WestJet Pet Policy

WestJet Airlines considers pets flying on its flight as its guest. Hence, they do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition for them. Whether you want to travel with your furry friend within the country or internationally, the airline has the best facilities to offer. This document includes the details of the WestJet pet policy along with the vaccination and health certification requirements

Travel Options under Pet Policy of WestJet

This air operator provides its customers with three different travel options so that they can travel without any stress with their pets. These include the following:

  • Pets as carry-on items (in the cabin)
  • Checked animals
  • Cargo facility

Rules for Booking Travel for Pets

As per the WestJet pet policy, you will need to keep the following points in your mind while or before traveling with your little furry friend:

  • You cannot book a space for your pet online. It can only be done via a phone call.
  • An FAA-approved kennel will be needed to travel with your pet.
  • The kennel should be as per the recommended dimensions.
  • You can keep the pet carrier as a checked or carry-on item.
  • The applicable kennel fee should be paid offline at the customer center through the:
  • Every flight has a restricted number of animals allowed. Hence, advance booking is anticipated.
  • As per the rules of WestJet Airlines’ pet policy, a service dog can be added to your trip online.

While traveling with a pet in the cabin, you will need to abide by the carrier and related rules mentioned in the policy of this airline. Below are some important points that you must remember:

  • The airline accepts pet cats, dogs, rabbits, and certain birds in the cabin.
  • Each ticketed passenger will be allowed to carry only one animal in the cabin.
  • The suggested WestJet pet carrier dimensions should be maximum of up to 41cm (Length) x 21.5cm (Height) x 25.4cm (Width).
  • Even though carriers can be hard-sided, the airline recommends soft-sided ones.
  • Ensure that they are airline-approved, secure, leak-proof, and well-ventilated.
  • It should fit well in the space given under the front seat.
  • The carrier must have sufficient room so that your pet can sit, move, and stand naturally.
  • Due to security reasons and other rules, you will only be allotted certain seats.
  • You cannot keep your pet in any non-kennel bag i.e.:
    • Gym bag 
    • Or, duffle bag
  • Make sure that the names on tickets are devoid of spelling errors.
  • Otherwise, you should check the rules related to WestJet’s middle name on the ticket for modifications. 

Rules for Working Dogs on WestJet

The airline’s pet policy has specific rules for working animals. As per the policy, only dogs will be allowed as working animals. These dogs do not offer any service or personal assistance to the ticketed passenger with special needs. Instead, they are trained to do a certain task for them.

These tasks can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Finding items or people i.e. rescue, search, tracking, or avalanche
  • Doing specific tasks/duties such as sentry, scout, and detection for the police or military
  • Other specialized skills

Please Note: All working dogs will also be charged just like a normal pet in the cabin. So, you will need to pay the applicable fee.

Documents Needed to Travel with Pets in WestJet 

As per the rules of the WestJet pet policy for international and domestic travels, you will need to present your animal’s Registered Certification Identification card. Submit it to the concerned authorities at the airport. Your boarding may be denied if you fail to show this certificate.

Necessary Control Measures

When you are traveling with your pet or working dog, some control measures should always be there. Below are the details that you must remember:

  • The pet should be under your control.
  • They must be harnessed or leashed properly. 
  • You should keep them in the kennel throughout the trip.
  • Your pet should be trained to behave properly in the public. 

Remember: Your working dog or pet should not show any threatening behavior to fellow passengers and crew members. In case they do so, the boarding may be denied.

Booking the Pet Travel Service on this Airline

According to this airline, it is best to get in touch with it for booking the animal travel facility. You can dial 1-888-937-8538. Provide all the adequate details to the representative so that the booking can be made.

WestJet Pet Cargo Policy

Pets can also be transported in the cargo of this carrier. However, it comes with certain rules. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Passengers should not feed or water their pets anything 6 hours before the expected time of departure.
  • The minimum age of the pet for cargo transportation should be at least 12 weeks. 
  • For strong breeds, the age and related rules may vary.
  • Note that for weaned kittens and puppies, the age must be 8 weeks. 
  • You must book a space for your pet in the WestJet cargo in advance.
  • The applicable cargo fee should be paid by the pet owner in advance.
  • You cannot ship combination pets together. 
  • On WestJet, pets in the cargo should be in approved carriers.
  • The maximum kennel size is 40 inches (length) x 27 inches (width) x 30 inches (height).
  • Importantly, the weight of the kennel should not be more than 160 lbs.
  • Only 2 puppies or kittens will be allowed in one kennel.
  • The kennel’s floor should be leak-proof, strong, and has an extra layer of absorbent.
  • Pit-bulls cannot be transported in the cargo.

