Korean Air Name Change Policy

On a Korean Air plane ticket, there is a risk that the passenger’s name will be misspelled. If you make an error, you can fix it right away. Therefore, your sole course of action in this circumstance is to adhere to the Korean Air name change policy. Additionally, you will learn the most accurate details about the name change policy of this carrier. This post will go over how to edit or fix the name on a reservation that has already been scheduled, the requirements you must meet before requesting a change, and much more.

Guidelines of Korean Air Change Name Policy

There are a few particular guidelines that make it simple for you to update the passenger’s name. You must meet the Korean Air name change regulations in order to obtain the name change. According to the Korean Air name change policy, the traveler type (adult, kid, or newborn) cannot be changed however name changes or corrections are permitted on segments of flights that have not yet taken off.

Corresponding to this, you must comprehend some other terms and restrictions before requesting a name modification on your Korean Airlines ticket, which are shown below.

  • Only tickets provided by Korean Air are eligible for name changes or corrections, and reservations that include flight segments operated by this carrier.
  • You can add up to three more letters to your first, middle, or last name if it is spelled incorrectly.
  • When the name that requires to be changed belongs to an individual flying with a newborn, the infant is not subjected to the Korean Air name change fees.
  • It is possible and entitled to payment for Korean Air to alter its name in the event of a divorce or marriage. Travelers must present a copy of legal documentation at check-in to prove that their name has changed since the reservation was booked.
  • When the name or surname modification is made at the Korean flight ticket office, a statement verifying the alterations and a copy of the passport should be given.
  • If a traveler has to modify or amend their name within 24 hours of booking, he or she must cancel the flight, request a complete refund, and then rebook a ticket with the new name.

Request for Korean Air Name Change

You may seek that the name of a Korean Air flight be changed if one or more of the exceptions listed below apply.

  • The flight should be handled and sponsored by Korean Air, according to the terms of the ticket.
  • If going to and coming back from South Korea is on the schedule, in this case too, you can make Korean Air change name on ticket process easily.
  • The first or last name of the visitor needs to be changed by greater than 3 characters.
  • In case a name adjustment request has already been made but still needs to be followed up on, a new ticket will need to be submitted.
  • In the event that the name rectification has already been made but still has to be corrected, necessitating a second issuing of the ticket.
  1. Modification of the First or Last Name of the Passenger

The Korean Air name change cost will be charged by the carrier in making the necessary corrections to the passengers’ first or middle name. You will also have to pay the service fees for the reprinting of a new ticket with your modified name alterations.

Note: There will be a fare difference when the ticket was provided for a greater fare class.

  1. Last Name Inclusion Without Altering the Name 

If a person has two last names and chooses to add a third without modifying the first, the airline will provide a new ticket. Elizabeth Smith, for instance, to Elizabeth Alderson Smith.

Note: A passenger can also make changes in the Korean Air middle name if they wish to do so with the help of this policy.

  1. Inversion of the First and Last Name

If a traveler accidentally purchases a plane ticket with first and last names reversed, the airline will change the names in the PNR. There will just be a Korean Air name modification cost.

  1. Changing of Married or Maiden Name

If a customer made a Korean Air flight using their maiden name and changed it after reserving the travel, you must provide documentation of the change and pay a name change fee.

Korean Air Skypass Name Change Feature

When the flyers are frequent travelers of this carrier, they can use the Korean Air Skypass name change feature. However, the passengers need to keep in mind that the name on your Skypass account should match exactly with the photo ID that is registered by the government authorities. Also, the name should be the same in the passport as well to use this feature. 

Let us see what modifications you can do when you have your Skypass Mileage Korean Air account.

Simple Name Change or Correction on Korean Airlines Ticket:

To apply the Korean Air Skypass name change in a simple way, you do not need to submit any additional paperwork to the carrier.

Here are some simple name change modifications that passengers can make.

  • Spelling corrections in the first name
  • Spelling corrections in the last name
  • Change the name to a nickname and back
  • Add a new prefix, suffix, or title
  • Correction of the inverted first or the last name

Complex Name Change or Correction on Korean Ticket :

There can be cases wherein the passengers may need another form of the name change. As per the Korean Air name change policy, these modifications must be made either verbally or by writing to the carrier. To maintain the protection of your SkyPass mileage profile, travelers must send a copy of these accompanying legal documents, as listed below:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Document related to legal changing of the name
  • Divorce decree
  • The past and current names were printed on government-issued certified IDs.

Note: If you are unable to provide one of the aforementioned types of identification, you may send a name affidavit outlining your name change along with proof of your government-issued identification.

How to Make Korean Air Change Name on Ticket?

There are various methods available to the customers of this carrier to amend name changes. This is because different visitors choose their type of name change method upon their comfort and accessibility. Some passengers may prefer the online method while others choose the traditional one. Based on the Korean Air name correction policy, implying any method will confirm your name change request by the airline.

Method 1: Online Process of Korean Air Name Change

When you bought your air tickets through the website, you can request your name change by this online method. This process can be quite feasible for many passengers and it requires only a strong internet connection. All you need to do is to visit the main website of Korean Air.

