Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy

Mistakes tend to happen. Flyers often can make mistakes while entering their names on the tickets. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to correct the name or modify it. This Royal Air Maroc name change policy provides all the rules and conditions that apply to name changes and modifications. With these modifications, you can easily make amendments to your name. This is because flying with the right name is the most important requirement of any airline. Hence, travelers looking to edit their names on this airline can refer to this policy.

Terms of the Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy

Irrespective of the reason for the name modification, there are certain conditions that are to be followed by the flyers. The name change Royal Air Maroc regulations help the passengers to smoothly complete the modification procedure. These rules act as guidelines for providing the necessary assistance to travelers flying on this carrier. Further, they help in securing the privacy of the passenger as well. Hence, it is important to have a good comprehension of these regulations beforehand. 

The following points highlight the important terms of this airline’s name change policy: 

  1. Only the tickets that are booked through the official sources of this airline will be able for making online changes by the passenger.
  2. To make modifications to the reservations that are booked through certain travel agencies, you will have to contact the agency directly. 
  3. The airline does not allow its passengers to change their entire names on the ticket. Only Royal Air Maroc name correction is allowed wherein passengers can correct or edit a part of their names on the ticket.
  4. The name on the reservation of the passenger must be exactly similar to the name on the passport or any other government ID. Only such bookings will be valid for a name change feature of this carrier. 
  5. In case you wish to modify your last name or surname after marriage or divorce, you will have to provide certain legal documents as proof of marriage. This will be needed by the airline for verification purposes.
  6. The fee charged for name modification will be levied as per the time of the request made. Name change requests made by the flyer within the first 24 hours of booking may not be charged any fees. 
  7. The airline generally processes name change requests quickly. However, it might take some time to update one’s last name. Hence, making requests in advance can save you any kind of last-minute hassle you might have to face at the airport.
  8. Modifications and corrections can be made to any part of your name like the Royal Air Maroc middle name, first or last name. 

Note: These basic terms of the name change policy can get updated from time to time by the authorities of Royal Air Maroc. You can visit the official site of this carrier to know these details. 

Methods to Change/Correct Names On Royal Air Maroc

Under the Royal Air Maroc name change policy, there are two distinct methods available through which passengers can change their names. These methods include online and offline options. Both of these methods are reliable as per the choice of the flyers. Depending on the time availability, flyers can choose any given method listed below. 

Method 1: Name Change Royal Air Maroc Online

The only way to utilize the online option of the name change policy is through the carrier’s official site. This is one of the easiest and the simplest Royal Air Maroc name correction methods. The online site of the carrier can be accessed by the flyer anytime from anywhere. Further, it is most suitable in the case of international travel. Hence, passengers who are accustomed to using technology-based methods can choose this option. 

To modify your name using the official site of the airline, you will have to submit your details under the “Manage Booking” section on the site. The step-by-step details of this procedure are mentioned below: 

  • Step 1: Open your browser and go to the main site of the Royal Air Maroc.
  • Step 2: On the home page of the site, you will find a dialogue box appearing with different tabs. Here, select the “Manage Booking” tab to move the procedure ahead. 
  • Step 3: Now, enter the required details in the given tab of the website. These include the “Last Name” of the passenger and the “Booking Number” 
  • Step 4: Upon carefully entering the right details on the website, submit them by clicking on the red arrow button given on the right. 
  • Step 5: Your reservation will now be retrieved. Select the flight or the ticket on which you want to change your name. 
  • Step 6: From here, you can follow the instructions given on-screen and access the name change Royal Air Maroc option. 
  • Step 7: You may be required to attach a softcopy of your passport or any other identity proof to the website if required. 
  • Step 8: Continue the process further by paying the name change fee, only if asked. After your name has been successfully modified, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered mail id. 

Note: It is important to know that all Royal Air Maroc middle name or last name corrections can only be made one time after the ticket has been booked. You may need to contact the agents in case you wish to change your names more than once. 

Method 2: Offline Royal Air Maroc Name Change

Some customers may not be fully familiar with the online procedures to use the name change feature. To facilitate convenience for such travelers, the Royal Air Maroc name change policy has devised an offline option as well. 

This method allows the passengers to directly contact the airline agents for making the name modification requests. The customer care center will be open throughout the day for the entire week. Hence, it is not only convenient but also time-efficient for the flyers to change their names using this method. 

To get in touch with the airline agents, you can dial the general customer care number which is 00 212 5224-89797. Other than this, each country is assigned a different toll-free number. 

To know the number specific to your region, open the official site of the carrier. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the “Contact Us” section under the “Information” tab. A new redirected page will be opened wherein you can find the contact information of different countries. 

Once you reach the agents: 

  1. Introduce yourself and inform them of the reason for your call. 
  2. Tell them that you wish to use the Royal Air Maroc name correction feature.
  3. You will be asked to submit certain details for the verification including your personal as well as flight information. 
  4. Provide the necessary legal documents for name changes resulting due to marriage or divorce. 
  5. Make the payment of the required change fee through the available modes as suggested by the air authorities. 
  6. The agents will soon process your request after which you may receive a confirmation mail or a phone call. 

Note: Apart from accessing the name change Royal Air Maroc feature, the customer care service can also be used to access other features like flight modification and seat selection. 

Royal Air Maroc Name Change Fee

A specific fee may be charged when changing names on this carrier. However, you can perform Royal Air Maroc name correction or changes for free in the first 24 hours of reservation. This is generally known as the risk-free period during which no fee can be charged for any kind of changes done. After this period, certain charges will be incurred. These charges will depend on the type of modification, time of the request, and flight itinerary. The only way to know the exact amount of charges is by reaching out to the airline agents or authorities. They will inform you regarding the actual amount of fees and the methods of payment. 

Tip: Requesting changes in advance can help you in minimizing your costs. 

In Essence,

The Royal Air Maroc name change policy is known to be accommodating and accessible to all. It assists different passengers by providing distinct options for the name change. This policy is quite liberal in terms of the types of changes it allows. Lastly, the minimal amount of fee charged makes it affordable for the passengers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Royal Air Maroc allow name changes?

As per the Royal Air Maroc name correction policy, only making certain name modifications are permitted by this airline. This means that the traveler will not be able to change their entire name on the ticket. However, they will be allowed to make minor edits to any part of their name. These edits can be a result of misspellings or last name changes.

How to change my Royal Air Maroc name online?

To access the name change Royal Air Maroc online option, you will have to visit the official site of the airline. Here, you just simply need to go to the “Manage Booking” section and provide the necessary details to the carrier. Retrieve your booking and follow the on-screen directions to modify your name. Pay the necessary charges to confirm your modifications.

How do I change my Royal Air Maroc middle name?

In order to change your middle name on this airline, you can connect with the airline agents. To do so, contact the customer care service at the general toll-free number. Inform them of the need to change your middle name and submit the necessary details. Pay the required change fee and your name will be modified by the authorities.

What is the Royal Air Maroc name change policy?

This is a policy that gives all the rules, regulations, and conditions of name modification. The types of name changes allowed, the fee charged, and the procedure of making the request are all highlighted under this policy. It also discloses in detail, about the various methods to change your name, both online and offline.

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