How Far is Chicago from Cleveland and Different Modes to Travel?

Chicago, the beautiful city in the state of Illinois is unknown to none. Chicago is famous for its bold architecture and renowned museums. On the other hand, Cleveland, one of the biggest cities in the state of Ohio, is prominently known for its parklands and stunning art. A trip to these cities can only be efficiently planned if you know how far Cleveland is from Chicago. A detailed guide discussing the various travel methods has been provided on this page. The distance and time taken for each travel route have also been explained here.

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Driving Non-Stop from Chicago to Cleveland

Nonstop Driving Distance344 Miles/554 KM
Nonstop Driving Time5 Hour and 20 Minutes

A Cleveland to Chicago drive without any stops is a quick way to travel between these two cities. Driving without breaks reduces the travel time and helps you reach your destinations faster.

Estimated Drive Time Between Chicago to Cleveland

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)11 hours 28 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)08 hours 36 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)06 hours 52 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)05 hours 44 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)04 hours 54 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)04 hours 35 minutes

One of the fastest routes that you can take from Cleveland to Chicago is the I-90 E route. It is the longest east-west interstate highway in the US. The traffic on this route is usually light and the road conditions are good.

  • I-90 E: This route, I-90 E, travels through S Federal and Kansas city. From Kansas City, you can continue toward I-94E and then merge with Dan Ryan Kennedy. Then follow the Y-junction to move toward the I-90 E. Continue on the I-90 E route and exit from the 9th Street/Downtown. You can then turn left onto Rockwell Ave and finally reach Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: I-90 E is the most preferred route to cover the distance between Chicago and Cleveland. This road runs 3,000.44 miles.

Flying Non-Stop from Chicago to Cleveland

Nonstop Flying Distance308 Miles/496 KM
Nonstop Flying Time49 Minutes

You can choose to fly from Chicago to Cleveland by helicopter, private jets, or public planes based on your budget. How long the flight from Chicago to Cleveland depends on the mode of the aerial route that you choose. A non-stop flight from Chicago to Cleveland greatly diminishes the distance to be covered.

Non-stop flying is one of the fastest ways to travel between two places. Hence, this mode of transport can be a great option for you if you’re looking to reduce the flight distance from Chicago to Cleveland. However, it is best to fly during the summer months as Chicago gets chilly and extremely cloudy during winters.

Road Trip From Chicago to Cleveland

Another way to travel from Chicago to Cleveland by car includes the planning of a road trip. A good road trip with numerous stops at various sightings can make your journey fun and entertaining. Some of these stops are Indiana Dunes State Park, South Bend, Coldwater, Rodeway Inn, Toledo, and Sandusky.

The following itinerary can be followed while planning your road trip.

  • You can start in Chicago. After driving for about 50 minutes, you will reach Indiana Dunes State Park where you can stay for about an hour. Here, you can enjoy a stunning lake view and some delicious meals at the Southside Soda Shop.
  • After an hour at the State Park, you can start driving again. With less than an hour of driving, you will reach South Bend. Here you can visit the Studebaker National Museum and the University of Notre Dame. You can spend up to an hour in South Bend.
  • Then, start driving for about 1.5 hours to reach Coldwater. You can rest overnight in Coldwater and resume your trip the next morning.
  • After leaving Coldwater the next day, drive for about an hour to stop at Rodeway Inn. Rodeway Inn is a chain of hotels in the U.S. offering great services. You can spend an hour here.
  • Now, drive for 48 minutes and stop at Toledo in Ohio. You can relax an hour here, enjoying the Toledo Museum of Art that is home to a vast collection of Renaissance work.
  • Later, drive for another hour to reach Sandusky. It is a city in Ohio, famous for its theme parks and various family attractions. Enjoy the city for an hour and start driving again.
  • Finally, a drive of one hour from Sandusky will get you to Cleveland.

You can customize the itinerary and include other tourist attractions in your road trip. The time taken to cover the distance from Chicago to Cleveland changes based on the stops you make while traveling.

Chicago to Cleveland Airports and Flights

Total Air Time1 Hour and 4 Minutes
Flight Distance504 km or 313 Miles

Commercial flights are another great aerial transportation method for traveling between Cleveland and Chicago. These flights offer credible services at reasonable prices, thus, being accessible to the larger part of the population. The two major airports of Chicago and Cleveland are Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), respectively. You can make your flight reservations with these two major airports.

Note: The travel time of commercial flights include the time spent to travel to the airport. This is the cause of the increase in the Cleveland to Chicago flight time.

Southwest AirlinesCOPA PanamaBritish Airways
Japan AirlinesAll NipponAlaska Airlines

All of these airlines offer scheduled flight services. A total of about 2068 flights travel from Chicago to Cleveland in a week.


In this guide, we explained all the details that can be needed to travel to Chicago or Cleveland. We discussed all the travel options ranging from roads to flights. The time and distance of each mode of transport was also elaborated. An itinerary to plan a perfect road trip was additionally mentioned here. We hope that this guide will help you to plan your trip.

You can drop a comment stating your travel ideas and feel free to give us suggestions and feedback.

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