Air Europa Pet Policy

It is every pet owner’s wish to be able to travel with their animals. Especially in the case of international flights, owners usually tend to try every possible method to fly with their animals. To avoid putting passengers through such trouble, Air Europa has devised a pet policy. 

Referred to as the Air Europa pet policy, it discloses all the regulations related to travel. It can be beneficial to all the passengers willing to carry their pets.

Basic Guidelines Of The Air Europa Pet Policy

Although pet transport is offered on this airline, it comes with its own set of regulations. These regulations are being implemented to avoid any kind of trouble later on. It is mandatory for all the owners to adhere to the guidelines mentioned under the Air Europa Airlines pet policy. 

  • Animals can only be added to the official reservations made that are made via legitimate sources. 
  • Any unofficial reservations will not encourage such services. 
  • This airline permits its travelers to carry animals in three main ways. These include bringing them as: 
    • Carry-on luggage, 
    • Transporting them as checked baggage, 
    • Or shipping pets in the cargo.
  • In all the available methods of animal travel, certain weight and size restrictions will be imposed. 
  • Payment of the Air Europia pet transport fee is necessary. 
  • All travelers are obligated to pay these charges in order to access the pet travel feature. 
  • No passenger should carry animals that exceed the restrictions given.
  • In case you are carrying your pets as cabin baggage, you will have to arrive at the airport at least 2 or 3 hours before boarding. 
  • The airline requires the pets to be kept in proper crates and containers. 
  • There are special crate requirements to be met as well. 
  • Submission of the medical reports of the animals is obligatory. 
  • This is to ensure that the animal is fit to travel. 
  • Special animals or animals prone to higher risks of health conditions will be prohibited on this carrier.
  • In case, someone fails to follow these guidelines, they will not be permitted to fly with their pets. 

Note: These guidelines may be modified depending on the destination and the aircraft type. For this reason, you can check the official site of the carrier before making a reservation. Moreover, this site is also helpful since it discloses rules regarding other policies like Air Europa name change on the ticket, flight change policy, and seat selection as well. 

Air Europa Pet In The Cabin Policy

One of the easiest ways to carry your animals is to bring them on board inside the cabin. This is also the most convenient method since the pet owners will be in contact with the animals throughout the journey. 

Further, on Air Europa, the pets in the cabin will not be considered carry-on baggage. Hence, a separate charge will be incurred for the transport of these. 

Given below are the main points that highlight these conditions: 

  • Generally, animals can only be carried on short-distance and medium-haul flights. 
  • The in-cabin animal travel service may not be available on long-distance international flights. 
  • The animals that will be accepted on board include dogs, cats, and small birds ( excluding birds of prey). 
  • Fish, turtles, and certain rodents like hamsters, small rabbits, and guinea pigs will also be permitted. 
  • On certain long-distance flights, only cats and dogs will be allowed. 
  • The option to transport animals in the cabin is not made available in the Business Class of international flights. 
  • All the pets that are to be brought on board should be properly vaccinated. 
  • Unhealthy animals will not be granted permission to fly. 
  • Pets younger than 3 months cannot be given the approval to be brought inside the plane. 
  • About 3 animals can be kept in one container. 
  • They must be of reasonable weight and size and should belong to the same species. 
  • Additional charges will be applied for the in-cabin pet service. 
  • The exact amount of these charges differs based on various factors. 
  • Bringing an Air Europa pet on board is a non-refundable service. 
  • Even if you wish to cancel your pet travel reservation, the fee originally paid will not be refunded. 
  • Only make a reservation if you are absolutely sure of it. 

For any queries regarding this service in relation to the prices or other regulations, you can always contact the airline agents at the toll-free number. These agents will provide you with the proper assistance. 

Weight and Size Restrictions Of the In-Cabin Pet Policy

While flying with pets, one of the most important factors to be kept in mind is the weight limit. Each airline has specific weight and limits which cannot be exceeded. Such limits are put in place so that the aircraft does not become overloaded. 

