Air Europa Name Change Policy

Air Europa Airlines has created a name change policy. Based on the Air Europa name change policy, the last name of the passenger should be accurately mentioned on the ticket for the purpose of check-in. If the name of the flyer is not correctly mentioned, then he/she can correct or change the surname. If not done so, the incorrect surname may cause the passenger an identification issue. Additionally, you may get late for your flight if you do not correct your name on the ticket. 

Users who want to fly with proper details on the ticket can use this policy. Making mistakes in the passenger’s name while booking a flight ticket is a common error. In such circumstances, modification of name may be needed for a smooth flying experience.

Defining Air Europa Name Change Policy

Air Europa name change policy is available to its passengers for flying with smooth identification procedures. The traveler can alter his or her name on the flight ticket with ease using this feature. The full name change is not allowed by the airline. However, you can make some slight modifications to your name as per the policy. 

Similarly, the surname of the passenger can be changed due to marriage or divorce. This is an exceptional case. In such circumstances, the airline can alter the full name. For changing the name after a marriage or a divorce, the documents are needed by the airline such as a certificate of marriage and legal paperwork for divorce.

Air Europa Name Correction Policy

When purchasing a ticket, a visitor may make a typo in the name. This issue could result in spelling mistakes. The errors may be in your initial name, surname, or middle name. For improving such errors, the Air Europa name correction policy is made. With its assistance, a visitor can edit specific letters in his or her name. Thus, this policy is known to be flexible to modify the names of the passengers. 

Middle Name Modification

Adding the middle names is not necessary for Air Europa Airlines. In case, if you want to add your middle name, you will have to enter it correctly on the ticket. If it is not correctly mentioned, then, you can modify it to the certain characters limit as per the Air Europa name change or correction policy.

Guidelines of Air Europa Name or Correction Policy

Sometimes, passengers want to alter their names because of some reason. If this is the case, the Air Europa airline can allow only a few characters to be modified in the name. For that, the carrier has made distinct arrangements to assist the traveler in such situations. 

Visitors who have made a confirmed booking with this airline and are concerned about knowing more regarding the Air Europa name change policy, can read the information below:

  • When the passenger’s flight is handled by Air Europa, in such a case only, a traveler can alter his or her name.
  • Furthermore, if your booking is verified with the airline, then you cannot modify your name on the ticket.
  • Hence, the carrier allows visitors to alter only 3 characters in their name.

You can modify your name as per the Air Europa change name on ticket, once you follow the above-mentioned basic rules set by the carrier.

Note: If a passenger has a major issue with the name, then he or she can contact the airline.

Air Europa Name Change/Correction Methods

The Air Europa name change or correction policy aims to make this function accessible to its passengers by offering a variety of options. A passenger can modify his or her name through a calling method. Or else, you can mail the airline regarding your issue. Furthermore, a social media service is also available to update the name as per your identity. Additionally, you may go to the office of the airline where you can share your query and resolve it personally. 

The details of the methods are as follows:

Method 1: Modify Name Via Calling

In some situations, the passengers may find it easy to settle their difficulties by speaking directly with the carrier. For that, the airline provides the option of contacting them by calling the customer service number for the purpose of Air Europa change name on ticket. However, to connect with the carrier, you will have to visit the website. On the website, there is an option of Do you need help. From that, a traveler can get the contact details of the airline. Below-mentioned are the steps to change your name via visiting the website of the airline:

  • First, please come to”.
  • On the homepage of the website, find the “Do You Need Help?” option.
  • Further, in that feature, many suggestions would be given, such as “Customer Service”, “Check Your Booking Status”, “Group Reservation”, “Complaint and Suggestions”, “FAQs”. For the modification of the name, a passenger will have to choose the “Customer Service” option.
  • On the next page, the drop-down menu of “Contact Phone Numbers” can be visible. From that option, you will have to choose your country name.
  • According to your country name, the customer service numbers can be available.

Once you find the contact number of the airline, then connect with the carrier. On the call, you can share your query about the Air Europa name change or correction. After that, the customer representative may ask you for your original identity. Once you give the details of the document, then the procedure will go further. You will have to pay the fees if applicable. Next, you may have to wait for your name modification process to be done. 

Method 2: Through Email Service

The passengers can alter their names through the email service provided by the airline. Here, you can share your concern regarding the Air Europa name change as well as corrections via email. You will get the email address of the airline from their official website. Once you get their mail id, you can mail the airline and solve your name-changing issue. 

