Wizz Air Name Change Policy

When booking flights online, the passengers are likely to make blunders when typing their names. Additionally, people occasionally put their names incorrectly and give them to a travel agency without double-checking. Hence, the Wizz Air name change policy has been established to facilitate the flyers with suitable options to amend their information on the ticket. This policy also highlights certain rules and regulations that are important for the flyers to abide by for their safe traveling experience.

Guidelines To Follow Under Wizz Air Change Passenger Name Policy

In case you need to make changes to your name on this airline, you need to carefully follow all the guidelines set by the carrier. Also, by following all the guidelines properly, you can make your Wizz Air change name on the ticket easily. 

Here are some basic regulations or guidelines following the name change policy of this air operator:

  • As per the correction policy of this airline, the passengers can correct their names or surnames on the ticket without any trouble. However, please keep in mind that only up to 3 letters the flyers can make this modification on the flight ticket.
  • This name change policy can apply up to 3 hours before the time of the scheduled departure flight. That means you can modify your names up to the last 3 hours remaining until your flight’s departure.
  • For every name change on this carrier, a certain amount of fees may apply. These fees depend on the itinerary you travel and the class of service you choose to fly.
  • There are several methods to change Wizz Air ticket name. If the passenger wishes to change their information by connecting with the customer service, he or she might have to pay the requisite fees.
  • It does not apply to small name corrections though. When the name correction is less than the 3 characters’ limit, there would be no fee applied to modify the name on the ticket.
  • The traveler will be required to incur the name-change cost if there are greater than 3 letters in the name that needs to be changed.
  • When a short name needs to be extended to a complete one, a name change fee can also be imposed on the traveler.
  • The customer service staff of Wizz Air Airlines will happily fix any mistakes made by the user if they mistakenly mix up their first and last names.
  • Wizz Air Airlines, nevertheless, only permits a single name correction per person.
  • The original ticket’s availability must be kept on hand for the airline. 
  • Merely tickets that have not been utilized at all or only partly may have the name changed. When seeking a name change, the supporting documents must also be presented for the airline to verify them.

Legal papers related to marriage or divorce must be provided to the carrier in case of a Wizz Air change name marriage purpose.

Note: These basic regulations of Wizz Air get changed frequently. To remain up-to-date with this information, you need to visit the official website of the air carrier. You also have the option of calling the customer care team with the help of a toll-free number provided on the website.

Methods to Modify Names on Wizz Air 

This airline provides two different ways for travelers to change the name on their reservation. One is an online choice, and the other is a more conventional offline approach. Each of these approaches has a unique process for gaining access to and using it. 

Mentioned herewith are the complete details of each of these methods:

Method 1: Wizz Air Change Name Through Online Process 

The most reliable way of changing a name on the ticket is by using the online feature. Passengers all over the world tend to use this method as it is the safest one and keeps their privacy intact. Moreover, you will be able to use the website from anywhere in the world using the online feature of Wizz Air name change policy. 

A detailed process on how to correct or change your names on this carrier is given below:

  • The most initial step to amend your name is to open the main website of this carrier. You can do so quickly by entering the URL https://wizzair.com/en-gb#/ on your browser page.
  • You will be seeing the “Manage Booking” feature just on the top of the web page. Hit on that button to continue the process ahead.
  • Now, a redirected page will be processed or opened. You will finally come to the managed booking section of the page.
  • You need to give the airline your basic details in order for verification purposes. This information can include the “Family Name”, “First Name”, “Flight Details”, etc.
  • Post giving all this information, the website may ask you for the “Booking Reference” code or number. Provide that too for continuing the Wizz Air change passenger name process ahead.
  • You will be seeing a list of flights you used on this carrier to fly to your destination. Choose or pick the flight on which you desire to have your name amended.
  • From here, you will be enabled to follow all the instructions as they appear on the screen.
  • You can complete your changes by paying the necessary name change charge. Only make the payment when requested.
  • You can review the verification email that will be delivered to the appropriate email account to determine whether your name has effectively changed.

Utilize the “Chat” option provided on the website should you have any questions about the online service of the change Wizz Air ticket name policy. On the webpage, this choice is located at the bottom right-hand side corner.

Follow these steps in order to use this chatbot function:

  • Select the “Chat” icon that appears on your display.
  • From the provided selection of tabs, choose “Chat with us.”
  • Your display will now show a new conversation box.
  • You will need to enter your details here. Provide all the information that is requested by the chatbot assistance properly.
  • Then, based on the chatbot’s responses, you can ask a question on how to modify your name.

In most cases, every detail will be provided by the chatbot thoroughly. You can also change Wizz Air middle name through this online feature.

Overall, this smart chatbot is a practical substitute for spending a lot of time on your airline booking-related concerns.

Method 2: Wizz Air Name Modification Offline

The offline method of name modification is usually the passengers’ preferred option. The easiest way to make any changes to your booking is in this way. Hence, both on local and international trips, the majority of passengers favor this method of changing the passenger’s name keeping the Wizz Air name change policy in view.

