Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

Flying with pets on Asiana Airlines is a wholesome experience due to its exhaustive and well-established guidelines for safe travel. Asiana pet policy constitutes a step-by-step guide on pet travel and provides safety tips and guides for pets and service animals with other essential information for your next excursion.

It is recommended to be well aware of the possible restrictions, pet fees, and crate requirements too to avoid difficulties at the airport.

You can go through the Asiana Airlines pet policy below.

What are the Basic Guidelines of the Asiana Airlines Pet Policy?

You can carry your pet in the cabin, as checked luggage, or cargo by abiding by the guidelines stated by Asiana Airlines. Here is an Asiana Airlines pet review- 

Asiana Airlines Pet Policy
  • Pet Booking as carry on/checked luggage- Passengers who wish to carry their pets as carry on/ in the cabin, must confirm the reservation with the airline.
    • If it fails to mention so, the airline permits the travelers to take their pets as checked bags under Asiana baggage policy.
  • Pet Reservation – It is mandatory to book/ add a pet to the reservation to avail of the facility by contacting the airline directly.
    • Those who book the flight via third-party sources may not be avail of the pet facility.
    • If the pets are brought to the respective airports without prior confirmation or pet reservation, they will not be allowed on board.
  • Eligible pets – The airline only accepts dogs, cats, and pet birds on board.
  • Asiana Airlines Unaccompanied minors – They cannot have pets in the cabin.
    • However, minors are permitted to carry one pet bird per cage with them.
  • Pet Cages – Asiana airline only permits cages or containers that abide by the (IATA International Air Transport Association) regulations.

What is the reservation deadline for traveling with pets on Asiana flights?

The reservation deadline is as per the domestic and Asiana Airlines international pet policy. Here is an overview of the deadlines for pet booking –

Type of FlightsPet Reservation Deadline
Domestic FlightsUp to 24 hours before the flight departure time (Business days)
International FlightsAt least 48 hours before the flight time (Business days)

What is Asiana Airline In Cabin Pet Policy?

Asiana Airline in cabin pet policy permits passengers to carry their furry friends on board with them. All you need is approval from the airline beforehand and meet the requirements.

Here is an overview of the Asiana Airlines carry on pet policy regulations –

Prerequisites/ Terms and ConditionsDetails
Permitted petsDogs, Cats, Pet Birds
Weight of the pet including the cageUp to 7 kg or 15 lbs
Pet AgeMinimum 16 weeks
Combined dimensions of the pet crateLess than 115 cm or 45 inches
Maximum carry on case size limitFor hard cases –
Maximum height – 26 cms
Maximum weight – Must be less than 40 cm
For soft cases – Maximum height – 21 cms (When pressed from above)
Number of petsOne pet in one cage per ticketed passenger
OR 2 kittens or 2 puppies below ages 6 months
OR Mother and her baby bird can be brought together in a pair
Pet SafetyPets cannot be taken out of the cage during flight.
They must be well secured in the cage.
Pet carriage must be placed beneath the seat, near the foot of the pet owner.
Business Class including Business Suite passengersDue to the seat structure and safety guidelines, pet crates can not be placed under the seats.
They must be placed in another place during take-off, landing, and taxi after consulting with the flight attendant.
Pet carriages for domestic flightsPet carry on cages/ containers can be purchased at the designated domestic airports.
Exception – Incheon airport
Passenger SeatingTravelers can only be seated at allotted pet seating.
Seats with less under-seat spacing or the ones near exit rows are not available for those traveling with pets.

What are the guidelines for Asiana Airlines Carry on pet cases?

When traveling under cabin pet travel, the pet crates/ containers/ carriages must meet the following requirements –

Asiana Airlines Carry on pet cases
  • Fitting – Pet crates must be able to fit in the space available beneath the seat in front of the passengers. (Irrespective of the case material).
    • Note that even if a hard case follows the dimensions and size of Asiana Airlines pet requirements, it may not fit under the seat due to its shape or attachments.
  • Soft cases – Soft case pet carriers are recommended to carry the pet in the cabin without hassle.

How to purchase pet carry on carriages for Asiana cabin pet travel?

For domestic travel, you can buy Asiana pet cages at the airports. Here is an overview of purchasing pet carry on cages for a convenient travel experience-

Prerequisites/ Terms and ConditionsDetails
Permitted SizeHeight 26 cm * Width 39 cm * Depth 22.5 cm
Permitted Weight540 g (+ 200 g with footrest)
Carry on cage attachmentsAvailable with double side covers (Mesh screen/ net)
Covered with screens with double top covers
Available with Saekdong character name tag
AirportsCan be purchased at the check in counters for airports –
Gwangju airport
Yeosu airport
Gimpo airport
Jeju airport
Daegu airport
Cheongju airport
Carry on cages ChargesFor Asiana Airlines Flights – 28 USD approx.
For Other Airline Flights – 40 USD approx.

