Brussels Airlines Seat Selection

Freedom to choose the best places to sit on the airplane has an immense role in the journey. Brussels airline allows travelers to select the desired seats in advance. You can choose the seats that meet your comfort level, have enough legroom, and maintain a stress-free itinerary. 

Take a look at the Brussels airlines seat selection rundown for more details.

What Are the Guidelines for Brussels Airlines Seat Selection?

Travelers must consider the following key details in mind before securing a seat with Brussels – 

Brussels Seat Selection - Travomonk

This screenshot has been taken from the official website.

  • Flight Cancellation – If the favorable seat is not available due to Brussels flight cancellation, the airline refunds the seat selection charges. 
  • Special assistance – Travelers who have booked flights with special assistance must contact the airline via the “Brussels contact page” or your travel agent for seat selection. 
  • Seat recline – Brussels offers Business Extra space seats for those in need of a reclining feature. 
  • Traveling with babies – It is not necessary to reserve a seat if you are traveling with infants (Ages – 0-2 years). However, refer Brussels unaccompanied minor policy for more. 
  • Sitting with companions – It is recommended to reserve seats with Brussels in advance to sit with family and companions. 
  • Privileges for Senators and HON Circle Members – The seat selection is offered for free.
    • However, this facility is subject to availability.
    • It is not applicable on Economy light bookings for short-haul flights and for extra leg space on long-haul flights.
  • Flights allowed seat selection in advance – Brussels airline permits advance seat selection along with selected partner airlines.
    • If flights are booked in combination with Lufthansa Airline Group.
    • Or if the part of the travel is flown by selected partner flights.
    • Note that the advance seat selection terms and conditions are subject to the respective airlines guidelines. 
  • Traveling with animals? – Not all seats are available for travelers with pets. Refer to Brussels pet policy for more details. 

Terms and Conditions for Seat Reservation Changes and Vacant Neighbor Seats

Brussels airline mentions the following terms and conditions with respect to changes in seat reservations and fliers who may require vacant neighbor seats – 

  • The travelers cannot purchase a specific seat number (For example – 5B). 
  • Brussels reserves the right to change/ upgrade the seat number, as applicable.
  • Reserving seats allows travelers to only choose the seat category i.e window seat, aisle seat, etc. 
  • Seats can also be altered after the fliers have boarded the flight due to operational concerns and safety reasons. 

Terms and Conditions to Acquire Vacant Neighbor Seats With Brussels Airlines

Brussels airline allows the opportunity to travelers to reserve a vacant seat adjacent to their seat for more flight space. Add to that – 

  • Brussels airlines recommend the fliers book a vacant neighbor seat in the following instances – Requires more space or has physical limitations.
  • Vacant neighbor seats can be booked in advance to ensure they remain empty.
  • Reserving vacant neighbor seats – Connect with the airline via the Service center to book seat reservations. 
  • Neighbor seat selection charges – The extra seat charges lie between 64 USD and 191 USD per traveler.
    • The charges depend on the length of the flight and destination and may include service charges.

What Seats Can I Select With Brussels Airlines?

You can book your preferable seats on the aircraft in advance by selecting from the available types of seat assignments. Following are the seat options on Brussels airline – 

Types of Seats Description
Standard seatStandard seats can be purchased for free based on the fare type.You can select a window seat, or aisle seat, and ensure your family or companions sit together. 
Extra Legroom Seat You can enjoy more space to stretch your legs. Such seats are located at the emergency exits and travelers must meet the safety requirements. 
Preferred Zone SeatThese seats are located to the front in Economy class.It fosters flexible travel and ease.Preferred zone seat selection might be available for free for some fare classes.
Business Extra Space Seat Seating is available by the aisle and window simultaneously. No other immediate passengers in this seat For intercontinental flights – You can choose the Business extra space seat for a fee. 

Brussels Airlines Seat Map or Configuration for Flights 

Brussels comprises 38 aircrafts traveling across North America, Africa, and Europe. 