You can comply with the steps below to find the precise number that applies to your area:

  • Using the aforementioned URL, visit the airline’s main website.
  • Scroll the page down a little to locate the “Customer Care” tab.
  • On this webpage, click the “Contact Us” icon.
  • Now a new section will load. Scroll down this page to access the “Call our customer support center” section.
  • Numerous phone numbers can be found here. To utilize the Wizz Air change name on ticket option, call the number appropriate to your area.

As soon as the call is answered and you speak with the representatives, you should:

  • Let the air person of the carrier know that you want to update the name on the reservation ticket.
  • Give in the necessary flight information, including the passenger’s complete name and the airline reservation booking number.
  • After that, inform them of any errors associated with your name so they can fix them. Provide the carrier a copy of your marriage or divorce certificate as verification of any last name modifications or additions.
  • Pay the change cost in compliance with the Wizz Air name change policy requirements.
  • The airline representatives will confirm your modifications after your modification is finished.

Wizz Air Name Modification Fees

When you modify or update your name on the reservation, this airline charges a set price. Service fees and an additional change fee are also included in this cost. When completing your request, you will be advised of the additional price or fee for changing your name.

The following fees apply when using the Wizz Air name change option:

  • A $46 for every flight name modification fee will be charged to customers.
  • You can even modify your name using the Wizz Air service center. However, when you alter your name using the same method, you need to make a payment to the service center of the airline.
  • There is no fee charged for a typo mistake or a misspelling. When there is more than 3 characters alteration on the name, there would be no cost applied.
  • Additionally, no extra fees will be levied by the airline if there is a change in the abbreviated name of the flyer.
  • You should contact the representatives of the Wizz Air for the correction of your first or last name. In this case, no fee will be applied.

To Summarize,
Wizz Air name change policy makes it straightforward and easy for passengers to amend the names listed on their tickets. It is excellent for many types of passengers because of the range of possibilities offered. Due to the low fee, this airline’s name alteration option is also reasonably priced. Consequently, you may refer to this policy if you wish to change your first, middle, or last name on Wizz Air tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wizz Air name change policy?

Passengers are prone to typing errors when making online flight reservations. Additionally, sometimes individuals give their identities to a travel agency wrongly without double-checking. As a result, they receive airline tickets with incorrect names. When the names on their IDs do not correspond, they are not allowed to check in at the airport for the trip.

Wizz Air Airlines is conscious that errors might sometimes happen by accident. Therefore, they developed the Wizz Air name change policy to give travelers the necessary tools to update the information on their tickets. This policy also specifies a number of guidelines and requirements that passengers must follow in order to travel safely

Can I change name on Wizz Air ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on your Wizz Air ticket both by online and offline methods. For the first online method, you need to visit the website of Wizz Air. Then, on the top right-hand side corner, you will be seeing the “Manage Booking” feature. Click on it and choose the reservation for which you need your Wizz Air change name on the ticket. Post selecting the reservation, provide essential details like your family name, booking number, other flight details, etc. Pay the required amount of fees to the airline if needed. Then, you will receive a confirmation email from the carrier related to the updated name change on the ticket.

Can you change name on Wizz Air ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on a Wizz Air ticket by an offline method apart from the online one. For this method to work, you have two options. Either you visit the airport and go to the service desk of Wizz Air to make the name changes personally. For that, you need to provide relevant documents as well as some flight information. Or, you can also call the Wizz Air customer care number provided on the website’s “Call our customer support center” section. Then, as per the air agent instructions, provide them with the necessary details and pay the service charges if required. Even in this option, you will receive a confirmation email of your name change.

How much to change name on Wizz Air flight ticket?

This airline applies a predetermined fee for name changes or updates on the reservation. This price also includes service charges and an extra change charge. You will be informed of the additional cost or charge for altering your name upon submitting your request. Customers will be charged a cost of $46 each time they change the name of a flight. Additionally, if the airline ticket needs to extend on an abbreviated name, there won’t be any extra Wizz Air change name cost.

My middle name not on boarding pass Wizz Air. So what should I do?

First of all, not all airlines require a middle name on the air ticket or a boarding pass. Wizz Air, however, requires only the first and the last names on the reservation ticket as well as the boarding pass. In case you need to add a Wizz Air middle name on your ticket and the boarding pass, you can request the airline about it. Just make a call on the customer service number provided on the main website of the carrier and inform them about the addition of your middle name. In case of any service charges asked by Wizz Air, just pay it and confirm your updated middle name.

How should I make Wizz Air change last name on ticket?

You can change your last name as per the Wizz Air change passenger name policy both by online and offline methods. For the former, log in to your account on the main site of the carrier. Go to the “Manage Booking” section and choose the flight for the name change option. Pay the necessary fees and confirm your last name modification. For the second method, you need to go to the “Contact Us” page of the website. Depending upon your region, get the customer service number and ask the air representatives to make the last name changes on your behalf.

Can we make Wizz Air change name marriage?

Yes, you can make Wizz Air name changes even after your marriage. For that, you just need to submit a marriage certificate to the operator along with additional travel documents. If the airline asks for some fees, pay them and confirm the after-marriage name modification on the ticket.

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