Brussels Airlines Name Change Policy

Travelers can not travel with the wrong name on the PNR ticket. The majority of the airlines come to the rescue with their name change policies to save up fliers’ money and minimize hassles. However, Brussels Airlines have peculiar guidelines for name changes and corrections.

Make sure to take into account all the recommendations, terms, and conditions of the Brussels airlines change name on ticket policy mentioned below for a comfortable journey.

What are the guidelines for Brussels Airlines name change policy?

Brussels airline provides name correction and name change possibilities to travelers if they align with the guidelines and restrictions of the name change Brussels airlines guidelines – 

  • Full names – Full name changes are not allowed.
  • Ticket transfer – The airline does not permit travelers to transfer a ticket with the wrong name to another traveler. 
  • Valid identification – The fliers must present sufficient identity proofs to request necessary legal name changes or corrections. 
  • Applicable bookings – Name changes/ corrections are available on all bookings for flights handled and operated by Brussels.
  • PNR ticket – The names on the PNR ticket must match the official passport documentation. 
  • Other changes – Changes like address, phone number, country, etc. are not covered under Brussels airlines ticket name change
  • Post check in – Travelers who have completed check in can opt for corrections after the ticket is unchecked for a name change fee.
    • You cannot request name changes after the boarding passes are issued by the airline. 
  • Number of changes/ corrections – Brussels airline allows only one name change or correction per traveler. 
  • Tickets booked with travel agencies – If the ticket is booked with travel agencies, connect with them for any  applicable changes. 
  • Grace period – Name changes can be issued or requested within the first 24 hours of booking a reservation. 

What are the exceptions to the Brussels Airlines name change policy?

Brussels Airlines does not allow name changes and corrections if they fall within the given circumstances –

  • The name has already been corrected once and requires more corrections/changes. 
  • The itinerary comprises flight segments by carriers other than Brussels like Air France, Aeromexico, etc.
  • If the traveler requires to make corrections or changes in more than 2 characters in first or last name.

What are the documents necessary to issue Brussels Airlines name change request?

 Name change Brussels airlines requests can be completed once you present and submit the necessary documents – 

  • Updated and unexpired Passport and VISA
  • Fee receipt and name change confirmation details 
  • Government issued Identity proofs and documents like Voting Card credentials, Driving license, Passport, etc.
  • Legal documents for legal name changes due to marriage and divorce including Marriage agreement/certificate and Divorce agreements 

What are the applicable name changes/ corrections allowed by Brussels airlines?

Understanding the Brussels airlines change passenger name rules and changes guide showcases that there are two types of airline changes – Legal name changes and name corrections/alterations.

Brussels Airlines does not allow all types of name changes or name corrections for travelers. You can find the details for the allowed changes below –

What are the types of legal changes allowed by Brussels Airlines ticket name change?

Travelers can request legal name changes due to instances of marriage, divorce, gender change, or other legal reasons. Add to that –

  • Specifications – Legal name change requests are available when the travelers present legal notice and court decision.
    • Connect with the airline via the Service center or head to the local office to request legal changes with a valid reason.
  • For name changes due to marriage – Present valid reasons and previous and newly issued government ID proofs and Marriage certificates. 
  • For name changes due to divorce – Present the court orders and complete the divorce agreement to claim a legal name change due to divorce. 

What are the applicable name corrections on Brussels Airlines?

Brussels airline presents a variety of name corrections and modifications for travelers within the Brussels name change policy – 

  • You can correct up to two characters in the first and last name. 
  • Title/Suffix/Prefix changes do not qualify for name corrections and changes. 
  • Name corrections are also applicable if the family names of the child or infant and the guardian they are traveling with do not match. 
  • Inverted names or reversed names are also covered within the Brussels name change. 
  • Name corrections in the cases of misspellings, minor errors, and typos up to 2-3 characters are allowed under Brussels name change. 

What are the Brussels middle name changes permitted on PNR?

Brussels name change policy includes middle name changes and corrections. Add to that – 

  • Travelers can request to add, upgrade, or remove the  middle names on the ticket.
  • Middle names are not considered mandatory on the PNR ticket and can be excluded if necessary.
  • The inclusion and exclusion of middle names must depend on the official government documents handed down by the passenger. 

How to request a Brussels name change request via available methods?

You can request name changes and corrections with Brussels Airlines by opting for online and offline methods. Ensure to opt for a method based on your convenience and comfort. You can also contact the airline for issues like Brussels flight cancellations, name corrections, etc. 

Some of the common means to request name changes or corrections are discussed below – 

How to request a Brussels name change via the website or online?

