Japan Airlines Name Change Policy

In the airline sector, naming errors are frequent occurrences. Sometimes when making reservations, passengers insert incorrect characters. It can be a typo or just the whole name. Nevertheless, a small spelling error could cause your schedule to be changed. Hence, Japan Airlines name change policy has been made to facilitate the flyers to correct their details on the ticket. In this policy, you will get to know about all the essential rules and regulations to follow while making your name change as well as the fees associated with it.

Rules and Regulations of Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy

You need to abide by several rules and regulations as far as the Japan Airlines name correction policy is concerned. There are a variety of factors that can cause you to cancel your flight or deny your name change process. The rules of this name change are made for the easy traveling of the flyers with their correctly mentioned details. One of the rules of this policy is that the visitors of Japan Airlines cannot be allowed to modify their full names on the ticket. 

Other rules that apply while changing your name with this air company are shown below:

  • Customers of Japan Airlines will be free to handle necessary name changes on tickets within a day of making a reservation.
  • Visitors have been enabled to change their names on this carrier with only up to 3 letters or characters.
  • Passengers can only correct minor typo errors or spelling mistakes on their reservation tickets.
  • As per the Japan Airlines name correction policy, the passengers must ensure that they possess a similar name on all their travel documents. These travel essential papers or documents can include a government-issued ID, passport, and an air ticket.
  • Furthermore, obeying all the aforementioned rules, the carrier does not imply any objection regarding changing your name.
  • Even after your marriage or divorce, you can modify your name details on your booking ticket. For that, you need to provide a certification to the air authorities.
  • A passenger flying on Japan Airlines cannot transfer his or her ticket to any individual on the flight.
  • In this case, a legal problem can arise and you also can miss your flight.
  • In case, you need to travel with another individual’s name or due to some personal matter you need to board the flight, you first should cancel it. Then, rebook your flight with the correct name details.
  • The addition of a middle name or a surname can lead you to pay some extra charges. According to the Japan Airlines middle name policy, changing this can be a cost-driven process.

How to Make Name Changes to Japan Airlines’ Tickets?

Japan Airlines makes every effort to provide passengers with the most enjoyable and comfortable journeys. As a result, it posts straightforward and uncomplicated procedures for name corrections. You may be exposed to a lot of trouble if you discover your name is misspelled on the ticket. It could fill your mind with questions that make your condition worse.

Japan Airlines, however, is aware of how serious the situation is and provides workable solutions. Visitors have a choice of offline or online methods for name correction.

Passengers can choose which option suits the best for them as per the Japan Airlines name correction policy.

Method 1: Online Process of Japan Airlines Name Correction

We are living in a digital era where everything is possible online. Thus, when you accidentally put your wrong name on a ticket, you can change it with an online process. This method is convenient as it can opt from any part of the world.

By availing of this method, you can also go for making alterations to the Japan Airline name format. It means you can change your first name in place of your last name and vice versa. Here is a step-by-step detailed process of how you can change your name online.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Japan Airlines.
  • You need to log in to your account using the ID and password.
  • Once you log in, go for the “Manage Booking” feature.
  • To proceed ahead, you need to give the booking details as well as your full name to the air authorities.
  • Now, select the relevant reservation for which you need to go for Japan Airlines name correction.
  • Ensure that the name you entered on the ticket matches the passport and other ID documents provided to the carrier.
  • Pay the concluded amount of fees online to complete the name change process.
  • Japan Airlines will send you a confirmation related to the name change on your ticket.
  • You will also be provided with a new reservation ticket with updated name changes.

Method 2: Offline Process of Japan Airlines Name Change

Traditional methods, in any case, are generally opted for by many individuals. Some people may not be comfortable with the online process of name modification. Others may have an issue while making name corrections on the ticket. Under the Japan Airlines name policy, passengers are given the choice of making modifications through the offline method. You have two options under the offline method. The first one is to connect to the airline and the other one is to visit the help desk of Japan Airlines. Depending upon your choice, you can go for any method.

  • Contacting the Airline Service 

Connecting with the airline is much easier when you have any doubts related to your booking. The customer service agent of the airline makes your every query resolved within minutes. Hence, flyers make use of this contacting the airline feature the most in case of correcting their names.

To use this method of Japan Airlines name correction policy, go through the steps below.

  • Just dial the toll-free contact number of this carrier i.e. +1 (800) 525-3663.
  • When your call gets through, talk to the agent about your name change.
  • He or she may ask you about the reason for changing your name on the ticket.
  • You would have to provide them with the actual reason and if any spelling errors are there, tell them.
  • The air agent will ask you to submit some essential documents and also some relevant information. This can consist of departure flight location, your full name, flight date, etc.
  • Upon verifying all the details carefully, he or she will begin the process following the Japan Airlines name change policy.
  • You might be levied with some service fees. Pay that to the carrier and confirm your name change request.
  • On your official email ID, you will receive your updated ticket with the changed name.

