Air New Zealand Name Change Policy 

Having been known as the best carrier of 2020, Air New Zealand Airlines always serves its flyers with the best amenities. From managing reservations to correcting names on the ticket, this carrier allows its passengers to board their flights with ease.

While booking tickets, the flyers often make a mistake either in the first or last names. To correct this, the Air New Zealand name change policy has been introduced. With the help of this policy, now you can make several alterations to your name if it is not properly written on your ticket. It also highlights the different methods to how you can correct your name using this policy.

Rules and Regulations of the Air New Zealand Name Correction Policy 

One of the major rules of the Air New Zealand name correction policy is that a passenger’s name on the reservation ticket, passport, as well as government-issued identity proof, must contain the exact characters of the name in the same order.

While you make any difference in the characters of your name on an Air New Zealand ticket, it can lead you to the cancellation of your flight. This carrier enables the flyers to make several name modifications according to the newly coming updates.

Hence, it is necessary to visit the website and read the guidelines carefully in order to book your flight without any hassle.

Other regulations concerning name change Air New Zealand policy are as follows: 

  • The flyer can remove any mistake he or she has made while booking a flight with the help of this name change policy.
  • Visitors of this carrier can change their names on the ticket by two methods: online and offline.
  • Always remember that the customers of this carrier can only make certain typo error corrections in their names. This correction can only be upto a few characters.
  • If you need to change your name post marriage or divorce, you can do so following the Air New Zealand change booking name feature.
  • However, make sure that you carry your legal document to submit to the airline while you make any changes to your name after marriage or divorce.
  • The carrier based in New Zealand will not accept any authority to transfer your booking ticket to another passenger. Hence, this Air New Zealand change name on ticket option can be used by that flyer who needs to change his or her identity details on the ticket.
  • When you are making only minor modifications to your name, please do not worry about any service charges or fees deducted by the carrier.
  • Nevertheless, there can be some situations wherein the carrier may ask you to pay certain fees if any.
  • Moreover, the travelers of Air New Zealand Airlines need to get in touch with their respective agents in case of a third-party ticket booking.

Note: Passengers can also call the customer service care department of this carrier at +1-877-563-0127 to get instant assistance regarding your queries related to Air New Zealand changing passenger name.

Methods to Modify Your Names on Air New Zealand Airlines 

It’s crucial to choose a legitimate platform when using the name correction technique. The numerous methods and platforms that the airline has authorized will be revealed in this part. The New Zealand carrier promises to offer flexible services to people.

Because of this, it can accept applications for name changes made through a number of methods. Spend some time understanding the many processes involved in all situations of the Air New Zealand name change policy.

Method 1: Air New Zealand Name Change Via Internet 

Nowadays, booking and cancellation of flights have been easy through the online approach. Likewise, it is more comfortable to change your names as well using the online method.

Through the online process, Air New Zealand domestic and international flight name change can be easily done. This is because passengers can use the online name change feature from any part of the world.

Look at the following details below to know how to modify your name details through an online method on this carrier.

  • The very first step to initiate the process of Air New Zealand name change policy is to visit its official site i.e.
  • Now, you need to find the tab called “Manage Booking”. Tap on it.
  • You would be given several fields to fill in. Enter your required details such as your last name and the booking reference code.
  • You would have different bookings mentioned on the next redirected page.
  • Pick up the one in which you need to correct your name details.
  • You can then follow the on-screen directions to make the necessary name corrections on this air company.
  • Now, the carrier-based in NZ may ask you to pay the service fees, if applicable.
  • Air New Zealand Airlines will then send a confirmation email in relation to your changed flight name.

Method 2: Using the Helpdesk to Change Your Flight Name

If you have mentioned your name details incorrectly on your ticket and you are headed to the airport for your flight, do not panic. Air New Zealand allows you to modify your name details by choosing the helpdesk option available at the airport. This is an easy approach when you already have left your home for your scheduled flight.