WestJet Pet Fees

When you make a reservation for your pet, the airline can ask you for a fee. Its charge can differ depending on numerous factors like the breed of the animal. 

Travel Service TypeLocationFees
Cabin BaggageCanada-USUSD or CAD 50 to 59
Cabin BaggageUS/Canada to beyond USCAD or USD $100-118
Checked LuggageUS to Canada or vice versa100-118 USD/CAD
Checked LuggageCanada or US to outside the United StatesUSD/CAD 200-236

When you use WestJet’s service for pet shipping, the price can be inferred after contacting the carrier.

Restrictions of Pet Policy

The WestJet pet policy within Canada and other destinations can have different entrance restrictions. Check the following for detailed information:

Entrance-related Restrictions:

  • There will be different restrictions for pet animals and service dogs. 
  • Connect with the customer care team of WestJet to know these limitations.
  • Every province and nation can have different entrance requirements. 
  • You are advised to check and confirm with the authorized members, embassy, or consulate about the entrance and related requirements.
  • If pets fail to pass the medical examination, the boarding or entry will be denied at your desired destination.
  • On WestJet, when flying with pets, medical examination or other applicable fees will be paid by the owner only.
  • Depending on the breed, type, and size of your animal, the list of required documents may vary.
  • Documentation and entrance-related requirements can change after a regular interval. So, it is good to check the same before booking tickets.
  • When you see the “does not accept” board for pets, it will be applicable to carry-on as well as checked items.
  • Animals will not be accepted to some destinations. They include:
    • The United Kingdom, 
    • Hawaii, 
    • Dublin, 
    • Barbados, 
    • and Jamaica.

Embargoed Birds:

  • You cannot import any type of bird from or to the Dominican Republic.
  • Bigger birds and their remains will not be permitted to or from Mexico.
  • To travel with a pet bird, you will need to give advance intimation to the concerned authorities, embassy, consulate, etc.

Acceptance and Related Conditions:

  • No pet will be allowed to travel on the flights that are operated by partners or have a codeshare.
  • To ensure comfort and a smooth journey for your pet, it is good to opt for direct flights instead of connecting ones.
  • You should book tickets for the late evening or early morning flights on WestJet when traveling with pets.
  • A pet cannot travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • The minimum age of the pet should be 8 weeks.
  • According to the policy for flying with pets on this airline’s flights, you should keep your pet inside the kennel.
  • You will not be allowed to remove the pet from the kennel. 
  • In case you do so, the airline authorities have the right to ban you from future traveling.
  • The airline can deny the transportation or boarding of your pet if they appear:
    • unruly, 
    • aggressive, 
    • unhealthy, 
    • or in distress.
  • You will need to check in the pet’s kennel at the airport.
  • The airline does not take any responsibility for the feeding or caring of traveling pets. 

Preparation-Related Tips:

  • You should only feed or give water to your pet 4 hours before the check-in time.
  • Give your pet light meals along with quick drinks before departure.
  • Always bring empty water and food containers. 
  • Allow your pet to relax in the ‘relax areas’ at the airport.
  • You must reach the boarding gate at least 30-40 minutes before the departure.
  • Your boarding will be denied if you reach the boarding gate 10 minutes before the expected departure time.

You can travel with your loving pet or working dog easily – thanks to the flexible and friendly WestJet pet policy. So, read and understand every aspect to make the upcoming trip for your pooch easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers in relation to WestJet’s pet travel policy. Take a look:

Can pets fly alone on WestJet?

No, pets cannot fly alone on the flights of WestJet Airlines. A ticketed passenger will be needed to travel with them.

Can you take a pet on WestJet as baggage?

Yes, you will be allowed to travel with your pet dog, cat, rabbit, etc. on WestJet’s flights as baggage. However, you will need to follow the rules.

Does WestJet allow pets?

WestJet Airlines is considered a pet-friendly air operator in the country. So, in addition to pets, you can also bring working dogs to the cabin.

What are the rules of WestJet cargo pet shipping policy?

The airline offers freight facilities to transport pets from one destination to another. As per the rules of cargo shipping, you should not feed anything to your pet 6 hours before the departure. When it comes to age, your pet must be at least 12 weeks old. Visit the official website to get detailed information.

What is the WestJet pet fee?

The exact pet fee depends on several factors. It includes the destinations, pet’s breed, size, and type.

What are WestJet-approved pet carrier dimensions?

41cm (Length), 21.5cm (Height), and 25.4cm (Width) indicate the approved carrier dimensions.

How much is the WestJet pets-in-cabin fee?

For in-cabin pets, the fee can range from $50 to 59 for flights between Canada and the United States.

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