Fiji Airways Name Change Policy 

Sometimes, it becomes necessary for a passenger to change their name after a flight reservation. Fiji Airways accommodates such modifications with the help of its name change policy. The Fiji Airways Name Change Policy meets the various requirements of the passengers in terms of name correction and error modification. Name changes resulting from marriage are also covered in this policy. Hence, in order to utilize the benefits of this policy to the optimum level, it is essential to understand its rules and regulations. 

What Is The Fiji Airways Name Change Policy? 

Travelers wanting to access the Fiji Airways name change feature can do so under this policy.  It allows the passengers of this airline to make name changes due to marriage and divorce. An important feature of this policy is that it facilitates additions and rectifications to the registered name on the booking ticket. Modifications to the first and the last name can also be done as per this policy. 

Fiji Airways Name Correction Policy 

Apart from name changes, you can also make minor corrections to your name. The Fiji Airways name correction policy facilitates such corrections in case of spelling errors, wrong surnames, and incorrect characters. This can be especially useful for making one-letter modifications to your name if any. Errors made by the flyers during making a registration and booking tickets can be corrected under this policy as well. 

Rules Of Fiji Airways Name Change/Correction Policy

Passengers of this airline will have to adhere to certain conditions to access the name change features as determined by the Fiji Airways name change policy. Following these rules will ensure the visitors with secure completion of their name change process. 

Given below are some of the conditions to be followed to access the Fiji Airways change name on ticket option: 

  • Only the flights reserved directly with Fiji Airways are eligible for online name changes and corrections. For making certain modifications on tickets booked through a travel agent, you will have to connect with the airline. 
  • Name corrections due to spelling errors are permitted only up to 3 characters according to this policy.
  • In case of Fiji Airways name change marriage or divorce, the passenger will be required to submit the necessary documents and paperwork as proof of marriage. This documentation proof may include a marriage and divorce certificate. 
  • While modifying the name on the ticket,  the passenger will not be permitted to make changes to the flight date, time, and arrival destination. 
  • Restrictions are imposed on the transfer of the ticket to the name of another passenger. 
  • While correcting your name, you will have to ensure that the name on that ticket PNR is similar to the name on your identity proof. 
  • Modifications can be done to the middle and the first name of the passenger. If someone wants to make additions, they can do so to their last name. 
  • In case of any legal name changes, submission of court-issued documents may become necessary. 

Note: Passengers are recommended to modify their name well in advance of their flight’s departure to avoid the last-minute hassle at the airport. 

Methods To Change and Correct Your Name On Fiji Airways Ticket

To cater to different types of passengers, this airline offers various methods to undertake the name change process. Fiji Airways name correction and change can be done through both online and offline methods. While the online options facilitate modern features, the offline options tend to be more traditional. Nevertheless, both these methods are easy to comprehend. Passengers can choose any of the below-given methods as per their comfort.

Method 1: Fiji Airways Change Name on Ticket Through the Website 

This is the easiest method to modify your name if you have entered your details incorrectly. It allows the passenger to utilize the name change feature at any time. This is also convenient as any user from any part of the world can use this option. For opting this method, you will have to visit the official site of the airline and go to the “manage booking” section. 

The detailed online name change procedure is explained below: 

  • Firstly, open your web browser and type in the address to the official website of this carrier, “”. 
  • Upon reaching the website, click on the “Manage” tab. You can locate this tab on the top panel of the home page. 
  • Here, you will find the “Manage Booking” section, tap on it. 
  • From the drop-down list, select the “Manage your Booking” button among the other options. 
  • You will now be redirected to a page where you can retrieve your reservation. For this, provide the details asked like the “reference” and “last name”. 
  • Next, click on the “search” button on the right to view your booking details. 
  • Select the reservation on which you want to modify your name. 
  • From the given tabs, use the name change option to alter your name as per the conditions of the Fiji Airways name change policy. 
  • Once you have entered the correct name details, confirm your changes by paying the name change fee, only if necessary. 
  • You will most likely receive a confirmation email at the completion of the process. 