The Brussels airlines seat map or configuration gives an overview of the number of seats on the types of aircraft offered by the airline – 

Aircraft Name Number of Fleet Seats 
AIRBUS A31915 141
AIRBUS A32017 180
AIRBUS A330-300 9Total – 295Economy – 244 Premium – 21Business – 30

Seat division based on fare type – Here are the seat map Brussels airlines details for the available types of seats –

Fare Type ClassBed length/ Pitch size Width Additional details 
Economy 3217.5226 standard seats 
Economy Privilege3417.532 standard seats 
Business 70.5 / 42-4520.530 reclining bed seats 

NOTE – Connect with the airline for more details on the available seats and more. 

How to Book Seat Selection With Brussels?

Brussels allows travelers to opt for their desired seat selection in advance or at the time of check in. Here are the ways to connect with the airline for seat selection –

Choosing a Seat in Advance With Brussels Airlines 

When selecting seats in advance, remember the following details – 

General timeline – Here are the estimated deadlines to reserve seat selection with Brussels airline- 

Terms and Conditions Timeline for Advance Seat Selection 
For the majority of the flights Choose a seat up to 24 hours before the flight time
Flights operated by LufthansaBook a seat up to 52 hours before the estimated flight time.
For flights operated by Swiss or AustrianUp to 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure 
  • Failing to select the seats – Travelers who fail to secure a seat in advance or during booking are assigned a seat by the airline. 
  • Changing already assigned seats – If you are not satisfied with the assigned seats can change or upgrade it during online Brussels check in for a seat selection fee.
    • You can head to the airport desk to select another seat, subject to availability. 

How to Contact Brussels for Online Seat Selection at the Time of Booking?

When you are booking your flight with the airline, follow the given directions to reserve the desired seats

  • Head to the official website homepage – Brussels home page .
  • On the main page, you will find the button “Flights”. 
  • Select the type of flight – Round trip, One way, Multi-city, fare type – Economy, Premium, Business, etc. and the number of travelers. 
  • Enter the departure and the arrival city and the departure and return date of the travel. Click “Search flights”.
  • Once you retrieve the available flight details, select the desired flight, enter the names of travelers, upload travel documents, etc.
  • Once you select the flights, you will be headed to the Brussels seat map. 
  • Choose the desired seats from the available options. Pay the applicable Brussels airlines seat selection cost. 
  • The airline will confirm the booking reservation and the seats. 

How to Reserve Brussels Airline Seat Selection via the Website After Booking?

You can also request seat selection Brussels airlines via the official website after you have booked your flight up to 24 hours before the flight. Here are the steps you must follow for seat selection – 

  • Visit the official Brussels website – Brussels home page. 
  • Select “Plan and Manage” from the main menu and further opt for the “My Booking” button. 
  • You will be directed to a new page. You can login using your Travel code or enter the six digit booking code and your name to access your flights. 
  • Once you retrieve your booking, you can edit your booking and select the favorable seats on the aircraft. 
  • Refer to the seat map to choose the seats and pay the applicable seat selection fee. 

How to Reserve Brussels Airlines Select Seats via Mobile App?

You can contact Brussels airline through its mobile app to select preferred seats on the aircraft – 

  • Download the Brussels mobile app in android or iOS devices. 
  • Head to the app, head to the “My Trips” section, enter the flight details, booking code, and the last name of the traveler. 
  • Access the flight details, edit the booking and choose the desired seats from the Brussels seat map. 
  • Confirm the seat selection Brussels airlines and pay the applicable Brussels seat selection fee. 
  • The airline will process the seat selection request and confirm the selection with a receipt. 

How to Request Brussels Airline Seat Selection via Airport?

You can also select seats at the airport if you could not select them in advance via website or app. The chances to select the favorable seats at the airport are slightly less. 

