Cebu Pacific Pet Policy

Many passengers wish to travel with their pets for various reasons. These reasons can be like some pet owners might want to take their pets on trips while others may need them to be there as service animals. Irrespective of your reason, safe pet travel is facilitated by the Philippine airline, Cebu Pacific. It is highly important that you travel safely and smoothly while you are with your pet. This airline has a specific policy designed for carrying your animals on board known as the Cebu Pacific pet policy. It comes into play when pets are involved in your ticket. Every flier is needed to obey the regulations of this policy in order to ensure a safe and secure journey. In this regard, a good comprehension of these rules can be helpful to board the flight without any trouble with your pet. 

Basic Guidelines of the Cebu Pacific Pet Policy

The rules determined under this policy help to keep in check the safety of your pets. It is extremely important for the fliers to adhere to these guidelines to avoid compromising pet security. Apart from these guidelines, there are also certain requirements that pet owners need to fulfill. Hence, it is essential to have a clear understanding of these guidelines as well as some regulations to guarantee a hassle-free journey. 

Given below are some of the main Cebu Pacific pet travel requirements: 

  • Official tickets booked through the main sources of this airline will be eligible for pet travel. 
  • This airline only permits the customers to transport their pets as cargo. Your pets will not be allowed to fly in the cabin unless they are service animals. 
  • Valid medical documents and certificates need to be submitted before the airline can accept your animals on board. 
  • Cebu Pacific pet travel policy does not allow specific breeds of animals to be transported. On bringing these breeds on board, you may miss your flight.
  • All the pet carriers used must be in compliance with various IATA rules. Otherwise, your cage or a carrier will not be accepted by the airline. 
  • The airline will allow pets in the cabin only if it is required under the law to do so. 
  • Passengers will be under the obligation to pay a certain amount of fees when they wish to transport their pets by airways.
  • Different types of animals like dogs, cats, turtles, or birds can be transported in the cargo of the flight. 
  • You are required to carry your pet’s tags, medications, and sanitary equipment at all times during your journey. 
  • Having a leash on your dogs while waiting in queues is also necessary. 
  • You can inform the airline about bringing your pet onboard/ transporting it in cargo until 2 hours before the take-off of your scheduled flight. 

Note: On some destinations to the US, this airline might allow animals not only as Cebu pacific pet cargo but also as cabin luggage. 

Service Animals Under Cebu Pet Travel Policy

Service animals or emotional support pets are those which are trained to provide support and assistance to persons with disabilities. These pets provide assistance in case of physical disabilities, mental disorders, or cognitive inabilities to the passengers. In such cases, instead of carrying service animals as Cebu Pacific Air cargo pets, you can also bring them onboard. However, several restrictions apply when it comes to the flying of service animals. You will also be required to follow various conditions to carry them. 

Given below are some of these main regulations: 

  • The service dog’s owner needs to submit a valid medical report from a licensed expert stating their condition, physical or mental. This report should not be dated back more than a year. 
  • The report of the flier should also confirm that the passenger needs the service animal during their flight. 
  • Basic details regarding the traveler’s medical expert must be submitted as proof of correct diagnosis. 
  • Cats will not be accepted as service animals on flights. Only dogs that are too efficiently trained will be considered under this category. 
  • Only one service animal per flight will be allowed onboard. The animal should be properly managed throughout the flight. An appropriate harness for your animal at all times is also necessary. 
  • Pet travel requirements Philippines Cebu Pacific for service animals include submission of vaccination documents and eligible certificates from the “Bureau of Animal Quarantine” 
  • Plastic bags and sanitary napkins to tender to the animal should be bought by the pet owners. You will not be required to do so in case you submit a notice to the airline stating that the animal does not require to relieve itself during the flight. 
  • You will have to let the airline know in advance about your need to bring a service animal on board. For this, you can contact the agents of the operator and narrate your reasons for carrying service animals. 
  • Seeing eye dogs, that is, dogs that assist the blind cannot occupy a separate seat on the flight. 

Note: Usually, there might be no Cebu Pacific pet price charged for carrying guard dogs. For further information regarding the fees applied, you can contact the customer care service. 

Cebu Pacific Pet Cargo Requirements

Cargo travel means that your pets will be sent separately from you. They may or may not fly on the same flight as you. It may happen that you will not be able to contact them during the flight. The pets shipped as cargo can later be collected at the arrival destination. 

Since pets other than service animals can only be transported as cargo on this airline, certain strict rules apply to this type of transport. The airline does its best to make cargo transport as comfortable for your pets as possible. The efforts of the airline authorities can suffice if passengers comply with the given guidelines.

Mentioned below are such main points including information about the Cebu Pacific pet cargo rates: 

  • The temperature and pressure conditions in the cargo will be maintained at optimum levels to ensure the comfort of your animal. 
  • The carrier does not accept sick animals or pets with rabies to be carried in cargo. Hence, submission of a health certificate to the air authorities is mandatory to seek approval. 
  • Transportation of the snubbed-nosed species is done extra carefully on the flight. 
  • Animals in cargo can only be sent in a crate. The crates must be spacious, secure, and safe. 
  • Passengers whose pets are to be sent in cargo should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • The exact amount of the Cebu Pacific pet cargo price will be informed to you by the airline agents. 
  • The rates or amounts fluctuate based on your flight itinerary and the arrival destination. 
  • Proper labeling of your animals before sending them is necessary. 
  • Pet owners who wish to send their pets to Japan must inform the Animal Bureau Quarantine of Japan at least 40 days prior to the flight taking off. 

