JetBlue Flight Change Policy

Travelers can use the JetBlue flight change policy to make modifications to their trips. In the case of bad weather, emergencies, or due to personal reasons, this feature will assist them. It directs the rules to apply for making alterations. Also, when refunds or waivers are required, the policy’s information will help.

Rules to Apply to Change Flight on JetBlue

There are 4 main rules that you should be aware of. They apply to all flyers, regardless of the ticket type they have invested in.

  • Flight modifications are to be made sufficient time before departing.
  • Guidelines regarding JetBlue flight change fees, price differences, etc., are subject to change.
  • The following fare types can be adjusted:
    • Refundable
    • Non-refundable
  • For both types, make the alterations before your flight leaves. The pending balance, if any, will be given to you as travel credit.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Policy

JetBlue change policy, you can make a change to your booking on your travel day. The duration for this will start around midnight. The zone for time will be determined as per your flight’s departure.

While you plan to use the policy, be mindful of the following too:

  • You can use this facility for cities that have numerous flight operations on a daily basis.
  • Every ticket holder can use the policy of JetBlue same day change.
  • A later/earlier date to fly can be selected.
  • The origin and arrival cities should remain the same. The airports may vary.
  • A Mosaic flier can use this facility 24 hours before the original booking’s schedule.
  • When you have a refundable ticket, this policy will be available for free.
  • Interline and JetBlue change reservations are covered under the same day modification policy.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change Policy and No-Shows

No-shows can take place when a person does not arrive to board a flight. He or she may also not discontinue or change the booking. Until the departure time, when the booking is not managed, the passenger will bear its cost. 

JetBlue Change Policy for Inadvertent Alterations

Certain changes may be inadvertently made on this airline. When this happens to you, your ticket’s status may get modified. As per the policy, you should get in touch with the airline. It will examine the modifications made. Accordingly, it will try to help you.

Weather and Flight Change Policy of JetBlue

The airline comprehends that amidst bad weather, flying is not comfortable for its passengers. Hence, it lets them change their bookings. Charges or cost differences may not be asked for. 

Changing Your Reservation Online on JetBlue Airways

When you start changing your booking online, obtain vital information beforehand. For yourself or a passenger, to do this process, name-related details are essential. Information on the arrival and origin locations is also required.

Disclaimer: Given that incorrect details are used thrice to access and modify a booking, it may get locked for 4 hours.

  • Arrive at the website of JetBlue to change your reservation.
  • Come to “Manage Trips”.
  • On this page, insert your “Last Name”.
  • Write your reservation’s “Confirmation Code”.
  • Hit the tab for “Manage Trip”.
  • Then make changes to the schedule of your flight.
  • Submit any fees or ticket difference costs as per the new booking.

Tip: The travel credits provided by the airline can be used to pay this cost/difference.

  • Remember to wait for the confirmation of the change.

Check that the new flight ticket has the correct details. For the slightest of errors in your personal information, refer to the JetBlue name change policy. Then you can rectify them.

Using the JetBlue Change Flight Facility on Mobile

For mobile, as well as electronic device users, the American carrier lets them use the flight change policy. 3 options are available to modify their flights. 

Device with OSApplicationLanguage Options
AndroidGoogle Business MessengerEnglish, Spanish
Apple (watchOS 4.3, iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4 & above)Apple Business ChatSpanish, English
Other electronic devicesLive chatSpanish/English

The apps for Android and Apple can be downloaded. Then the customer assistance of the airline can be contacted. In the case of additional devices, use the live chat facility in the following way:

  • Open the site of JetBlue on your device.
  • Click on the option “Contact Us”.
  • Under “Not on a Mobile Device?”, you have to press “Start the Conversation Here”.
  • The chat service will pop up.
  • Tap on “Manage Flight” in this pop-up box.
  • Choose “I Need to Change or Cancel My Flight”.
  • Now, hit “I Want to Change My Flight(s)”.
  • Mention whether this booking(s) was directly made or via any other source.
  • Clarify via “Yes”/“No” whether you are changing it because the airline altered the original schedule.
  • Then specify the mode of payment for that booking.
  • Continue following more prompts to apply the JetBlue flight change policy.

