Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

Humans are known for making mistakes; this is not surprising. However, making mistakes is quite normal. Making a mistake when typing the name on your ticket is one example. One of the most trustworthy airlines among passengers around the world is Etihad Airways. As a result, it developed the Etihad Airways name change policy. The flyers of this airline will learn everything about how to make name changes, including the fees related to it, through the information provided in this post.

Rules Concerning the Etihad Name Change Policy

On flying with this airline, you should make sure that your name should be correctly mentioned on your ticket. If not done so, you may be denied your flight boarding. There are also different rules regarding the Etihad Airways name policy. One such rule is that your name on your ticket should be exactly the same as on your government-certified photo ID as well as your passport 

Other rules that apply to the flyers traveling with this carrier are as mentioned below:

  • Etihad Airways allows its passengers to change their names only on non-restricted or refundable tickets.
  • The name change feature of this carrier can be done on the unused part of the booking ticket.
  • Please keep in mind that when you make several name changes on your Etihad ticket, you cannot reverse them.
  • You must confirm that your ticket was purchased with a specific debit or credit card and was authorized more than five days ago.
  • If more than one ticket was purchased, the most stringent fare rule might be used. This can result in an increased airline change fee.
  • Your bank may impose extra service charges in addition to the Etihad name change fee.
  • Before your intended departure, you have 96 hours to request your Etihad name change.
  • The airline permits up to 3 letters in the first, middle, or last names to be changed on the ticket.
  • Your details or spelling errors may only be changed once on the ticket, in any portion of your name.
  • The passenger making the name correction request must match the one identified on the ticket.
  • The aforementioned name modifications are relevant to flights that Etihad operates and markets.
  • Within 24 hours after the purchase, Etihad Airways name corrections are not permissible. In order to rebook the ticket with the right name, passengers must first request that their Etihad flight be canceled.
  • You might be required to provide a copy of your passport or another form of official picture ID when having your name corrected.

Methods to Make Etihad Name Change on the Reservation Ticket

Simple methods have been elaborated by this carrier to make several modifications to the name. Now, passengers need not worry about Etihad change name on ticket as there are three different methods available. Visitors can use any of the given methods in this policy as per their comfort. 

Let us see the various methods to make alterations to your name on this air carrier.

Etihad Airways Name Correction Online

Flyers can utilize the name correction feature by the quickest method by going to the web. Online name changes are accurately done and mostly need not be verified again by the airline. This is so far the most convenient method which can be applied from any region of the world. 

To know how to make use of the Etihad Airways name change policy feature by online approach, read the following points.

  • Kindly go to main website
  • Here, you need to navigate to the “Manage Booking” section of the website.
  • To access your booking, please enter your last name as well as your last name.
  • If you are the passenger who needs a name change, confirm it.
  • Enter your changed correct name with proper spelling.
  • Next, you need to attach your passport copy or any government-certified photo ID for the purpose of verification.
  • Pay the Etihad name change fee if required by the air company.
  • Your request for the name change may take as short as 4 hours or as long as one day.
  • Once your request gets completed, you would be notified through mail on your registered ID.
  • This mail will contain your updated name along with your itinerary.

Through Visiting the Airport

The name change is an easy process and can be done while you are at the airport during your flight check-in. This is the last-minute option of changing your spelling or your Etihad Airways name format. You can put your last name followed by your first name also on the ticket. Generally, the first name comes followed by the last one. However, you can change your name format also with this air carrier.

For this method, you simply need to visit the airport premises. Once you check in, head to the help desk of Etihad Airways. On reaching there, meet one of the air attendants over there. Narrate to them your whole issue as to why you need a name change. Next, submit your required documents and provide the information as asked by the agent. In some cases, you might require to pay Etihad name change fees. You will lastly get a newly printed ticket as well as your boarding pass with your updated name.

Note: Apart from name correction, visiting airport options can also help you to modify your reservation details such as flight, date, time, and destination changes.

By Connecting With the Customer Service Team

Etihad Airways never fails to make its passengers satisfied with their amazing services onboard. Hence, it has a great team of customer care executives who would help you in any case during your name change process.

This is the easiest method of all when flyers do not wish to alter their names online. According to the Etihad Airways name change policy, the passengers can dial the airline’s customer care toll-free number i.e. +1 (877) 690-0767, and request the name change.

