Asiana Airlines Name Change Policy

Passengers may often book their flight tickets in a hurry and forget to mention their personal details correctly on it. However, the name is the first thing to be checked on the ticket while flying. Hence, it is important to fill in the name details correctly to have a smooth boarding experience and avoid any hassle. To avoid making any mistakes in the ticket, Asiana Airlines name change policy has been made to the carrier. With the help of this policy, you can make and correct misspelled typological errors on your name. Also, different methods are shown in this policy to help you correct your name easier.

Rules of Asiana Airlines Name Correction Policy

The air carrier, Asiana, enables the flyers to correct up to certain characters only. Also, it only allows the passengers to significantly make only spelling corrections if they have any errors. If you do not adhere to these rules properly, then you might not be able to utilize the Asiana Airlines name change feature.

Apart from these rules, there are some other regulations that need to be followed to have smooth boarding of your flight. These regulations are as follows:

  • As long as you do it at least 24 hours ahead of the departure time, you can modify your names without paying a fee under this airline’s name change policy.
  • You may amend names in accordance with the Asiana Airlines name correction policy.
  • at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • For name adjustments, you have a choice of offline or online processes. Notably, you can only correct spelling errors.
  • If you have the necessary documentation and are getting married or getting divorced, you can also alter your name.
  • Make sure to do the name adjustment within 24 hours of the booking to prevent penalties or any additional fees.
  • Tickets are not transferred after they have been purchased. Hence, you cannot totally alter the name to someone else’s name.
  • You must present documentation proving your legal name, including a current passport, driver’s license, marriage/divorce certificate, etc.
  • The Asiana Airlines name change policy permits you to help coordinate spelling and typographic problems on tickets, but a full name change is never allowed on this air carrier.

Methods to Change or Correct Name on Asiana Airlines

It’s crucial to be aware of legal name correction procedures. The South Korean airline, Asiana, offers a variety of options to assist travelers generally. The ways available to travelers to update Asiana Airlines wrong names on their tickets are various. The fliers have access to both online and offline options to move forward legally. A full explanation of the same is provided below.

Method 1: Ticketing Asiana Airline Name Change Online

Passengers can now change their names on the flight ticket easily by an online method. The online approach is easy to use as the customer only requires a device and a working internet connection. The online method of correcting the details is the most convenient among many passengers around the globe. 

Here is the step-by-step process of how Asiana Airlines name correction policy works online and how you can correct your wrongly mentioned details:

  • Firstly, open the browser of the internet on your mobile or a computer.
  • You need to go to the official website of this air company. Just simply click on
  • You need to log in to your account using your credentials.
  • On the upper corner of the page, a “Manage booking” option would be displayed. Click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the manage booking page. Here you need to give your basic details like your name and last name as well as the booking reference number.
  • Fill in the fields as shown on the screen with your necessary details.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to move your Asiana Airlines change name procedure ahead.
  • Now, as per the instructions shown on the screen, you would have to make the necessary changes.
  • Once you make the name correction changes, hit the submit option to continue.
  • Some airlines may require you to pay the applicable name change fee if any.
  • Lastly, please wait for the airline to send you a confirmation mail regarding your successful name change.

Note: Suppose if you do not receive any confirmation mail pertaining to your online Asiana Airlines change name, then you can either contact the carrier or mail them regarding the same.

Method 2: Asiana Airlines Name Correction Through Airport Ticket Counter

Some flyers do not find the online method feasible for changing their names. In that case, Asiana Airlines name change policy has come up with offline approaches to make this process easy. For this method, you simply need to visit the airport from where you made your reservation. Go to the Asiana airline ticket counter and meet one of the representatives there. He or she will guide you about the further process. Once he/she finds that the name change needs to be approved, you will get the confirmation on your email ID for the same.

Note: Always remember to carry all your essential documents such as the reservation ticket, boarding pass if you have, passport, identity proof, etc. By checking all the documents, the air staff of Asiana will make the necessary name corrections on your ticket.

