Air Serbia Check-in Policy

Check in policy is crucial to board the flight without rejection. Passengers can refer to the Air Serbia check in guidelines and the multiple check in methods with the boarding pass processes to have a better grasp on the key steps to be undertaken at the airport counter.

Here is an exhaustive rundown of Air Serbia check-in.

What are the Check in Services Offered by Air Serbia?

You can request the following check in facilities and services via preferred means of check in methods. Keep note that some of these facilities might be exclusive to online check in –

  • Issue same-day Air Serbia flight changes and cancellations if applicable
  • Request flight upgradations in the cabin class, meals, fare type, etc. based on availability
  • Request Mobile Boarding pass via the website
  • Add, renew, modify, or upgrade the Aeroplan Frequent Flier number for future travels
  • Check in bags and signify the total number of items
  • Submit health documentation like vaccination reports, disability reports, etc.
  • Opt for the favored Air Serbia seat selection on the aircraft

What are the guidelines for Air Serbia Boarding Passes?

The carrier issue boarding passes after the check in process is completed via online and offline check in. Keep the following details in mind – 

  • Boarding passes can only be used by the traveler whose name is available on the pass.
  • Boarding pass is mandatory for every online and offline check in method.
  • Ensure to present Original copy of ID proof with the original copy of the boarding pass at the airport while boarding.
  • Guidelines for Partner Airlines – With partner flights, keep following boarding pass guidelines in mind –
    • Grasp boarding pass benefits beforehand to receive facilities via partner airlines.
    • Air Serbia partners in fields like hotels, restaurants, and pubs may require booked reservation and a boarding pass for verification.
    • Make sure to present the boarding pass for verification to conduct any transaction, and avail discounts, coupons, or offers with the airline partners.

What are Air Serbia Check in Methods and the Check in Timings?

Air Serbia provides various check in mechanisms to promote multiple check in methods based on the convenience and comfort of the passengers. Some check in mediums focus on remote passengers to make the most of the airline facilities.

Take a look at the popular check in methods discussed below –

What is Air Serbia Online Check In?

Online check in Air Serbia is conducted via the website browser via Air Serbia Manage Booking or Check in tab. Take a look at the online check in guidelines –

  • Online check in time – The online check in timeline is given below –
    • Online check in window opening time – 48 hours before the estimated flight departure time.
    • Online check in closing time – One hour before the flight take-off time.
  • Online check in for codeshare flights depends on the check in rules and terms and conditions of the partner airlines.
  • Air Serbia airlines online check in is available for flights operating from –
LisbonNew York
Banja LukaLondon

NOTE – Refer to the official website for details on more airport locations allowing online check in.

What are the Air Serbia online check in guidelines for the United States and Canada?

Passengers flying from the United States and Canada must comply with the following directions –

  • United States – Keep note of the following –
    • Online check in time – Between 48 hours and up to 1 hour before the estimated flight departure time.
    • Passengers can print or transfer a copy of their boarding pass to the registered email.
    • The bag drop-off deadline for all airports is up to 60 minutes, whereas it is 45 minutes for New York airports.
    • The boarding gate closes 40 minutes before for all airports, whereas for New York, it closes 20 minutes before flight time.
  • Canada – Keep note that –
    • Online Air Serbia flight check in – Between 48 hours and 1 hour before flight departure time.
    • Time to reach the airport – 90 minutes before the anticipated flight time.
    • Passengers must receive a boarding pass up to 45 minutes before flight time.
    • The boarding pass opening-closing time is 30 minutes before take-off.

Which passengers cannot request Online Check in?

Not all passengers are allowed to check in online due to the need for special assistance and/ or intervention from the airport staff. These include –

  • Air Serbia Unaccompanied minors traveling alone
  • Passengers requiring medical assistance and attention
  • Travelers flying under Air Serbia pet policy
  • Passengers with special requests on the journey or
  • Travelers in need of medical attention or those with special requests
  • Flyers who have booked tickets offline i.e. paper tickets
  • Travelers flying on codeshare flights and flights handled by airline partners

What is the Air Serbia Online check in guidelines for Group Reservation?

Passengers traveling in a group reservation with Air Serbia can check in up to nine passengers at once. Following details are crucial to group check in –

  • Full name of the passenger
  • The number of bags carried by them
  • Details and I’D like Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport number, Place of residence, Gender, Passport, and VISA (For flights to/ from the USA).