Note: If your ticket is not qualified for the online Fiji Airways name change feature, then you can connect with the Reservations Team of Fiji Airways. The contact numbers of the same can be found on the main website of the airlines. 

Method 2: Modifying The Name Via Customer Care 

For travelers who prefer offline methods to change their name, using the customer care method can be a viable option. It is a simple and secure option as the airline officials themselves complete the name change process. That means you do not have to go to the website to manually change your name. To connect with the customer care center, you can follow the given procedure: 

  • You can either visit the “ Contact Us ” section on the online website and get the suitable number as per your country or dial the general toll-free number at 679 672 0777.
  • Upon reaching the customer care agent, inform them of your request to change your name at Fiji Airways. Provide them with valid reasons for your request. 
  • Submit necessary details including your ticket number and a reference code. 
  • The agent of the airways will soon modify the name as per your request. 
  • You will also receive a confirmation email regarding the successful completion of your name change process.

Method 3: Modifications At The Airport Ticket Counter 

This is a direct method to change your name. Under this method, you can interact with the airport official in person and request the needed modifications for your name. It is by far the most suitable for making last-minute changes and corrections in the name of the passengers. 

Simply follow these given below steps to proceed ahead with the name change at the airport ticket counter.

  • Visit the airport ticket counter at your departure airport. 
  • Make a request to the air officials regarding changing your name well before boarding. 
  • You will be asked to give the required information as per the Fiji Airways name change policy. 
  • The airport authority then will make the changes and may charge a specific fee. 
  • Pay the needed amount and confirm your name changes. 

Note: When you fail to correct/modify your name within a reasonable time after making your reservation, the airline can cancel your ticket. 

Fiji Airways Name Change Fee 

Usually, this airline does not charge any fee for making any minor changes in characters up to 3 letters. However, based on the time of the request, this may vary. The Fiji Airways name change cost can range anywhere between $130 and $200 in case of major modifications. Hence, the name change fee mainly depends on the type and extent of modification. Further, the customer care agents can provide information about the exact amount of the change fee. 

Bottom Line 

The Fiji Airways name change policy envisages providing the utmost convenience to its customers regarding name changes. It also supports name corrections. Hence, this policy proves to be really helpful and ready for use at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Fiji Airways name change feature?

You can access the name change feature on Fiji Airways through online and offline options. For the online method, visit the official site of the airline. Once opening the website, go to the “Manage Booking” section. Enter the necessary details and modify your name. For initiating the offline method, you need to contact customer care at the toll-free number. You can also directly visit the airport ticket counter to change your name in person.

Does Fiji Airways allow passengers to modify names on the ticket after reservation?

Yes, by using the Fiji Airways change name on ticket option, you can modify your name after making a reservation. These modifications can be in the form of corrections, alterations, and additions. You can also make corrections to your name in case of any spelling errors. Any legal name changes are also permitted under this feature.

How much does Fiji Airways charge for name change/correction?

The Fiji Airways name change cost mainly depends on the type of change and time of the request. Generally, some minor corrections of up to 3 characters in the name can be availed for free. For bigger changes in the first and last names, a fee ranging from $130 to $200 can be charged. Before making your request, you can directly contact the airline for information regarding the change fee. 

Can I change my maiden name after booking a ticket with Fiji Airways?

If you want to change your surname or maiden name after booking, you can do so by following certain guidelines. For the Fiji Airways name change maiden name option, you may be required to submit the required documents such as a marriage or divorce certificate to the airline. However, while changing your maiden name, keep in mind that the name on your ticket PNR must match the name on your identity proof. 

Is it possible to change my name on the Fiji Airways ticket after marriage?

Yes, the Fiji Airways name change marriage feature allows you to modify your last name after marriage. This also permits you to alter your name after filing a divorce. You can use the carrier’s official site or the customer care center to enact this modification once you provide all the necessary legal documents. 

Can I make simple corrections to my name on Fiji Airways?

As per the Fiji Airways name correction policy, you can correct your name in case of any spelling errors or due to some other reasons without any trouble. The airline allows corrections up to 3 letters in the entire name. Besides, single-letter corrections can also be made to any part of your name after reservation. 

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