Etihad Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delays occurs when there are issues that are not under the control of the air operator. With bad weather conditions, air staff strikes, etc., the passengers may suffer a delay in their flight. To claim for the loss of the flyers, the Etihad flight delay compensation policy has been set by the airline.

Through this policy, the flyers can know about the conditions that apply for compensation as well as various methods to obtain it. 

Conditions to Follow While Claiming for Etihad Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Etihad always tries its best that the flyers get their reimbursement in case they have missed their flights or suffered a delay. However, to claim an Etihad Airways flight delay compensation, some conditions need to be met by both the flier as well as the operator.

These conditions are set according to the European regulation or EC 261 norm. They are also based upon the passengers traveling from European and non-European countries. 

Mentioned below are some of the important conditions that need to be maintained while applying for compensation for flight delays at Etihad.

  • As per the European regulation, you can only apply for reimbursement when the flight board from Europe.
  • EC 261 regulation also states that flight delay disruptions should not be a reason for unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Bad weather conditions, unavailability of the crew members, airport strikes, staffing issues, etc. are not a part of the unforeseen circumstances. Hence, a passenger can claim his or her flight delay refund when the plane gets late due to the above reasons.
  • The deadline to claim for your reimbursement is extremely important according to the Etihad flight delay compensation policy.
  • Up to six years following the flight’s departure date, Etihad flight delay compensation claims may be made in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Contingent on the European nation, the timeframe of applying for compensation changes.
  • If you reach your ultimate destination after more than a three-hour delay, you can typically make a claim for your Etihad flight delay. There is a two-hour grace period in case your flight gets canceled by the airline.

How to Make Etihad Flight Delay Compensation?

On this UAE-based air carrier, you can make your compensation request for the flight delay by both online as well as offline methods. Both the methods are easy to use and take little time to make a claim.

Depending on the flexibility and convenience of the passengers, any of these methods can be utilized. However, prior to making your choice, it is important to know about these two methods in detail. 

Method 1: Visiting the Main Website of Etihad Airlines

You can make your Etihad flight delay compensation by navigating to its main site. This is an easy approach and can be utilized from anywhere. The step-by-step procedure of making a delayed flight Etihad compensation online is as mentioned below.

  • Visit the website
  • Once the website gets loaded, just hit the “Help” button on the top right side corner.
  • Under the help section, you need to fill out your feedback form. For that, you need to press the “Manage Feedback” option.
  • You need to fill out certain information such as your email ID or a guest number as well as your password credentials.
  • At the bottom of the page, you would have the option of filing a compensation claim. Tap on that feature.
  • Then, an Etihad flight delay claim form will appear on the screen which you need to submit to the airline for processing your compensation claim for a delayed flight.
  • Lastly, wait for the airline to confirm your refund request through an email or a message.

Method 2: Contacting the Operator

If you are facing any difficulties in making the compensation request online, you can always have the option of contacting Etihad Airways.

It is always the recommended method and considered the safest. By opting for this method, the air representatives themselves will take care of the Etihad flight delay compensation.

There can be different contact numbers for various regions. One can view the contact details of Etihad customer care by visiting the website. Just hit the “Contact Us” option on the site to view the number of the customer care of your desired location.

Dial the number of the Etihad customer care system and inform them about your flight delay. They might ask you for your relevant details such as your boarding pass, reservation email ID, ticket number, contact details, identity proof, etc.

Submit these details to the representative and he or she will soon begin your process of reimbursement as per the Etihad flight delay compensation policy. 

What Can You Receive as Etihad Airways Flight Delay Compensation?

Etihad Airways makes sure that the flyers are benefitted in case their flight gets delayed. Hence, it provides a compensation on the basis of how much hours of delay the passenger has suffered. Not only monetary refunds are available, but passenger can also get various other benefits as shown below.