Once you are on the website, follow the below-given directions to make alterations under the Korean Air name change policy:

  • Type in the reference number of the air ticket as well as the traveler’s last name on the website tab.
  • On redirecting to the manage booking section, select the passenger name that needs to be amended.
  • Please note that no name either the first or last should be changed or corrected on more than 3 characters.
  • Then, hit the “Change name” tab. Enter your correct name with changed spellings if entered incorrectly.
  • Confirm these changes on the official koreanair.com.
  • Once you confirm your name modifications, you will then be directed to the payment checkout page.
  • Simply mention your payment details and pay accordingly. 
  • Upon confirmation by the carrier, you will receive your updated name on your itinerary ticket.

Method 2: Updating Your Korean Air Name Through Phone

Nowadays, calling the carrier for any query is a simple thing. Hence, customers prefer the calling method over the phone to make their name modifications. 

To update your Korean Air change name on the booking ticket, simply go through these steps below:

  • Dial the toll-free Korean Air number as shown below:

+1 (800) 438-5000

  • Wait for the air representative to get connected over the phone.
  • Once he or she gets through the phone, ask them to correct/change your name.
  • The agent might ask you the reason for your name alteration.
  • Provide them with the appropriate reason and submit the valid documents.
  • In case of a marriage or divorce name change, you need to give your certificate issued with it.
  • After going through all the verification processes, the agent will then proceed ahead with the name change.
  • You will then receive a confirmation regarding your name change along with your newly printed ticket for flying.

Method 3: Correcting Your Name on Korean Air by its Help Desk

The help desk can be crucial for any flight-related query once you have reached the airport. In the case of the Korean Air name change, you can make modifications by heading to the help desk of the carrier. 

Follow the below-given steps to know how you can correct your name through the help desk feature of Korean Air.

  • Reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before your departure.
  • Inquire about the Korean Air help desk from the executives present at the airport.
  • When you meet the air agent at the help desk, narrate the whole scenario of your changing name process.
  • In case of marriage or a divorce name change, provide them with the required documents.
  • The agent will then rectify your details on the ticket and correct any minor spelling errors, etc.
  • He or she might also ask about your other documents as well. Submit your documents and wait for the confirmation of the name change.
  • According to the Korean Air change name on ticket feature, you would have to pay any required fees if asked by the agent.
  • At last, you will receive your email regarding the confirmed name change process. A new printed itinerary ticket with the updated name will be handed over to you.

Korean Air Name Change Fees

Some airlines may charge fees to request a name change. Korean Air charges the fees for the type of name change you need on a ticket. You may require to pay the amount for changing your name on Korean Air as mentioned below:

  • Correction to the Middle Name: USD 200
  • Correction to the First Name: USD 200
  • Correction to the Last Name: USD 200
  • Addition to the last name without changing the entire name: USD 200
  • Inversion of First and Last names: USD 150
  • Married Change Name: USD 200

The Bottom Line

The goal of the Korean Air name change policy is to make traveling easier for customers. Regardless of the form of ticket you have, you can change your name and fill it in using a different spelling than what is on your travel document. You can quickly change your booking and give your ticket your chosen name. Although the airline’s policies forbid name changes on-the-fly, you can even seek a complimentary name change within 24 hours of your trip booking till check-in time. All you have to do is adhere to the protocols that Korean Air has established, and everything will be resolved quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Korean Air name change can you correct on the ticket?

Under the Korean Air name change policy, four different kinds of changes are allowed on the ticket. They are as follows:

First or Last Name Changes: You can correct either your first or last name on this carrier by paying some amount of fees.
Last Name Changes Without Changing the Entire Name: If a person has two last names and chooses to add a third without modifying the first, the airline will provide a new ticket.
Inversion of the First and Last Name: If a passenger accidentally buys a plane ticket with first and last names reversed, the airline will change the names on the ticket. There will just be Korean Air name alteration fees applied.
Changing of Married or Maiden Name: If a customer made a Korean Air flight using their maiden name and changed it after reserving the travel, you must provide documentation of the change and pay a name change fee.

Can I have Korean Air no middle name on my ticket?

Yes, it is up to you whether you want to add your middle name to the ticket or not. It is not necessary to add the middle name on the Korean Air ticket as per the policy. However, you can make changes to your middle name on the booking reservation if you have mentioned incorrect spelling on it. In case of a marriage or divorce, you can modify your middle name on the ticket by submitting all the essential documents to the air authorities.

How to change last name Korean Air?

To change your last name on Korean Air, there are two options- online and offline. To go for your Korean Air name change online, head to the official website of the operator. Then on the Manage Booking tab, select the passenger name to be corrected. You cannot change more than 3 letters in your name. Press on the “Change Name” tab and enter your correct name with the modifications you need. Pay the requisite fees when asked by the air company. For the offline method, you need to call the customer care service of Korean Air. Upon connecting with the agent, inform them about the name change and provide the necessary information. That is how you can modify your name by both methods.

Can you correct the Korean Air change of name form?

Yes, with the help of the Korean Air name correction policy, you can correct the form of your name printed on the ticket. For example, if the name is ‘John William Smiths’ and you need the last name to be on the first, it can be possible. In that case, the final name printed on your ticket will be ‘Smiths John William’. However, to change the name form on this carrier, some service charges may apply.

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