Restrictions Regarding JetBlue Change Flight Online

This air operator based in America may not permit flight alterations in some scenarios. They are described below:

  • When the returning flight city is different from the outgoing one, this policy may not work.
  • In case payments are made via the following, changes may not be allowed:
    • Vouchers provided by the airline
    • Certificates for travel
  • If you are using special services to make the booking, then you will be restricted from modifying it.

Calling JetBlue to Change Your Flight

This air operator brings to you a 24-hour and 7-day functional facility for flight management. It can work for people based in both international and domestic regions. Region-wise, the contact numbers will vary. 

Some of these are as follows:

ContinentLocationPhone Number
North AmericaThe United States1-800-538-2583
South AmericaEcuador800-538-2583
EuropeThe United Kingdom08-082349058
For other regions1-801-449-2525

More of them can be accessed from the website of this air operator.

JetBlue Flight Change Fees and Fare Types

On this airline, multiple fare options are found. Modifications can be made to these. They can attract different fees in addition to fare differences. The following charges indicate these costs and apply to only 1 passenger for 1 booking.

Blue Basic:

  • $75 is required as the JetBlue same-day change fee and no cost difference is needed.
  • The fee is $100 for changing the flights on these routes:
    • North and Central America
    • The Caribbean
  • For additional routes, the fee is $200.
  • Any difference in the new fare will have to be paid.
  • A Mosaic member won’t be asked to submit any fee or price difference.

JetBlue Vacations:

  • The fee can be found on call.
  • Kindly use the contact number: 1-844-JB-VACAY (1-844-528-2229).

Mint, Blue Plus, Blue, and Blue Extra:

  • Before departing, no charges apply.
  • Changes in fares will have to be paid except when you are a member of Blue Extra or Mosaic.
  • Changes on the same day will require $75.

Note: Bookings made via TrueBlue may not always be modified. Hence, no JetBlue change flight fee may apply. For detailed information, kindly refer to the page for “TrueBlue Redemption Bookings”.

Other Fees:

While the above-mentioned charges are associated with modifications, as per the medium used, other fees may also apply. For the online mediums, no charges are observed. $25 is to be submitted when using the calling facility. The amount will not be refundable.

Through the same mode, bookings made via other travel agencies can also be managed. $50 will be the fee for 1 booking.

Fees for JetBlue Ticket Changes for Mosaic Members

Under the Mosaic program, the members are not required to pay fees when changing their tickets. But this is not always the case. When a member has purchased one Blue Basic flight ticket that is also non-refundable, a fee will apply to any change. 

The same-day modification charge, however, may not be asked for. In case a difference in the price is witnessed, the airline can give you an account for Travel Bank. To understand further about this, you may get in touch with this operator.

Exceptions to JetBlue Airlines Change Flight Service

There are 4 scenarios that help this service set some exceptions. Under these, fliers can get back their fees for changing their flights. 

During Illness:

According to ARC and BSP agencies, the following are essential to know:

  • When a family member or a ticketed flier is sick and has a non-refundable booking, it will remain the same.
  • But it will be open to being used by others. 
  • Then the ticketed person may get a refund.

In the Case of a Demise:

When the passenger’s demise occurs, the pointers below should be understood:

  • The amount of refund can be provided.
  • It will be vital to submit the certificate of death.
  • This document should be presented within a duration of 14 days from the ticket’s management.
  • The airline may take over bookings via third parties. 

Here is the information outlined by the policy of JetBlue to change a flight when a death in the family occurs:

  • A waiver can be provided.
  • For this, documents related to funeral or death certification can be asked for.
  • Help can be availed in the case of third-party reservations too.

For Mosaic Fliers:

  • Changing non-refundable tickets in the Blue Basic category may not require a fee when the action is taken on the same day.

When Military People opt for Non-refundable Options:

  • For the active military people/their families, the cost to change can be waived. 

When are JetBlue Change Fees Waived?

For certain members such as Mosaic flyers, fees can be waived during several situations. But in some other instances too, waivers are given by the airline. The JetBlue change fees are removed mainly due to extreme weather conditions. 

