Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy

While making flight ticket reservations on Malaysia Airlines, it can be possible for travelers to enter incorrect names or make spelling errors. In such circumstances, their corrections in the tickets assume great importance. In this regard, the Malaysia Airlines name change policy operates to enable its customers to access the modification feature.

What is Malaysia Airlines’ Name Change Policy?

This policy helps customers understand the procedure of modification. It is important to know that this policy allows several corrections but not a complete name change. 

Hence, under the Malaysia Airlines name correction policy: 

  • Passengers can only correct their mistakes in the details entered. 
  • Minor changes can be made to alter misspellings or fix last and first names.
  • The entire name of a passenger can’t be changed to transfer a ticket to another flier.

Rules to Change/Correct Name on Malaysia Airlines

The Malaysia Airlines name guide describes various regulations for the alteration process. It explains: 

  • The number of characters that can be changed in the name
  • Fees charged
  • Types of changes 
  • The appropriate time to make your request. 

The following are some of the main regulations highlighted by Malaysia Airlines in the name correction policy: 

  • Only the tickets directly booked with the airline can be eligible for direct modifications. 
  • For any changes to the reservations made with travel agents, you will have to contact your respective travel company. 
  • The corrections can be made up to 3 characters in the whole name:
    • 1 letter in the passenger’s last name 
    • And 2 letters in the first name 
  • For corrections exceeding 3 characters, charges have to be paid post the issuance of a ticket. 
  • There are restrictions when you wish to modify more than the allotted number of letters.
  • Modifications can be done both before and after the issuance of the ticket. 
  • However, different rules may apply in the above 2 circumstances. 
  • The airline may require you to submit a copy of your passport before initiating the process. 
  • This serves to verify the identity of the flier by the airline’s representative. 

Flying with incorrect personal details can cause verification issues. Hence, boarding can become problematic. This may also cause flight delays at times.

Note: It is important to make your Malaysia Airlines name change request well before the scheduled departure of your flight. This can help you to stay clear of any last-minute trouble.

Ways to Modify Your Name on Malaysia Airlines

Depending on your convenience, you can choose either the online or the offline method of correction. Both of these options ensure a convenient name change process.

Note: In some cases, the online option may not be available to some users based on the time of request and their location.

Method 1: Via Malaysia Airlines’ Website

For the online option of name modification, you will have to use the website of this carrier. This option can be chosen in case of international travel to manage bookings. You can correct your name by this online method from anywhere at any given time. 

  • Open your internet browser. 
  • Go to the webpage of “Malaysia Airlines”.
  • On the homepage of this site, you will find a panel of tabs. 
  • From this panel, go to the “Manage” section. 
  • Now, a new dialogue box will be prompted. 
  • Here, you will have to submit your basic details in order to retrieve your booking. 
  • Provide the necessary information to the carrier including your:
    • “Booking Reference Number”
    • “Last Name” 
  • After carefully entering your details, click on the “Manage Booking” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to continue. 
  • You can choose the option to modify your details in accordance with the Malaysia Airlines name correction policy. 
  • Upon making necessary alterations, pay a fee, if required. 
  • Your modifications will now be finalized. 

You may receive a confirmation email regarding the changes to the name on the ticket. 

Note: The users of the “Enrich” program of Malaysia Airlines can make updates to their addresses. They can also modify other personal details using their online “Enrich” accounts.

Method 2: Using the Calling Option

This is the most commonly used method of name correction on Malaysia Airlines. It can quickly help when you want to select seats, make upgrades, or get add-ons under the correct name. So, it is not only simple to comprehend but also extremely convenient for the flyers. 

In this method, the airline’s agents take care of the process. For contacting the agents of this carrier, you can dial the following numbers: 

Phone NumberLocation
1300-88-3000For requests within Malaysia
603-7843-3000For customers outside the country

Once you reach the agents, you need to: 

  • Let them know the reason for your call. 
  • Inform them of any error in the name and the need to correct it. 
  • You may be asked to submit certain details about your flight. 
  • These details can be the:
    • Ticket Number 
    • Booking Reference 
    • Full Name
  • You may send a copy of your passport with the correct name mentioned on it. 
  • The details will soon be modified as per the ones on your passport. 
  • Pay the required fees to confirm the modifications made to the ticket.

Name Change Fees on Malaysia Airlines

The amount charged for changing personal details on this airline can differ based on various conditions. It mainly depends on the issuance of your ticket. The time of the modification request is another factor. Usually, low costs are charged by the airline to ensure convenience for the customers. 

This Malaysia Airlines name change policy mentions the following change fees:  

  • Any modifications to the title of the name of the passenger can be done for free. 
  • If you wish to correct 3 letters in your name:
    • You can do it for free. 
    • Only before the official issuance of the ticket, this can be allowed.
  • After the ticket is issued, passengers will have to pay around MYR 50 or USD 11. 

Note: ST or Service Tax can apply along with the fee.

  • This charge is for modifying 3 characters. 
  • Correction of more than 3 letters can be done for free before ticket issuance. 
  • Along with ST, the cost can be MYR 150 or USD 34 after the ticket is issued.

Help Regarding Name Change Queries

This carrier has set up various ways to entertain queries relating to the correction of personal details. On Malaysia Airlines, wrong name queries can be settled on call, through a form, or via messengers. 

