Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

Many of us make mistakes when filling out the booking form, like typing the erroneous name. When it is a single or dual character issue in the name, having the wrong name information on the ticket is always detrimental. As soon as passengers become aware of the errors, they must take appropriate action. For this, Kenya Airways Name Change Policy has been introduced to make the passengers correct their details on the ticket. This policy also describes some guidelines to be followed while making changes to the name. Thus, passengers should know everything about this policy to make the name change process smoother.

Guidelines to Follow Under Kenya Airlines Ticket Name Change Policy 

One of the memorable experiences in the aviation sector is flying with Kenya Airways. It is praised for providing clients with cutting-edge travel services. Additionally, the airline pledges to attend to each and every one of its customers’ needs in order to make their flight enjoyable and delightful. As a result, it includes a set of guidelines that travelers must adhere to in order to board the flight safely and without any incident. 

Here are some of the rules with regards to the Kenya Airways change name policy.

  • Similar to several other service carriers, Kenya Airways prohibits name changes on PNRs.
  • Visitors may make minimal name edits in accordance with this policy.
  • Visitors may make minimal name edits in accordance with Kenya Airways’ name correction policy.
  • Up to three characters in the name can be corrected.
  • On a Kenya Airways reservation, the whole name cannot be changed by the customer.
  • Additionally, the airline forbids its applicants to transfer their tickets to someone else on the flight.
  • If you are caught transferring your ticket, you will not be able to board your flight.
  • You can even change your name after marriage or divorce on this carrier. In case your name changes as a result of marriage or a divorce, you can update it on your Kenya Airways reservation by presenting the appropriate legal documentation.
  • Generally, your name on the booking ticket should coincide with the evidence you give the airline. These documents may include your passport, e-ticket or a reservation ticket, and ID proofs.
  • You can only update your name on the unused half of your reservation ticket.

Methods to Change Passenger Name on Kenya Airlines 

To facilitate the flyers with great amenities onboard, Kenya Airways has various methods for the flyers to amend their names. Online as well as offline methods have been set by the carrier. Depending upon the choice and comfort, the visitors pick up the method of making modifications. 

Based on the Kenya Airways name change policy, here are different methods to make alterations to your booking ticket.

Method 1: Kenya Airways Ticket Name Correction Online

Going for a digital approach is beneficial and less time-consuming when it comes to changing your names on Kenya Airways tickets. Passengers often make use of this method to change their names quickly and without any hassle.

Here is a step-by-step procedure of how you can make quick modifications as per the Kenya Airways ticket name change policy.

  • You need to navigate to the main site of Kenya Airways .
  • To proceed ahead, you need to hit the “Manage My Booking” button.
  • It will take you through the whole process till you confirm your name change on the ticket.
  • Under that tab, you will be able to see a list of your reservation options.
  • Choose the reservation or booking for which you wish to amend your name.
  • When you choose your booking, enter some details as asked. It can include your first and last name, flight number, reference code, etc.
  • The website may ask you to upload your ticket or passport scan-sized photograph.
  • You may also be charged some minor fees to change your ticket.
  • After making the correct changes to your ticket, hit the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for the air carrier to confirm your booking through the official mail.

Method 2: Dialing the Customer Service Number to Change Your Name

Now you can connect with the officials to make the name change process easier with Kenya Airways policy. One can dial the customer care number and request the name alteration. The air officials will make the name change themselves on your behalf. 

To proceed ahead, you need to do the following tasks to make the name change quickly and without any hassle.

  • Dial the customer care service number of Kenya Airlines i.e. +1 (866) 536-9224.
  • As your call gets merged with the air agent, you need to inform him or her about your name change on the booking.
  • The agent will ask you why you are requesting your name change. Provide the appropriate reason to the agent and move the process further.
  • By knowing the alterations to be made, the agent will make all of them following the Kenya Airways change name policy.
  • However, he/she may ask you for some necessary information like your entire name, flight details, etc.
  • In case of a name change under marriage or divorce, you need to provide the essential certificates related to it.
  • You may be required to bear the expenses of making a name change on this carrier.
  • Lastly, you would receive a confirmation regarding your updated name and a new reservation ticket.