In the case of animal travel, these limits mainly apply to the pet container. Given below are the weight and size restrictions of the Air Europia pet carriers: 

  • The combined weight of the animal and its container should be within 10 kgs or 22 lbs. 
  • Note that the weight of the animal separately should not exceed 8 kg or 18 lbs. 
  • The maximum allowed dimensions of the pet container are 55 cm * 35 cm * 25 cm. 
  • Any animal going over these weight and size restrictions will be shifted to cargo travel. 
  • Otherwise, their reservation can be changed to that of checked baggage transport. 

Air Europa Checked Baggage Animal Travel

Sometimes, it may so happen that your animal may not fit in the storage space given in the cabin. Or else, the container might turn out to be too big to be accepted under carry-on transport. In such cases, you can turn to the checked baggage pet travel feature. 

Air Europa Checked Baggage Animal Travel
  • Under this type of Air Europa travel with pets feature, your animal will be transported as checked baggage. 
  • It will be sent in the hold but in the same aircraft as the owner. 
  • The animals can later be collected once they reach their arrival destination. 
  • Only large animals like cats and dogs can enjoy this service. 
  • A health certificate and medical report have to be submitted while making a reservation. 
  • Under checked baggage, you will be required to make your pet travel reservation in advance. 
  • As per the Air Europia pet policy, crate requirements for checked baggage travel are similar to that of carry-on and cargo travel. 
  • The airline makes sure to take care of the temperature and pressure conditions in the hold. 
  • Pet owners should ensure that the animals can withstand the changing temperature conditions. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the required charges for transporting your pets as checked luggage. 

The airline authorities will be available for resolving your queries at all times throughout the week. You can contact them anytime in case of doubts or complaints. 

Air Europa Cargo Pet Policy

Cargo transport is also a viable mode to ship your animals. Under this mode of travel, animals are usually transported alone in the hold without the company of their owners. They may or may not be sent in the same aircraft as the owners.

  • Animals not suitable for checked or carry-on baggage transport, as per the Air Europa pet regulations, can be registered under cargo travel. 
  • Passengers can send only cats and dogs in this hold. 
  • In case you wish to transport other animals, you will have to get in touch with the Air Europa cargo service agents. 
  • Permission to ship animals in the cargo will only be given if they are kept in appropriate containers. 
  • These containers must be in compliance with the IATA regulations. 
  • Certain destinations may not permit animals to be shipped in the hold as per their own animal safety policy. 
  • Before booking your ticket, check whether the arrival country accepts cargo animals. 
  • Dogs may be required to wear a muzzle if the airline finds the animal to be potentially dangerous. 
  • Animal handlers will take care of the Air Europa cargo pets. 
  • You can hand over all the necessary information about your pet to these handlers. 
  • If your flight itinerary includes a connecting flight, the connection or the stopover must be at least 3 hours for the cargo travel service to be made available. 
  • The conditions for cargo travel might differ on flights not operated by the EU. 
  • To reach the Air Europa cargo travel service center, you can dial the number 934 90 40 38.
  • You will have to book a spot for your animal by calling this number. 
  • Inform the agents about the type of animal you wish to transport, its breed, age, and gender. 
  • The authorities will then ask you to submit the necessary documents. 
  • After this, you will have to pay the necessary charges. 
  • Once the airline completes the process of scrutinization, it will confirm your spot.

Size and Weight Restrictions of Animals In The Cargo

The hold of an aircraft can bear only a certain amount of weight. Hence, weight limits are especially sensitive in case of cargo travel. Apart from weight restrictions, there are also limitations in regard to the size of the pet container. These are mentioned here as follows: 

  • The maximum weight of the animal along with the container cannot go over 50 kg or 110 lbs. 
  • The size restrictions that are applicable in case of cabin travel are also applicable in case of cargo travel. 
  • You can carry 2 animals in each Air Europa pet carrier. 
  • This is allowed only on the condition that their weight does not exceed 14 kgs or 30 lbs. 
  • 3 animals younger than 6 months can be kept together in one crate if they belong to the same litter. 
  • You will not be able to directly access your animal during the course of the flight. 
  • Prepare your pet in advance for the same. 
  • Try and make it accustomed to staying in the container for long periods of time. 
  • Make sure that the animal is not uncomfortable putting on a muzzle. 
  • The owners are also requested to take care of the food and water requirements of the animal. 
  • Avoid feeding animals right before the flight. 
  • For further help regarding the Air Europa – flying with pets service, you can try contacting the “help/service” center of this airline. 