NOTE – Group reservations must take into account Air Serbia online check in time to ensure easy check in and security process.

What is Air Serbia Mobile Check in and its Check in Timings?

Air Serbia check in app simplifies check in and ensures that travelers can completely check in from the comfort of their homes and save time. Also –

  • Air Serbia Check in time – The check in window begins 48 hours and lasts up to 60 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • United States – Passengers from the United States must follow the given guidelines –
    • Reach the airport 60 hours before flight departure.
    • The deadline to pick up the boarding pass is 60 minutes before the flight departure.
    • Make sure to reach the boarding departure area 30 minutes before the flight takes off.
  • Canada – If you are checking in via the mobile app, keep the following timeline in mind –
    • Head to the airport 90 minutes before the flight departure time.
    • The passengers must have the boarding pass 45 minutes before flight time.
    • The deadline to reach the boarding gate area is 30 minutes before the flight.

What is Air Serbia Airport check in and its Check in timings?

Air Serbia check in at the airport desks are available on all Air Serbia destinations including Belgrade. Add to that –

  • It is recommended to reach the airport up to three hours before the flight to complete Air Serbia check in airport and security screening.
  • Provide the necessary travel documents, additional documents related to health, vaccination, etc.
  • Airport check in is ideal in instances where kiosk check in is not present or travelers have distinct special requests.
  • For airport check in guidelines related to codeshare flights, it is recommended to check the respective partner airline guidelines.
  • Here is the Airport check in timeline to be followed –
ConditionsCheck in Time
Check in desk opening timing for all airports60 minutes before flight departure
Check in desk timings for New York3.5 hours before estimated flight take off
Check in desk closing time for all airports45 minutes before the anticipated flight departure
Check in desk closing time for New York40 minutes before flight take off

What is Air Serbia Kiosk Check in and its Check in timings?

Air Serbia kiosk check in is valid in various airports and provides an optimized check in process via kiosk counters. Keep the following things in mind –

Air Serbia Kiosk Check in
  • Belgrade – Belgrade allows passengers to check in via kiosk counters as follows –
    • If traveling from Belgrade, passengers can use the airport kiosk check-in counters for a quick check in and receive the boarding pass faster.
    • In Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport – The check in kiosks are available up to 24 hours before flight departure.
  • Passengers with no luggage, can directly head to the boarding departure gate area post check in.
  • For the vast majority of the airports, the kiosk check in time begins 12 hours before the flight takes off.

What is Air Serbia Priority Check In?

Air Serbia Priority check in is an automated check in mechanism that offers multiple benefits and features to passengers. Add to that –

  • It promotes a stress-free check-in process by avoiding standing in airport queues.
  • Passengers who purchase the service can check in via Business fare-type airport counters.
  • You can book the priority check in service via –
    • Travel agent
    • Airport check in desks at selected airports
    • Visiting Air Serbia offices or calling over the phone
  • Passengers who opt for priority check in cannot request online/Air serbia online web check in.
  • The Air Serbia priority check in service charges are as follows –
Fare Type ConditionsPriority Check In Fee
For Economy Light16 USD
For Economy Standard, Economy Deal, and Economy Saver8.54 USD
For Economy Comfort, Economy Value, and Economy Freedom6.40 USD
  • Keep note that priority air serbia check in fee facility is available for Business class, Air Serbia Gold, Platinum, and Etihad Guest Silver passengers.
  • Priority check in is a non-refundable and non-transferable facility.

How to request Air Serbia check in?

Air Serbia permits a wide range of offline and online check in methods to ensure that passengers can complete check in as per their convenience.

Here are some of the popular check in methods discussed below –

How to request Air Serbia online check in?

Air Serbia check in online simplifies the check in mechanism and sends the boarding pass directly to the email or smartphone. Follow the steps as follows –

Air Serbia Online Check In
The authorized website of Air Serbia Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • Select “Online Check in” from the home page and enter the details i.e. the initial destination, ticker number or the reservation code, and last name.
Air Serbia web Check In online
The screenshot is sourced from the Air Serbia Airlines website.
  • Verify the details and click “Check in”.
  • Choose the desired flights or the flight segments.
  • Enter the names of all the individuals in the booking, their ID proofs, and travel documents.
  • You can also opt for services like preferred meals, sitting arrangements, etc.
  • Submit the details. Once the airline completes the check in request, you will receive the boarding pass via registered email or in the profile.
  • Head to download the boarding passes on mobile devices or download them for easy access at the airport.