Method 3: Asiana Airlines Name Change Via Customer Care Executive 

Calling the airline’s customer care executive seems to be the easiest way for visitors to Asiana. Hence, it is regarded as the most convenient and comfortable way to make certain corrections to your name.

When you want to make legal name changes after a marriage or divorce, this can be the most reliable method. Simply dial the toll-free number of Asiana Airlines at +1-800-227-4262. 

Once your call gets connected:

  • Tell them that you need to go for your name change.
  • As per the Asiana Airlines name change policy, the agent may ask you the reason for it. Provide the necessary reason to continue further.
  • Let them know what name corrections you need to have on your ticket.
  • Give them your necessary information like your full name, flight number, booking ticket number, reference code, etc.
  • Pay the requisite amount of fees if asked by Asiana Airlines.
  • You may then receive a new ticket on your registered email address with a corrected PNR.
  • Save the new ticket for your smooth flight experience.

Name Change Fees on Asiana Airlines

Although the carrier has not yet made any formal statements on name change fees, it is true that in some cases you may be required to pay a small name change cost when changes are made after 24 hours. Additionally, the Asiana Airlines name change fee is based on the ticket type, fare restriction, and name change period. You can contact Asiana Airlines’ customer care department when you want to find the name change cost that applies to your situation.

In a Summary,

Asiana Airlines name change policy, thus, is helpful to the flyers in terms of making minor spelling error changes to the ticket. Nevertheless, what makes this name change feature unique is the simpler process and minimal cost to make a few modifications. Besides these, the easy-to-follow rules of this policy help the flyers to make their name corrections without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Asiana Airlines allow the passengers to change their names after booking?

Yes, according to the Asiana Airlines name change policy, the flyers can change their names on the flight ticket. If mentioned incorrectly, the passengers can only change upto certain changes of their first or last name and not the entire name.

How can you go for Asiana Airlines change name process online?

Flyers would have two options to correct their names: the online and the offline method. For the first method, the passenger needs to visit the main website of Asiana Airlines. On clicking the “Manage Booking” option, the traveler will have to fill in the basic details. These details can be the first and the last name, booking reference number, flight number, etc. Post doing that simply hit the continue button and wait for the carrier to give you confirmation about your Asiana Airlines name change.

Can Asiana Airlines name correction happen post marriage or divorce?

Yes, you can go for your name correction procedure as per this policy even after your marriage or divorce. Please remember that only a part of your name can be corrected. Also, you need to submit a marriage or a divorce certificate for applying for a name change at Asiana Airlines.

Is there any penalty on correcting Asiana Airlines wrong names?

Sometimes, the air carrier, Asiana, may ask you for a penalty in case you correct your name. Only a certain amount of fees may be levied on using the ticketing Asiana Airline name change feature. However, minor mistakes in the passenger’s name can be corrected for free.

What documents are needed according to the Asiana Airlines name correction policy?

For using this carrier’s name change feature, certain documents are needed to be submitted. These documents can be your reservation ticket, passport, boarding pass, identity proof, etc. In case of a name change during marriage or divorce, a certificate for the same would be required. Only after checking all the required documents, the air staff will correct your name on the ticket.

Does Asiana Airlines require middle names?

No, it is not necessary to add middle names to the Asiana Airlines ticket because they are not necessary for travel. When performing your online check-in 24 hours prior to takeoff, middle names can be included in the encrypted flight information for an aircraft leaving or landing in the United States or at an overseas station.

My first and middle name joined on airline ticket Asiana. Will I get in trouble on catching a flight?

According to the Asiana Airlines name correction policy, middle names are not necessarily required on the ticket. However, as long as your middle name appears precisely as it does on your passport, without any spaces in between, there is no issue with it being on your ticket.

How can I change my name on Asiana Airline through an offline method?

To change your name on Asiana by an online method, you need to either contact the airline or visit the airport. Both these options are available to the flyers to correct their names. The contact information for Asiana can be found on the carrier’s main website.

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