Crate Requirements On Air Europa

Since the safety of the animals is a top priority for this operator, it is quite strict when it comes to pet cages. Only appropriate cages that meet all the requirements will be accepted by the airline. These regulations are to be followed irrespective of the type of transport you choose. 

Apart from the weight and size restrictions, an Air Europa pet carrier must have the following features: 

  • It should be spacious and well-ventilated. 
  • This should allow the animal to move around freely, lie down or turn around. 
  • There should not be any scope for the suffocation of the animal. 
  • Only rigid and stable materials must be used in the constriction of the cages. 
  • It can be metal, plastic, or any such material. 
  • Cages that are made entirely with wire mesh or welded mesh will not be accepted by the airline. 
  • The container must be leak proof. 
  • It can have bowls for food and water inside, but they must be properly sealed and they should not leak. 
  • As per the international Air Europa pet policy, all the containers must meet the conditions put forth by the IATA. 
  • You can attach the details of your animal to the pet crate. 
  • These details can include the animal’s: 
    • breed, 
    • age, 
    • name (if any), 
    • ticket number, 
    • and the allotted spot. 
  • All the bolts and screws of the container must be in place. 
  • There must be no damage to any part of the container. 
  • The container’s lock must be well put in place. 
  • Your animal must not be able to break the door from inside. 
  • The crate should not have any sharp ends or any nails sticking out. 
  • This might harm other animals or other passengers. 
  • If you have any concerns regarding the animal containers, you can try connecting with the airline authorities directly. 
  • The approval for crates in case of Air Europa cargo pets can be sought in advance by calling the airline authorities. 

Breed Restrictions On Air Europa

Brachycephalic animals, also known as short-nosed or snub-nosed pets are subject to higher risks when flying Because of their respiratory problems, they are prone to breathing issues. Also, these animals can easily get overheated due to the stress of flying. 

Considering all these dangers of flying with brachycephalic pets, the airline has imposed the following restrictions. 

  • These animals can only travel as companion animals inside the cabin. 
  • The weight of such animals must not exceed 10 kgs or 22 lbs. 
  • As per the guidelines of the Air Europa pets policy, these animals must stay in the crate at all times. 

The following breeds of dogs are subject to the special conditions mentioned above:

Chow ChowAffenpinscher
Griffon BruxelloisStaffordshire bull terrier
AffenpinscherLhasa Apso
PitbullCane Corsican
Dogo (all breeds)Spaniel (all breeds)
American BullyBoston Terrier
Boxer (all breeds)Bulldog
Pug (all breeds)

The same conditions apply to cats as well. The following breeds of cats are restricted on the airline: 

  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Persian
  • Himalayan
  • British Shorthair
  • Birman

These snub-nosed cats and dogs can only travel under carry-on luggage under the Air Europa pet in-cabin policy. Hence, all the general guidelines are to be followed as well. 

Flying With Service Pets On Air Europa Airlines

Animals that offer assistance and guidance to passengers with disabilities are known as service pets. These service animals, also known as guide animals, can travel on this airline. No amount of pet fee will have to be paid for flying with these pets. 

  • You will only be required to inform the airline authorities at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Later, you will also be required to submit the needed Air Europa pet certificates. 
  • These certificates must confirm that the animal is sufficiently trained and is fit for offering assistance. 
  • They must be issued by an expert or a licensed animal trainer. 
  • Further, medical reports of the owner must also be submitted. 
  • These reports should confirm that the owner absolutely requires assistance from a guide pet. 

Once all these formalities are completed, the airline will issue an approval for the transport of your service pet. The weight and size restrictions may be relaxed in this case. 

