Copa Airlines Name Change Policy

It occasionally occurs that you enter the wrong name by accident when making reservations for yourself or your family, relatives, and friends. Copa Airlines has developed every potential solution because it is fully aware of the issue. Hence, it has come up with the Copa Airlines name change policy. Under this policy, you can make alterations to your name via various methods. However, this carrier does not allow entire name modifications. You can always contact the Copa airline customer service team if you need to make significant changes.

Conditions to Follow for Copa Airlines Name Correction

Following the Copa Airlines name correction policy, there are certain conditions that need to be abided by the travelers. One of the conditions is that the information on the flyer should match that in the passport or another travel document.

The personal identity should meet the first and last names. When booking a flight with Copa Airlines, the following terms will be in effect:

  1. Only the section of the flight that was not used would be subjected to a name change request.
  2. To initiate the name change request with this air company, you must fill in the Copa Airlines name changes form.
  3. The interline or codeshare partner airlines would not be affected by the name change feature made on this carrier.
  4. The whole operation of the flight sections included in the booking must be performed by Copa Airlines.
  5. Per ticket, only one name adjustment is allowed.
  6. The first and last names cannot be completely distinct from one another.
  7. The total number of letters in the name modification for the first name, middle name, and last name cannot be more than 3 characters.
  8. Additionally, changing your name following marriage, or divorce perhaps another legal process is not a big problem. The name on the ticket can be changed by an applicant by presenting a legal document.
  9. Under some circumstances, the Panama-based carrier may demand a specific name change cost.
  10. To avoid a fee, it’s a good idea to submit a name change request within 24 hours of making a reservation.
  11. Additionally, changes to names can be made up to 24 hours before departure.

Note: Flyers this carrier can dial the customer care service department at +1 800 744 3672 toll-free to get instant help regarding any query related to Copa Airlines name correction.

Methods to Change Passenger Name on Copa Airlines

A name error issue can cause blunders when flying by air. You would have to cross borders or go through some major immigration checks. Hence, it is crucial that your name should be correctly mentioned on your booking or a reservation ticket. When going through the flight check, it can be troublesome when you get caught with the incorrect name. In this case, Copa Airlines has the best alternatives or methods to correct your name on the flight ticket.

Enlisted below are some various methods through which you can modify your details under the Copa Airlines name correction policy.

Online Method of Copa Airlines Name Change

This is the most reliable method when it comes to changing passenger names. Anybody from anywhere around the world can approach this method to quickly modify their incorrect name issues. To utilize the Copa Airlines change name on ticket procedure online, check out the given points below:

  • Go to the official site of Copa Airlines i.e.
  • Log in to your account by entering your credentials.
  • Hit on the Airline’s “Manage Booking” feature of the website.
  • You will be redirected to the manage booking page of the carrier.
  • On that page, the customers of this airline need to pick up the flight for which they need to change their names.
  • You might need to fill in some essential details like your booking ID number as well as your last name.
  • To prevent further problems during immigration checks, kindly go through the information you just entered twice.
  • Now, you would have to pay some service charges with respect to the Copa Airlines name change policy if asked by the operator.
  • At last, Copa Airlines may send you an email regarding the successful completion of your name modification with the newly updated ticket information.

Copa Airlines Name Correction Offline

Sometimes, there are various passengers who do not prefer the online approach to changing their names. Hence, for them, an offline traditional method has also been introduced by the carrier. 

Typically, there are two offline methods to correct your spelled name wrong on Copa Airline flight. They are as follows:

By Visiting the Ticket Counter

The help desk or ticket counter can be the first place to inform you of your flight-related problems when you are already at the airport for your trip. In case you need to make your name change request at the last minute of your flight, be rest assured. You can do so by simply reaching out to the ticket counter of Copa Airlines. 

Just have a meeting with one of the air staff over there and do the following:

  • Inform him/her why you need to go for your name change.
  • Once you tell the reason, the flight person might tell you to submit your ID proof as well as your booking ticket.
  • Submit the required documents and wait for the agent to verify the papers.
  • In case of the Copa Airlines ticket middle name changes, let the agent know what modifications you need.
  • Also, when you need to alter your name post marriage or a divorce, you need to give a certificate for the same.
  • You might need to spend some fees as a service charge pertaining to major name modifications.
  • Wait for the carrier to confirm your name change request.

By Connecting the Agents on call

Many flyers hesitate to go online and change their name. Others are maybe not aware of the online method of Copa Airlines name changes. In these scenarios, calling is the best feasible method for the flyers. Using this method, the visitors can connect with the agents on call and they would assist in making the name change on the ticket all by themselves.