What are the rules for Asiana Airlines Pet Travel as Checked Luggage?

Passengers can choose to carry their pets as checked luggage if they cannot book them as cabin pets or their pets do not meet the requirements and specifications for carry on pet allowance –

Here is a rundown of the requirements that your pet must meet to travel as a checked luggage item.

Prerequisites/ Terms and ConditionsDetails
Pet Weight (Including the cage)45 kg or less
Pet Crate dimensionsLength * Width * Height should be 285 cm or less Maximum height – Equal or less than 84 cms
Number of PetsMay vary (Based on the route and the chosen aircraft)

What is Asiana Airlines Pet Cargo Policy?

You can carry larger animals as cargo if they align with the specifications and requirements and/ or are denied as carry on or checked items. It is to maintain safe travel. The pets may travel on a separate flight from you.

Here is an overview of the Asiana Airlines Pet Cargo Policy.

Prerequisites/ Terms and ConditionsDetails
Pets AllowedLarge dogs and cats
Pets RestrictedPregnant, nursing pets, and ill pets
Smaller pets like primates, pigs, snakes, or rodents like hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, rabbits, beavers, and moles
Pet AgeAt least 90 days to travel
From or to the US – Must be at least 8 weeks.
Pet Reservation DeadlineVisit the authorized airline agent at least 10 to 14 days before flight departure.
Inform the airline executives regarding the requirements, health conditions, age, breed, etc. of the pet.
Temperature restrictionsPets are not accepted as cargo if the prescribed or flight day temperature – 
Exceeds 85°F (29.4°C)
OR Lowers beyond 45°F (7.2°C)
Pet CarrierOnly 1 dog/ cat per carriage is allowed.
They must include live animal labels with animal breeds, sizes, and health restrictions
Dogs over 30 kg or 66 lbs
Check inPassengers must reach the airport at least 4 hours before the flight time.
Initiate Asiana check in process, pay the liable pet transportation fee, and verify the pet before cargo transportation.

NOTE – Contact the Air Cargo department of the airline for pet reservations under Air Cargo and the necessary measures to be taken into consideration.

What are the Crate Requirements Under Asiana Pet Policy?

The pet crate must meet some general guidelines applicable to pets in the cabin, checked luggage, and Cargo. It ensures the safety and comfort of the pet throughout the journey and avoids mishaps on the aircraft.

Here are some of the terms and conditions to be met by the Asiana pet carriages-

  • Locks – The pet cage must constitute a secure lock, the floor must be closed/ sealed, and must not have a way for the pet to escape.
  • Adequate space – The crate must have adequate space and area for the pet to stand, move around, sit, lay down, and turn without stress.
  • Bird Cages – It is mandatory to cover the bird cages with a right-sized sheet/ cloth to prevent sun exposure.
  • Materials for checked and Cargo luggage – Pet cages and bird cages must be made with a rigid material like wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, etc.
  • Materials for In cabin pets – They can be hard or soft carry on cases.
    • Must be made up of materials like fabric, leather, or other study materials to keep its shape.
  • Leakproof – The cage must be leak proof and have holes for ventilation.
  • Number of pets in a cage – Large animals like cats and dogs must be kept in a single cage.
    • But, 2 kittens and 2 puppies below the age of 6 months, a pair of mother and child birds, can be kept in one cage.

NOTE – In case of queries or doubts regarding the acceptance of crate, contact the airline early to avoid rejection and pet transportation denial at the airport.

What are the Asiana Airlines Pet Transport Restrictions?

Asiana maintains a safe environment for pets and other passengers on the airline by following a rigid set of guidelines and restrictions. The restrictions are subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the destination country/ airport. Add to that –

asiana airlines pet travel
  • Allowable count – The airline does not permit pets on the aircraft if it exceeds the maximum allowed limit for the craft.
  • Cage standards – The cage will not be permitted if it does not align with the transportation standards.
  • Total weight – They are not allowed if the weight of the pet and cage exceeds 45 kg.
    • Keep note that some cities and countries may have a total weight restriction of 32 kg.
    • OR Some airports may pose transportation restrictions irrespective of size or weight.
  • Total dimensions – The total sum of the pet carriage dimensions must be less than 285 cm.
  • Pet Age – Must be at least 16 weeks old to travel.
  • Tranquilizers – Pets given stabilizers, sedatives, or tranquilizers, or sleep medicines are restricted from traveling.
  • Other prohibited pets – Pregnant pets, aggressive dogs like attack dogs or other ferocious animals, foul-smelling pets, and birds who can be preyed on are not transported.
  • Cold Weather – Pets are denied as checked luggage during extreme cold climates.
  • Code share flights – The pet travel facility is not available on Air Busan codeshare flights as it is not directly handled by Asiana Airlines.