Method 3: Heading to the Airport

Sometimes the flyers are not aware that they have misspelled their names on the ticket. However, once you realize that your name has been printed incorrectly, you can change it by going to the airport premises also. This is so far the last-minute change request method for your wrongly mentioned name. You can even make a Japan Airlines middle name modification by heading to the help desk of this carrier at the airport.

Here are some details on what to do when you have reached the airport premises for the name change.

  • Firstly, you need to find out where the help desk of Japan Airlines is.
  • Once you find the helpdesk, meet one of the agents there to help you with the modification of your name.
  • He/she may ask you which part of your name you need the correction for.
  • If the spelling of your name on the ticket is wrong, give them the correct details.
  • In order to change the Japan Airline name format on the ticket, you need to request the agent about it.
  • He or she might require some documents and booking details for verification purposes.
  • Provide them with the correct documents and ensure the name matches the same on all your travel paperwork.
  • Once the agent completes the verification process, the name change request will be initiated.
  • Any amount of fees can be required by the operator in case there are major corrections in the name. 
  • In the end, a new ticket with the updated first, middle, or last name will be printed and provided to you by the agent.
  • This is how you can make even last-minute changes to your ticket. You need not worry about your wrong name after or just before you reach the airport.

Japan Airlines Name Change Fees

There is without a fact a cost associated with changing the name on a Japan Airlines reservation ticket. The airline offers a fair pricing structure that varies depending on the situation. The kind of fare, the location, the route, the period of change, etc. all plays a vital role in determining the Japan Airlines name change fees. 

The airline’s official website also has the most recent data on the name correction cost. Additionally, you can reach Japan Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 525-3663, which is accessible for your support 24×7.

The Bottom Line

Japan Airlines name change policy has been made for the easy booking process for the passengers. With the help of this policy, now flyers do not have to worry about their incorrect name details on the air reservation ticket. Moreover, the minimal name change fees applied are what make the passenger satisfied before traveling. Hence, Japan Airlines never fails to promise the passengers the best facilities onboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for a Japan Airline ticket wrong name?

In case you have mentioned your name incorrectly on the Japan Airlines ticket, you can change it either by the online method or by offline one. To initiate the first method, you need to visit the airline’s main website. On the “Manage Booking” tab, you need to select the flight for which you need your name to be modified. Pay the required service fees to the carrier to proceed ahead. For the offline method, you can call the carrier at +18775630127 and request the agent for your name change. To complete the Japan Airlines name correction, you need to submit some documents and provide the necessary information to the air authorities.

Japan Airlines messed up my name. What shall I do?

In case the name has been misspelled or messed up by Japan Airlines, you should contact the operator immediately. You need to inform them that the name is messed up with the mistake of the air authorities and it is not your fault. In that case, the air agent might not charge any Japan Airlines name change fees. You also need to submit the correct name details as well as the flight information to the agent to make your modification process easier.

What rules apply under Japan Airlines name change policy?

Certain rules may apply following the Japan Airlines name change policy. Among some of the rules of this policy are that you will not be levied the service fees if you modify your name within a day of your booking. Visitors can only alter their names up to 3 letters or characters on the ticket. As a part of the policy norms, travelers must ensure that their names match the same on their passports and all other documents. A passenger traveling on this carrier cannot transfer his/her ticket to another individual onboard. The addition of a middle name or any major modification may cause you to pay some fees. All these regulations apply when you go for a name change at Japan Airlines.

Is it okay if Japan Airlines no middle name has been printed on the ticket?

Yes, it is completely alright if your ticket has not been printed with the inclusion of your middle name. It is not necessary for the middle name to be entered in the username column of the ticket, but it should be included in all other travel documents and your passport. Please submit a copy of your identification as well as your passport to have your ticket amended if you want to add the middle name details in the identity section.

On my ticket there is Japan Airlines no middle name on passport but on ticket. What needs to be done in this case?

You can remove your middle name on your ticket by requesting a name change on this carrier. You cannot take an overseas flight except if the names on your ticket and passport match, for safety purposes. You must revoke your booking when your middle name changes in any way in accordance with the Japan Airline name format. At the moment of boarding, make a new reservation using the same names and spelling as on your passport. Please be aware that a minimum fee would be charged for any refunds. Please get in touch with your travel agency when you buy your tickets from sources other than Japan Airlines.

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