For modifying your name after marriage or divorce, calling the carrier would be a great choice. You just need to follow these simple instructions to get through a call with the Copa air representatives.

  • Simply call the toll-free number of this carrier at +1 800 744 3672.
  • When your call gets through, you would be assigned an agent or a representative who would assist you in making Copa Airlines change name on ticket.
  • Narrate the whole issue to the air agent as to why you need a name change on your ticket. If it is related to marriage or divorce, submit the certificate for the same.
  • Also, describe where you need to modify your name. For example, some flyers have only minor spelling corrections either in the first or the last name.
  • You can also make Copa Airlines middle name changes if you need to.
  • Provide them with your basic details like your full name, booking reference number, flight number, etc. Make sure all the information is factually correct.
  • Submit your identification proof to the airline to make proper name changes.
  • You would be asked to give a certain amount of service charges in a few conditions.
  • Pay the requisite amount of fees when asked by the operator.
  • You would then receive a newly printed flight ticket with all the newly updated name change information.

Copa Airlines Name Change Fees

As such there are no change fees in case there are some minor name corrections on Copa Airlines. However, under various conditions, this airline can incur a few amounts of fees. These Copa Airlines name change fees may vary under two conditions: first, if you book your ticket through a travel agency, and second when you need to change flight date, time, or location in addition to your name. The fees for both the circumstances are as follows:

  • The carrier may cost you USD 50 when you book the reservation via your travel agent or through any agency.
  • An amount of USD 75 would be charged in case you need to modify other flight details other than your name change. These details could be the flight date, time, and end destination.

Now, passengers can fly without any worry whenever their names are incorrectly printed on their tickets. Through the Copa Airlines name change policy, the flyers can make spelling error corrections as well as minor alterations to any part of their name. In case of marriage or divorce even, now you can make certain changes to your identification by adhering to the conditions mentioned above

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Copa Airlines change name on ticket possible for passengers?

Yes, as per the Copa Airlines name change policy, the passengers can make minor corrections on the ticket. However, it should be noted that the flyer cannot make entire name changes to his or her ticket. Only general spelling modifications or any minor ones can be allowed to either the first, middle, or last name on the ticket

How can I add my middle name based on the Copa Airlines name change policy?

You can add your middle name by both online and offline procedures at Copa Airlines. However, mentioning the middle name is not necessary to be included in the ticket at this carrier. In case you wish to add your middle name, it should match that in your passport. For further information regarding the middle name change, you can contact the airline and get the contact information by navigating to its main site.

Can I make Copa Airlines name correction if my spellings are incorrect?

Yes, you can go for name correction on this carrier. It allows minor spelling modifications to be corrected under the Copa Airlines name correction policy. However, please keep in mind that only upto a few character limit alterations are allowed to make on your name. You cannot change your entire name by any chance on this air company.

How shall the name appear on a boarding ticket according to the Copa Airlines name correction policy?

Your name on the ticket as well as your boarding pass must match that of your passport and other relevant IDs. The format of your name, middle name, as well as your surname, should be the same in all your travel documents according to the Copa Airlines name change policy.

Can I make Copa Airlines name changes through an online method?

Yes, you can make your name alterations using the Copa Airlines name change feature. To initiate that, simply navigate to the main site of the air company and log in to your account. Under the manage booking tab, you need to choose the flight for which you need a name change from the available options. Enter your booking ID and last name on the box and double-check the information. Pay any service fees of Copa if required. Wait for your name change confirmation email from the carrier.

I did not added Copa Airlines ticket middle name. Is it necessary to enter the middle name on this carrier?

It is alright in case you did not add any middle name to the ticket. Copa Airlines ticket middle name is not necessarily required. If you wish, entering your middle name can be prevented. However, when you need to add it, just contact the airline and the staff would guide you through the process.

I spelled name wrong on Copa Airline flight. Can I call the airline and correct it?

Yes, the name change feature is also available by contacting the carrier. You can connect with the agents on the toll-free number at +1 800 744 3672. On reaching the air agent, just inform him/her about the spelling error on your name. Tell them where to add your correct spelling i.e. on your first or last name. Lastly, provide the essential details like flight and ticket number, reference code, full name, etc. This way you can make spelling corrections to your name on Copa Airlines.

Is it possible to transfer ticket into someone else name Copa Airlines?

No, you cannot transfer your already booked or reserved tickets to anyone else at Copa Airlines. This is against the name change policy and can put your flight on hold in case you are caught doing this.

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