Brussels Airlines official website is efficient and well-equipped with services and facilities to guide travelers make necessary name changes and corrections. Here are the steps to request name changes – 

Brussel Airlines Name Change Policy
  • Visit the Brussels Airline official website homepage
  • Choose the “Plan and Manage” button from the main menu and select “Retrieve Booking”. 
  • You can log in using your Travel code credentials or enter the six-digit booking confirmation code and your name to get flight details. 
  • Once you access your flights, you must opt for “Edit Bookings”. Request change name on flight ticket brussels airlines and enter the new passenger’s name.
  • Upload the government-issued ID proofs and travel documents to claim the name change, especially for legal name change requests. 
  • The airline will process the name change or correction request and issue a new booking reservation with the new name.
  • Pay the applicable Brussels airlines name change fee on the payments page after getting the booking confirmation. 
  • You will receive a confirmation over email or sms for the name change. 

How to request a Brussels name change via the airport?

You can request name changes via the airport with Brussels Airlines. It is recommended to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before the estimated flight departure. You can follow the steps given below for name changes – 

  •  Reach out to the airport ticket counter and state the request for a name change or corrections. 
  • Convey the valid reason for the name change or correction. Provide the flight details, booking confirmation code, and the traveler’s name to issue the change. 
  • The airline representatives will check the flight details and change name on flight ticket Brussels airlines eligibility.
  • Submit the necessary documents like government ID proofs, travel documents, legal documents, marriage or divorce certificates, etc.
  • The airline will process the name change request. Once they confirm the changes, the airline will provide the payment gateway. 
  • Pay the applicable name change fee, service charges, and fare differences. 
  • Your new booking confirmation is confirmed and sent over email and you will also receive the name change confirmation receipt. 
  • Take the newly issued booking confirmation, proceed to Brussels check in, and take the boarding pass to board the flight. 

How to contact Brussels Airlines over the phone for name change queries?

Brussels airline service center is active and covers a wide variety of flier grievances like Brussels Manage Booking, name corrections, name changes, etc. You can follow the steps given below to connect with the airline staff – 

  • Visit the Brussels airline’s official website. 
  • You will find the “Help” button on the top right corner of the main webpage. 
  • Click on it to head to the “Contact” page. You can check out the FAQs, and available options, or scroll down to the “Technical Support” page. 
  • Under the “Technical Support” section, you will find a column to select the desired country or region. 
  • You will find the contact details of the selected locations and connect with the designated authorities/ local service office for redressal and guidance.
  • Following are the contact numbers of some of the popular locations and regions. 
Locations or Regions Contact Number 
Australia +32 5 333 81 81
Denmark +32 5 333 81 81
Belgium +32 5 333 81 81
Spain +34 930 038 027
France +33 5 33 49 80 08
India +32 5 333 81 81
Canada +32 5 333 81 81
United Arab Emirates +32 5 333 81 81
Germany +493091588500
Netherlands +31207219652
United Kingdom+44 289 523 28 08
USA+32 5 333 81 81

NOTE – Head to the official website for contact numbers for other locations and regions. 

How to contact Brussels Airlines via social media for queries?

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with airlines. You can share your queries like name corrections, Brussels flight change, suggestions, tips, or avail exclusive discounts and offers via Brussels online presence. 

You can also connect with Brussels youtube channel for airport tours, fleet details, etc. Here are some of the Brussels social media channels – 

Social Media Platforms Social Media Links

What is the Brussels airlines name change fee?

Brussels airline allows travelers to issue name changes if the travelers adhere to the flight guidelines for changes. Add to that –

  • The overall name change fee depends on the origin and destination airport, route, and flight stopovers. 
  • Name change fees may include fare differences, taxes, and service charges.
  • Discounted tickets cannot avail name changes.
  • Brussels airlines Name change fee – 27 USD 

NOTE – Head to the official website for the updated name change fee or refer to the website confirmation page for exact charges. 

The Airline name change guidelines mention all the necessary steps and considerations that travelers must keep in mind to issue change name on ticket Brussels airlines. It ensures a safe and convenient  journey for all travelers under the same booking. You can also contact the airline for other queries and concerns.

How do I change my name on a Brussels Airlines ticket?

You must contact the respective authorities, present the name change request, follow the instructions, and pay the applicable fee.

Can a name be changed on a Brussels ticket?

Yes, Brussels airlines permit minor name changes and corrections on the ticket.

How do I change my name on an upcoming flight to Brussels?

To change your name on a flight, present the correct government-issued documents and travel documents to the airline representatives and pay the name change fee.

How much is the Brussels name change fee?

The airline charges up to 27 USD for a name change/correction per passenger.

Can I change the name on my Brussels flight via the website?

Yes, head to my bookings under “Plan and Manage”, select “Edit Bookings”, enter the correct data, and pay the fee for the name change.

Is the middle name compulsory on the Brussels ticket?

No, a middle name is not mandatory on the ticket. However, the name on the PNR must match the official documents.

How to request a name change for Brussels Airlines?

You can contact the airline Service center over the phone or convey the name change request over the website.

Can I request a name change after marriage in Brussels?

Yes, you must connect with the airline for legal name changes post-marriage by presenting legal documents and court orders.

Can I change the name on the Brussels ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on the ticket under legal name change or apply for name corrections.

What documents are required for Brussels name change?

Some necessary documents include Passport, VISA, travel documents, and legal documents like marriage certificates, divorce agreements, etc.

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