On call with the customer care agent, you need to:

  • Provide him or her with the reason for changing your name on the ticket.
  • When the name is incorrectly printed, inform the agent about the same.
  • In case you have recently got married or divorced and need a name change, you can talk to the agent about the same.
  • Provide the certificate of marriage or divorce along with other documents to move the name change process ahead.
  • In some scenarios, passengers may need to enter the Etihad middle name on ticket. They can do so by requesting the agent on call.
  • In this case, you would be required to give some basic details including your booking reference number, ticket information, full name, departure destination, etc.
  • Then, upon verifying all the documents and information, the agent will begin with the process of a name change.
  • Lastly, a confirmation regarding a successful Etihad name change would be sent to your registered ID.

Etihad Name Change Fees

This operator does not charge you any fees when you are making name changes within 24 hours of reserving your ticket. Once this window has been passed, it charges the flyers on the number of days left before the scheduled departure flight. 

Here are the details on Etihad name change fees based on the duration of the days prior to the scheduled departure flight:

  • 60 days prior to the departure: 150-200 USD
  • 30 days before departure: 200-250 USD
  • 15 days prior to the date of flight: 225-300 USD
  • 24 hours to the date of departure: 300-350 USD 

Tip: Whatever the reason for the alteration in your name, it is preferable to begin the name correction process 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled departure to prevent issues at the last minute.

In Essence,
Name is an important part of a passenger and it needs to be correctly mentioned on the ticket. On verifying the incorrect details of your name, you can be denied boarding. Hence, utilizing the Etihad Airways name change policy and adhering to its rules is must before you board your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make modifications in your ticket according to the Etihad name change policy?

Yes, you can make several changes to your name using this policy. For making the Etihad name change, there are some rules that passengers need to abide by. However, please keep in mind that to alter your name on the ticket, only upto a certain character limit, you can make changes.

What shall be the correct Etihad Airways name format on the flight ticket?

There is no such correct format to be used while booking your Etihad Airways flight. The passenger needs to fill in the reservation details of their name as it is on the passport and other relevant IDs. However, the travelers usually put on their first name followed by their last name on the ticket.

What rules apply pertaining to the Etihad Airways name policy?

Etihad Airways enables its visitors to change their names only on refundable tickets. And, once you have made some relevant changes to the name, you cannot reverse it. You can change your name to 96 hours before your time of departure. Etihad Airways name change policy also states that you can only change your first or last name upto three a character limit. The name change feature on the ticket cannot be transferred to any other passenger on this carrier. The airline may ask you for your passport and other IDs in order to make name changes on your ticket. When all these rules are not applied, passengers may be denied boarding on Etihad Airways.

How can you make Etihad Airways name correction on your ticket online?

To make Etihad Airways name correction by an online method, you need to open your browser and log in to the official site of the airline. Then, you need to click on the manage booking tab and enter your details correctly. Attach the relevant identity documents on the website and pay any required fees as asked by the carrier. Once your request gets verified, you would be sent a confirmation mail about the successful completion of your name change.

Is there any offline method of Etihad change name on ticket?

Yes, there is an offline method available for making changes to your name on the flight. For this, you either need to go to the airport or contact Etihad Airways. When you are going for the first method, just meet one of the air representatives and ask them for your name change. For the next method, dial the toll-free Etihad Airways number i.e. +1 (877) 690-0767, and connect to the customer service executive. On the call, tell them your reason for changing your details on the ticket and provide the necessary information as asked.

Can you make changes in Etihad middle name on ticket?

Yes, you can make changes to the Etihad middle name on your reservation ticket. However, on this airline, it is not necessary to add your middle name. However, there may be cases where you already mentioned your middle name and need a change. In such scenarios, this carrier allows you to use the Etihad middle name on ticket changes.

What are the fees applied concerning the Etihad name correction policy?

For minor name modifications, there are no such fees applied by the operator. However, depending on the duration of the booking, certain Etihad name change fee might apply as follows:

60 days prior to the departure: 150-200 USD
30 days before departure: 200-250 USD
15 days prior to the date of flight: 225-300 USD
24 hours to the date of departure: 300-350 USD

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