For any queries concerning pet cargo transport, you can connect with the airline at the following number: 

  • 632 802 7070
  • 6332 340 9700

Not only pet travel, but you can also contact the cargo department to get enough information about various other cargo shipments. 

Pet Cargo Cebu Pacific Crate Requirements 

When you want to send your pets in cargo, you will have to follow the crate requirements. Crate refers to the cage in which your animals will be seated and transported. These carriages/crates need to adhere to the requirements given under the IATA laws. Only the crates that follow the required measurements will be accepted by the airline. 

Also, the Cebu Pacific Air pet cargo rates depend on the size of your crate. That is why it is essential to know the correct crate requirements. 

  • All the crates must have a pet pad. This is important for the safety of your pet. 
  • The cage should have a clip. A clip is necessary to ensure that the animal does not escape from the crate. 
  • Labeling your crate is mandatory. It helps the airline to identify and separate the different animals. 
  • All the important forms and reports like medical certificates, and health documents need to be attached to the crate of the pets. 
  • The pet carriages must be leakproof. The inside of the crate should be lined with an absorption cloth or material. This will be helpful in case the animal relieves itself while in transit. 
  • As per the Cebu Pacific pet policy, the crate must be made with hard studded material. It must be sturdy and stable enough for the security of your pet throughout the journey. 
  • Carriages made with dangerous materials will not be accepted by the airline. 
  • To transport your animals in a cage as cargo, you will have to get a permit from the “Bureau of Animal Industry” (BAI) 
  • The size and type of your crate might affect the fee charged. The actual charges will be disclosed by the airline authorities. 

Note: When you have special requests or requirements regarding your pet’s crate, you can contact Cebu Pacific Airlines pet cargo contact number and get the necessary assistance. 

What is the Procedure to Carry Pets on Cebu Pacific Airlines?

In order to be able to carry or transport pets on this airline without any hassle, you will have to follow the step-by-step procedure. This process applies to both Cebu Pacific domestic pet policy and international policy. Once you get the required approval from the airline, you can transport your pets easily without any trouble. 

Before you are allowed to carry your pets, you will have to follow the procedure given below: 

  • Firstly, you will have to get in touch with the airline authorities to make sure that live animals will be accepted on the ticket you have reserved. 
  • Some flights may reject transporting pets due to various reasons. Hence, it is necessary to confirm is pet allowed in Cebu Pacific or not on your specific flight. 
  • When the agents verify that your pet will be allowed as cargo, you will now be required to acquire a valid vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian. A medical certificate verifying that your dog is free from rabies has to be acquired as well. These documents enable the airline to authenticate that your animal is fit and healthy for flying. 
  • Next, a quarantine permit needs to be obtained. For this, you will have to visit the quarantine officer. This officer will either be located at NAIA terminal 3 near the pre-departure area or NAIA terminal 4 inside the old domestic area. 
  • After obtaining this certificate, your crate will be checked by the agents. Its size and weight requirements should be in accordance with the IATA rules. The detailed information regarding these cages is mentioned in the above section. 
  • At last, you can attach all these acquired certificates and the obtained documents to your pet’s crate. You can now leave your pet in the cargo area and collect it upon arrival at the destination airport. 

The procedure to be followed when flying with service animals is as follows:

  • Under the aforementioned first step, you will have to reach out to the agents and ask does Cebu Pacific allow pets on board. This is because, although this airline enables the passengers to fly with their service animals in the cabin, restrictions apply to certain breeds. Therefore, it is recommended to confirm with the agents beforehand. 
  • Usually, you will not be needed to carry a crate when flying with service animals. Only a proper leash and harness attached to the pets are necessary. 

Tip: To avoid any last-minute trouble with the airline, you can call the agents at least a week in advance so that you can have enough time to prepare the documents as required under the Cebu Pacific pet policy. 

Breeds Restricted On Cebu Pacific Airlines

Specific breeds of dogs and cats which have a high risk of easily contracting or spreading rabies or such diseases are prohibited by this Philippine operator. This is done to ensure the safety of the passengers and the fellow pets transported in the cargo. In case your animal belongs to any of the breeds mentioned below, it will not be eligible for Cebu Pacific pet shipping:

Brachycephalic dogsDogo ArgentinoEnglish Toy Spaniel
Yorkshire TerrierBull Mastiff Maltese
Dogue de BordeauxBrussels GriffonJapanese Chin
Shih TzuBijon FriseBoxer
Pug (all breeds)Chow ChowAffenpinscher
Shar PeiPresa CanarioBurmese cats
Himalayan catsBirman catsPersian cats

This list can be updated by the airline from time to time. By contacting the airline agents, you can know the newly updated list.