Note: You can also go for flight date and time modifications with the help of dialing the customer care number of Kenya Airlines. This can be used related to any query you have while booking your ticket or before your departure.

Method 3: Heading to the Airport Ticket Center for Kenya Airways Name Change 

This is so far the least opted method utilized by passengers flying with this carrier. Visiting the ticket center can be your last option in case you need to go for making amendments as per the Kenya Airways name change policy.

When you have forgotten to amend your name on the reservation and suddenly remember it at a very last minute, you can simply put the correct information by visiting the airport ticket center of this carrier. All you need to do is:

  • You need to search for the airport ticket center of Kenya Airlines after reaching the premises.
  • You can also ask the air representatives found at the airport at the ticket counter.
  • Once you have found the help desk or a ticket center, meet the agent there.
  • Ask him/her if your name change process can be done.
  • As per the departure time left, the agent will verify whether you can modify your name or not.
  • You will be asked to submit your passport, ticket, e-ticket, other government-supplied IDs, etc.
  • The air agent will also be required to give personal and flight information to proceed further.
  • Once the verification is successful, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the same.
  • You would be provided with a new reservation ticket and a boarding pass with your modified name.

Kenya Airways Name Change Fees

Well, the airline with its headquarters in Kenya has the right to impose service fees for changing the name on the reservation. The cost may change depending on a number of variables, including the type of ticket, the request’s timing, the destination, and more. You should speak with the Customer Care team for the most recent fee information.

On a Final Note

It is okay to make mistakes while booking your reservation on the flight. However, sometimes you might be at risk if you have been caught making wrong or misspelled mistakes of your name on the ticket. Hence, following the guidelines and keeping the process in mind, Kenya Airways name change policy can be of great assistance to the passengers. With the aid of this policy, you can fly without any worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenya Airways Name Change Policy all about?

Kenya Airways name change policy allows the flyers to make corrections to their names using either the online or offline methods. It also highlights the rules and regulations which the passengers should know and abide by while making changes to the ticket. Apart from that, the name change fees applied for correcting the information on the booking ticket are also given. Furthermore, for more details on how this policy works, you can connect with the air operator.

How can you make Kenya Airways change name on ticket online?

The digital method is great when it comes to changing your name on the flight ticket. To proceed with the Kenya Airways change name on ticket online, you need to navigate to the main site of the carrier. Upon loading the website, press the “Manage Booking” tab and choose the flight for the one you need your name altered. Enter the relevant details like your full name, flight number, reference code, etc. In case of a name change post marriage or divorce, you need to upload the certificate as well. Pay the fees as asked and wait for the mail regarding confirmation of your name update on the ticket.

Is it necessary to add Kenya Airways middle name to the reservation ticket?

No, it is not mandatory to add your middle name on the ticket. You can change your first and last name though. In case you have added your Kenya Airways middle name to the reservation ticket, and you need to modify it, you can proceed further. You need to contact the air authorities at +1 (866) 536-9224 and inform them regarding your middle name change. You must provide the appropriate reason for it and pay any other fees applied to changing the middle name. Also, remember that your middle name should be the same as on your passport and other travel paperwork.

Is there any offline method for Kenya Airways ticket name change?

Yes, you can go for a traditional offline method for your name change in two ways: visiting the airport ticket counter and contacting the airline. For the first method, just reach the airport premises and find the ticket counter for Kenya Airways. Meet the air agent and request your name change. He/she might ask you for some service fees and relevant travel information. On submitting the required information, the agent will complete the name change process. For the second method, you need to call customer service and ask them for your change of name. Provide enough reasons and submit the relevant documents to complete the process. At last, you will receive a mail with your updated Kenya Airways ticket name change.

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