  1. For 3 or More Hours of Flight Delay

In case your flight gets postponed for more than 3 hours, the airline should provide you with proper care when it does not provide you Etihad flight delay compensation. This may include the following:

  • Drinks as well as food meals
  • Two various occasions on which you should be availed of establishing communication of your choice. This can be in the form of calls, emails, etc.
  • Hotel accommodations when necessary. If the delay is for long, the airline can provide you with accommodation for one or more nights.
  • Transportation to and from the hotel.
  1. For a Delay of 5 Hours or More

You can ask for the Etihad flight delay refunds of your cost when your trip postponement is caused for more than five hours and you decide not to continue traveling. However, this will prevent you from receiving compensation because you must reach your location in order to make a claim.

You are also reimbursed and, in some circumstances, compensation where your flight has been disrupted and you have not been provided with a suitable replacement flight and if you also had to organize your alternate flight or mode of transportation due to the same reason.

Etihad Delayed Baggage Compensation 

There are instances where you and your group of friends or family reach the destination on time. However, on reaching the airport when you do not see your baggage coming, do not hesitate.

It would be because of the baggage delay due to various reasons such as overloading of the aircraft, flight postponement, etc. During these situations, the air company, Etihad, is responsible for providing you a reimbursement. Etihad baggage delay compensation.

For that, you need to reach the baggage service department of the airline to claim for Property Irregularity Report or PIR.

You may need to provide these following things to initiate your baggage refund:

  • Your code of flight
  • Contact information
  • Date of baggage delay incident
  • Number of delayed or lost bags
  • The specifications of your bag such as color, size, type, etc.)

By providing the above-mentioned information to the carrier, it can provide you with Etihad delayed baggage claim.

If you reach the airport and find your baggage missing, you need to make sure to let the airline authorities know about it. Only then can you make an Etihad delayed baggage claim with the airline. However, before submitting a claim, you need to follow these guidelines for a safe baggage compensation process:

  • When your luggage gets delayed by Etihad, please visit the nearest help desk of the operator.
  • The staff at the help desk will provide you with a PIR number. It can help you to cover Etihad delayed baggage compensation on time.
  • However, when you have already departed from the airport premises, you can always contact the Etihad baggage services department.
  • You can also file your report for your delayed or lost luggage at the baggage service counter at the airport.

Quick-Note: You can only make a baggage delay claim only upto 48 hours after arriving at your final location. After this time period, Etihad Airlines cannot help you to make your delayed or lost baggage compensation claim.

Rules for Obtaining Etihad Flight Delay Refund

Though the Etihad air carrier is not a European one, it has to obey rules pertaining to EC 261. By following the regulations of this norm, the flyers can obtain Etihad flight delay refunds easily. These regulations can protect you from flight delays and compensate you either in cash or various other ways.

  • If your flight gets canceled by the carrier in case of delays, you are eligible to ask for a refund.
  • When the airline refuses to offer you a refund, you can request an alternative flight instead.
  • In case your flight gets revoked from an EU airport before 14 days of your departure, then as per the EU 261 laws, the carrier is responsible for providing compensation.
  • You won’t be entitled to compensation unless Etihad Airways had been able to provide you with another flight that would reach at an extremely comparable time to your initial flight. Additionally, whether there are exceptional circumstances that necessitated the cancellation, the company would not be responsible for providing compensation. 
  • Any circumstances that are not under the control of the Etihad air company like poor weather conditions, a medical problem, or a disruptive event that causes the flight delay cannot be a part of the compensation.

Quick-Note: You may also have to suffer sudden flight delays provided your name identification details are mentioned incorrectly on the ticket. To avoid this delay, Etihad Airways name change is a feature that can be utilized by the passenger before boarding the flight.

How to Obtain Etihad Flight Delay Refund? 