The further procedure of changing your name is stated below:

  • A passenger should go through this link:
  • Once you open the website, the option of “Do you need help” would be given. You need to select that option.
  • Once you select that, you may find the “Customer Service” feature, click on it.
  • Then, scroll down the page, where you will find the customer service section. There, all the details are mentioned as per your country or location.
  • You can choose the email id as per your department.
  • Further, you can write your query about altering your name on the ticket.
  • At last, you can wait for the confirmation code, which is sent to you through the registered email ID.

Method 3: Change/Correct Name Via Social Media

The Air Europa name change policy also consists of a social media service available for the passengers. Through the use of social media, a traveler can resolve his or her issue quickly. In social media, many options are available for the purpose of a name change or correction. Whichever option you use, you can expect quick assistance from the airline.

  • Navigate to the official website of the airline.
  • On the web page, find the “Do You Need Help” feature, tap on it.
  • Select the “Customer Service” option.
  • On the next page, the option of “Solve Your Question”, would be visible. You need to choose that option.
  • You will be redirected to the other page.
  • Once you are on another page, you should go for the “Contact” option.
  • There, you will see the social media options, such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, and “LinkedIn”.
  • Now, choose any one media as per your preference.
  • Next, connect with the airline and mention your concern. 
  • Once you are done with this, provide necessary documents through the media and pay the fees if it is asked.
  • As a result, wait for a confirmation message from the airline.

Note: The best timing for contacting the airline through social media is from morning “7:00 AM” to “12:00 AM” at night,(Monday to Friday). However, “9:00 AM” to “17:00 PM” for Saturday, Sunday, and Government Holidays.

Method 4: By Visiting The Air Europa Office

As given in the Air Europa name change policy, the airline office allows you to make adjustments to your flight details, including your personal information. To reach the office location, first, you have to go to the website of the airline. There, you will get the office address easily as per your country. 

Further, the following steps are mentioned for changing your name by visiting the airline office:

  • The initial step is that a visitor has to go to this link:
  • Then, you may find the option of “Do You Need Help.” Tap on it.
  • From that option, select the “Customer Service” feature.
  • On the next page, please see the “Solve your question” option available. 
  • By clicking on it, you may see many suggestions. From that, you will have to select the “Contact” option.
  • As you scroll down the page, you will have the option “Contact Air Europa Office”. Click on it.
  • There, you may find many office locations like “India”, “USA”, “Germany”, and more
  • You should choose the office location as per your country.

At last, visit the office of the airlines. Request to the officials for the Air Europa change name on ticket. Then, give the necessary documents to the airline. You will have to pay the necessary fees for modifying your name. However, after doing all the necessary actions, you may have to wait for the confirmation of the name change.

Air Europa Name Change/Correct Fees

Sometimes, incorrect spelling is mentioned at the time of booking a ticket. For that, the airline understands that such mistakes are common. So, you can do the correction of your name without paying.

The Air Europa name correction or change fee is not charged if you follow the character limit. The character limit is currently three/3. In case, you feel that the fee may be charged when you correct more letters in your name, you can contact the airlines to know about it. 

To Conclude
The Air Europa name change policy makes name changes simple and effective. It permits you to make modifications to your details whenever you want. It simplifies the procedure even more by providing a variety of methods. By doing the necessary changes, you can print your air ticket with your correct name to board your flight with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Air Europa name change policy?

The Air Europa name change policy outlines the procedures for changing one’s name. It can be used in a variety of circumstances to alter names on tickets. As per the policy, some paperwork must be submitted for modification of name. This policy’s primary purpose is to make it simple for travelers to alter their names.

2. What is Air Europa’s name correction policy?

A traveler can use the Air Europa name correction policy to amend mistakes in his or her name. It includes misspelled information, reordering of characters, and other errors. This policy corrects up to a few characters in the name. As per the policy, some documents must be submitted for the correct name.

3. Does Air Europa allow name change on tickets?

Yes, Air Europa change name on the ticket is permitted. You can alter your last name in case of marriage or divorce. The full name modification is not allowed by the airline because the tickets are non-transferable.

4. How do I change my name on Air Europa?

The passengers on Air Europa Airlines have various alternatives for altering their name. You can do the name change on the ticket by contacting the agent of the airline. You will get the number from the official website. From there, you can connect with the agent and share your concern. He or she will guide you about the modification of the name. Further, you may provide some documents to the agent. At last, you will get the confirmation code of the name change.

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