The detailed procedure of using the helpdesk option under the Air New Zealand name change policy is as follows:

  • Firstly, find the counter of this carrier at the airport.
  • Next, ask the assistant at the airport for its respective help desk.
  • On reaching the help desk of this airline, meet the representative and narrate the whole scenario of your name errors done on the ticket.
  • The air representative might ask you for your relevant documents like passport, air ticket, identity proof, etc.
  • He or she will make all the necessary corrections to your name after the submission of your documents.
  • Only a certain character’s minor modifications can be allowed following the policy.
  • After verification, the representative may ask you for any service fees if applied.
  • You will then get a confirmation related to your successful name correction.

Method 3: Air New Zealand Name Change Through Customer Service Center 

Customer service executives are in helping the passengers 24×7. Whenever customers need not utilize the first method i.e. the online approach, they can use this calling method for changing their names on the ticket. 

Just dial the toll-free number at +1 877-563-0127 and get connected to one of the agents. On getting connected via call, you need to:

  • Inform the agent about your name change error in the reservation.
  • Let them know why you need to go for the Air New Zealand name change.
  • If any minor errors are there in your name, the agent will correct them on his or her behalf.
  • However, the agent may require some crucial information such as your full name, ticket, booking reference number, flight number, etc.
  • On providing all the necessary information to the agent, he/she might tell you to pay some fees, if any.
  • Then, either your name would be corrected on your existing ticket or you would get a new reservation ticket with your updated name.

Name Change Fees on Air New Zealand Flights

When it comes to correcting your names, this air operator does not charge any fees. However, the name change should be upto a certain character limit. That means you can make minor modifications to your name without paying any cost to the carrier.

The air carrier, New Zealand, can require you to pay some service charges in a few cases. Usually, it charges somewhere around US$50 for major name alterations. However, to know the exact amount of fees charged, kindly contact the operator.

Concluding Up,
Air New Zealand name change policy can be crucial when the flyers need to make minor modifications to their identity on the ticket. For a few spelling errors or last name modifications, abiding by the rules of this policy is a must. It also makes this process cost-free for its passengers for their smooth flight experience. Thus, going through the policy can be quite useful when you are stuck about thinking to change your name after reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it allowed to make spelling error corrections on Air New Zealand name change feature?

Yes, according to the Air New Zealand name change policy, you can make minor modifications to your identification details on the ticket. This also includes spelling error corrections in case they are wrongly mentioned on the booking ticket. However, keep in mind that only a certain characters limit of modification is allowed on the name change.

How can you make an use of Air New Zealand name correction policy?

Air New Zealand policy of name change enables the flyer to alter their names easily. Some rules and regulations imply to change your name on this carrier. Violation of these rules may sometimes cancel your ticket or deny the process of name change. Sometimes during rare circumstances, the carrier may ask you for service charges under the name correction policy. Nevertheless, minor modifications on the name can be done cost-free at Air New Zealand Airlines.

Can you go for name change Air New Zealand after marriage or divorce?

Yes, you can alter your names when you decide to do it post your marriage or divorce. You just simply need to provide your marriage or a divorce certificate to the carrier for verification purposes. Then, the operator will let you know about your successful Air New Zealand name change through the confirmation email.

How to go for Air New Zealand change name on ticket online?

Passengers can now go for name change at Air New Zealand by its online feature. All you need to do is just open the main website of this operator. Find the manage booking tab on the website and enter your basic details like your last name and the booking reference number. From the list of various bookings, choose the one on which you need to alter your name. Then as per the Air New Zealand name correction policy, follow the directions that appear on the screen. At last, wait for the confirmation mail from the carrier regarding your name modification on the ticket.

Is there any offline method under the Air New Zealand name change policy?

Yes, you can also correct your name through the offline procedure. For Air New Zealand change booking name, you can either visit the helpdesk of the carrier and narrate your name change issue to the air representative over there. Or else, you can also make a call at +1 877-563-0127 to talk to the agent. Once your call gets connected, request them for the name change and provide all the relevant details.

Can I change name on Air New Zealand ticket without paying any fees?

Yes, you can change your name on Air New Zealand booking tickets for free. This can happen only when there are a few errors in your name. Only a certain characters in your first or last name can be corrected not the entire name.

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