing only certain types of animals. Being a low-cost carrier, it makes pet travel affordable by charging a minimal amount of fee. Hence, all pet owners can rest assured when transporting their pets via this airline.

FAQs- QuickBooks Inventory Tracking

What does QuickBooks inventory tracking mean?

QuickBooks inventory tracking is a process. Through this, users can easily manage their inventories. Tracking the products in the inventory allows you to check the items that have been received from the vendors and the ones that are available in the stock.

Does QuickBooks keep track of inventory?

The QuickBooks software does keep track of the inventory. In the software, you can do so through the “Item and Services” tab available in the menu. Following this, you are required to opt for the “Item” button to move ahead. Further, the “New” and the “Inventory Part” options have to be chosen simultaneously.

How to categorize inventory in QuickBooks?

There isn’t a direct way to categorize the inventory in this software. However, you can learn how to categorize inventory in QuickBooks by sending feedback to the customer support team. This needs to be done via the “Assistant” tab in the “Intuit QuickBooks” window. Choose “I Need Help”. Then mention “Send Feedback in the field of “Text”.

What inventory method does QuickBooks use?

As of now, the inventory method that is being used by QuickBooks is named First In First Out (FIFO). Due to fluctuations in the cost of the products, you may have to pay a different amount at the time of purchasing an item. Hence, through this method, you can easily find out the purchase cost that needs to be applied while selling the items.

How can I add new inventory to QuickBooks Desktop?

Users wanting to know how to add inventory in QuickBooks can proceed by making use of the “Product and Services” tab. Locating this tab is easy as it can be found on the menu panel. Then you will have to select the “Items” button. Next, from the drop-down menu appearing, the “Item” tab is required to be chosen to add a new inventory.

How many inventory items can QuickBooks Online handle?

The QuickBooks Online software does not provide a fixed number of products in the inventory that may be added. The software users can try to add as many inventory items as they want.

How to turn off inventory tracking in QuickBooks Desktop?

Certain companies may not require tracking the inventory. Hence, they may want to disable it.
Hinting at how to turn off inventory tracking in QuickBooks Desktop, choosing the “Accounting and Settings” button can be beneficial. Tap on the “Gear” symbol first to reach here. Then you have to press the “Sales” and “Purchase and Services” buttons one by one to switch off the inventory.

Does QuickBooks have an inventory app?

QuickBooks does not have an inventory app. However, one of its versions named QuickBooks Enterprise does support one such application. By using it, you can keep a record of the storage and the movement of the products and services. It also provides other features such as “Bin Tracking”, “Serial Number Tracking”, etc.

How can I Adjust Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can understand how to adjust inventory in QuickBooks Desktop through the “Vendors” option. After this, you will have to click on the “Inventory Activities” tab. Further, the “Adjust Quantity/ Value in Hand” button needs to be chosen

What is inventory assembly in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks inventory assembly is one of the types of items that are created by assembling fresh inventory parts. They have to be grouped from a collection of distinct items for tracking the finished goods individually.

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