Following are the steps you can follow to select seats at the airport – 

  • Head to the airport ticket counter and provide flight details like the booking code, passenger’s full name. 
  • Once they retrieve the flight status and booking information, present the request for seat selection.
  • The airline staff will present the map of available seats. You can select the seats from the map or they will assign you the seats automatically. 
  • If you select the seats, you must pay the necessary seat selection fee. 
  • The airline will confirm the seat selection request and the booking reservation. 

How to Contact Brussels Airlines Over the Phone for Seat Selection?

You can contact Brussels airline over the phone for a variety of issues like Brussels flight change, seat selection, etc. Follow these steps to contact Brussels airline Service center or local office – 

  • Head to the Brussels airline home page and select “Help” from the top right corner of the page. 
  • You will be taken to the “Contact” page. Scroll down to the “Technical Support”. 
  • Select the country or region and you will be able to connect with the region’s technical support and assistance for seat selection and more. 
  • You can find the contact details for some of the popular regions below – 
Locations or Regions Contact Number 
Australia +32 5 333 81 81
Belgium +32 5 333 81 81
Canada +32 5 333 81 81
Denmark +32 5 333 81 81
France +33 5 33 49 80 08
India +32 5 333 81 81
United Kingdom+44 289 523 28 08
USA+32 5 333 81 81
Spain +34 930 038 027

NOTE – Head to the official website for contact details of other locations/ regions. 

How to contact Brussels Airlines over social media for queries?

Brussels Airlines’ social media platforms attend to the  grievances of travelers in a personalized way and attend to a variety of concerns including seat selection, wheelchair assistance, Brussels Manage Booking, and more. 

Here are some of the Brussels social media handles to connect – 

Social Media Platforms Social Media Links

What Is the Brussels Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

Brussels airline charges travelers for the seats they select. However, some passengers may purchase their preferred seats at no additional costs if their fare type class permits. 

Here is the Brussels airlines seat selection fee for the various seat selection options provided by the airline – 

Types of Seats Brussels Airlines Select Seat Fee 
Standard SeatsEconomy class – Between 15 USD and 42 USD Brussels airlines Premium economy class – Between 36 USD and 72 USDSome Fare types (Contact airline) – Free 
Extra Legroom Seats Between 31 USD and 120 USD
Preferred zone seatBetween 22 USD and 67 USD 
Business Extra space seatBetween 120 USD and 250 USD 

NOTE – You can contact Brussels airline for updated or final applicable seat selection charges. 

Travelers can make most of the Brussels seat selection rules and choose the seats in the favorable places on the aircraft. You can also connect with the airline for more details to get your queries resolved.

How do I select seats when booking Brussels?

Head to the official website, choose “Flights”, follow the on screen instructions to complete booking and select seats from the Brussels airlines seat map.

Does seat selection cost money in Brussels?

Yes, Brussels airline charges a seat selection fee to the travelers for favorable seats.

How do I avoid seat selection fees in Brussels?

Some fare class types do not charge seat selection fees to the travelers. Connect with the airline for more details.

Is seat selection free during Brussels check in?

No, seat assignment is available for a fee during online website or mobile app check in.

Does Brussel Airlines provide extra legroom seats?

Yes, Business extra space seats and extra legroom seats near the exit area are available for travelers.

Is seat selection guaranteed in Brussels?

No, due to operational, security, or other reasons, the airline reserves the right to change seat selection, even after the flier boards the flight.

What if I forget to purchase seats on Brussels Airlines?

Brussels automatically assigns the seats to the travelers if they forget or choose not to select seats.

Can I opt for a seat assignment after checking in for the Brussels flight?

No, seat selection must be executed at the time of checking in for the flight.

How to contact Brussels Airlines for seat selection?

You can connect with the airline via website, mobile app, airport, or over the phone for seat selection.

Can I select seats on the Brussels app?

Yes, you can select seats on the Brussels app by entering the flight details, booking code, and the traveler’s name.