Option 1: Through International Contact Centers

Depending on your country and city, you can dial one of the numbers given below. Then you can share your query regarding changing names on Malaysia Airlines and get a suitable response.

CountryCityPhone NumberEmail ID
United Arab EmiratesKuwaitBruneiBahrainOmanDubaiKuwaitBandar Seri BegawanBahrainMuscat1 300 88 3000+60 3 7843 3000
AustraliaSydneyAdelaidePerthMelbourneBrisbane132627 (domestic)
MyanmarYangon+95 9 789300919
CambodiaPhnom Penh023 962 508
New ZealandAuckland+0800 777 747 (domestic)+60 3 7843 3000 (International)
ChinaShanghaiBeijingGuangzhouXiamen400 601 5331 (For mainland China)
ChinaHong Kong+852 3001 0026
ChinaTaipei+886 2 7743 7461
PhilippinesManila+63 282313955
IndonesiaBali-denpasarMedanJakartaSurabaya+62 212 7899 595
SaudiJeddah+966 800 8445677 (STC)+971 4 3898985+966 800 8500333 (NON-STC)
JapanOsakaTokyo+813 4477 4938
SingaporeSingapore+65 6723 1009
ThailandBangkokPhuket+66 2787 3513
KoreaSeoul+82 2 3483 4849
United StatesCalifornia+1 669 288 7053 (toll-free)
VietnamHanoiHo-chi-minh-city+8424 44583372
United KingdomLondonScotland+44 (0) 3303650080

Note: Charges associated with long-distance calling can apply.

Option 2: Via Facebook and Twitter

Through online messengers, fliers can directly communicate with this carrier. They can use the official handles to share their doubts regarding the modification of details of unaccompanied minors, young passengers, etc. Then they can wait for an agent to respond. 

On Malaysia Airlines, your change name-related doubts can be cleared through the following information:

PlatformContact TypeOfficial Handle

Option 3: By Utilizing the Feedback Form

On Malaysia Airlines, to change a passenger’s name, a person should be sure about the possibility. One of the ways to confirm this is through the feedback form. From the authorized website of the airline, you can access it. 

  • Open the website of “Malaysia Airlines”.
  • Scroll the site and find “Contact us”.
  • Through this option, you will land on the form “Customer Feedback”.
  • In it, you will have to provide details such as:
    • “Contact Name”
    • “Country Code”
    • “Phone”
  • When you fill in the “Description”, ensure that you elaborate on your name change concern.
  • You can share important attachments too.
  • Eventually, tap on “Submit”.

In Short 

Malaysia Airlines’ name change policy allows only corrections and minor edits. Nevertheless, it is favorable to the customers in terms of its minimal costs and effectiveness. Besides, the conditions of this policy are favorable to the customers. Overall, the modification process is simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change name on Malaysia Airlines ticket?

As per the name change rules of Malaysia Airlines, the passengers cannot change their entire name on the booking ticket. Travelers will only be allowed to make some edits and corrections to the already entered name. Therefore, you will not be able to change your name completely on this airline or transfer your ticket to another passenger. 

How to change flight ticket name Malaysia Airlines?

You can make modifications to your name on the ticket by contacting the customer care service of Malaysia Airlines. Upon reaching the agents, you need to inform them of your query and make the necessary request. Submit your flight details and your name will soon be corrected. Otherwise, you can also use the online site of the carrier to alter your name by selecting the “Manage Booking” tab. 

Does Malaysia Airlines allow me to edit my name after reservation?

After your reservation has been confirmed by the carrier, you can still make minor corrections to your name. You can do so by utilizing the Malaysia Airlines ticket change name feature. Using this option, you will be permitted to make edits to any 3 letters of your name, with or without costing any additional charges. 

What should I do if I enter the incorrect Malaysia Airlines booking name?

In case you have made errors while registering your name during the booking process, you will be given the chance to modify your mistakes. You can connect with the global customer support center of Malaysia Airlines and submit a copy of your passport along with your correct name. The incorrect name on your booking will then be modified by the airline. 

What is the online process to access the Malaysia Airlines change name on ticket option? 

For the online method of changing your name, go to the official site of this carrier. On the home page of this site, select the “Manage” button. Here, enter your personal information like  “passenger last name” and flight details like “booking reference number”. Continue by clicking on the “Manage Booking” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to correct your name on the ticket. 

What is the fee charged to correct my name under the Malaysia Airlines name guide? 

You can modify your name title for free under this policy. Additionally, any corrections made to your name before the issuance of the ticket are free of cost. Only after the ticket has been issued, you will need to pay USD 11 for correcting 3 characters and USD 34 for more than 3 letters. 

How many letters can I correct in my name on Malaysia Airlines?

As per the name change rules given by this airline, you will be allowed to correct only upto 3 characters in your entire name. This includes 1 letter in the Malaysia Airlines’ last name and 2 in the first name. However, you will also be permitted to change more than 3 characters, subject to certain conditions. 

What are the personal details needed while booking a Malaysia Airlines flight?

While making a reservation with this airline, you will need to submit a variety of personal details. Some of these include first name last name Malaysia Airlines passport and date of birth. Any additional information, if asked, should also be submitted during the reservation. This information should be given to the airline along with the names of the arrival and departure destinations. 

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