Cebu Pacific Pet Fee

A certain pet fee for Cebu Pacific will have to be paid when you wish to fly with your pets. This fee is payable, especially for cargo transport. In most circumstances, service animals and emotional support animals can travel for free. Sometimes, certain charges might also apply. Therefore, the only viable method to know the exact amount of the fee is by contacting the airline directly. Through this method, you can avoid confusion since you can get accurate information regarding the fee. Additionally, it is better than visiting the online site of Cebu Pacific Airlines. 

Documents Required Under Cebu Pacific Pet Policy

There is a certain list of documents and certificates pet owners have to submit to get official approval from the airline. These documents range from vaccination proofs to permit reports. They will have to be submitted for both service animals and cargo pets without any exception. Proper certificates help in making your Cebu Pacific pet transport simple and hassle-free. 

The following list mentions the required documents:

  • A health certificate is given by a licensed veterinarian. This certificate should not be dated more than 10 days before the flight’s official departure. 
  • In the case of dogs, rabies vaccination proof is to be provided to make sure that your dog does not suffer from this disease. 
  • A shipping permit is issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry to ensure that it is safe to transport your pet in cargo. 

These are the main Cebu Pacific pet travel requirements in terms of documents and certificates. It is mandatory to have them in possession before you can travel with pets. 

Summing Up,

The pet policy of this operator answers various questions like are pets allowed in Cebu Pacific Airlines, what is the cost for transporting pets, and is pet cabin travel available. This policy also describes the procedure to carry pets safely on the flight. It proves to be beneficial and convenient to all types of passengers. The special features facilitated in the case of service animals make this policy more accessible. Hence, you do not have to worry about the safe transport of your pets while flying with Cebu Pacific Air.

FAQs- Cebu Pacific Pet Policy

What is the Cebu Pacific pet policy?

This is a policy that is designed to determine the rules of pet travel on Cebu Pacific Air. The eligibility of your pets, the type of crate they have to be carried in, and the number of charges to be paid are all mentioned under this policy. Further, the procedure to get approval for pet transport is also disclosed by this policy.

Does Cebu Pacific allow pets on board?

No, this airline does not allow animals to be carried on board, in the cabin, or as checked baggage. Only service dogs and emotional support animals will be accepted on board upon submission of the necessary proof. Apart from this, all other live animals can only be transported as cargo and nothing else.

Are pets allowed in Cebu Pacific Airlines?

This Philippine operator is pet-friendly. Hence, it allows accommodation for pets and service animals for the assistance of the passenger. Different types of pets like cats, dogs, and turtles can only be transported in cargo.  Dogs will be accepted under the category of service animals and not any other pet. However, several conditions and restrictions apply to the carriage of these animals.

Is Shih Tzu allowed on Cebu Pacific?

According to the conditions given under the Cebu Pacific pet travel policy, you cannot transport Shih Tzu on this carrier. This is because it comes under the category of restricted or banned species of animals. This specific type of species is banned due to its high risk of contracting or spreading diseases to fellow passengers.

What documents should I submit to get pet approval on Cebu Pacific?

A valid health certificate from an animal expert stating that your pet is fit to fly is required. Next, proof that your dog is vaccinated to prevent rabies is needed. The other Cebu Pacific pet travel requirements include a permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry. Submission of these documents is compulsory.

How much is the Cebu Pacific pet cargo price?

Certain charges have to be paid when you want to send your animal as cargo. These charges depend on various elements like the flight itinerary, your ticket fare, arrival destination, and the weight of your animal. You can connect with the airline agents to know the exact and apt amount of this fee along with service charges.

How to travel with pets on Cebu Pacific?

To transport your pets on this airline, you will have to first call the authorities and make sure that Cebu Pacific Air cargo pets are accepted. Then, you need to acquire the necessary certificates and medical reports. Next, put your pets in a crate as approved by the IATA. At last, attach all the important documents to the animal crate.

What is the Cebu Pacific pet cargo contact number?

For any queries or complaints regarding the pet cargo transport, you can contact the cargo department of this operator. For this, you may dial any of the given numbers 632 802 7070 or 6332 340 9700. Passengers can clear their doubts regarding cargo shipments with the agents of this department.

Should I pay a fee for transporting pets on Cebu Pacific?

Yes, a passenger is liable to pay the required amount of Cebu Pacific Air pet cargo rates to transport their animals. The amount of fees become payable when the pet is accepted by the airline. Hence, payment of these charges is mandatory and not avoidable unless in specific cases like service animals.

How to know if my pet is allowed on the Cebu Pacific flight?

To know whether your specific breed of animal is allowed on board or not, you can go through the “Restricted/Banned” animals list on the main site of the carrier. Otherwise, you can also call the airline at the toll-free number and ask is pet allowed in Cebu Pacific for your respective flight.

What are the Cebu Pacific pet cargo requirements for carrying animal crates?

Only crates that have been approved by the IATA will be allowed by this airline. In this regard, the pet cage must be large enough for the animal to easily move, sit, stand and lie down. It must be lined with an absorption material on the inside. The cage should be made with safe materials and it should be stable.l

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