Note: Service or guide pets generally offer assistance to passengers suffering from issues related to blindness or deafness. Additionally, emotional support pets will also be categorized as service pets. The aforementioned regulations apply to all these types of service animals. 

Air Europa Pet Travel Charges

In order to book your pet travel service, you will be liable to pay a certain fee. As given by the Air Europa Airlines pet policy, this fee varies depending on your choice of animal transport, whether as carry-on or checked baggage. Other factors like the arrival destination and the flight itinerary also affect your charges. 

Sometimes, the airline can alter this fee based on the weight and size of your animal. Therefore, you can know the changes in the fee structure by visiting the official website ““.

Under the cabin transport facility, the following pet travel charges are applicable. Remember that these charges can change based on seasonal variations: 

Region or Destination Pet travel fee 
Canary Islands and Balearic Islands USD 10.4 or EUR 9 
Europe and Africa EUR 50 or USD 55
Long-distance destinationsEUR 150 or USD 165 
Mainland Spain EUR 25 or USD 27 

You can ask the airline whether taxes and service charges are included in the adobe mentioned charges as well. 

The airline will let you know the exact amount. 

You can make the payment online or offline through the available method of payment. 

You will have to pay the following charges for the transport of Air Europa’s cargo pets in the hold: 

Region or Destination Pet Travel Fee
Canary Islands and Balearic Islands EUR 20 or USD 20.2
Europe and Africa EUR 100 or USD 110
Long-distance destinationsEUR 300 or USD 350 
Mainland Spain EUR 90 or USD 100 

Note: These prices may increase in case of last-minute pet travel reservations. 

In Summing Up 

Air Europa’s pet policy enables customers to carry a variety of animals in several ways. It facilitates the travel of service pets as well. The simple reservation process further makes it easier for travelers to carry them. To make the pet transport service accessible to everyone, the airline changes a minimal amount of fees. 

FAQs- Air Europa Pet Policy

Does Air Europa allow pets?

Yes, this airline permits its passengers to bring different pets on board. It allows the transport of animals as carry-on luggage, checked baggage, and in the hold as cargo. Other than regular pets, service animals can also be transported.

Does Air Europa allow pets in the cabin?

As per the Air Europa pet-in-cabin policy, animals can be brought inside the aircraft. The animals permitted on board include cats, dogs, rodents, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs. These pets should be kept in a crate throughout the flight.

Can I carry pets for free on Air Europa Airlines?

To carry pets on this airline, you will have to pay certain charges. This is applicable for pet travel under all the different modes. However, no charges will be applied for the travel of service or guide pets. Other than that, an Air Europa pet transport fee has to be paid when traveling with the owner.

What is the Air Europa pet fee for cabin animals?

The fee for bringing your animals inside the cabin on this airline differs based on the arrival destination and the flight itinerary. Generally, these Air Europa pet travel charges start at USD 10 and can go up to USD 150. The exact amount depends on the time of request and space availability.

What is the fee for transporting Air Europa cargo pets?

Similar to the charges for cabin animals, the fee for cargo pets also depends on the destination country and the flight itinerary. Generally, the fee ranges between USD 20 and USD 350 based on the destination. You might get a chance to enjoy a discount on the charges in case of early reservations.

Can I carry service pets on Air Europa Airlines?

Yes, passengers with disabilities will be allowed to fly with their support animals. These can include seeing eye dogs or hearing dogs. However, an Air Europa pet certificate has to be submitted stating that the animal is properly trained and can offer the needed assistance.

What are the Air Europa pet regulations in terms of pet cages?

This airline has given a set of requirements when it comes to pet crates. The pet cage must be made with a rigid and sturdy material. There should not be any damage to the screws and bolts of the container. It should be leak proof and must have the needed ventilation.

What is the Air Europa pet policy?

This is a policy that deals with the regulations regarding pet travel. It clearly describes the process of making a reservation, the types of pets that are allowed, and the different ways in which animals can be transported. The crate requirements, pet travel fees, and weight and size restrictions are also highlighted.

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