Allegiant Air Pet Policy

As per the latest pet policy, only domestic dogs and cats are allow to travel on the flights with their owners. This Allegiant Airlines pet policy does not let you transport your pet as a checked item or in the cargo. 

Allegiant Air Pet In-Cabin Policy

This carrier welcomes only small and alive pets or animals in the cabin. The in-cabin pet policy offers easy transportation to around 48 contiguous United States. Allegiant Air does not accept all types of pets for the US territories and international routes. 

While traveling with your pet in the cabin, you should know the following points to keep everything as per the policy and rules:

  • The airline only accepts domesticated dogs and cats.
  • You will need to keep your pet in a hard-sided or a soft-sided and leak-proof cage/carrier that is FAA-approved.
  • Even though hard-sided carriers are permitted, it is good to carry a soft-sided one.
  • The dimension of the carrier should be 9inches (height) x 16inches (width) x 19inches (depth).
  • As per the Allegiant pet in-cabin policy, you cannot keep more than two animals or pets in one carrier.
  • You can only travel with the pet carrier along with a paid carry-on item or a personal bag. You cannot keep both with the carrier.
  • Every ticketed passenger will only be allowed to carry one pet in the carrier.
  • You will need to keep your pet in the carrier only throughout the trip and at the airport. Your boarding may be denied by the authorities if you do not follow this rule.

What is the Fee for Carrying a Pet In-Cabin?

According to the rules and pet policy of Allegiant, all passengers will need to pay a fee of USD50 per carrier, irrespective of the animal they are carrying. Please remember that this fee is non-refundable. Hence, in case you cancel your trip for any reason, you cannot claim a refund for this fee. 

What is the Fee for Carrying a Pet In-Cabin?

Tip: To get familiar with every latest aspect of this airline’s pet policy regarding fee, connect with it before reservation. 

Additional Rules of Allegiant’s Policy for Pets

However, before you pack your bags and prepare your feline for the trip, it is advisable to read and understand every rule and regulation for a smooth transition.

In addition to the points that are listed above, you will also need to follow some more rules. And they are mentioned here:

  • The pet carrier should be placed on the flight’s floor at the time of take-off as well as landing.
  • Your pet should be non-disruptive, odorless, and harmless.
  • You cannot carry a physically distressed, ill, or violent pet with you. 
  • The carrier you have chosen for the pet should have sufficient space so that it can remain in its natural position while standing and sitting.
  • This carrier should have space so that your pet can easily move around.
  • You will not be allowed to put the animal’s carrier in the exit row or the one before or after this row.
  • To check in with your pet carrier, you will need to complete the process in person at the airport’s ticket counter. 
  • For pet carrier check-in, you are suggested to reach the airport at least one hour before the given departure time.

Please keep in mind that the airline does not take any responsibility if your pet does not feel good in the cabin. Lastly, your boarding will be denied in case you do not comply with the rules of the Allegiant Airlines pet policy.

Age Requirements

While traveling with your feline, you are advised to ensure that the age is as per the guidelines and policy. To travel without any hassle with Allegiant Air, your pet should be at least 8 weeks old. The airline will not accept any pet and in any condition, if it is below or above this age.

What Documents are Needed?

To transport your animal in Allegiant Air, you will not require any health certificate for domestic routes. But yes, you may need to show a health certificate and other relevant documents in case you are traveling to or from Puerto Rico.

Any papers submitted to the airline should carry the correct name of the pet and the flyer. Otherwise, certain problems may be faced while boarding the flight. To avoid these, Allegiant change name on ticket option can also be used.

Policy for Carrying Pets in Cargo or as Checked Item

The airline does not accept pets on its cargo flights. Besides, there is no policy for carrying pets as checked items. Hence, you cannot travel with them, as checked baggage. 

Restrictions Placed by the Pet Policy of Allegiant Airlines

There are some restrictions mentioned in this pet policy. To know the same, check the details given below:

  • Route Restrictions

Only service dogs can fly to or from Hawaii.

  • Seating Restrictions

There are strict rules for seating while traveling with a pet. Passengers with a pet cannot occupy a seat in the exit row, bulkhead seat, or seat that is right after or before the exit row.

  • Carry-On Restrictions

As per the baggage and pet policies, your carrier will not be considered normal baggage. It will be counted as excess baggage and you will need to pay a certain amount for it.

  • Emotional Support Animals

The Allegiant emotional support pet policy is not in effect anymore. It means you cannot travel with a pet by keeping it as an emotional support animal.

  • Restrictions for the Number of Pets

The policy of this airline allows ticketed passengers to travel with one pet only. In addition to this, the minimum age of the passenger should be 15 years or above. 

  • Reservations

To book a seat for your pet, you can make a reservation via a phone call or through the official website ““. You can also go to the nearest ticketing or airport office of Allegiant Air for further details.

The Policy of Allegiant Air for Service Animals

This ultra-low-cost carrier of America permits service animals that are fully trained. These animals can accompany those passengers in the cabin who have any sensory, physical, intellectual, psychiatric, or mental disability. 

Apart from this, the following points listed in the Allegiant Air service animals’ policy should be met:

  • Only dogs will be accepted as service animals, irrespective of the type, breed, or size.
  • You will need to fill out the US DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form.
  • This form should be submitted or emailed to the concerned authorities at least 2 days (48 hours) before the given departure time.
  • A hard copy of this form should be kept and presented at the check-in gate or counter.
  • Each ticketed passenger will only be allowed to travel with a maximum of up to two service animals, i.e. dogs, free of cost.

Guidelines for Service Animals

Some guidelines need to be followed when traveling with service animals. Below are the details:

  • The service dog can only occupy the foot space of the passenger/owner. The boarding may be denied or asked to pay an additional amount for the second seat if this rule does not follow.
  • Note that the aisle room should not be occupied.
  • The service animals can be transported to around 48 destinations.
  • Your service animal should be seated under the seat or on the floor. You can also allow your pet to sit on your lap.
  • They cannot eat from the tray table.
  • The service dog should be polite.
  • Your dog should not show any disruptive behavior, i.e. barking, biting, growling, etc.


What are the rules for Allegiant pet policy for military personnel?

The policy of Allegiant Air for military personnel permits active-duty US officials to carry one pet in the cabin. Reserve, veteran, and active duty members of the US Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast, Navy, etc., are to avail of the benefits of this policy.

Are small pets allowed on Allegiant Airlines?

The small pet policy is the same as the normal one. It means you can travel with a small cat or dog in the cabin. Please note that you cannot carry them in the cargo section or as checked baggage.

How do I add a pet to my Allegiant flight?

To add your pet to your booking, you can do it online. You will need to follow the steps given on the screen. In case you feel that the online process is complicated, you can do it by calling customer care. However, it is good to book seats for your pet in advance.

Does Allegiant Air allow all pets to fly?

Only domestic cats and dogs are allowed on the Allegiant flights. You will need to keep them in the FAA-approved and soft-sided carrier or cage.

How much does Allegiant charge for pets?

Pet owners will need to pay a fee of USD 50. It is a non-refundable amount. Go through the Allegiant flight pet policy for detailed information.

Does Allegiant allow cat pets to fly as service animals?

No, Allegiant Air only accepts dogs as service animals. You can bring any kind of breed or type of dog as a service animal.

What is the Allegiant Air pet policy for passengers?

To carry a pet in Allegiant Air, the age of the passenger should be at least 15 years. Along with this, several guidelines are available for their pets and carriers. All of them can be learned through this policy. 

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