NOTE – Keep in mind that some airports may not allow home-printed boarding passes. In such citations print it at the airport or kiosk check in counters.

How to request check-in through a mobile app?

Check in Air Serbia app allows passengers to complete check in and address other concerns like Air Serbia flight cancellation. Follow the steps as follows –

  • Download the Air Serbia mobile app on Android and iOS devices i.e. smartphones and tablets.
air serbia check in app
  • On the app, choose “check in” orAir Serbia Manage Booking from the main menu.
  • Provide details like Reservation code, ticket number, and the passenger’s surname.
  • Select the flights or the segments to check in and enter the passenger’s details with updated travel documents.
  • You can request special services like specific meals, sitting on the aircraft, etc.
  • Submit the details. The airline will process the check in requirements and issue a digital boarding pass.
  • Passengers can also reach out to the airport representatives or the self-kiosk counters to print the boarding pass.

How to request Air Serbia airport check in?

If the passengers reach the airport timely i.e. at least three hours before the flight takes off, they can request check in via airport counters. Here are the steps to be followed –

  • Head to the nearest airport ticket counter and request “Check in”.
  • Provide passenger details like name, DOB, residence, departure and arrival details, and submit the travel documents.
  • Some of the documents include Passport, VISA, and ID proofs like Driver’s license, Voter ID, etc.
  • You can make special requests like Priority check in at the airport or Air Serbia pet policy.
  • Once the airline processes the check in request, you will receive a physical boarding pass Air Serbia.
  • Head to the boarding gate area to board the flight.
  • Keep note that you may have to pay the air serbia airport check in fee for additional and special requests at the ticket counter.

How to request Air Serbia kiosk counter check in?

Air Serbia kiosk check in is a preferred means of check in at the airport. The process is instant and does not require intervention by the airport staff. Here are the steps that you can follow for kiosk self check in air serbia –

  • Reach the nearest kiosk counter and request “Check in” from the on-screen instructions.
  • Enter crucial details like the full name, ticket number, or reservation code to request check in.
  • You can also swipe the bank card or the Aeroplan frequent flier number to access the flight details at the kiosk counter.
  • Once you access the flight or the flight segments, choose the desired requests and facilities to avail on the aircraft.
  • Verify and thoroughly check the details. Submit the information and print the Air serbia boarding passes and head to the boarding gate area.

How to connect with Air Serbia via Social Media for queries?

Air Serbia is well-connected on various social media platforms to promote better communication and undertake queries and concerns directly via direct message. You can receive a response within 24 to 48 hours from the carrier.

Here is a rundown of the popular social media platforms –

Social Media PlatformsProfile URL/ Link

It is recommended to be thorough with the Air Serbia check in policy and refer to its timings and deadlines to complete check in timely. You can also contact the carrier for queries over the phone, or other online and offline methods if you have more queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check in online Air Serbia?

Head to the website, enter the ticket number or confirmation code, and the last name, and follow on-screen instructions to complete check in and obtain the boarding pass.

When can I check in with Air Serbia?

You can check in between 48 hours and up to 60 minutes before the flight takes off based on the chosen check in method.

Does Air Serbia have an app?

Yes, Air Serbia mobile app is present to undertake features like seat selection, check in, check flight status, etc.

Can you check in on Airport Air Serbia?

Yes, you can check in at the airport by reaching the airport counter up to three hours before flight time.

Does Air Serbia have online check in?

Yes, Air Serbia provides an Air Serbia web check in online option to the passengers and allows check-in using the last name, ticket number, and reservation code.

What is the earliest time to check in online with Air Serbia?

The web check in Air Serbiawindow opens 48 hours before flight departure time.

Which airports support Air Serbia online check in?

Some of the airports are Brussels, Skopje, Lisbon, New York, Nuremberg, Istanbul, and Chicago. Head to the website for more airport details.

What is the deadline to check in at Air Serbia online portal?

The online check in window closes 60 minutes before the flight takes off.

Is it compulsory to print a boarding pass if I complete Air Serbia online check in?

No, you can use the digital Air serbia boarding pass at the selected airports by downloading it on mobile devices or tablets.

What travel documents are important for Air Serbia check in?

Ensure to provide travel documents like ID proofs – Driver’s license. Voter ID card, Passport, VISA, and updated health documents.

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