  • This benefit is available with respect to “Tropical Storm Ian-Florida”. The travel dates should fall between 26 September and 8 October 2022. The flights can be from/to:
    • Miami
    • Fort Lauderdale
    • Jacksonville
    • Fort Myers
    • Orlando
    • West Palm Beach
    • Tampa
    • Sarasota
  • In light of “Hurricane Ian Recovery”, waivers are given when JetBlue changing flights. This is for those traveling between 9 and 31 October 2022 from/to:
    • Sarasota
    • Fort Myers

Refund Policy for Flight Modifications

After you modify your flight, you can look forward to a refund. This is given, provided that you are eligible. The criterion for this will be based on the type of reservation. Sometimes, the time for reserving and modifying it may also be vital.

Possibly, the carrier may also adjust the trip’s schedule. Sometimes, this may cause a flight to be extremely delayed. Then you may seek JetBlue flight delay compensation

JetBlue Flight Schedule-Changing Policy

In some instances, the schedule of the flight may get changed or may have to be modified. Certain options are then provided to customers. They depend on the duration of the change which is usually from 60 to 120 minutes.

Up to or Below 60 Minutes:

  • When JetBlue changes flight time in this duration, the airline may ask for fees.
  • A difference in the cost may be required.

Between 61-119 Minutes:

  • The traveler can be placed on another flight.
  • This flight’s itinerary is likely to remain the same although the day may differ.
  • Through some codes for waivers, fares and costs can be avoided.

For More than 120 Minutes:

  • The booking will be scheduled for another/same day.
  • Its cities will not be changed. Or, co-locations will be booked.

Note: In all these instances, the option of cancellation may remain available. 

Flying with JetBlue is as convenient as possible. It lets you manage your trip and fly on a preferable date. Make sure that the JetBlue flight change policy is fully understood. Then you will be able to rightly manage it and travel amidst safe conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

On JetBlue, how to find my changed itinerary?

You can open “Manage Trips”. Then find “My Booking”. Now, come to “Itinerary Options”. Here, you will be able to locate the changed itinerary.

Can JetBlue change my flight?

This airline can change the flight’s schedule which may affect your booking.

Is there a JetBlue date change policy?

You may find the option to change the date of your booking using the flight modification policy.

How to change a JetBlue flight?

Come to “Manage Trips” on the website of this air operator. From here, you can modify the trip.

Why did JetBlue change my flight?

The airline may have changed your booking due to weather problems, aircraft issues, etc.

Can you change your flight dates on JetBlue?

You can prefer a different date than the reserved one for flying with this carrier.

How to change my flight on JetBlue online?

You can use your mobile device under the JetBlue changing flight policy. Using Google Business Messenger/Apple Business Chat, you can proceed.

Can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

Yes, during some situations, you can alter your trip without paying any cost.

Does JetBlue have flight change fees?

This air operator can apply change costs under certain circumstances and on some ticket types.

How much is it to change a JetBlue flight?

From $75 onward, the fees for modifying your flight can be applicable.

Can I change my flight date with JetBlue?

Subject to a few conditions, you can choose to fly on another date, using the flight change policy.

Can I change my JetBlue flight on call?

You can make adjustments to your trip by calling this airline.

Does JetBlue allow you to change your flight on the same day?

JetBlue same day flight changes are allowed.

What is JetBlue’s policy on changing flights?

The carrier has a policy that directs various rules regarding how to adjust bookings.

What if JetBlue changes your flight time?

JetBlue’s schedule change policy can be applied in this case. It will give you an alternative or an option to discontinue the existing booking.

On JetBlue, is an itinerary change possible?

You can make modifications to your itinerary but this may have certain limitations and fees.

How can I modify my JetBlue flight without paying a fee?

Check whether you are a Mosaic member or caught under exceptional circumstances. Then contact this airline to get free modifications initiated.

How do I talk to a live person at JetBlue Airways?

It is best to dial the phone number of the air operator. You will be connected to a live representative.

How can I choose my flight seat on JetBlue Airlines?

By utilizing the seat selection service, while you book your flight, you can choose where to sit.

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