What are the Pet breeds restricted from Asiana Pet Travel?

Asiana airline pet policy does not permit the transportation or in-cabin travel of certain pet breeds to ensure the safety of the pets and their other passengers.

Dog Breeds – Following dog breeds are not permitted to travel on the airline due to health and safety reasons –

Tosa dogs and their crossbreedsAmerican Pitbull Terriers and their crossbreeds
Ovtcharka and its mixed breedLaika and its mixed breed  
Staffordshire Bull Terriers and their crossbreedsRottweilers and their crossbreeds
Mastiff and its mixed breedAmerican Staffordshire Terriers and their crossbreeds
Cane Corso and its mixed breedWolfdog and its mixed breed
Kangal and its mixed breedAmerican bully and its mixed breeds
Miniature Bull Terrier and its mixed breed 

Snub-nosed dogs- Snub-nosed dogs are restricted from travel due to health conditions. Some of the breeds are mentioned below –

AffenpinscherDogo Argentino
Shih TzuMastiff, Boston Terrier
BoxerSpaniel (English Toy, King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan)
BulldogBrussels GriffonChihuahua
BordeauxCane Corso
Dogue deShar Pei
Chow ChowLhasa Apso
Japanese ChinPresa Canario

Snub nosed Cat breeds – Following snub-nosed cat breeds are also prohibited from the airline –

Silver ChinchillaBurmese
ExoticBritish Shorthair
Scottish Fold 

How to Fly With Service Animals On Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines permits disabled passengers to travel with service dogs for their convenience. They must follow the given guidelines –

  • Type – Only service dogs are accepted as service animals and no other pets qualify as service animals.
  • Identification tag – The dog must have an identification tag received from an authorized institution to travel with disabled passengers.
  • Things to do – The service dogs must wear a harness at all times.
    • It must stay on the floor space available below the passenger’s seat on the flight.
  • Reservation – Contact the Asiana Reservation for more details and booking service dogs.

What are the regulations to fly with service dogs on flights departing or arriving in the US?

Following regulations as per the US Dot guidelines must be met for the service animals –

  • Purpose – Service dogs can board the flight to only offer assistance to the travelers.
  • Age – They must be at least 16 weeks or older to travel on US flights.
  • Harness – Must wear a leash or harness at all times.
  • Behavior – They must be trained adequately on how to behave in public areas.
    • Passengers should be able to control the service dogs.
    • Service dogs must sit under the passenger’s seat and must not meddle in other travelers’ seats.
    • Service dogs are not allowed to roam freely in the aisle.
  • Number – Up to two service dogs are allowed per traveler.
  • Circumstances under which passengers with service dogs can be denied boarding – They include –
    • Service dogs showing inadequate public behavior and showing improper training.
    • Excess barking or defecating on the aircraft or in the boarding gate area.
    • Reservations not made at least 48 hours before travel day.
    • Passenger fails to submit any or both the forms – U.S.DOT Service Animal Transportation Form and/or U.S.DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form.

How to request Pet tickets for Asiana Airlines?

If you wish to take your pet on Asiana flights, here are the steps you must follow-

Timeline/ Steps to FollowDetails
Receive approval from the airline for pet transportationFollow the domestic and international reservation deadline.
Connect with the respective airport for pet approval as a carry on checked bag.
You can contact the airline via the Reservation center contact details over the phone.
Quarantine Confirmation at departure airportCheck the requirements to carry a pet in the cabin and prepare relevant quarantine documents by contacting the embassy of the region.
Prepare the documents and prepare for quarantine.
If you are carrying pets to the Republic of Korea from abroad, refer to the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency website for more details.
Airport ArrivalHead to the ticket counter, verify the pet conditions details, check the conditions of the pet cage, and submit health documents.
Receive Quarantine CertificateSubmit rabies vaccination report and certificate to the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency at the departure airport.
They will provide the quarantine certificate.  
NOTE – Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency timings may differ. Plan accordingly especially late night or early morning flight departures.
Airport ProcessThe airport staff weighs the pet, and checks the eligibility to carry in the cabin or checked luggage.
Pet fee does not form part of free luggage allowance. Thus, pay the applicable pet fee.

How to contact Asiana Airlines for queries over the phone?