On your flight delay, Etihad Airlines is responsible for granting you a refund in case other compensatory benefits are not provided to you. However, to get the Etihad flight delay refund, some steps needs to be followed, such as:

  • You should first navigate to the manage booking area of Etihad Airways’ main site in your browser. 
  • Then you need to provide the passengers’ last names as well as the six-digit reservation reference or flight number. 
  • Later, you must select “Find My Booking” from the menu in the top right corner.
  • Now, you will be able to recover your reservation.
  • Next, choose the one that has been delayed and hit the option of canceling a flight.
  • After being sent to the cancellation page and subtracting any applicable fees, you must verify the cancellation amount. 
  • Your Etihad airline ticket will be revoked once you select the confirming option, and you will get a cancellation confirmation mail at your registered email id right away. 
  • Your payment source is where your reimbursement will be processed anywhere between 14-30 days.

How Much Can You Receive as Etihad Flight Delay Refund?

The total amount you may be compensated is determined by the flight’s route and the distance between the airports of arrivals and departures, as stated by EC Regulation 261/2004.

Therefore, the actual amount you may get as compensation for your delayed, overbooked, or rescheduled trip will depend on the length of your primary airport of origin and your ultimate stop.

Taking into account the distance traveled and the length of the delay, the total amount of Etihad flight delay compensation is as follows:

  • The flyer can get up to £220 for any flights that are up to 1,500 kilometers in length.
  • You can obtain up to £350 for any trips between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers in length.
  • Visitors are eligible for up to £530 for journeys covered for more than 3,500 kilometers.

The Bottom Line

Etihad flight delay compensation policy can be helpful to the flyers when they need immediate assistance on getting their traveling disrupted.

This can also be referred to when you do not know how to file for your flight delay compensation. Nevertheless, this carrier offers both monetary and other benefits as well in case the visitor has suffered a delay.

Hence, you do not have to worry about your compensation while you wait in a long queue at the airport in case of your delayed flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you claim Etihad Airways Delay Compensation when your flight gets postponed?

Yes, you can claim your compensation when your flight gets postponed at Etihad. You can do so both online as well as offline methods. For the online method, simply go to the official website of the airline and fill up the Etihad flight delay claim form. And, to opt for the offline method, you can call the airline and ask for your compensation.

What information is needed to submit according to the Etihad delayed baggage compensation policy?

Etihad Airways is responsible for reimbursing you in case your baggage gets late at the airport. However, the air representatives at the help desk may ask you for certain information for providing you with Etihad baggage delay compensation. This can include your flight code, contact details, date of baggage delay, number of delayed bags, and the properties of your bag like color, type, size, etc.

How can you file for a refund with the help of Etihad flight delay claim form?

You need to visit the main site of Etihad and go to the “Manage Feedback” feature. On scrolling down the page, just hit the compensation button to file for your refund. Later, you need to fill out a flight delay form for receiving your compensation claim. Lastly, kindly wait for the Etihad operator to confirm your compensation request.

How much amount can you receive under Etihad flight delay compensation policy?

As per the Etihad Airways flight delay compensation, the amount varies on route distance and hours of postponement. Here are the details for the same:

£220: Upto 1500 kilometers
£350: Between 1500-3500 kilometers
£530: More than 3500 kilometers

How soon can you receive Etihad flight delay refund after a delayed journey?

Once you face a delayed flight with Etihad, firstly inform the air carrier about it. On making a compensation request, the staff of the carrier can ask you for the basic flight delays. Under the Etihad flight delay compensation policy, you need to wait for the airline to confirm your request. The amount of the flight delay refund will be credited within 14-30 working days to your original source of payment.

In what circumstances can you apply claim for delayed flight Etihad?

You can apply for a claim of your Etihad delayed flight under the circumstances within the control of the airline. This can include weather delays, overloading of the flight, no availability of the pilot, technical faults, computer glitches, etc. The airline can be held responsible if your flight gets delayed due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Apart from monetary benefits, what can you receive as compensation for flight delays Etihad?

Etihad Airlines not only provides the amount of compensation for delayed flights but also some other benefits. These benefits can be used when you wait at the airport for your next available flight. Such benefits include food, meals, drinks, means of communication of your choice, hotel accommodations, etc.

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