Contacting customer executives or airline representatives over the phone allows passengers to address their issues and concerns more effectively. Follow the steps given below to connect with the airline over the phone –

  • Head to the official website.
  • On the top right corner, you will find the option “Customer Service”.
Asiana Customer Services
This snapshot was obtained from the authorized web page of Asiana Airlines.
  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • You can choose from the available options or click “Regional Offices Contacts” to access domestic and global branches’ contact details.
Asiana Airlines Regional Offices Contacts
The source of this screenshot is the official website of Asiana Airlines.
  • Here are the contact details for multiple Asiana branches for queries like Asiana Seat selection, etc.
Country/ LocationContact Number
South KoreaKorea Reservation – 82-2-2669-8000
Busan Gimhae Airport – 82-51-971-2626
Daegu Airport – 82-53-720-6800
Northeast AsiaChina Asiana Club – 400-650-8000 (International call: 86-10-8451-0101)
China Reservation Center – 400-650-8000 (International call: 86-10-8451-0101)
Changsha Airport – 86-731-8296-1188
Beijing Capital INT´L Airport – 86-10-6453-0188
Southeast Asia/ Southwest AsiaBangkok Airport – 66-2-134-2895-8
Cebu Airport – 63-2-8662-8000
Da Nang Airport – 84-(0)236-323-9030
Delhi Airport – 91-11-4963-8260
Central AsiaAlmaty Airport – 7-(727)356-3235~7
United StatesUS Reservation Center – +1-800-227-4262
Honolulu Airport – +1-808-836-1742
Los AngelesAirport – +1-310-642-0300  
EuropeBarcelona Airport – 34-932-596-572
Frankfurt Airport – 49-69-690-20245~7
London Heathrow Airport – 44-208-976-7862
OceaniaSaipan Airport – 1-670-288-3000~1
Sydney Airport – 61-2-9669-2530/2560
MagnoliaUlaanbaatar – 976-7011-4340

NOTE – Head to the official website for contacts for other airports/ countries within the Regions covered above.

How to Connect with Asiana Airlines over social media?

Social media allows travelers to connect with the airline anytime, anywhere. You can connect with Asiana on social media portals for various issues like Asiana Airlines flight cancellations, pet restrictions, special requests, etc.

Here are some of the platforms where you can connect with Asiana Airlines for better assistance –

Social Media PortalsProfile Links/ URLs

What is the Asiana Airlines Pet Fee?

Asiana Airlines provide efficient facilities for pets for an Asiana Airlines pet fee. This special fee is applicable for domestic and international flights and is subject to changes. Keep note –

  • Applicability – The pet fee is charged on the combined weights of the pet and the pet carrier.
  • Varied Prices – The final applicable charge may differ based on the service charges, route, and destination airport guidelines.
  • Overview – You can take a look at the rundown of the Asiana Airlines pet travel policy charges based on flight segment –
  Type of FlightCombined weight (Pet and Container) up to 32 kgCombined weight (Pet and Container) between 32 kg and 45 kg
Domestic Flights24 USD approximately47 USD approximately
Korea Round Trip Taiwan/ Mongolia/ Japan/ China/ Hong Kong140 USD290 USD
Guam, Saipan, and Other routes within Asia210 USD440 USD
Oceania/ Europe/ US Routes290 USD590 USD

NOTE – The overall prices may vary due to seasonal changes or luggage charge fluctuations. Contact the airline for the latest prices.

Asiana Airlines is a known airline for its pet-friendly guidelines and travel policy. Use the above-mentioned details for a quick pet reservation process for a comfortable travel experience.

Ensure to follow all the rules, document requirements, and crate requirements, and carry health certificates and other necessary documents to avoid hassle at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, Asiana airline allows pets to travel on the flight and specifies guidelines and restrictions via its Asiana pet policy guidelines.

Can pets carry luggage on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, pets and the pet container that weighs 45 kg or less can be carried as checked luggage.

Is Asiana airline pet friendly?

Asiana airline is pet friendly and allows fliers to carry dogs, cats, and pet birds on board.

How much is the Asiana pet fee?

The Asiana Airline pet fee lies between 24 USD and 590 USD. It varies based on the type of flight, route, and destination.

How to request Asiana Airlines pet travel reservations?

Connect with the respective reservation center in your region, and request pet travel over the phone as a carry on or checked bag. Head to the airport and fulfill other requirements.

Can I carry my dog on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, you can carry your dog on the airline as carry-on allowance, checked bag, or cargo by following the respective guidelines.

What is the crate size requirement for Asiana in cabin pet travel?

The pet crate dimensions must be less than 115 cm, and the maximum height and width must be equal or less than 26 cm and 40 cm respectively.

What pets are not allowed in Asiana?

Dogs like American Pitbull Terriers, Laika, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, etc., and snub-nosed animals are not allowed on the flight.

Can I take a service dog with me on the Asiana flight?

Yes, you can carry service dogs on the flight as long as you abide by the regulations.

Can I carry my Chow Chow dog on Asiana flights?

No, Chow Chow is a snub-nosed animal and is not permitted for pet travel due to safety reasons.

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